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Yeast infection, can I still take ldn

Hi, hate posting about yeast infection here but need to find out. I started 3 days ago on 1.5 ldn now I need to take the 1 day pill for yeast infection. Do I stop the ldn for couple days. Thanks


I know that candidia (a type of yeast) can interfere with LDN, so my best guess is to not take the LDN until the infection has cleared up. At this point, it sounds like you've only just started LDN at a lower-than-maximum dose, so if I were in your shoes, I'd probably just start the LDN over when you are in the clear.
Thanks, I have no dr at the moment so treating myself. Seen 1 dr who said no to ldn so I thought try another one, was getting discouraged but tried again and he gave me and I also asked for 10 day of 50mg pred which gave me this. I took the pred first then started the ldn. Now today stomach aches and some d