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Worst doctors

I would love to hear some of the worst doctor encounters or any fights people have gotten into with doctors or some doctors that make themselves look stupid with contradictions.
I basically fired my second GI. First guy was great, but he retired. Second guy, wow. He is supposedly a "crohn's expert" and thought he was going to make my disease fit his profile. He started me on remicade (forever thankful for that), but didn't set up regular blood testing for me. I was severely anemic for 3 years under his care. I actually asked him to set up the testing, he refused saying "I couldn't afford to lose any more blood." Took him that long to set up a pill cam test without trying the dissolving test capsule. Guess what? It obstructed at a known stricture. Final straw was when I was his first appointment of the day. Took a day off work when I could not afford to, got there early so I know he was there and not on rounds. He actually managed to not call me for the hour and a half that I waited around. Never saw him again, changed doctors.