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InstantCoffee Log, rather than bloat the weight gain thread.

I've been using the mySymptoms app to track my diet, BMs and symptoms, and it correctly identified my enjoylife protein bursts as the cause of increased frequency / loose stools before I did.

I cut them yesterday, re-introduced them today and loose BMs within a couple hours.

They are supposed to be low fodmap but there's a lot of other stuff in there I don't trust, especially vanilla extract.
Time for an update.

I followed the low fodmap diet for about a month before discarding it. I made sure everything adhered to my nutritionist's standard and submitted a full food diary.

Meanwhile my symptoms got worse from many of the foods I introduced and she continued to push for me to introduce more.

I stopped, dropped all the problem food and have basically rolled back to a pure carnivore / keto diet for now.

I'm using a multivitamin to supplement my micronutrients until I can re-introduce plants to my diet.

I believe that I was over consuming sugar which may have lead to dysbiosis. Oddly sugars were the only carbs not causing me diarrhea or other gastric problems - but I believe that may have been from the altered gut bacteria.

And while my digestion was okay I had a lot of other problems, with my skin, emotional level, energy levels, etc.

My back has been badly broken out with fungal acne, I developed an infection on my face from shaving and a large hydradenitis-like lesion on my back.

The back lesion has been receding with daily application of zinc oxide cream.

The facial one I took antibiotics for, it went away and came back and now I'm using black tea compresses with fairly good results.

This weekend I started supplementing magnesium and I think it's definitely been beneficial, if nothing else, to my mental state and emotions. I feel much calmer, I sleep better and my emotions are a full range again instead of just shades of grey.

Plan is one month of zero-carbs followed by a slow re-introduction of generally safe plants like plantains, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, strawberry, blueberry, cantaloupe.

I plan to avoid oats except in forms I can consume without sugar added, such as breading for chicken, or as a bread.

Added sugars are going to be eliminated and kept at a bare minimum as a "treat."

Oddly I even had a very bad reaction to some of my probiotic supplements, the Saccharomyces I was taking before (jarrow's I believe). The pills didn't even break down and I threw them up a few hours later.
Well I'm just confused at this point.

Recently I haven't been able to digest fatty meats, or basically any animal fats. Pork, beef, butter, ghee, all are giving me issues.

Probiotic supplements cause me pretty much complete gastric peristalsis. I have to induce vomiting to clear my gut if I take any, this has happened with two separate supplements now.

I'm pretty much living on fish & shellfish, oats and protein shake at this point. I can have about 1 egg a day.

I would like to introduce more fruits and vegetables but I've had so many bad reactions to them in the past I'm scared to do so.