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Worried about my son

My son was diagnosed at 16 with extensive disease he has been on infliximab since then recently doubled the dose as was not being as effective and his gastro dr has recently introduced azathiroprjne as inflammatory markers remained raised
In recent weeks he has suffered with difficulty passing stools he would normally have 6-10 loose stools a day and has since diagnosed
Fever is also a factor
He is reluctant to speak to his gastro dr but I feel there is more going on ! I think it is possible fear that he will need surgery, he is 22 now so he makes his own decisions on his health and it is difficult for me to be involved

my little penguin

Staff member
We have a “parents “ group lots of “adult “ kids
So you may want to post there
Lots of challenges with young adults
Given aza can create its own lists of problems
I hope he will let his Gi know about the fevers
Fevers can be part of that or crohns