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Women and Crohns disease?

I am just trying to figure out whats going on... about 2-3 years ago, my period stopped showing up. I am 25 years old... my Gyno ran every test under the sun and can't find a reason to why I am not getting my period. Every time she puts me on a medication that you take for 5-7 days to force your period to come, but I would get my period for 1 day after finishing the meds. Well this past time she gave it to me May 2013, my period was refusing to come on even with the medicine, I finially got it after a week of waiting after finishing the meds, but once more I got it for 1 day and never again. Its been a year now since I have had my period.. does anyone else have this problem? And I keep getting told no period means no kids... can crohns make you not have your period? Can it prevent you from getting pregnant?
I stopped having my period for awhile too. It was around the same point in time I had a big weight drop due to a flare however. Once I gained back my lost weight they came back right on time and for my typical amount of time. I am not sure if this is the case with you, but I thought I'd share. Good luck.
I once lost my period for 3 months, I went to sonetherapy once a week for some months and my period came and was regular. Another time I had weirdness with my period, it came 3 times a month and was really irregular I went to a gynecologist who took hormon tests, I had to little estrogen and was put on patch, this adjusted my periode and has been regular since. I dont know if there are any patches when having crohns, cause the one I used I had before I knew of my crohns and cant be used with people having crohns.
I dont know what other options you have tried, but maybe there are some other treatements out there than the forcing with medisin option.
Good luck
My gyno mentioned hormone shots. Since she cant figure out why its not coming. All my blood work is perfect, not anemic nothing :( im just mostly scared of not being able to have kids..


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I moved this thread to the female section as well as copying it to the pregnancy/trying to conceive section to see if you can get better responses
krika my daughter uses estrogen patches even though she has crohn's. They don't have no effect on her crohn's. She was diagnosed with POF a few months ago after a lot of blood tests.

Lollakins l hope everything settles down for you.:ghug:
ok, maybe estrogen patches are a solution or zone therapy, dont know your view on zone therapy, but these 2 methods worked for me. I used zone therapy when all tests were normal and patches when hormon levels were off.
Luckily you are still young and if you are to do some treatement to get your period under controll it wont be too late in a sense :)
Hope you find a solution
Thank you everyone. I had TONS of blood tests done from my Gyno and she cant find ANYTHING wrong, everything comes out perfect... So Ill talk to her about the patches. Is the patch a birth control?