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My journey to getting well


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Green smoothies are what I eat, at least one a day. I consider it to be the healthiest meal of the day. If you want a good basic recipe just ask, I have a few that were given to me by my GP.
Health round up for the morning. It's a mix of good and bad news.

The tongue is looking good. To be honest there are some slight lines remaining on the tongue but they appear to be healing quickly.

Woke up to leg cramping. That hurt! This is a problem I've not known what to make of. The cramping happens when the stomach begins to behave better. I know from experience that it works like this, I begin to experience muscle cramping. It lasts for awhile. Then suddenly the cramping goes away and I begin to experience very high levels of energy. So it's good and bad news. I'm not happy to have cramping but it likely means good news in the long run.

Stomach slightly upset this morning. The cause was likely eating to much candy. That's what it feels like. It might have been due to the 90 minute bike ride too. Hard to say. I need to be extra careful going forward since I have a long car drive beginning Saturday.

I'm thinking of canceling tennis tonight due to the long drive to Florida this weekend, and the mild stomach issue. I love my tennis but as well as we have been hitting, I'm sure I'll be wiped out for days after hitting. Yeah, kind of humorous in a way, the better we play, the happier we are after hitting. Then we complain non stop about hitting well and running to much, causing us to be overly sore and tired.
This made me chuckle a bit. It's likely an old commercial. it's something I don't know about. I've been mentioning that I don't believe I've eaten shrimp before. Over the past week on TV I've noticed how Red Lobster is now playing a commercial for "Amber colored Honey shrimp". :ycool: I've been looking for new wild caught food to eat. If it doesn't have garlic in it, I'll stop by Red Lobster and give it a try.

Tiring day today. Tomorrow should be better. Gut doing great. Overall it was a so so day.
I was thinking further on my being tired today. There might be an answer in the cheese I began to eat. The grass fed cheese I eat comes in many different flavors. I bought a new flavor the other day. I'm guessing that is it. It tastes more salty than the other cheeses, and possibly that is the cause for being tires, more salt than i'm used to. I'll go back to the typical delicious favor I eat tomorrow and see what happens.


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Shrimp works out great for me. I seem to tolerate that best of all the seafood's. I think they are fairly low on the food chain so therefore less pollution is present in them, compared to tuna for example.

Yeah, be sure to check the other ingredients though as it seems you have trouble with the garlic and onions.

Best of luck, as always,

Thanks Chris for sharing your experience with shrimp. I'll give it a try in the future. I've joked that I'd had shrimp indirectly. Many years ago I used to do some fishing with shrimp as bait. The fish had good talent at taking our bait before we eventually caught one. They were undoubtably full of shrimp before we caught them.

Having eaten the same foods for awhile now I'm dreaming of eating new foods! Learned last night on the news of another food I'll be eating in the future. The news had a segment on the history of pancakes. Yesterday was national pancake day. They talked about how in the past pancakes were considered good eating for all meals during the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Later famous historical figures were mentioned that loved their pancakes. As an example Shakespeare wrote about eating pancakes in his plays. Then the news casters had a short debate on what doughy foods taste best, pancakes or more Italian spicy foods. i vote pancakes!

Health round up this morning. Tongue looks great. Energy levels are poor. I'm not sure that is the case. It happens though sometimes, I'm doing well to the gut but for some mysterious reason energy levels are on the down side.
This is disappointing. I remain pretty tired and fatigued this afternoon. I was hoping that after I switched back to the cheese I was previously eating that my energy would return. That hasn't been the case. There are some other possibilities. I did begin eating a different type of rice cake. The one I was eating was not in stock in any of the stores. Possibly the new rice cake is higher in fiber, which in turn is causing me trouble. I found this morning the store restocked with the old brown rice cake I was eating. Maybe I'll get lucky and that is the answer. I also started eating a different type of chocolate. I'll switch back to the previous chocolate.

What ever it is, I should still be able to make the long trip to Florida this weekend. The gut is not hurting. I can sit without being in pain. The big problem is just poor energy. I should be able to push through the fatigue.

What I'm really pleased about is my tongue. It looks great. I've often wondered over the years what the heck was causing it to have the lines. The only food that I removed from my diet was garlic. Once that happened the tongue began to heal up. I can't help but think that will translate into a healed stomach. It's a gradual process to heal up, and the same for damaging the stomach I suspect. Once healed I could eat some garlic (not that I would) for a week or two and not experience stomach issues.


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Maybe the stress is getting to you, I find I have low energy if stressed out. I'm sure it must have some kind of influence on our energy levels. Just take it slow and easy for a bit if you need to. Remember, "The Tortoise and the Hare." :)
The energy has returned. I stopped eating the new chocolate. Not long after I did that I felt much better. I'll see how I'm doing tomorrow morning. That will be the real test. So far it appears that I have an answer though, organic environmentally friendly chocolate did a number on me.
Just a guess, but it might be their chocolate manufacturing process that is the problem. I used to work in the food industry and recall how different manufacturing processing can leave different chemicals within the food item.
Sad to note this evening, my father is having stomach troubles this evening. It's likely an old Vietnam era issue. Rolls are reversed! He is almost never ill. Hopefully we will make it to Florida this weekend.

This is us though. Someone is bound to have health issues in the family before a trip.

It is nice for me being healthy of late. The basics, it seems many are happy for me and hope I'm healthy. Believe it or not several have suggested that I write a book, eventually. if only I gain more energy and that spelling along with grammar issue goes away. Eventually that should happen.
That appears to be the answer to the fatigue, the organic chocolate I began eating. I'm feeling much better this morning. My muscle do not hurt. I have decent energy. There is always the possibility something else was the cause. The new chocolate is likely the answer though.

I don't really need to eat chocolate but have found it to be a safe snack food. I'll keep it in the diet, with the older German made chocolate I buy at Target.

Dad's doing well this morning. He has an entirely different problem from what I have. It's a gerd type issue but a little different. The theory is that he picked up the problem when training in the military. The drill instructors would have the guys eat a meal then right afterwards do stomach sit ups. The connecting valve between the esophagus and stomach was likely damaged as a result.
Great day today, lots of energy, feeling upbeat, I'm ready for a long car trip. What ever is in that chocolate bar it's poison. At least that is my guess on what happened to zap my energy over the last few weeks.

Overall doing well. The gut is good. My weight is down a little but I'm guessing that is water weight. I'm pleased to see it. It will be easy to gain back once the really good energy arrives. I was hoping to make 10% body fat! I missed that as I'm at 11%. WHen I return home i'll have to continue to long bike rides and walks and make that 10% athletic mark. On the body fat charts 10% is the upper limit for athletic. I'm not sure how accurate these things are, but I'm going with it!

I guess now it is a waiting game, heal up and begin adding new foods to the diet. I can't wait to expand my diet.
Ya! It's the eve of leaving for Florida! I'm so ready to get home. Will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning as we hope to make it to the south side of Atlanta, about 10 hours of driving. This will be the longest I've driven on my own. It shouldn't be a problem. With the way I'm feeling, I'm confident I'll make it without problem.

Reflecting back on the writing done, this has been therapeutic for me. It's as good as seeing a therapist.

For the last couple of years I've been able to regularly make myself well to the stomach. The main problems have been, pin pointing what has been making myself ill, avoiding temptations foods/ keeping on the straight and narrow path, and not being entirely pleased with results/ not enough energy, not appearing healthy enough/ basically not having enough patience.

There is also the problem of running into what I refer to as minor causes of stomach/ health issues. The recent episode with the organic chocolate is a good example. I will never know what caused the chocolate to cause me to have poor energy. In the past I could over analysis possible causes. Now, I realize it's not something to overly worry over. In all likely hood the selling company is using a cheaper processing method that saves them money but leaves some substances in the chocolate that cause health issues for me. Most people that eat the chocolate wouldn't think twice about it. For me, with poorer energy levels, it's something I feel.

Well, I'm largely well to the gut at this point. I don't know how long I've been well to the stomach, but I'd guess it's been around two weeks. This raises another issue, when to know when I'm well enough to be reliable? I know to be as healthy as I wanted will take months if not years. I have a good idea of what I can be when the gut is healed up.

Now though i want to be less of a perfectionist. I want to have a good safe diet planned out, and have good energy levels, levels that can take me through out the day easily. From there I can push off into the world.
Thanks Ron,

It's so good to be feeling well! My diet isn't typical, but it's working for me and I'm very glad to have others around that have a supportive, knowledgeable, understanding. I'm looking forward to the day I can travel freely. First on the agenda, it's been awhile since I've wandered around Nashville.
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Everything is packed for the trip. Most of the details taken care of. Today's more or less a day to relax before the long drive. About my only complaint is how slow it is, and chilly! The first chill of the year always catches me off guard. Stomach slightly sour, but nothing to worry over. The first cold air tends to do that to the stomach. Should be a good trip down south tomorrow and Sunday.
Had a dry run to Florida today. Ugh, disgusting. My new car began to leak oil around 4 hours out of town so I turned around. It was a long day on the road, and then checking things over at our hobby garage. Not entirely sure what the problem is. I was hoping it would be a simple job but I might not be that lucky. For some reason the bolts are loose between the engine and transmission. That is where the oil is leaking from. I just had car work done, with an oil change and oil sensor recall work. No idea why those bolts would be loose though. Will find out more Monday once the car is taken in to the dealership.

Good news health wise, did great on the dry run! Had good energy. Stomach doing wonderful. It has only just hit me in the last hour with being worn down. Hopefully the car can be fixed quickly and I'll be back on the road sometime next week.

Heard my new bike is to be delivered in Florida Monday. Thankfully a friend agreed to wait and sign for it.


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I bet they just forgot to torque the bolts. I'm quite mechanical (have worked in several shops and do my own work as well) and I have never seen that happen without somebody forgetting to snug them up with the torque wrench. I hope it is an easy fix, it should be okay if it was still driving. Good luck Beach.
Thanks. That's what I'm hoping also, someone forgot to torque down some bolts. Why they needed to be in that area is a mystery to me, but I don't know enough. Went through 3 quarts of oil driving back. The underside and back of the car is covered with motor oil. I'll be washing that off soon.
Yesterday went poorly for the drive south. That was upsetting.

On the positive my tongue looks so good. It's a great visual reference for me to see my tongue looking healthy. It gives me a confidence boost. I wish other areas would improve. My eyes turn blue when very well to the gut. My skin takes on an attractive milky appearance. I have confidence those will eventually happen.

I took a wrong turn for a little bit I suspect early on. I'm on the right tract now, with avoiding garlic and onions. I'm well to the stomach most of the time. The geographic tongue sores are gone. My energy levels are good, not great, but good enough to get me through most activities, even stressful events, such as a car leaking oil hours from home! I can't help but feel that it will not be long till I'm well enough. It should be this month is my guess.

My only complaint I can think of this morning is I'm still eating lots of cheese! Still not much of a cheese fan. I am part French by heritage though. I tell myself I should embrace my inner French, eat the cheese and enjoy. Hmmmm.... I do enjoy wearing French brand clothing come to think of it without a fuss.
I'm not even sure if cheese helps much. Somehow it got into the healthy mix, and has become a regular in the diet.

Ate some cookies with eggs that last couple of days. As a result no stomach issues noticed. Last week I had some cookies and had some mild stomach issues. Good that so far no issues to report with the latest cookies trial. Wheat can be rough on the digestive system, so I wasn't all that surprised that I had some issues the first time I had a few cookies. Hopefully having cookies now and not noticing is a positive sign with a gut healing further.

Tiring day with all the exercising done. The weather was lovely so it was good to get outside, but I'm tired. I'll sleep well tonight.
A small trend has started. I've been waking up between 1 and 3 in the morning, feeling wide awake and rested. I'll stay in bed till it is time to get up.

It might not mean anything. Then again it might mean something. Since I've been writing about healing possibly the less sleep is a result of being healthier and needing less sleep. One can hope! I'll keep notes on it.

This morning I'm planning to drive over the Ill. dealership to begin the oil leak car repair work. With any luck it will be easy work to repair, tighten a few bolts and see if the leak stops. If that happens I'll be back on the road soon!
Ran the car over to the dealership bright and early this morning. It was a 2 hour drive over and 2 hours back approx. I'm now tired or fatigued with all that has been done the last few days! It's quite exciting though that I'm able to do all that I've done of late. I'm hurting a bit! but upbeat about how things are going. I can't wait till the good energy levels arrive and remain consistently.

had an incident at the dealership where I didn't want to talk. I had hit bottom at that point, running in lower energy. The nice part is I was able to push though. That had me feeling good. Not my best talk but got across the work that needed to be done on the vehicle. Now hopefully the dealership will take some time in fixing the car! :lol: I can use a car driving rest. I'll also be passing on offers of 2 hours walks in the near future!
Its turned out to be a good old fashion tiring day. Think I've out done myself of late with all that has been done. Good to push myself. It will equally be good to rest and recoup for a day or two. I'm planning for the car fix to be easy and undoubtably I'll be back on the road right afterwards.

Couple items on the mind, the first being I likely have an early warning to indicate if I'm developing future stomach issues with the tongue. So long as it remains looking good I'm theorizing that will mean ever improving health.

The other item has to do with eating out and eating with people. I've always taken the approach that it is up to me to eat "safe" foods. Avoiding garlic and onions, both popular items will be a challenge but not impossible to avoid for me. Even pizza parlors will work with individuals on common items to avoid. I've ordered pizzas without cheese in the past. Imagine ordering pizzas without sauce for me is possible. Most restaurants are understanding.

I have run into individuals though that are not as understanding and can become upset if I don't eat food prepared for a group. No way to get around it, it's always an awkward situation for me. Typically how I've worked that out is to have a snack or meal with me just in case I become hungry. This morning to the auto dealership is an example, slightly different than being with people, but with some similarities. Just in case I was stranded on the road with a broken down vehicle leaking oil, I brought my car refrigerator with some snacks and water.

I've known a person that had a garlic and onion allergy. He was a plant manager at a plastic cap manufacturing plant. I wish he still lived in town. He moved to Chicago a number of years ago. I could learn from him I imagine on how to be with others without garlic and onions.

I guess I should add, garlic and onion still remains a theory as to the cause of my stomach issues. Well, nearly everything points to that as being the answer, but I'm not entirely healthy.
As mentioned yesterday was a very tiring sore days. All the activities and stress of the previous 3 days had caught up with me and wore me down. I noticed last night though my energy levels were rebounding. This morning I feel great. I'm going to note this as a good event! Typically I don't turn around and feel as well as quickly after the work over I've experienced of late.

I thought this funny. My cats can experience severe stomach problems. The female cat can also develop large sores on her body. I figured out early on that the stomach issues and sores were caused by the diet being fed. I never did find out what caused the distress to the cats but had some clues. When the cats health problems began my mom began feeding the cats regular tuna. The tuna went over well with the cats. Their health issues went away once tuna became a regular in their diet, along with a dry cat food I discovered.

Well, on the possibilites of what can make the cats ill, the clues are in the tuna. Not all tuna sold is the same. Most tuna sold comes with soy added along with spices such as garlic. The tuna we feed the cats is 100% tuna with nothing added. The more common tuna, the one with the added soy protein and spices such as garlic makes my cats sick! I might have cats with the same food allergy as me, garlic.

Health round up, I'm down a few pounds at 175lbs. My body fat has dropped a bit to 11.2%. The tongue is looking great. The stomach is doing wonderful. My diet has been changed a bit with the addition of candy and cookies, eaten regularly. I mentioned that earlier. I think that is about it for the morning.

Oh, heard from the auto dealer last night. They had not worked on the car I could tell from the conversation. The guy was just trying to put spin on our talk. Disappointing! Hope they work on it today.

I was concerned in that the dealership had not worked on the car I was already being informed that the work was likely not covered under warranty. Grrr.... I don't know which group I have a poorer opinion of, our health care system or auto guys. My dad as a hobby works on fixing older cars. WIth his work I've come to learn how so many auto mechanics can be dishonest, even sabotaging cars in order to generate future work. "Your car is getting older, these things happen..." (Not knocking you Chris! I don't know you, just my fathers experience I'm rabbling about.) If the auto dealer comes back today saying to me the work isn't warranty covered and your flux capacitor and Johnson rod need replacing I'm driving my leaking car back and looking to tighten down those loose bolts, where oil was leaking out, found the other day at our hobby garage. The only reason we didn't tighten was due to the car still being under warranty! and not being entirely sure that was my cars problem.
It was a really good morning for me. I felt quite well, having lots of energy. Later I went for a longish bike ride and wore myself down a little bit. Overall it was a good day. The stomach continues to do very well.

It will be interesting to see how well I do with my energy level as cooler rainy weather is moving into the area starting today. Most of my colder weather clothing were shipped to Florida late last week with FedEx. Imagine I'll be a on the colder side and less energetic but should do well. Fingers crossed my car will be fixed soon so I can head out of town to warmer Florida.


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Sadly, I have to agree that even a mechanic you trust can screw you over. My father had been bringing his truck to a family friend for service while I was living in Calgary, prior to this the truck had been serviced only by me. While in the hands of the trusted mechanic, someone over torqued the starter bolts and broke the ear off the engine block. Not a word was said and they even went so far as to try to weld the cast iron block back together. Welding cast Iron is not advisable as it just doesn't work well. So year after year dad kept complaining of a terrible noise coming from the starter, off he would go to the same shop and have the starter changed... this went on until I had to move back home for medical reasons and then resumed maintenance on the truck. I believe this was at least 3 starters and a ring gear replacement later(ring gears are very expensive because you have to either pull the engine or drop the tranny). Well after using the truck a few times I noticed something definitely was wrong. I got underneath and took a really good close look with the flashlight and I found that only one bolt was holding the starter in place while the other bolt was barely holding on at all(seemed to be stripped). Every time you turned the engine over the starter would pull half way off of the ring gear and make a terrible screeching noise. So yeah, they messed it up and then lied repeatedly... even going so far as smearing grease over the poorly welded broken spot and covering it up with dirt. Due to the fact that we don't have a hoist or enough shop space for an engine swap, we had to have a new engine installed at the dealership for a price tag of $11,500. We were pretty upset to say the least. Don't feel bad about not trusting mechanics, I don't blame you a bit.
Some mechanics can be something else. Your story sounds familiar to others I've heard over the years. Some of the "work" done has dumbfounded me. Where I'm at today, and dad's hobby garage, the shady mechanics tend to go after the University students. It's a way to make a living I guess, but it isn't something I'd feel comfortable doing.

Heard from the dealership. Sounds like my problem was a simple oil filter seal being installed wrong. They are going to drive the car tonight to make sure that is what caused the problem. I imagine I'll have the car back tomorrow. Working out the billing on this will be interesting. Before leaving Florida I had the oil changed at the local dealership there. Here in Illinois, where I bought the car, I'm hoping they will work with the Florida dealer and arrange payment.

And since this is mainly a health notebook, I'm tired for a new reason tonight. I ate to much candy today. I feel like the eskimos with their 100 words for snow. I have similar with describing causes of fatigue and tiredness!

I'm hoping in a few weeks I'll look back in wonder at how could I have felt that fatigued and tired! You live for the moment thankfully.
Good news. I'm feeling much more awake and energized this morning. It should go without saying, but to record in my notes, eating half a bag of candy corn, while delicious, is a good way to tire yourself out. Sugar rush apparently was to much for me to handle.

I was thinking last night that I can't recall the last time I was majorly ill to the stomach. The last time I was slightly sick or maybe better said in discomfort, was a week ago. This is of course very good news. The digestive tract is healing, it can also handle a mild beating. Victory can be declared.

The main issue of course is a lack of energy. This issue is now resolving from time to time. Sometimes I experience good energy during the day and sometimes i'm back to the old feel of being fatigued and worn down.

What makes the lack of energy a big deal for me is how it creates an isolation. For me, my GI condition has caused me to not be able to interact with people as I would hope. Simply I'm to tired to often to get out and have a good time.

It goes without saying that one of my bigger fears, more real to happen than being at a concert with a psycho machine gunning killer, is being with people and being overly tired and fatigued. During those situations I struggle to hold a good conversation. I'm keenly aware of the issue to. It's embarrassing.

Then of course when I'm energized holding a conversation is easy and fun. I guess one way to look at it is I am shy when I have little energy. When full of energy I'm outgoing.

I've not been well enough and energized enough in the past to know if I can be "the life of the party." My father can be that way if he wants. He's a retired salesman, no shyness there with him.

So onwards and upwards. I suspect in the days ahead with the stomach doing well, my energy levels will continue to improve. It happens quickly from what I recall also. First I have good and bad days. Then I consistently have high energy nights. Then the energy levels level off with the whole day being decent. Not everyday will be good, but most will be. I'll be more reliable.
Just received a call with billing information for the oil seal repair. My opinion of auto mechanics has not improved! Friggin auto dudes.
I wasn't thrilled about the charges. I am happy though about the drive over and drive back to get the car. It was easy to do. Little thought put into the long drive. I can get used to that!

Stomach doing great. Energy levels half way decent. The weather is turning cool. I'm pleased.

Well, lets see, I have one day to prepare for the drive back to Florida. First stop is to see my sister plus family. Then the long drive to Florida from there. Should be good, if no more leaks happen, which I suspect will not happen again.
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It's hardly worth mentioning, but there is something else health wise that has resolved. I have had dizziness problems for awhile due to the stomach. I saw my doctor about it in the past but he didn't have solutions. It was something I learned to live with. It wasn't serious and knew it would go away once the gut became better.

That has been the case, the dizziness has gone away with the stomach being better. I never had balance issues with my condition. Never came close to taking a spill. It did make me understand some of what my grandmother went through with her balance problems.
Good news! Of late I've been noticing how nice my finger nails appear. In the past I've had several different problems with my nails, everything from bleeding from the beginning of the nails (garlic will cause that), to deep groves being seen in a few nails. Now the finger nails appear perfect.

I've often thought that my hair and finger nails were connected. It's said that finger nails are made the same stuff as hair. I've noticed when sick, my nails are troubled looking and my hair begins to thin out. I've always hoped that when healthier and well the hair would grow back. I'm probably wishing to hard. That is not likely to happen. I have told myself in the past though that if I should ever get myself well I'd look to reward myself by looking into some kind of cosmetic hair replacement treatment. The new treatments look wonderful compared to the older original treatments. Don't know how serious I am about that, but it's something that has crosses my mind every once in awhile. Will be interesting if the hair does grow back though. In my mind that would put a new twist on men's hair loss causes.

Stomach doing great this morning.

Energy levels so so. I've noticed that energy levels are in part determined by how warm or cold I feel. When feeling cold I have poor energy. Generally I feel cool more often than I feel warm. This is another one of those issues that eventually goes away once well for a long period of time.

Something I'm looking forward to is when I can lift weights and not feel tired as a result. Instead I'll feel energized. I'm not for sure why that happens, but I suspect the big boost in the energy comes from the light weight lifting warming me up. Light weight lifting will warm me up for 2 to 3 days.

I'm looking forward to returning home to Florida for many reasons but one for using my weights again. It's a good measuring stick - energy levels after lifting. I'm thinking that will be a last test to pass then I can move forward with confidence. I'll still have the work ahead to add new foods but that can be done over a longerish period of time I would imagine.
THanks guys!

Returned home to Florida an hour or so ago. Long ride on the road from Illinois. I did very well on the trip. It wasn't as enjoyable this time around. The first time I drove to escape the hurricane a month ago seemed less punishing. This return drive was a slug it out, get it over drive. But with that said, everything went well for me. The cats did well too. No mournful death crires!:ybiggrin: Mom was on the trip and was pointing items out giving us an education. She is a former teacher, the lessons continue.

It's good to be off the road and hopefully I'll rest well tonight.

Looking around the area, the hurricane, while not damaging homes much, did a number of on the trees. All kinds of branches and palms are down everywhere. Some have piled the tree debris into giant piles around the streets.

I was thinking Sunday I plan to begin my weight lifting/energy test. What I've done in the past is simple. I'll do 2 sets of dumbbell lifts. Then I'll do 2 sets of dead lift squats. And a set or two of Romanian deadlifts. With any luck after the workout I'll have more energy that evening. If I'm still not as healthy to the gut as hoped or recovered, I'll be tired and sore after the light workout. And I'll continue trying in the days ahead.
Romanian dead lifts can do a number on the back of my legs. I used to dislike them considerably. Now I think more highly of them. THey do work over a large amount of leg muscles.

It was so nice to sleep last night! I had been able to sleep while at the motel while on the road. The lack of sleep had me so tired last night.

Lost of good amount of weight on the trip. I'm at 165lbs this morning. I'm not sure what to make of the weight loss. THat happens sometimes while driving on long trips. When on the road I eat sparingly. The less pressure on the stomach the better I view. I do eat though. I don't go hungry. With this 10lbs of weight loss, that kind of thing has happened before but it does puzzle me.

A positive spin for it, I've felt that I retain water due to the stomach condition. With eating less, possibly the digestive track heals further, and less water is retained. Hard to say. I feel quite good this morning health wise. Extra retained water could possibly be while I can feel overly cooled down at times.

Further information on the weight lifting, these are typically thought of as weight lifting warm ups. It's what some will do before heavy weight lifting. The warmups get the blood in the muscles circulating. I guess it could be thought of as stretching runners do before running.

For what ever reason, when I'm recovered well the weight lifting warmups make me feel really good for a few days. Conversely when not as recovered the warmups tired me for awhile.

Regardless, I'm well to the stomach. That has always meant I'm only going to become stronger over time.
Good day, seems I'm finally getting my wits about me after the long week. It's been exhausting but a good week for me all around, for my health and energy wise. I tell myself the stomach could always be better but in reality it fabulous. There has been little to complain there.

I'm confident I'll be able to do the light weight lifting workout tomorrow morning. I'm feeling to well to think differently. I don't have that much experience with the lift and feel more energetic afterwards but from what I recall this, how I feel now, is how I want to feel to get the good energetic boost.

I believe it is time for me to move on. I'm excited! I have a good diet to follow that makes me well. The main suspect foods to avoid are garlic and onions. Pumpkins, and melons overall are to be avoided too. I'll likely make mistakes an errors going forward. I was chuckling at myself on a project to do with loading a picture. I'll figure that out! :ytongue: May take a week but it will be done!

I'll have the adventure of adding new foods in the future, but no rush with that. I'll take my time there. At this current time good emergency foods to eat outside of the house are likely pancakes and eggs. I haven't tested that on myself but have been eating cookies with eggs in them regularly. The cookies haven't upset my stomach. That's nearly the same formula as pancakes and eggs. I look forward very much to eating new foods.

I'll likely be updating less going forward. Undoubtably I'll think of items to write about in the future. I'm at the beginning stages of being healthy though. As mentioned early this morning I'm confident I should only grow stronger going forward. (With that said, I am chuckling a bit as I received in the mail today a notice to boil my water! The notice was dated yesterday. I've been drinking tap water all day today. No stomach issues so far!)


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I find over doing the repetitions on the Romanian dead lifts can really hurt the legs. I do 2 sets of five at my body weight. 200 lbs, I started at 100lbs and worked up over several months, form is key. I am bodybuilding for power. Soon I may start jogging again. Yes, Canadians run in the snow. LOL :tongue:
Wow, that is impressive Chris! I couldn't imagine lifting that much, in particular 200lbs for Romanian dead lifts! If I did it, I wouldn't be able to sit for weeks. Dangerous territory for those with stomach issues! :p

Well, I'm going to put off the weight lifting warm ups for a day! I was more tired yesterday than I thought. I ended up falling asleep on the couch around 6:00.

My parents stopped by in the later afternoon to take a bike ride. They wanted to see the hurricane damage done around the island. Basically what we saw were lots of trees blown over, and plant debris piled up along streets. I imagine it will take weeks to clean everything up.

When returning from the bike ride, I saw something I've been looking for. I call it the look. It's a healthy appearance that happens over time while well to the stomach for a longish period of time. My eyes were blue and skin had a nice appearance to it. The appearance is gone this morning. I imagine it will return on the regular basis in a few weeks.

Last night had me thinking that the look is due in part to retaining water. the bike ride was hot and sweaty. The retained water or swelling most likely plays a roll in that. I've always felt it was a nutritional deficiency, which it is in many ways, but likely not the whole story.

Weight this morning remains at 165lbs. I thought I'd regain much of the weight yesterday but so far that hasn't been the case. No complaints.

Today, hopefully will be an easier more relaxing day. The only items to do are run to the mall and pick up a new button down shirt and wash the car. It's filthy!
Health round up and notes this early morning, the cookies I've been eating have once again begun to slightly cause stomach issues. It isn't much of an issue. I wrote about this problem earlier. The good news is that it took longer for the cookies to be a mild problem of note. I believe it took 2 days previously for the cookies to be a problem. It took 4 days this time. I'm guessing that means the stomach is healing further along.

My guess too on why the cookies can be an issue is that wheat can be harder to digest it is often written about. Regardless, the stomach is doing great. I'll take a cookie break for a few days. The mild cramping goes away right away after I stop eating cookies.

Lot of items going well for me, the finger nails look fabulous, the tongue is looking very nice and healed, and the stomach is AoK. The next big item I'm hoping to experience is my energy levels increasing further! That means freedom when it happens.

Today is a big day for several reasons, one reason being that I'll do the weight lifting warm up. Fingers crossed that by tonight my energy levels will be higher as a result. I tell myself it won't be a set back if my energy levels are worse this evening as a result of this mornings workout. it just means I'm not healed up as far along as wished.

Should be another active day, where I'm on my feet most of the day. I've been doing quite well with all this work and driving I've been doing. It is more than I can typically handle. Chores this morning include running to the FedEx warehouse to pick up new bike. That should be an all morning project. Grrrr... I wish FedEx would just try delivering again but they won't. Then get my on hold mail from the postoffice. Lastly more house repair chores. Kind of sad in some respects, when ever my parents return to their home there are several items needing repairs, everything from leaking pipes in the walls, to broken appliances. Something always goes wrong and breaks over there. Shotty workmanship I'm afraid from the original home builder. Many corners were cut it seems. Thankfully my home has not had many problems since the renovation was completed.
Hey good news! I've handled this morning weight lifting exercises well. I don't feel sore. I don't feel any pain. This is very good, obviously!

The pain I likely sometimes feel for a few days after moving items around or weight lifting probably comes from my bones. That is my theory. The theory goes like this. Bones are made up of around 50% collagen/ gelatin, if I remember correctly. it is a high percent. It appears that my allergy, likely garlic and onions, effects my collagen production. I believe I can see this with my finger nails, skin and hair looking poorly when sick to the stomach.

I've often commented on how my finger nails grow better, and skin appear healthier when I've been well for awhile. Same goes for hair. The same effect likely goes for my bones. I place stress onto the bones when I've ill and they are weaker due to less collagen causing me pain. When healthy, more collagen is produced and my bones are stronger and can handle the stress.

That's my theory anyway. I haven't read this idea directly else where, other than I have read about the importance of collagen for strong bone health.

Energy levels are so so today. They are better than what I would have suspected though. I've been busy, and in the hot weather this morning. I was a sweaty mess for awhile. That can certainly wear on anyone.

I'll have to continue doing my light weight lifting twice a week. I imagine I'll continue to do well with it in the future. it should be a good test to make sure I'm on the right path with my diet and health.
It is nice! This morning I have no muscle/bone pain from yesterdays workout! I believe that as mentioned to be a very positive sign. With a little luck I'll continue to improve health/stomach wise. My energy levels are OK, but not great. I suspect that could be due in part to being overly active the last few days.
I've noticed of late that it is becoming more difficult to make or maybe better phased experience an upset stomach. I can easily become ill. Eating to much fiber can be a problem for example. Over use of stomach muscles can be a problem too. Overall though it appears the stomach is healing.

I have noticed off and on slight tongue issues. I would wish this area was resolved. I'm guessing it will be a problem for awhile as the digestive tract heals up.

It remains no issues with muscles/bones after the workout. I'm pleased about that.
I'm going to do a experiment for the next few days. Previously I've mentioned that cookies with eggs in them can cause me some stomach discomfort. I've blamed the discomfort on the wheat. Wheat is reported to be difficult to digest.

The cookies have eggs in them though, and these eggs would be typical eggs. Possibly it is the eggs that is causing my problem, or what is fed to the chickens such as soy, or something else.

The experiment I'm doing for the next few days is to eat bread without eggs in them. I'll see how I feel in the coming days. I'll also watch the tongue and see if the tongue markings go away.

The two main path way ideas I've been doing that have made me well somewhat have been avoiding garlic/onions and eating wild caught fish and grass fed beef and cheese. This experiment will be one that could determine which path I should concentrate the most on.
So far doing well with eating bread without egg in it. I've had 4 pieces of bread since this morning. No stomach complaints noticed. Fingers crossed I continue to do well. Tongue is also looking good and healthy. The few sores that were there is looking healed. Energy levels are good today also.
Wow, I feel really really good this morning. I have good energy. I'm looking healthier. My tongue looks much improved. All things are pointing positive since avoiding cookies with eggs in them. I've eaten lots of bread without issues up to this point. With 6 pieces of bread eaten I'd expect some negative feed back at this point. Time will tell though.

I'll pay more attention to the idea of eating wild caught foods, such as fish and grass fed beef. I haven't always been strict with this idea, with the main example being that I've been eating cookies with commercial eggs in them. The candy I've been eating has gelatin in the formula. Also I ate out at a restaurant where I had a plain hamburger. I didn't mention it before but I did notices after eating the restaurant beef I had a slight rash. It bothered me at the time but hoped it was nothing. Maybe I was wrong and it was something.

In summary, I'll continue to avoid garlic and onions as before. The main emphasis will be on eating wild caught fish and grass fed beef. I'll also avoid soy as soy is fed to commercially raised animals. Soy flour can sometimes be added to breads.

Weight this morning was 166lbs. I'm heading out on a morning bike ride of around 20 miles! Should be easy to do on the new bike.
I'm going to try another experiment and see what happens. I've got the digestive tract working well. My main problem is a lack of energy and looking unhealthy. I've noticed that when I eat tuna in olive oil I tend to have good energy afterwards and appear healthier. When I eat grass fed beef I tend to feel sluggish and look worn down afterwards.

it might be nothing. Then again it is worth checking out. I'm going to avoid beef and cheese for a few days and see what happens. I'll start that tomorrow.
So today I avoided cheese all day. I did eat some grass fed beef earlier but have avoided it for a good portion of the day. The results are mixed! I have very good energy today! My appearance is healthier. I also have an upset stomach for the first time in a long while. I can't win!

Possibly this answers the question about cheese. Does cheese help my digestive tract? yes, I suspect so. Cheese though does not appear, at least for today, to help with my energy levels.

Going forward I'm going to choose better energy levels over stomach health. A problem I run into with energy levels is I forget how poor my energy levels can be. After a week at being at a certain envery level it becomes the norm. I think to help with this is the weight lifting test. If I can continue to lift weights and not feel tired afterwards I'll have a good reminder I'm on a good path.

In the past I've avoided milk and beef many times. It is and has been for a long time a top concerning foods of mine. I know if my stomach is going to become well avoiding beef and milk will be a very long time experiment. I'm likely up for it as I don't like cheese at all or other dairy products for that matter. They taste awful to me. Beef is meh but at least tolerable & easy to avoid.

So in summary, it is possible to have a good gut but poor health. It is also possible to have a poor gut but good energy. At least this is the case for this afternoon. I'll have to keep on top of this one, with reports about improve energy.

Oh, I'm quickly changing away for at least awhile from the wild caught theory. I'll continue to eat fish. I'm also adding pork and eggs. I'll eat the pork sparingly. For what ever reason eating pork constantly causing issues also, such as swollen bleeding gums. A little pork in the diet does not cause this issue.
I forgot to mention this early. It's rather surprising when it happens. Hopefully it will continue.

My eye sight can become blurry at times. Then the blurry problem can go away, entirely without reason. Well, after avoiding cheese today and less beef today, the blurry eyes I've been experiencing of late for a long time has gone away. I'll keep track of that and see if the eyes continue to be less blurry in the days ahead.
This morning my eye sight is very good. I can focus onto small print without issue.

My energy levels are good. I feel good overall!

Yesterday I weighed 166lbs in the morning. With me being sick in the afternoon one would expect that I lost weight. No! of course not! I gained 6lbs. I'm at 172lbs this morning. It's part of the crazy wacky world of having an IBD disease. I suspect I'll weigh 180lbs by this weekend and be at 10% body fat.

The main avoidance has quickly shifted over to beef and milk. Other items such as garlic and onions remain on the off list too. I can become used to having energy and seeing well without complaint. I wish the stomach was better though. I bought the new bike with hopes of being able to ride anywhere anytime i wanted. That might not be the case till the stomach calms down.
Forgot to mention, after avoiding cheese and beef most of the day, the tongue sores are gone this morning. No trace to be seen of lines on the tongue. That was quick. Hope they remain gone in the days ahead.
Continue to do well with the avoiding beef and all dairy products. The tongue is looking fantastic. My energy levels are quite good. Last night in particular my energy levels were very high. The stomach is so so. Wish it was better but figure it was the cheese that was helping me there. Eye sight is not blurry. I'm feeling well. I worked out yesteday, lifted weights, and this morning I'm not feeling tired or sore. I also swam for 30 minutes nearly non stop.

Overall, all good signs. I can't think of a negative to mention.
A couple items I've noticed in the past when avoiding beef and dairy products, that I'm noticing now. In the past I've been told that I look taller, when I avoid milk and dairy. It's true! I am taller, somewhat. For what ever reason i stand more upright when on this diet. DOn't know why that is. it comes naturally.

THe other item is I'm less of a procrastinator. I want to get projects done. I've been somewhat busy today doing this and that. I suspect i'll be more involved doing projects in the future while on this diet.

The item i'm hoping for now is that my hair grows in thicker! I've noticed the last few months that there has been more hair in the shower drain than desired! I'll pay attention to that in the coming month to see if less to no hair shows up over the shower drain. Hope that is the case. I do remember far in the past that once I opened up my diet and began eating burgers and dairy products that my hair began to fall out.

I should add that when I first became ill, the first thing I did was to stop eating and drinking milk products. That was easy to do as dairy projects make me feel miserable. I didnt stop eating beef but did cut back on it. I ate avoiding the two for many years - well I strictly avoided dairy. Never gave avoiding beef much thought, other than I don't care for the taste of beef. Beef would have been something I ate once or twice a week.
My weight has stayed the same the last few days. I'm at 172lbs and 11% body fat. The stomach has been decent the last couple of days since avoiding beef and milk products.

I notice this morning that my gums are slightly swollen. I knew this was coming. When ever eating pork the gums swell. I have a dental appointment in a couple weeks for cleaning. Monday I'll call to postpone that! My dentist is a humorous fellow that is a typical doctor, doesn't listen to patients and their experience. SO with that, instead of facing a lecture from the dentist about the need to brush better, (advice which has never helped me) I'll see about pushing the appointment out till around Christmas.

I am eating pork despite knowing it can cause issues. The problem is if I began eating chicken and turkey is that both meats will cause stomach issues. What always happens when I eat these two meats, after avoiding beef and milk products, is I become severely ill to the stomach but am not in pain. I'll loose lots of weight, 20 to 30lbs is not out of the question, but have good energy. I don't know what is going on with that, but I'll take the slight swelling that comes from eating a little pork each day over the big weight loss from constantly using the bathroom when eating chicken and turkey. I am eating eggs which for what ever reason, when combined with pork doesn't lead to the constant bathroom problem.

The heat is not troubling me of late. Before, when eating beef and milk products the Florida heat was causing me issues. Now I've noticed 90F high humidity, while sweaty, isn't much of an issue for me.
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It has been a good day! Energy levels have been good. Vision is good. The blurriness experienced when eating beef and cheese is now gone. Muscle are a little sore this afternoon but that is easy to explain. I did 45 minutes of swimming. The stomach is holding in there well. Overall I'm pleased with the diet and hope and pray for the stomach to continue to improve.

Appearance is so so. I appear healthier I've noticed but much is desired there.
170lbs and 11% body fat.

Thanks Chris and Ron! Thanks for the good wishes.

Looking at old note records earlier I see I've avoided in the past milk and beef for over 4 months at one time. My notes are hazy and no good reason given for why I stopped the avoidance diet. Hopefully by keeping notes here I'll see what is going right and what goes wrong with the diet.

Yesterday I noticed that my hair rebounded. It basically became thicker and healthier looking. I mentioned earlier about being annoyed with my dentist when I avoid beef and milk. My haircut is similar. For what ever reason when I avoid milk and beef my hair grows better, but the scalp becomes drier. As a result of the drier scalp my haircutter begins recommending all kinds of shampoos.

The shampoos don't work. The scalp remains dry. I figure the dry scalp eventually goes away as I heal, but don't know for sure. Think I'll try going to a new hair cut for the next few months, avoid the shampoo sales pitches.

Finger nails look great. Tongue is healed. Blurry vision is gone.
Today was a slightly tiring day. This morning I was mildly suffering from an upset stomach. My muscles were tender from the previous days long swim. So overall it isn't unexpected that I would be tired this afternoon!

Feel good though. I'm upbeat, did a good amount today and expect that tomorrow will be a better day.
Appearing healthy this morning. The tongue looks good and healed. Vision is good. Nails look great other than a dark mark on one nail from when I accidentally hit it hard while doing some garage work. The stomach is so so. WIsh the stomach was better but it isn't bad. Figure it would be worse if I was eating chicken and eggs. Energy levels not all that great this morning, but it is morning! I'm not as much of a morning person as I am an evening person.

I'll continue with avoiding beef and milk products.
Today has been a tiring day but not a fatiguing day. I've been tired, but the muscles do not hurt basically. Had a good weight lifting session this morning. Also had a chance to ride my bike for an hour.

I'm beginning to appear different since avoiding milk and beef. That happens when avoiding those two. It's a healthier appearance that I'm pleased with.
Of the few anti milk books written, they all mention and rightfully so, you will appear different after avoiding milk and milk products after a period of time. For me the difference also involves avoiding beef. I've seen the changes also in people that participate on those survival shows, being in the wild hunting your own food. There is also an exercise/ diet group that advises avoid dairy products. Many of them in the group look different, healthier to me.

I'm chuckling about mentioning this, but it is a true story, as true as I believe it is. I worked with a troubled young guy years ago. He wasn't in trouble with the law to much, but was a well known neighborhood thief and trouble maker. I happened to mention to him that I don't eat dairy/ milk products and suggested for his acne problem he try the same. TO my surprise is began avoiding dairy products. His acne went away. What was surprising to me was how his personality changed. He became cheerful! He was more pleasant to be around. I don't know if he still stole item and was cheerful about it! but it was one of those things that made me wonder. He eventually started eating dairy products again. Said he could live with the acne.

171lbs this morning. I slept poorly! I'm blaming Romania. Did some Romanian dead lifts with 30lb dumbbells. Back of my legs and rear were aching all night. With that said, I must have slept some. I'm not all that tired this morning.
The day started out slow but has been going well since this afternoons swim. I'll be sore tomorrow though! I did more laps than I was planning to do.

Talking about survival shows this morning, I've often thought of a mention made about survival shows. One the mentions is described a condition called "rabbit starvation". The theory with rabbit starvation is that when in the wild hunting food rabbits tend to be a common animal to catch and eat. The problem comes up that eating to much rabbit causes stomach problems, diarrhea and weight loss - a way of starving.

The stomach problems is believed to be brought about by the lack of fat found on a rabbit. The muscle meat is nearly all lean protein.

I bring this up as I've often noticed that eating turkey or chicken continuously causes me stomach issues and diarrhea. I can have good energy levels though. I've thought possibly with turkey and chicken being lean meats with little fat and possibly those two meats can cause a type of "rabbit starvation" Hard to say of course, but something that has crossed my mind.


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I have also heard that eating rabbit only for a long period of time can cause vitamin deficiency and even death. I leave the little guys alone personally, but you might be right about the other really lean meats. Something to think about.
It was a Canadian survival show where it was mentioned that to over come rabbit starvation you needed to eat the fatty organs of the rabbit also. Typically the organs are tossed away, avoided. I remember in particular the eyes being eaten. The theory was that the fat from the organs and eyes help prevent rabbit starvation.

For my diet I added eggs to it with the idea that the fat from the eggs would be helpful. FOr what ever reason lean turkey and chicken eaten frequently are a stomach problem for me. At least I believe that to be true. I haven't tested the idea of eating those two foods in awhile.

All things considered my stomach is doing well on this diet. I'm far from healthy, but I expected to be in worse shape than I am. The pork I'm eating has not been a big problem. The gums have swollen some but not to any large extent. My scalp has dried some but nothing to worry me over. My hair is looking good. Tongue appears great. No tongue lines to be seen at all. Blurry vision is gone. Energy levels so so. Wish they were better. Eye color greenish brown. I'm looking for my eyes to turn blue which happens from time to time. I'm wanting to see consistency.

Bought a new scale. It has slightly different readings at 174lbs, and 14% body fat.
Today was a really tiring day. I have been exhausted all day long.

The cause is undoubtably due to the hard workout I had yesterday. I knew I was going to be tired from the workout but hoped I wouldn't be as worn down as I have been.

I'll likely sleep well tonight though and tomorrow will be a better day.

I have read about half of a new book about the health problems milk can cause some people. It's been like any health book I read, with some good writing and other parts suspicious. The book can be seen here:

Don't Drink Your Milk 3rd Edition


CAUTION: Milk Can Be Harmful to Your Health! The frightening new medical facts about the world's most over-rated nutrient. If you drink milk, you MUST read this. Frank Oski, MD, is the Director, Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief, the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Now includes an appendix of recent studies related to milk.


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It seems like everything they used to tell us was good to eat just plain old isn't anymore... I'm suspicious as well. I hope you see those blue eyes looking back at you in the mirror soon.
The Don't Drink Milk book was suspicious because much of the information presented was someones observation. What was written tended to not be study information.

Most nutritional information, even common beliefs, are observations that have been made and took hold in the publics mind. So the observations are interesting. If one is looking to make a case for avoiding milk the book provides interesting information. It would be easy though to tear into the books observations and say not enough information provided.

As an example, a doctor from the 1960s describes how he asked his patients to stop eating all dairy/ milk products. What he observed is that most patients asthma went away. Bacteria infections became less. The most eye catching mention is how dramatically his hospital admittance for patients dropped. He said he used to admit up to a 100 plus incidences to the hospital. Now with his patients not drinking or eating milk products his admittance to requirements had dropped to a dozen a year.

Sounds impressive. It might be. His patients might need less hospital intensive care. Then again too it might not mean much. Possibly his patients didn't want to avoid milk products and so instead many patients left him for other doctors. Hard to say what happened, but an interesting mention.

Another interesting mention was the old debate between breast feeding infants verses formula fed infants. The book was bringing up the higher death rates of formula fed infants in poorer, 3rd world countries, verses breast fed infants.

Anyway, finished the book last night. I'll continue to avoid beef and dairy products. Hope my blue eyes consistently make an appearance. Blue eyes to me means energy and feeling good. I have many items I can observe, finger nails, tongue appearance, skin, but the eyes tend to tell me the best how my health is I believe. It's sort of as if my bodies switch has been turned on, everything is powered back up in running condition.
today has been another tiring day. It hasn't been as tiring as yesterday though. It has been good to take an easy and imagine I'll be more active tomorrow.

Outside of that, everything else is decent. We have a cold front moving through the area in a couple days. Temps should drop down into the 50s with highs in the 70s! THat will be good and chilly for me and an interesting test to see how I feel. The cold traditionally bothers me greatly. I suspect with how well I'm typically feeling the cold will not be as big of an issue. Hoping that is the case.
Here is an odd but consistent tid bit. Yesterday I was ill to my stomach and had poor energy. This morning I was mildly ill to the stomach. This afternoon everything is calmer for the stomach.

The odd but consistent mention is that I know when I'm becoming well due to my left leg. After being ill to the stomach for a short while, when becoming well the left leg will ache for a day or more. The leg pain will likely be gone by Sunday.
I think my experiment with eating bread has run its course. I can eat some bread. I can eat a large quantity without to much issue I've found. Eating to much over time though is a problem for my stomach.

I'm currently experiencing the same problem I had when eating cookies with eggs, mild stomach discomfort. So I'll pass on the toast in the future. I'll have wheat from time to time but it will not be a main food item to eat for me. I simply believe wheat is hard to digest for my sensitive stomach.

This made me chuckle. I was looking through NetFlix and ran across a movie called Brightstar, with a picture of the actress that appeared to me that she didn't eat or drink milk products. I watched the movie based upon that! It's good enough reason for me as I have a hard time finding good movies to watch on NetFlix.

Well, after the movie was over I brought up an information page on the actors and actresses in the film. To my surprise I was right about the actress! It said she is currently working on writing a book about eating dairy and gluten free, and adding sea food to ones diet. It's to be published next year. People that avoid dairy products really do have a different appearance from those that eat dairy products. I doubt I would be right all the time when looking at people about their dietary habits with dairy products, but in this one circumstance, joking around with the idea, I happened to be right.
It's been a good day. Energy levels have been decent. Stomach has been good. That's one thing about being on the current diet, typically energy levels feel different. The fatigue isn't as bad, even though at times I can be overly tired.
This evening I have an amazingly large amount of energy. This is what I've been wanting for awhile. This is what I've hoped the milk and beef free diet I'm following will do for me.

Hopefully this will become a consistent experience.
174lbs 13% body fat this morning.

Doing well, great energy levels last night. I imagine if I don't over exert myself the energy levels will stay with me.

Stomach is grumpy, in a good amount of pain. Nothing new there. It's manageable.
I believe it will be another good energetic day. It's early but I feel good so far. The next couple of weeks will be important. If most days are good and energetic I'm on my way as they saying goes.

Appearance isn't so good. I don't look healthy.

I've noticed when I do exercises, the muscles stressed stay larger in appearance longer. Don't know why.

Stomach is good this morning. As to be expected, I have more extremes with the stomach since avoiding cheese. Cheese with its high calcium content can act like a binder. Without cheese in the diet, I can be well to the stomach but also quickly can have painful cramps and be ill. That will take time to improve.
It has been a very nice energetic day today. I've done several activities also, from weight lifting in the morning, bike ride, and swam. I'm still doing well after all that!

I realize not all days will be great in the weeks ahead. There will be set backs for one reason or another. Overall I'm happy to finally experience some good non fatiguing days and expect I'll continue on an upward path with this.
Feel good & energized this morning. Slept poorly though due to a loud rain storm last night. It's good of course to wake up feeling decent instead of the typical warmed over death feeling.
Lots of energy once again today. I've been quite talkative for me, and enjoying different activities, other than being caught in the rain for awhile. Didn't care for that one bit.
I've been quite upbeat and chipper today, with lots and lots of energy. Appearance is not all that great. The main points though remain appearing healthy, with the tongue, finger nails, skin, hair. It's all relative though. I recall from experience that I'll appear healthier and healthier the longer I remain up and running, turned on and energized.

I'm going to add some more fiber to my diet. There is chance that the fiber will tire me out some. If that happens I'll cut back on the fiber intake.