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Wisdom Teeth removal while on Remicade

Hi everyone, I have recently been experiencing tooth aches and throbbing pain from my teeth all the way to my ear and head. I went to the dentist last evening and turns out I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Only concern I have is that, I'm on remicade- I had my infusion on the 13th of May and dont have my next infusion till July. My dentist booked me for this Saturday to have 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled out! Is this a good time to get them pulled out? Or should I ask what is the best time to have them pulled out? Right after the infusion or couple weeks before?

Another concern is.. the antibiotics, I'm scared to take pain killers or antibiotics that might mess up my somewhat decent life! I was in pain for over 6 months and now I'm hoping I will get to enjoy the summer for once. (Had bad flare up every summer since 2011).
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I would just double check with your gi, if it was me, I'd try for around the halfway point between infusions. I wouldn't worry about antibiotics, unless you have had problems in the past. I've been on them a few times with no issues.

Good luck!


Hmmm, I have not had my wisdom tooth removed but there was a possibility that I would have needed a root canal treatment at some point when I was on Humira. My GI told me to get the treatment at the 2 weeks mark and wait a week for my injection. I don't exactly know how you should proceed with the Remicade since it is quite different when it come to its pharmacokynetics but I would definitively give a call to your GI or nurse to make sure the timing is adequat.

For what it is of the anbiotics, I think that using them in prophylaxis is a safe idea considering the remicade I would not avoid them. Don't forget that some of them keep IBD at the bay (flagyl, cipro). I know these are not the one to be used in prophylaxis use. It is mostly amoxicillin, ampi and clinda. I don't know if you are familiar with them or not. I know I deal very well with antibiotics but it may have to do with the fact my colon is gone so there is less biota perturbed by the antibio.

When it comes to pain killer, definitively it will be better for you to avoid any N-SAID, which are normally quite usefull with dental extraction as it triggers inflammation. I am guessing there might be some safer alternatives for IBD patients such as Celebrex maybe or none at all if that is a possibility. Then on, it is probably safer to stick with the Acetaminophen+Codeine combo post surgery which in theory should not be a problem for your gut either.

Good luck!
Thank you guys! I called the remicade center since I could not get a hold of my GI or even her receptionist (sighs). I was told it is safer to wait 10-15 days after the infusion. So I have rescheduled it for the weekend after next. Hopefully by than I will have gotten a hold of my GI. Thanks for your time :)
I had my wisdom teeth out while one Remicade. My GI doc coordinated with the surgeon to choose the antibiotic. I also find that bringing in a probiotic/yogurt can help make antibiotics suck less (as long as it is not augmentin)
Thank you purdue crohns. I got in touch with my gi's receptionist and she said that the GI doesn't need to do anything, all "I" need to do is tell my dentist I am taking remicade! Tomorrow is the big day! Hopefully things will go smoothly and thank you for the probiotic/yogurt advice. I will go buy some tonight.