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I have recently had symptoms of what I thought was Crohn's (gas, bloating, cramping, soft bowel movements). MRI shows no active inflammation. Tapering on Uceris. My doctor says I should try xifaxan. Anyone have experience with this drug?


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Yes. They use Xifaxan to treat SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). SIBO/IBS cause many if the same symptoms as IBD so it can be difficult to flesh out what is causing what.

My daughter is doing her second round if Xifaxan to treat suspected SIBO.


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The first time it didn't do anything BUT she was also in an IBD flare so the GI thinks that was confusing matters. Now her IBD markers are all normal so he really thinks this is SIBO.

She hasn't started yet. We are waiting for insurance approval and my daughter has been doing the SCD for her IBD and this diet is also used to treat SIBO so she wanted to give it another week. If her frequency is still up on Friday and assuming insurance approves it she will start Friday.

It's not uncommon to have to do two rounds to get things under control.
I am on my first round. Seems to be working well. It's weird treating this, as I feel like when I had a real crohn's flare diagnosis it was easier to treat. Now I am not sure if I am treating the IBS or IBD. I hope it still continues to work after I discontinue the xifaxan.


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SIBO Is a bear. It takes many people years and quite a few different methods to treat SIBO. If the Cifaxan is working that fast that is great and a really good indication that is what you have. You might want to get ith a doctor well versed on SIBO as there are diet issues etc. also there are different types of SIBO and it is good to know which one you have as the treatments are sometimes a tad different.

Still waiting for my daughter's script. She says all the time that while her IBD flares are more dangerous at least they understand them and know what to do for them. SIBO is so frustrating and has just as bad an effect on her QOL.



Hope the Xifaxan is working for you, and your daughter!

I had the same issue IBD flare and SIBO at the same time. I seem to have post-infectious SIBO after a bout of food poisoning. I seem to have never ending issues and haven't had much relief over the past 3 years.

I've now had two courses of Xifaxan which worked great but the symptoms of SIBO are back. Had a fecal calprotectin test today just to rule out a flare.

Just curious what dose are you taking and the response you've had to it?

I've been prescribed 550mg twice daily. I've been reading 550mg three times daily is more effective..
Also here in Canada my insurance won't cover it for SIBO! So it's wiping me out $$$ any advice really welcomed. Thank you 🙂
Antimicrobials have been demonstrated to be as effective (if not more effective) than Xifaxan and are affordable. A good formulation is Gi Microb X. The standard dose is 3 pills twice a day (though some may need less, 6 is too strong for me so I used 4 a day) for 2 months. Also, the elemental diet is perhaps the best treatment for SIBO available. Tell me if you need more details.