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Taper down question

I have been on 60mg prednisone daily for 2 weeks (30 mg morning and 30 mg evening), and started the taopering down period today.

So from today I am supposed to cut the dose in half to 30mg by skipping the evening dose, that is I only take my morning dose, and skip the one in the evening.

And then after a week I start to skip one 5 mg pill for each week until I am off...

Is it normal to start the tapering off period by cutting half the dose like that?
It may be to save you from getting another prescription. personally I have not been on that I dose. good luck


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Hi there, and welcome
Yes. I am currently tapering down by half a tablet each month, smaller dozes than you. This is to prevent adverse side effects I had previously Viz dizziness and feeing faint. I wish you well , and hope all goes well for you tapering,