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Yuck hemorrhoids

Question people on Hemorrhoids I get a few of them but they go away. But had one that's been hanging around for 2 months plays up every now and then, little cream helps. Ok my issue is we went away with some friends for the weekend, I took a few Imodium capsules every day, just in case I needed the toilet in a hurry. Anyway the weekend was good no stomach issues what so ever. Till Sunday night, I needed the toilet, but felt like passing bricks. Then a sharp pain and blood bright red lots. Since then I have been five times and the same thing keeps happening. Even a few red drops come out. How long will this keep up for before it heals its self? There is no pain. But gets itchy 20 minutes after a bowel movement. Thanks


Staff member
Sorry to hear you are having a bad time.
It may be time to check in with your GI to establish why all the bleeding....
Feel better soon