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Would love some advice ASAP on pregnancy

Quick Background:

I started to have symptoms a few years back (blood and mucus) but ignored them as I generally do. I got pregnant and had a great pregnancy and delivery. 6 months later I got extremely sick, lost lots of weight, extreme pain etc. and ended up in hospital. Lived on heavy pain meds and stayed in bed for 3 weeks before getting some relief. Finally got a colonoscopy and found out it was Crohns and was put on asacol.

Went to a follow up appointment where they changed my meds to mesalamine as I still have some symptoms - frequent loose BM, but pain is minor and doesn't last for a long time - totally bearable. Waiting to have an MRI to see if its in small bowel.

SO my question is, my husband and I were planning on getting pregnant this month and I am a little concerned and conflicted on whether or not we should? I feel like my Crohn's isn't that bad and totally bearable at the moment but it would be scary to have a big flare up and not have the ability to take pain meds as I pretty much cried all day everyday from the pain when I did have flare up. ANY advice at all on meds in pregnancy or whether or not I should wait to get pregnant would be appreciated - this is all very new to me as I was only diagnosed a few months ago. Thanks


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Hello LKM
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If you look above you will see different titles and among them is one titled Resources,
When you scroll down you will arrive at the titles which may help you regarding pregnancy and crohns.
I am not in a position to advise you regarding pregnancy and Crohns but I am sure there will be others on the forum who have faced a situation similar to yours.
I wasn't able to get pregnant until I went into remission. I stayed in remission the whole pregnancy. I think if ur feeling good go for it. If your kinda iffy then wait. A few months won't hurt
It sounds like you need different meds. I had mcs and chemical pregnancies on asacol and only went into remission and became well enough to sustain a pregnancy on Humira.
I had my first flare up when I was pregnant with my second. I spent most of my pregnancy in a flare up, with no medicine, because I was not diagnosed so my GI refused to give me medicine without a diagnosis. It was difficult in that I was always tired but I didn't have any pain (until my next flare up, about a year later, when I was finally diagnosed).

I am not willing to get pregnant again due to all of the risks with myself and Crohn's and the risks of pregnancy.......that's just my opinion and decision, though, if you feel it will be worth it go for it

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ideal medical scenario for pregnancy: full remission. Any GI will advice of that. Talk about pregnancy to your Dr.

I'd suggest to you the IBD-AID diet which you can find in my signature and if this cant help put you in full remission along with the asacol, I'd definately go for bigger drugs. Good luck.
I've just had that discussion with my ob-gyn. She strongly suggested to wait until you've had 6 months remission before getting pregnant to prevent a flare 4-6 postpartum. From experience, it's totally true! My second left me with stronger symptoms around 2-3 months after birth, as it was a c-section and having a toddler around left me very tired and sensitive. As a doula, I strongly recommend you discuss with your doctor and ob-gyn what the best time table would be according to your individual condition, and how well you've responded to treatment. On the flipside, there are medications that are totally safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it's essentially a matter of tweaking the formula!
Good luck, love, and take care of you and yours!