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Jim (POPS)
Jim (POPS)
Hello everyone. It's been a long time. I guess there is not a chatroom anymore. I have been really sick for 2 years now. BUT, on May 22 2020 I will be getting a ileostomy. I'm on TPN now and have been since November 15th 2019. I went all the way down to 113lbs. But now I'm 150lbs. I can't eat much of anything. It just gets hung up and won't come out. I haven't had a full meal in over two years. I can't wait to be able to eat again. In February all I had was 2 cans of soup. I've had a ileostomy before and could eat anything. But the Dr. talked me into putting me back together. By far the worst thing I ever did. If any of my old friends are still around please email me ,send me a note. I'm going to need some support starting the 22nd. Hope to hear from you all.
Jim (Pops)