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Yay...another kidney stone :(


Sports Crohnie
I feel the spasms today and had some cloudy urine. Yay. I can't wait. Second episode in 12 months. And, I've been drinking lots of water too!

It just makes me want to do what's attached. Grrrrrrrrrr.


Sorry man, I know how that goes, my mom has had well over a dozen "episodes" in and out of the ER with them all her life, ever since I was very little. I know the pain it appears to cause, and it's rated as the highest, even above being burned.

It's unfortunately also a symptom of Crohn's Disease, to have kidney stones. Combine that with my genetics after my mom's lived with chronic ones and I'm not too fond of the idea either.

Unfortunately Shantel, some people's kidney's are just "built that way" (sometimes literally, as the shape of a kidney can give you a propensity too) and you're screwed despite lifestyle or diet though, so it's almost like Crohns in some ways, that it can be hard/impossible to prevent, all some people can do is mitigate the frequency and severity like we can just try to make quality of life a bit better with our disease. Drink lots of water, make sure calcium intake is correct/in range, drink cranberry juice, etc...Sucks. :(

My Butt Hurts

ugh - sorry Fen. Like you need any more problems. Hope they pass quickly and small-like!

You may have spelled it 'Fennie' first Shantel, but 'Fenny' is already in 3 different threads. That's right - I searched for it =p


Sports Crohnie
Fen, Fenny, Fennie. It's all good.

Chugging water and trying to ignore it today. I have a feeling this one isn't too bad. I haven't been doubled over in pain - I'm betting it's small.

It is an unfortunate side effect of crohns. I drink lots of water, manage my calcium and vitamin intake. Hoping it passes soon. Pain free today but if you hear someone screaming from the NY area, that'll be me passing the stone.

Thanks all for letting me vent. I really appreciate it.

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Captain Obvious
Hey Fen :(
I'm so sorry you're going through this again! Someone very close to me went through it a few months back and it was agony for him. I can't imagine what you're going through.
Are you on pain meds? I know when he was in the hospital for it, they had him on Dilaudid, then sent him home with Percocet.
Is this Day #5? How long does it usually take for you to pass them?
Here's to quick passing and no more pain!


Sports Crohnie
I still haven't passed it but have been pain-free. So, this one has to be small which is good. The pain for me comes when the kidney expels the stone (the other day) and then when you actually pass it.

It's taken anywhere from 2-3 days to a week to pass them.