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Yogurt Diet - impressive results

I've had mild to moderate Crohn's (terminal Illium) for about 25 years. Nothing has helped much, asacol helps a little bit, and occasoinally prednisone. In the past, I've tried probiotics for a couple weeks, felt about the same. I also tried a diet of just pure protein powder for a couple weeks, also felt roughly the same.

4 months ago, my wife bought a bunch of yogurt from Costco (Fage I think). As a lark, I basically decided to eat it, and nothing else. I almost instantly felt better. As soon as I ran out, I felt immediately bad again. So for the last 4 months, I've gotten about 90% of my protein from yogurt (brand doesnt seem to matter). The results have been pretty astounding. Here's a summary.

- no abdominal pain. (unless I eat obvious trigger foods)
- haven't woken up needing to have B.M.
- zero diarrhea (very unusual)
- almost no constipation
- have had full-formed stool multiple times (hasnt happened for at least a decade)
- brain-fog has only been mild, (not extreme)
- still have mild fatigue, (not extreme)
- I no longer have 'exertion intolerance' ie, I don't crash for >2 days, 24 hours after exertion.

I have had remission before, but I still had many of the above symptoms, so this feels much better than my experience with 'remission'. And again, everything comes back as soon as I stop the diet, so this doesn't really seem like remission in that respect.

I still have a lot of the extra-intestinal stuff, like GERD, skin issues, etc... but I basically feel like I've had no gut issues for the last 4 months.

This could be just because I am no longer eating anything with grease, saturated fat, etc... but I've done extreme abstaining diets before without these results. And again, I've had probiotics before, and they didnt seem to help either. I am guessing I am in the minority here for people who respond this way to something like yogurt, but maybe someone else here would benefit or has had similar experiences?
That's great. Thanks for the share.
I'm personally following Specific Carbohydrate Diet. There is a lot to learn regarding this diet and you have to ease yourself into it. Basically the diet is no complex carbohydrates and no complex sugars, or no grains and no sugars. You can pretty much only eat meat, vegetables, nuts, homemade yogurt, and honey. There is a multitude of guidelines to go with all the foods you can eat as well like skinning vegetables in the beginning of the diet, etc.