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Yucky skin and hair!

Ok so I know this isn't my biggest problem, but since starting on the pred and aza, my hair and skin has become really awful!

A big chunk of hair is so dry and gross it's nearly crackling, and my skin seems to have lost all elasticity (I'm 32 so it was on the way out anyways, but this is really sudden).

Anyone got any beauty tips (apart from getting my head shaved)?

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Please dont shave your head! Dryness can be from the inside and outside. My own old hairdressing trick is to put conditioner in your hand and a capsule of Evening of Primrose oil (bite it open lol) and put it in the conditioner, massage it in and leave it on til you shower and rinse it off. It helps to take the medicines out of your hair and puts back the oil in your hair and makes it very full. As for inside, you can take the same product orally or get a fish oil or omega capsules and take them everyday. Dont forget to drink water, we dehydrate very easy. Hope you are getting enough Calcium!
Oh dear! I hope I don't end up with hair falling out, but if I do my sister will be thrilled. She has been wanting to shave the left half of my head completely bald and dye the right half purple for years. (I don't know why!)

I'm taking notes, Pen. I need to check into fish oil anyway, and the Evening of Primrose oil in the hair sounds good.