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Yoga for body and mind?

Halo everyone. I started doing yoga and i find it very relaxing. I find that not a single though goes through my mind when im in the deep relaxing state? Are there anyone that does yoga? And what are your experiences with yoga? Also i need to loose weight what diets do you recommend?
Brewtowncronie51 You do get classes that you can attend to as you do get begginer classes. Are you thinking about doing yoga?
Hello to you both. Yes, yoga is very good for body and soul. For beginners, i would say it's essential to find a class. You need to see how the positions are done and have a trained eye watch that you are doing them properly.
Once you have some basics, you can start doing them on your own at home or to video. But classes are good for the social and motivational aspects too.
I find if I do yoga and meditate daily, my body really tones up and I am much calmer in my daily life. It sort of makes you look inward to what you are putting into your body and mind and things like wanting to eat healthier often come with it.
I've been lazy and not doing it and am feeling fat and sluggish!