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Yeast infections?

Had anyone had issues with yeast infectins while on Imuran? I have had 5 over past few months and my obgyn thinks it is related to Imuran. Thoughts or advice?
I have had recurrent yeast infections for over 4 years now and I have been on Imuran for 8 years now. I have seen a few gyn's and none of them ever clued in that it was the imuran. I just recently spoke with another Crohn's patient who is taking Humira injections and she suffers from the same issue. I take Dyflucan once a week as a preventative, which was suggested to me by the lastest Gyn.

In addition to this I also suffer from sun sensitivity which I understand is also a side effect of the Imuran. I am now considering stopping the Imuran as I only had a mild case of Crohn's Disease to start with and I haven't had a flare up in over 8 years now.

Good Luck!
I think I have developed yeast infection of urinary track infection because of Imuran. I talked to my family doctor about it but all he asked to do was an urin test, so I am going back to him next week to sort this out ... not fun at all, so yeah I do belive it can happen. Good luck!
I get yeast infections from Remicade-several days after the infusion like clockwork. My ob/gyn has a purple spray that they apply in the office and that knocked it out for 6 months. Also I eat alot of yogurt and have eliminated extra sugar, which yeast feeds on. I take acidophilus,too. Hope this helps!
Sorry, my ob/gyn just referred to it as "the purple spray". I asked my nurse, she says all ob's and their nurses are familiar with it, but they don't share the name with everyone because it's saved for extreme cases-usually when Monostat-type drugs won't work.

If it was a guy suffering they'd make it available in a hurry, that's for sure!
FYI you might have your partner checked for yeast, too-it's easy to pass it along when you're in a cycle of infections. This happened to me and DH once, the doc just had him apply Monostat topically for a week. Sorry I know it's TMI, but when it happened to us, I had NO idea that could happen.
yeah, I know it cannot happen but the problem is I am not even able to have intercourse since it is just burning, so ... but I will ask him to do so, sorry for details.
The purple spray is gentian violet. You can get it from the pharmasist. Its used alot for nursing women that get thrush.
Yeast infections

I've also had yeast overgrowth for years prior to crohns knowledge. I wonder if it's just another complication of the disease. The gentien violet has been around since I was a child which is 40+ years ago. My mom also put it on mouth ulcers. It's miraculous stuff giving instant relief to mouth pain. Just be careful it will stain anything purple and almost impossible to get out. As Lydia says you have to ask druggist due to many of them keep it behind the counter. I usually get what most people call thrush after taking most antibiotics. Now happens so frequently and can spread to other areas of my body that I cringe when antibiotics are advised necessary. I have to have a serious infection anywhere to agree to take them. I haven't had immuran so not sure if that would cause yeast for me.