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Wondering about Humira

Hi, I'm 48 and have had Crohn's disease for 20 years, after numerous medications (all of which didn't work) and 3 surgeries later, too many to mention trips to the hospital with bowel blockage I started to see a new specialist 2 years ago. I was on Prednisone (50 mg down to 5mg) and Imuran 150mg for a year but still had flare ups. Doc got PBS approval for Humira. Just had a shot this morning. It is now 8 weeks, have noticed small improvement but now that the presnisone has stopped I am extremely tired and lethargic all the time. Hoping this will improve.
Hello and welcome to the forum :welcome:

I have no experience of humira as I'm quite new to Crohns but I though you might find something useful within the humira sub-forum so I included a link for you: http://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=59

It's good that you have seen a little bit of improvement :) although it is difficult when you feel so tired all the time, are you able to take a rest when necessary?
I'm sorry I can't offer up any pearls of wisdom to make the lethargy go away :( except maybe have you had your bloods done recently to check your vitamin etc levels? I really just wanted to welcome you to the forum and let you know we're here to help. Hope you get some answers soon and that you continue to feel a bit better, take care. :ghug:


Humira can take around 3 months to fully kick in but you should feel encouraged by the slight positive charges. It sounds like the drug is doing something for you.

Unfortunately lethargy and fatigue coming off of prednisone is all too common. In my experience I find coming off it slowly and just taking it easy during that time period helps. There is no magic solution to getting rid of that fatigue.
Thanks for the replies, I have monthly blood tests and they are all fine so far and I am fortunate that I don't work anymore and can rest whenever I need to. I do feel encouraged by the slight improvements so far with Humira so I'm just crossing my fingers that it keeps improving.