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Work/Life Stress / off topic rant

I know this is way off topic but I just need to release some stress. For many this probably seems like much ado about nothing, but I suspect the added stress has impacted my CD, so maybe there's a sliver of on-topicness to this thread.

I'm a small business owner. As I've been dealing with the evolution and diagnosis (and now treatment) of my CD over the past eighteen months or so, I've also had to deal with the stress of the loss of my mom as well as the associated stress of running my business.

I came to realize that the stress of everything was basically overwhelming, and about four or five months ago decided to sell off a large part of my client base, downsize the company and basically become a one-man consultancy again. Just concentrate the business on what I enjoy and relieve the stress of worrying about employees, making payroll, dealing with dozens of clients. Basically, simplify my work life significantly.

Yesterday, after six weeks of financial discovery and research, I received an offer! It's not exactly the offer I wanted, but it's a decent offer. On effect, if everything earns out over the next couple of years, it's a zero net offer that let's me pay off all the debt we've accumulated, have a little bit of cash, and once again, simplify.

To be clear, it's not life changing money. It's not retirement money. It's a little buffer. But there's value in simplifying, right? There's value in losing the stress and shifting to what I enjoy and getting away from what I don't.

The challenge is, now, after nine years of building the business - I'm feeling some regret at the thought that I'm giving it up. Sort of like having to give up the baby, if you will.

So I'm torn. Intellectually I know I want to sell. Also intellectually, I suspect that, once complete, this change will be better for my health. Finally, emotionally, I feel like simplifying is the right thing, and lets me step back to do what I enjoy (engineering and consulting) rather than what I have come to loathe (running a business and dealing with employees).

Having said all that, it's a tough emotional decision.

Anyway, just needed somewhere to get all that out. I know compared to the challenges many here face this sounds ridiculous, so feel free to ignore this string of woe is me!
:hug:You are your own best advocate! Listen to yourself and what you need to be healthy. Don't let our western way of measuring worth/success crowd your decision.

I work in child care, not the most financially satisfying job by a long shot, but my job pays me back emotionally ten-fold everyday! I feel the mark that you are on the right career path is how you feel every morning. I can honestly say in my 20+ years in my field, I have never gotten out of bed in the morning and not wanted to go in to work!

Just remember KISS= Keep It Simple Sweetie!

Feel free to rant anytime! :)
Ribo, I had to make the same type decision last year. I owned and operated a restaurant which I sold in April 2012. I had so many of the same conflicting emotions. I have no regrets about my decision. Once it was done it was like a weight was lifted. I second guessed myself to the bitter end.

It's good that at least you will be able to work one on one in your chosen field.