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Zofran dosage?

For all my zofran pals...what dosage are you on? I am currently taking 4mg every 6 hours. It's not doing much for me anymore, and my nausea is worsening. I know in an ideal situation, my dose could be doubled but am curious as to whether that would help much. Any input?
Hello, depends on what is causing the nausea. Be sure to ask your Dr. first ;)
I have never asked if it is by weight, how nauseous you feel or what?? I am not sure of my dose but normally can only take 1/2 a pill since a whole one makes me dizzy.

Hope you feel better soon.
My nausea is a bit complex. On top of Crohn's in the upper GI tract, I also have chronic gastritis and gastroparesis, both which can cause quite intense nausea. I have had good success with zofran for years, up until recently when it started to loose its effect. I've tried other medications with little/no success, though, so I'm stuck with zofran at the moment.


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My daughter is allowed to take 8mg if she needs it. She doesn't take Zofran every 6 hours though, she takes it as needed (which is usually once or twice every few days).
Ah, I see. I have an appointment with my GI in a week so I guess I will be asking for a higher dose. Have any of you tried nausea patches rather than pills? I'm wondering if that might be a better option for me.