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Imformation on NG Tube ?

Hi guys im ment to be hving a NG Tube in soon can anyone explain what this actuly mean ? I no that it a tube throw the noes but what does it entail ? Im 18 an cant keep food down not even a little bit , so the hospital have desided to do this tube thing
Im quite scared if im honest info would be great im to scared to youtube it lol
Thanks guys
Sorry you are having such a struggle with food, hope the EN does the trick.
The NG tube goes through your nose and down into your stomach it is hooked to a pump that monitors the flow and can be turned up or down to increase flow rate.
There is a terrific youtube video of a young girl inserting the tube, She inserts it every night and removes in the morning and has the feed going at night which a lot of people do. You can also have the tube inserted and leave in for some time and have it changed out.
Here is the youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJIFOCbPTjo. She really does make it look quite easy. I'm going to tag Tesscorm as well her son has lots of experience with it.
Hi kikidee,

My son used a NG tube last year for 6 weeks, he was 10 years old at the time. He inserted the tube every night and had the formula pumped in as he slept. He then removed the tube every morning. He found inserting the tube a lot easier than he expected it to be. He learned how to do it in about 1 hour and within about 5 days he could insert the tube with no help from anyone in about 12 seconds flat. Once the tube was in it felt a little odd, not painful more irritating, but that subsided very quickly.

Good luck with the tube and I hope it helps.
The YouTube video that Jmrogers has posted is excellent. Just want to point out that the girl doing the video takes a lot of time to explain what she is doing. In reality it would take her far less time to insert the tube.


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Ditto to what was said above! ;) My son was 16 when he needed to learn to insert the tube. As Twiggy said, nurses showed him how to do it a couple of times and then he was on his own. Within a few days, he was doing it in seconds. He would insert it each night and remove it in the morning. He did six weeks of formula only but since then, July 2011, has kept doing it at half dose/5 nights per week. He truly finds it easy to do.

As Twiggy mentioned, he found the sensation of the tube a bit annoying the first couple of days... not painful, just bothersome but didn't even notice after a couple of days.

Make sure they give you a very thin tube. My son's tube is 6-FR (apparently child/infant sized - he is 5'11", 170 lbs and it works for him!). Also, some people find it easier to insert in one side compared to the other - my son ALWAYS uses the left side.

The toughest part is getting past the gag reflex... might help to try to visualize how tiny the tube actually is compared to swallowing a bite of food. Also, insert the tube while drinking water - helps you 'swallow' the tube. ie, have someone hold a glass of water for you with a straw, while you insert the tube, drink the water. (after a couple of weeks, my son wasn't even using the water anymore.)

You can also get lubricating gel that you dip the end of the tube into... some of the gels can also be 'numbing' gels, again my son only used the gel for a couple of weeks.

And, as challenging/scary as it seems, I would also recommend that YOU do the insertion when you're trying to learn WITH the nurse's guidance. I think it's tougher to have someone else do it because they can't feel what you're feeling... if you're doing it, you'll know when to slow down, adjust it a bit, etc.

And, if it's still too difficult (because everyone's different!), you certainly do have the option of leaving the tube in! My understanding is that it can stay in for a number of weeks!

By the way, removing the tube is easy... it just slides out.

Good luck!!!! :ghug:
Hi everyone thanks for all the support and advice you have given me I really am thankful your all like my online family that nows what I'm feeling as you have been through it , =) thankyou x