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Yogurt made from probiotic capsules ??

Hi friends,

I have been wondering if it is safe to consume yogurt made from a probiotic capsule. Last night I used a single VSL#3 capsule and a little more than half a cup milk to make some yogurt... I was not sure if it would work but it did and I have infront of me nice, firm yogurt and it look yummy too, but am not sure if I should eat it or if there are any don'ts about eating yogurt made from a probiotic capsule. The only thing that I now know is that my probiotic capsules does have live and active bacteria. Any suggestion guys? :confused2:


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New York, USA
Doing a quick google search I found some recipies to make home made yogurt using probiotic capsules....as for it being safe....do you mean for your Crohn's or in general? That probably is something you need to speak to your doctor about a I do not know how milk is processed where you are.
I thinks it's possible, milk should pasteurized umm heated past a certain temp for a certain amount of time to kill any remaining bacteria. Its also typically pasteurized already but just to be on the super safe side. i generally believe you should start with a high enough starter bacterial count to ensure the good will overtake the bad bacteria during the fermentation process.
gave up the idea of yogurt as am not sure how it will effect my body, but from today am starting probiotics to see if it helps in controlling the gas problem.
seven days now... bloating has decreased but still gas forms at night.. but BM are easier and no constipation at all... gas forming is my only big issue and is the reason why I started probiotics. I can also feel more energy , I guess thats because of better nutrient absorption. Fingers crossed.