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Wonky heart beat anyone?

Every few beats it decides to dance. Kind of scary actually. Anyone else? I have been to emerg and the cardiac unit will contact me to fit me for a Holter moniter but in the mean time I want to know if its the Humira or its just another I'm not 27 anymore thing.


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Dunno. Any heart problems in the family? There are a lot of possible causes for palpitations out there, stress being one of them. Lots of people get them but if its often enough to make you want to go to the hospital, then ya do the whole 24hr halter bit. If that shows nothing (usually for some reason our bodies like to act totally natural during tests) then try for a 72hr halter and try an ultrasound and even a stress test till you finally get some answers. I did all the tests above (including the EKG which your heart never acts up for) because I was having palpitations multiple times a day when it used to pretty rare.

Heart disease runs in my family and so far with all the testing they did they find that I have a tachycardia and Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs). I take beta blockers for it and it helps (along with attempting to avoid stress, well even the heat from the sun can add mild stress to the body, sweating and all, good luck with that part). I just turned 30 in April and started having these issues back in late 2007 (making me 25 at the time). No one is "too young" to have heart problems. They said that back when I was first diagnosed with Crohn's. Contact your GI specialist anyway and let them know that you're having this issue and ask if it could be related to your meds.
I have the gods honest luck when it comes to my drs. I called not 2 mins ago to my GI to ask about my meds and the heart issues and there was a cancellation for 2:20 this afternoon and would I like to have it? I am so grateful for the medical contacts I have in this town. Between paramedics, emerg staff, my GP and GI Drs I am one lucky woman.
Crabby: Adopted no medical history so that's out. I have mild pulmonary stenosis that the heart specialist I saw at 40 said it will never be an issue. My blood pressure is low, usually around 100/50 with no symptoms.
I have tachycardia - untreated high BP. I take medication for it - sometimes if my BP is low my pulse gets a little erratic - pounds hard, not fast, or does a flip flop. Make sure you're drinking enough water, and have the right minerals in your diet or your vitamins.
Yeah, electrolytes have always been an issue (yay, crohns), so I`m on top of it. Vitamins etc daily, good diet but I may have to try more water to see if that does anything. Cheap, quick and easy fix if it works. Heres to hoping.
Drink some watered down sports drink also. Too much water can throw off your electrolytes just as well.
Update: Holter monitor-normal. ECG-normal. Bloods-normal. My heart is in great shape apparently, good news but kind of disconcerting....what the hell caused this, why last for a couple of months then very rarely? Ahhh the body is such a weird and wonderful thing. Here's to it never happening again.
Well it's wonderful to hear your heart is in great shape. For a while there I was having a lot of heart palpitations due to life stress, the doctors told me that unless it became a regular problem it probably wouldn't be a big deal (I'm still young enough that it wouldn't cause problems).

And yes, here's to it never happening again!
I browsed this post not sure if it was mentioned or not. Have you had your iron level tested? heart palpations are a symptom of iron deficiency. To be honest the same is true with me I spent 72 hours hooked up to a heart monitor and aside from a quick heartbeat everything is normal. I think due to the malabsorption issues we will always have odd things going on like palpations.
diesanduhr: ain't stress fun. Glad yours is under control, kinda freaky tho.

Thermo: My iron is seldom an issue. I like red meat (and can eat it), I take supplements and I cook in a cast iron frying pan. I'm thinking magnesium deficiency or I need a chiropractor visit. Yeah you're right about odd things going on, it keeps jumping from one thing to another, not sure if it's crohns, humira, stress or age. Or all of the above. lol
Ok as long as you have had your iron levels tested, yeah it could be Magnesium as well. But I know I get like this just from being dehydrated as well, which is a common issue with me.