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Yet another test!

yet another test!

So my GI's office called today. So I guess there is some "swelling" or "fluid retention" noted on my SBFT and the barium went too quick through with some areas retaining the barium. So I get to go for a gastroscope! Woo hoo. :eek2: He wants to take a bx of the small bowel and look at my esophagus or something. (I actually didn't get to talk to him just the girls at the desk). So I don't go for this test until Feb 13, 2012 :eek2: Good thing I am not superstitious. haha :ylol2:

Well just an update. Being NPO is much better then 4L (gallon) of peglyte. :)

Oh man, I was doing some shopping (getting the kids some clothes for my husband's grandfather's funeral) and I had to drop the clothes and run to washroom. *sigh* At least I knew the store well and where the bathroom was! My 3 yr old was running in tow with me. He was like I know where it is! Follow me! haha Kids! :ylol2:


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Long time to wait for a test. I know the holidays tend to drag things along. Hope they find out what's wrong and fix it or at least make it better. :)
Yeah, they aren't doing anything over december and well that's the wait times sometimes in canada. I am non emergent so that's how long I have to wait. Plus he only does the gastroscopes on mondays, tuesday, and wednesday. That's it.