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Help With CT Scan Results?

Hi everyone, I've had Crohn's for 10 years now and am currently in an active flare (confirmed on colonoscopy and biopsies). We also did a CT scan and I'm a little confused about the results. It says mild inflammation but then also says some segments of my ileum are "severely involved" and I was wondering if anyone knew what luminal narrowing means? The impressions say 'no stricture' but then what is luminal narrowing?

Mild active inflammation in a discontiguous fashion of the distal 30 to 40 cm of ileum. No stricture or penetrating complication. Perianal region appears normal.

FINDINGS: Abnormal appearing distal ileum with discontiguous and asymmetric mural thickening and mild hyper-enhancement over the distal 30-40 cm and extending to the ileocecal valve. The more proximal end of the segment is less severely involved with longer interspersed segments of uninvolved bowel.

The most proximal short segment of involvement is seen on series 4 image 64, just to the left of midline and cephalad to the bladder.

The distal 7 cm is most severely involved with circumferential wall thickening of the distal TI measuring up to 6 mm (measured in the distended area) and mild striated hyperenhancement. Luminal narrowing of the very distal 3 cm of the TI, but no upstream bowel dilatation. No penetrating complications.

Multiple prominent and mildly enlarged right lower quadrant mesenteric lymph nodes. Very mild perienteric fatty proliferation and edema (series 3 image 147). Mesenteric vasculature is patent. Liver, spleen, adrenal glands, pancreas and kidneys are normal. Normal caliber abdominal aorta. No free fluid. Perianal region appears normal. Osseous structures unremarkable. Visualized lung bases clear.


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The hollow inner passage of the gut through which all the food/fecal matter flows is called the lumen. So luminal narrowing means the tube is unusually narrow. Normally that could be a stricture at a single spot, but it could also refer to a general or wide-spread narrowing along a given length due to thickening or swelling of the tissue.
Thank you so much for your informative response! I wonder why it says no stricture in the impressions section. Maybe it is just a wide-spread narrowing like you said. Hopefully should hear more from my doc soon.
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