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You can have healthy, chubby babies with Crohn's!

I was diagnosed in 2012, 3 surgeries in 2013. Got pregnant in 2014 and also in 2016. Let me just say: those 2 babies were huge! Emily was 10 lbs even and Justin was 10 lb 5 oz.
I also have 3 other children that were born prior to my surgery and they were average 8 pounders. If anything, my post-diagnosis of crohn's and post-surgery gave me 2 very big healthy babies.
I don't have diabetes and I am only around 125 lbs. The ob/gyn doc are convinced some crohn's patients have big babies because all nutrition went straight to them!
The biggest miracle of all, is that when I had my ileocecectomy and they found my uterus and ovaries severely scarred from the crohn's, they said I most likely wouldn't have any more children. Well, I had 2 more since then.
I'm blessed with 5 kiddos! :emot-dance:
I'm the same! I have 3 healthy children. I go into remission while pregnant! My youngest is 3 my months old and 20 pounds- only breastfed!

Sadly I'm also in a huge flare, but I make enough milk for 3 or 4 babies haha