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Work with crohns

I work part time at a jewlery store cleaning up and providing minor maintance. I arrive about 15-20 mins early so I usually wait in the parking lot till the manager arrives to unlock the door and let everyone in. Im at my worst in the morning but if I need to then I drive to the udf nearby and use the bathroom. Today I was feeling that urge that I need to run to the bathroom so I drove over and walked to the bathroom, locked...walked to the mens, also locked. In my panic and the ache in my stomach my body just went. A recent scope stI'll shows active disease in my rectum and in patches throughout my colon. I also have an infusion on Friday and the week or 2 before it I have an increase in symptoms.
Working a half hr away I couldn't run home and cleanup and be back in time for the store to open so I had to call off to collect myself.

So I need options for times like this. If I leave later I risk running into traffic and being late. I only have 2 pairs of pants for work but I can't afford more or else I'd have a pair that stays in my car as an in case.

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What is your gi doing to address the active inflammation found on scopes?
Has the doc added meds mtx or 6-mp to your remicade or increased your remicade dose/frequency ?
Have you let the doc know about the timing?

Can you get tena or depends until then as an extra in case ??
My signature hasn't been updated in awhile. I had a class drug failure so I'm not on entyvio, 6mp and lialda. I've been on entyvio for about 8 months now. I brought up feeling sick and having an increase in symptoms about 2 weeks before my infusion and that prompted the colonoscopy. I'm not sure what the plan is to address the inflammation (the scope said friablity in my rectum and that part of my colon and the rest I have decreased vascular and scar tissue). I think my drs have no idea what to do with me.