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Thinking about starting the SCD

Hi all....
I'm on a full liquid diet at the moment - done 10 days so far and supposed to be doing another 4/5 weeks :(
When I can finally eat again, I'm thinking of going on the SCD...but want to hear what you all have to say about it.
Have you done it? How long were you on it for and did you find it hard eliminating all that food?!
My other issue is that fruit and veg is a trigger food for me, is it worth trying the diet or not?
Nobody can tell you what it will be like, some people love it, some hate it.

If you do then read up about it and make sure you do the intro diets and staged reintroduction of foods [1].
Just switching to almond flour muffins ain't gonna do it
There are plenty of resources to help online but avoid all the SCD 'legal' treats for a while and aim for a fairly clean paleo diet
Meat and Vegetables = not much fruit, not much nuts.

When you say 'trigger' what do you mean?
Do they cause gas/bloating/pain?
Then look at fodmaps too [2]. probably they are food foe a microbial imbalance and are fermenting.

I now eat paleo(ish) but got there through SCD and if i had to do it again i would start at paleo but SCD has great support and plenty of resources (so long as you avoid the 'treats' (at least for the first few months

[1] http://pecanbread.com/f/how/introdiet.html
[2] podcast http://scdlifestyle.com/2012/09/dr-...rt-and-science-of-the-fodmap-diet-podcast-45/
or webpage http://scdlifestyle.com/2012/09/fodmap-diet-a-fad-diet-or-helpful-for-everyone/