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Worried about a few things

:sign0085: I was wondering if someone or maybe a few of the members could give me some advice on some of the symptoms I am having. One is in my lower abdomen area I look like I am a pregnant man :lol: I was wondering is that part of the inflammation I am having from Crohn's and a blockage area? Another question I have is at time especially after a serious diarrhea episode and after I make sure I am completely clean down there I feel something leaking out of my anus and then I check my underwear to make sure it is not a BM stain what I see is a clear wet spot is this a type of infection liquid or pus leaking out? I also want to let you all know I have found an advocate and I have talked to her about all this and she said it is a pus type of liquid that leaks out and at a very bad inflammation time I can look like I am pregnant I guess what I really would like to know from you guys is has something like this happened to you? One last thing is this while I was talking to my advocate who is a RN said that I probably have stage 2 Crohn's disease. I am just very worried about everything before I go see the gastrologist. I also want to let everyone know that this is the best Crohn's forum web site I have ever been too because everyone is very friendly and helpful and I want to say thanks to everyone.
Hi riclow and a big welcome to the forum. Glad you found us. I remember too having so many questions when Crohn's was first mentioned to me and forgetting or not having time to ask them at my doctor/hospital appointments. It's a worrying time, I know :)
In answer to your questions, both the bloating and leakage that you describe are very common symptoms of active Crohn's disease.
When are you seeing your gastro?
I go and see my gastrologist is October 16, 2013 at 4:40pm that is the earliest they had. Hopefully he will schedule the test very soon afterwards. Thank you Grumbletum.
Yikes, that's quite a long time to wait to see someone, but it's one of the frustrations of having this disease. Have you seen the GI before? Are you on any medication ?
Bloated tum is really common - ive had crohn's for 22 years and often think I'm about to give birth!!! The leakage is abit more serious, purely because it is even more of a bugger to live with. Can you get your appointment brought forward?