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Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback! I took a little time to read about Dr. Grovit and read several of his reviews. Can you tell me more about his diet plan? We have started SCD, how is it different? I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

I'm also being told that a fistula can only be healed with surgery. My son had a seton placed during his scoping procedure. Did your son or daughter's fistula still heal if a seton was used?
Hi Laragirl, I see you checked my story out as I have Crohns now for 48 yrs. What is your story or history or problems to check out some of us on this site, since you read mine, curious what your dealing with? I feel sorry for anyone showing up with this Disease as its a problem rest of your life, but to do what you can with what ever you have, you can find ways inbetween Flare Ups or p roblems to deal, . 48 yrs ago didnt know anyone with it, Drs didnt know much, eat what ever doesnt bother me?? Had to get sick to rule that food out, no help back at that time as DR were learning with patients like me so long ago. Now its common and people I know and many you meet another new one SAD as lots to deal with and still try to have some kind of a life, and year by year, I found out how do so most all and not let it stop me from trying to live a semi normal life and do most with full time Diarrea from intestines being removed, I am now left with only 1/2 small intestines with full time Diarrea, cant go anywhere not knowing if bathrooms close by, but have made most work in 48 yrs with Crohns.
What is y our story or what are y ou dealing with? C J
Hi CJ, You have had a rough time as you say, they didn't have the meds and treatment they have now. Of course, this is subjective as it is a vey individual illness and what treatment suits one person, may not suit another. I know that from ,my own experience of bad reactions to meds : Pancreatitis because of one . I am pleased to hear you are more settled as I am at the moment, and feeling better. I hope you now keep well. Kind regards.