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Hola everyone,

I have this awful stuff:(
It flares up and then randomly goes away and then I am constipated from the meds. It is a hell ride to be sure. I have always had a fussy GI tract but last year I started with the yellow acid diarrhea. They assumed it was my gall bladder so they took it out. It wasn't my gall bladder. My symptoms were the same just more frequent. I started to lose weight on top of it. I just recently started the cholestramyine after seeing a new GI doctor. It does help but the intermittent nature of this makes me constipated. I always feel like I have some GI infection of some sort. My stomach seems to be spared for the most part except for the gastritis I got from the PPI the doctor put me on after assuming I just had heart burn. That is better now luckily. A good friend of mine has Crohns and my cousin had it. My friend says I am seem like her before she was diagnosed with Crohns.

I am also likely to start treatment for SIBO soon as well.
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Hi everyone. I've been on Questran for nearly 9 yrs now, but just lately the bloating has been terrible. I've seen on the net to take it with food. So I've been taking with lunch & dinner, its a slight improvement. But evenings are pretty bad still, even if I could go out I wouldn't because of the bloating. My question is to others using it for diarrohea is when do you take it? Do you use the full sachet or maybe just half of it. I would really love to know the secret to using Questran without getting the terrible bloating & gas.
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Anyone?? Could really do with some advice/hear what others do?
Help please
I know the above post is old, but....

I have been taking Cholestyramine Powder for 20 years. Here is my routine.
Take my morning medications, wait 3 hours, take 1 packet Cholestyramine, wait 3 hours, take afternoon medications, wait 3 hours, take my second Cholestyramine packet, wait 3 hours, take bedtime medications. This is every single day.

It's best to read the Cholestyramine box for the instructions and also bring the subject up when visiting the doctor who prescribed it for you.

I didn't take my Cholestyramine at all on Thanksgiving Day last year and I ended up having gushing watery diarrhea, vomiting and dry heaves. I had to go to the Emergency Room. I can't even skip one dose.

For bloating, I take Extra Strength Gaviscon. I chew 2 tablets and drink some water. This either makes me belch / burp or pass air / gas. Either way, it relieves the pressure / bloating.
It works well for me to avoid acid from coming up my throat due to my acid reflux. I also take a prescription medication for reflux.

Take Care and Be Well 🌺