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Wisdom teeth and Entyvio

Hello. My 19 year old son is scheduled to have his wisdom teeth taken out on January 6, 2020. He was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease three weeks ago and is now taking Cipro and prednisone and starts Entyvio next week. Does anyone have any experience with being on all these medications and having oral surgery? I am thinking we should put it off until the summer, but he is wanting to get it done. Thank you!


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I am pretty sure Entyvio and Cipro ewouldnt cause an issue. My Daughter had hip surgery on Remicade and that drug is a lot more "immune suppressing" than Entyvio. Prednisone might be a bigger issue though. I would definitely ask the oral surgeon about all three though.

FWIW my daughter did not get an infection with wisdom tooth extraction but two of her non crohnie friends did. Seems to happen pretty frequently so I would ask and not take any chances.
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I am not a professional in this field, but I will recommend you to consult a dentist. He will definitely know how to help you. The situation you've described looks pretty awful, so I would not ask for help on a forum if I were you. I don't want to offend anybody, but I am sure that you won't find a dentist here. Hope your son's surgery will go well. Wish you the best of luck, my friend
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