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Update sorry it has been so long.

So I finally went to see a Gastro at UCSF Med center, I swear this guy was a quack, I gave him all my symptoms and he went for my pancreas. So I went along with it for a short time taking pills made of pig pancreas ....... yummmm Well they made things alot worse, so I wrote my GI and let him know I was done with the medication. The responce was weird he wanted to check my pancreas by endeoscopy, I told him no and that I was going to see a GI at UC Davis for a second opinion. He decided to do a colonoscopy and endoscopy on the same day to apease me. So hopefully this will be the end of my Undiagnosed life. This is all happening on the 22 of this month so I will keep you all informed on what happens next


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Hi Beer Guy, thanks for the update and best of luck with the scopes! I hope you get some answers from them and can get some proper treatment and relief. How awful about the pig pancreas pills, that sounds disgusting! Your doctor sounds a bit odd, you may want to get that second opinion anyway especially if the scopes don't find anything. Make sure they take a lot of biopsies when they do the scopes, lately I've been hearing several people say that they had scopes but no biopsies, which just doesn't make sense. Anyway, best of luck and keep us posted!