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I'm Nicola, I live in Wales in the UK and I was diagnosed with Crohns disease when I was 19 after nearly 5 years of unexplained symptoms. I also have coeliac disease, arthritis, cluster headaches, asthma and osteopenia. I have a wonderful fiance who is very supportive which does make things easier to cope with. I have two pet guinea pigs (small fluffy animals, not farm pigs lol), I like to paint and sketch and I have recently started to play the flute again after being gifted one as a birthday present. I come and go on here a lot due to the cluster headaches, so my posts aren't as frequent as they once were but my inbox is always open should you need a non-judgemental ear and you don't feel confident posting openly.
Dec 26, 1992 (Age: 28)


Nicola. Crohns. Coeliac. Asthma. Cluster Headaches. Arthritis. Osteopenia. Hypercalcemia.
Hemicolectomy at 20. Never been in real remission. Currently on subcut Vedolizumab injections. Feel free to send a private message if you need to talk.