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Wondering if anyone else has skin bumps?


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About 10 years ago, before diagnosed with Crohns, I noticed these soft bumps under my skin. Skin isn't discolored - only notice them when you touch the area. Not painful at all. Doctor thinks they are harmless cysts.

In last 5 years, since diagnosis and going on meds, noticed 5 more pop up - i now have 4 on one leg (around quads on right leg) an one on each arm.

Could be coincidental and unrelated to Crohns, but does anyone else have them?
It's hard to tell with cysts, if that's what they are. Your GI may not be the best person to ask about them if that's who told you. You should probably see your GP or a dermatologist. I don't have them. But I did have a cyst on my arm which was removed and biopsied to make sure it was benign.
Has your doctor mentioned erythema nodossum? I had wierd skin bumps and thats what mine were (though they were red, so yours sound somewhat different).


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Saw doc today and he's referred me to a dermatologist. Believes they are harmless cysts and/or fatty tissue. Unrelated to Crohns but he does say I should have skin examined as Crohnies can have skin problems.



I get what I can best describe as milia on my arms. Milia is usually only on the face though???
Lately I've had a lot of bumps. Occasionally they itch and I pick at them. I've always been too much of a picker though.
I was just wondering tonight if the increase in bumps (possibly milia) is crohn's related. I've always had bad skin.
I know that it's not erythema nodossum because mine doesn't look like the pictures I googled and it doesn't hurt.
I have a red bump that mysteriously appeared on the back of my leg. It probably has the diameter of the eraser on a pencil. I have no idea what it is, and haven't bothered to get it looked at by a doctor because I'm sure there's nothing they can do about it short of removing it (which would probably leave a scar bigger than the bump).

butt-eze said:
I get what I can best describe as milia on my arms. Milia is usually only on the face though???
I've had bumps on my arms for as long as I can remember. I think in my case it is keratosis pilaris, which is a pretty common condition. I was talking to a tattoo artist about it a few months ago and he sees it on a lot of people.


I get bumps that are itchy, but mine is eczema. You will know it is eczema if the itchiness and bumps follow in pretty much a straight line. I get my eczema on my neck, chest, arms, hands, and on my breasts :( <- that has to be the worst, especially when it gets infected.

I got Milia from Prednisone (in the list of 841 sides it gave me, OTHER THAN REMISSION)

Milia sucks BADLY, had it on my face, chest, some on back/shoulders, it finally went away mostly (still some on chest, I'm thinking it'll go there too, almost gone)...I literally had a couple hundred of them, I posted a pic here on it too.

Do they look like this? (IT'S NOT ACNE)


The dermatologist who helped get those, and my acne under good control (after hundreds of attempts and dollars failing at it) said it's VERY common with Prednisone, she knew right away.
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I have eczema on my around my knees, my lower legs, my outer elbows, and the back of my arms/shoulders. it get red and inflamed when my crohn's flares, but most of the time, i can't see it, even though it itches and the skin itself is rough and bumpy.

i get erythema nodosum when i flare too. they are big red welts on my lower legs and inch or two in diameter. they start out feeling like very tender bruises. if i run my fingers over them, they hurt. they turn greenish and gradually fade away, like a bruise, and never leave a lasting mark. it's hard to mistake erythema nodosum for anything else. the google images are spot on.


That's pretty much how mine look but it's on my arms. I don't have quite as many. Mine itch a little bit too.
Yeah they sorta resemble goosebumps. I hated them. I looked like I had some sort of infection, on top of the moon face etc...the doc pulled me off pred, due to it not doing enough to outweigh the sides, such as the milia.
I have what looks like goose bumps on my arms too. They don't itch though and are all flesh colored. Been there for like 3 weeks now.
Mine weren't itchy either, nor did they hurt or become tender to the touch. But when I put all the creams and washes and oinments on them, the entire areas affected were uber sensitive like a bad sunburn, still are....also became very very itchy. Odd how they were essentially numb to any sensations in their prime, but once treated and as they subsided in the following months, they made their presence known with all kinds of agony....least they're nearly gone though.


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Just came back from dermatologist. Skin pumps were normal - just fatty deposits called lypomas. Nothing to worry about.

Otherwise skin ok - however those of us with CD should get regular check ups.