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Yeah so I need a drink

All week I've been miserable .. Hurts to eat, no energy
Having a romantic night away with my hubby. I had a few drinks
And I feel no pain all I wanna do is eat some food and be ok
After. I know it's bad I probably shouldn't drink on the steriods..
But I'm so sick of being sick!! I just want to be normal..
I just wanna be pain free:-(
Alcohol burns like lightening for me. I can't even eat food that has it mixed in. Maybe take a pain pill and eat something you enjoy or save your energy for a romantic night with your spouse.
It numbs me. I've tried pain pills muscle relaxers..
Nothing has helped . Is it wrong to want one night with no pain, eat real food have a good time. I'm just otter and needed a tempory escape
It is not wrong to enjoy one evening of fun. It breaks my heart that all you want is one night of fun with your hubby! Hugs

Thanks he's been great! I got sick shortly after
We got married and he hasn't wavered once.
I just feel guilty sometimes.
I have 10 diseases and counting. I probably should file for disability but I love what I do for a living which ironically has to do with sewers. I have pain daily and have other problems as well. My spouse for the most part understands except she doesnt like to visit me in the hospital because the place depresses her. It has been tough at times being the weak link in the relationship physically especially when I cant do some things that her and the kids would enjoy doing together. I used to feel guilty but I dont anymore. If I want to make it through this life and have a somewhat normal life style then I need to pace myself and put my body first. It sounds like you married a winner so that is half the battle in life.