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Ulcerative Proctitis Support Group

No worries Grant. :hug: It's kinda hard to talk when you feel so crappy. Sorry things have been so hard on you. But, hopefully things are turning around for you even if they do it slowly. Don't blame you one bit on seeking out anything that might give you relief. Just hope it works.

I'm alright. Just exhausted all the time from the stress at work and home. Thankfully though my stomach has been cooperating for the most part. So, shouldn't complain much...
All's OK here thanks.As usual never two days the same and can't make plans until the actual day itself.Happy to be retired, so nothing urgent except the bathroom in the mornings.hahaha.I make sure all appointments are in the afternoon.
I tried cannabis oil a few weeks ago.It's been passed by our gov.as a medicine.No highs,alas.It was ok. but very expensive.£39-95p for 10ml.I did feel more energised and my stomach seemed more settled,but it would cost a fortune to keep it up.I think we're all guilty of clutching at straws to find a miracle cure....maybe one day.
Sounds good scottsma!!! I know I dream of that day of being retired! Especially after all the stress I've been going through at work. Yup, know about trying to find a cure. Hopefully we will someday...
Please don't wish your life away....although it's very nice being retired with a guaranteed.
income,you begin to realise that you're never going to get those earlier years back,to do all the things you wanted to do and didn't.I understand the stresses of life but it passes so quickly.Keep well and enjoy life as much as it allows.
I've been upgraded from ulcerative proctitis to Crohn's colitis (Yippee!). As a consequence , I've been switched from Canasa to balsalazide, which is working well for me, controlling my symptoms better than the Canasa did.

I have 2 boxes of unopened and unexpired Canasa that I have no need for. If there is someone out there, preferably someone for whom the cost is burdensome, please let me know so I can arrange to get them to you.
Welcome howbern! I'm glad to hear that you've finally found something that works for you!!! But, I'm afraid that we're not allowed to share medications on here. If you're worried about unused prescriptions, I think I'd talk with my pharmacy or doctor's office if that were me...