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Enteral Nutrition

Do you try the SCD diet on your child?I know you have made a great contribution to this forum. I know some succeed example for SCD diet. My child has EN for 8weeks and I want to have half EN and SCD diet after he will be in remission. Of course I will take the meds under the doctor's guidance at the same time. Thank you very much!
You can't go straight to food
You add food slowly while still drinking formula to make up the difference in calories
Healthy doesn't necessarily mean it's good for a crohns gut
Even in remission it's still not functioning at 100%

Cooked veggies still have fiber
Juiced veggies with pulp removed do not
Plain rice
Boiled chicken
Potatoes mashed

Anything that can be mashed with a fork first
Then more solids
Takes a few weeks
Get back unhealthy food first ( easy on the gut food )
It's not for life just a few weeks
Then try out which veggies he tolerates

Potato soup with zucchini purée is a favorite at my house


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If you make a new thread about diet, you are likely to get more suggestions for your kiddo.

There are a couple parents who have had success with diet alone - I'll tag Optimistic here because her kiddo has done GREAT on the SCD.

There are also some parents who have used the IBD AID diet.
Hi Richard. Do make a good post because you will get lots of insight from more recent posters. My son got into remission with steroids and EEN. He then moved skowly from about 80\20 EN and scd 20/80ish EB AND SCD. It is a delicate house of cards but still to be working. Another MRE soon to be sure.
Thanks a lot! I learn and study the Crohn's disease , SCD diet and so on, because I havn't known this name before one month ago. When my child finish his EN after 8 weeks(two months), I will have new post to ask your suggestions for the medicinal and diet plans. I appreciate your warmly responses, whether it is for the past , at now and in the future! THANKS AGAIN!