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Woot! Docs all agree to trial of LDN

My GI and GP (an internist) both agree I can start a trial of LDN. There is a compounding pharmacist in my town who already compounds it for someone else.

My Crohn's symptoms are basically non-existant, but my fibromyalgia pain and fatigue are redonkulous. I have high hopes for it reducing my ouch factor, and my high level of exhaustipation (Too tired to give a crap).

Wish me luck!!!:smile:


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Hi Lisa

Congratulations.. you may kill 2 birds with one stone.. or at least 1 drug. Is the dosage for treating Fibromyalgia the same as for IBD? (4.5 mg nitely). My understanding of the fibro results is that.. (oh, and I'm paraphrasing, and I can't recall the doctors name) 'he' calls it a 50/50 treatment. Half the people who take it says it reduces their pain by half.
Here's hoping it is more in your case.. and your IBD goes from basically non existent to completely non existent.

One suggestion.. 'they' compound the pills in 100 pill batches.. but prescriptions usually are written in multiples of 30.. meaning a typical batch has leftovers. The leftovers can be a problem.. aging.. But, if your docs wrote a script for 100 pills at a time, no problem leftovers to deal with. Just a thought.. Ooops, exceeded my thought quota for month.
Lisa, just want to wish you the best of luck with the LDN for both the Crohn's and the fibromyalgia!
I also have few symptoms with my Crohn's, but had an obstruction / perforation / abscess and had to have surgery for that last year, no issues since, but those problems literally came out of no where last April, so I am on a quest to try LDN before biologics!
It would be great if you post some updates on how you feel as you go through the first several weeks on the LDN!