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MissLeopard, could you find a roommate to help bring costs down? Or, would it be possible that you live a bit farther away and commute some days and work from home at times? Or, possibly, you could live in a slightly pricier and closer place, and save costs in other ways, like walking or bicycling to work? Just brainstorming some ideas for you. I don't envy you, it's apparently not a great time for renters. When we bought our house, we were shocked to learn that our monthly mortgage payment would be less than what we were paying monthly in rent. And that was a few years ago and I've read that things have only gotten worse for renters since then, which sounds awful. I hope you can find something good and affordable.
I'm not the roommate type, I'm afraid. I really like my own space and a really quiet place when I get home from work. I have something called hyperacusis and even living at home has been difficult because my dad is pretty deaf and he's constantly banging things around. I'm very hypersensitive to noise. About the only way the roommate thing would work out is if I lived with someone from my young adult group, but they are such outgoing people that they want to have get-togethers at someone's house and that just wouldn't work out as I'm not the entertaining type, either.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to do work from home in my job. I was out 1 day yesterday and EVERYONE noticed because my job is so demanding (but I LOVE it) and they need me here. The schedule literally goes to pieces when I'm not working.

I think I may have found something this afternoon on Craigslist and my mom is taking a look at it on her way home since she works in that area. It's a studio and is $520 a month. It's in a VERY safe and built-up area - there's even a gate to the complex so it's controlled entry, which I like. Not getting my hopes up too high because it could be different than it looks, but I'm glad to have at least have a hopeful option.
Only gone and lost my blood test request form! Should have gone at beginning of this month but been so busy with work I forgot. Was planning on going tomorrow but now have to try and get a new form from somewhere :confused:
My mini-vent is I found out last night that the townhome complex I was waiting to move into next month is under new management after only a year under the last one and they raised the rate for a 1b/1b from $650 to $769 a month! $650 was my absolute maximum, but it was a beautiful place in a safe area and I was on the top of the waiting list. The old management had been performing renovations and I was told I would be contacted as soon as something came available. Now, I have to scratch them off my list and start over again! You don't know how difficult it was to find such a good place in my price range. I am so angry I feel like spitting nails. Thankfully, I didn't put down a deposit or pay an application fee, but I have been waiting YEARS to move out on my own (I'm 33 but just completed my Bachelor's last year; I will be 1 year at my FT job next month). UGH!!! :(
My mini vent.. I feel hungry, but eating is not a good idea right now. Brain understands this, colon understands this.... stomach does not! Also why when you feel like this is every add on TV for food? IDK??? 😜
My mini vent.. I feel hungry, but eating is not a good idea right now. Brain understands this, colon understands this.... stomach does not! Also why when you feel like this is every add on TV for food? IDK??? 😜
I was on TPN six years ago. Got really hungry. Started developing an interest in Food Network Channel.
woops!: I'm starting to get that feeling too. Been on Modulen IBD for 4 days now, and I've started getting really interested in cooking shows for some reason. Everything edible lying about the house looks good to me, and I used to be a fussy eater. Mouth is watering but can't eat anything, and family is of not much help either. QUIT EATING IN FRONT OF ME!!! :mad:


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Woops!, I feel for you, I was on EEN for a few weeks earlier this year and food became an absolute obsession. I was told to transition over to low-FODMAP after I had completed EEN, so I spent hours and hours looking up what foods were allowed on low-FODMAP and planning out in exact detail what I was going to eat when I could eat again.

And yes, every TV commercial is for food when you cannot have food! It's horrible! I could only watch commercial-free stuff like Netflix because I just could not deal with the commercials for food, restaurants, etc. (And I could not watch cooking shows, that sounds like torture!) My advice is, find yourself a good non-food-related distraction. For me, it was Legos. :p Sounds silly, especially as I am an adult and have no children, but I found Legos really enjoyable. I was completely distracted with following the directions and building whatever it was, it took my mind off of not only food but off of my flare as well. So that's my recommendation to you, not necessarily Legos, but find a good distraction for yourself. I did a lot of crafts when I was on EEN as well.
Just went to see a paediatric infection specialist for Tuberculosis (TB) under the recommendation of my GI doctor today. Left a really bad impression on me. Really pissed right now and need to let off some steam :mad:

1) Was over 20 minutes late and I was 20 minutes early. Had to wait a whole 40 minutes just to see her. No apologies whatsoever.
2) Did not bother to read my case file at all. Asked me to describe everything right from the beginning, from my symptoms to the results of the tests I did, IN DETAIL. (Don't you have access to my case file in the hospital records?)
3) Told me that since the colonoscopy results were not specific enough, I had to go do another one. Maybe I don't have Crohn's after all, and it's just latent TB. (Great, you're telling me that after I've been on Modulen for a week and bought 50 cans of Modulen to last me for eight weeks?! Why didn't you do the test earlier?!)

Only thing she did right:
Booked an appointment for me to have a T-Spot test and a chest X-Ray.

Rant over.
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I've been falling a lot more which is taking a toll on my body. I'm 6'1 and falling from that high to the ground is putting a lot of strain on my body. It's like my entire body goes into shock every fall I take.

Also having to wait for my next injection is getting bloody annoying when I could really benefit from it....


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So, had a pretty good Christmas, it was hectic like always, had nice visits with my parents, and my husbands' family at my in-laws.....

This is where the vent/rant comes in.....

Traditionally, we have a big family dinner at my mother in law's house, this year there were 14 people (including 5 children 11 years old an under). My mother and father in law are not in the greatest of health, yet they still manage to pull off this dinner with little outside help in preparing everything (turkey, stuffing, veggies, mashed potatoes, desserts etc).....and getting the table set up downstairs, which is definitely a chore since neither can navigate stairs very well any more.

Most everyone pitches in to get everything downstairs when it is time to eat, and my sister in law normally brings a simple dish (candied yams this year), and maybe a dessert.

After dinner is another story.....for at least the 2nd year in a row, I made sure just about all the dishes were either rinsed and put in the washer and/or hand washed so my MIL doesn't have a bunch of work to do once everyone leaves. The others do help bring things upstairs, and I think my husband does the most work in putting food away.

This year, my SIL thanked me for doing dishes, and this is what is really irking me.....she said she won't help out because no one ever helps her when she has family over...WTF??? She has 3 grown children who are perfectly capable, and if they don't help, well to me that is due to her not 'making' them.....if we are at her house (usually once a year for a party), if there is something obvious that needs to be done, my husband and I would pitch in...that is the way we are.....I've done dishes at a friends' house, she has done dishes at mine.....I've even helped an Amish family and friends with dishes and clean up at a barn raising!

My Mother taught me to pitch in, especially if at a family residence or somewhere that we are considered family.....where does this attitude come into play that a daughter won't help their MOTHER out just because no one (aka children!) helps her at her house????? Doesn't that make her just as bad?


Ok, feel a bit better getting that off my chest.....
Lisa, I am like you and don't have much understanding for ppl who think like that. I guess she likes to be the center of attention without really thinking about the lack of help she is giving her mother. Keeping score I guess.

My mini vent for the day is that for the first time in my life (late 30's) I had to wear depends to work!! Also started on steroids today 😩 The only up side to this is when I got home and was talking with my husband he said, "I know better than to argue with someone who is on steroids." Lol glad we have that established! Lol
WhEn I am in the hospital I watch Food Network The nurses I like the punishment 😜, I guess since I can eat I like seeing the food idkQUOTE=ronroush7;959452]I was on TPN six years ago. Got really hungry. Started developing an interest in Food Network Channel.[/QUOTE]


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I am in appeals for the disability tax credit and was denied on the bases that I am not physically challenged by bodily elimination to any serious degree. The decision was made by those who do not have to live with a colostomy. My doctor is pretty upset too and wrote another letter. Living with a colostomy bag is a 24 hour a day concern, not to mention the frequent bathroom flyer points I could earn if I could redeem those.
I took the issue up with my member of parliament and they agreed that a colostomy patient should not have to answer the question about bodily elimination, its self explanatory. Those who apply for the credit with a colostomy should automatically be approved. I hope I can make a change in the present legislation and spare those who live with the bag the hassle of saving a few dollars off of their taxes.