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My journey to getting well

It was a tiring day but as the day went on I felt better.

I was thinking about my diet. I'm avoiding the two items that I know cause me to bleed. Pork will cause my gums to become tender and bleed after two weeks of eating. This only happens though when only pork is eaten as a meat source. If other meats are eaten during that two weeks it appears I do not develop a gum issue.

Garlic will cause the skin around my finger nails to pull back and bleed. This happens with in a week or less of eating garlic. Quantity counts. I need to eat a good amount of garlic for this to happen. A good amount being using garlic salt on a hamburger liberally.

I've tried avoided both items for 4 months. With the current trial I need to go longer than 4 months. To simplify things I'll want to avoid garlic/spices and pork for the rest of the year. Hopefully that will result in healthier skin, hair, and of course digestive tract. Oh, eyes turning blue too will need to happen.
I'm doing well this morning. I slept through the night, which helps in this case. Most likely it will be a good day for me.

Kind of daunting that I'll be going for 8 months this time on an avoidance diet. It needs to be done if I hope to move forward and get back into society in a larger way. It would be wonderful to work again and make some money. I would enjoy that.


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I'm doing well this morning. I slept through the night, which helps in this case. Most likely it will be a good day for me.

Kind of daunting that I'll be going for 8 months this time on an avoidance diet. It needs to be done if I hope to move forward and get back into society in a larger way. It would be wonderful to work again and make some money. I would enjoy that.
I know the feeling Beach, I hope you are able to do just that. Being unemployed, or even underemployed are both very difficult situations to be in. You have my support.
Thanks guys. Much appreciated and hope you do better in the future too. Hopefully things will be looking up for us all in the future.

It was a good day today. I had lots of energy and had a nice swim. The muscle are not all that worn out. I can use more days such as this.
Stomach a little tender this morning, and body sore due to yesterdays swim. Overall I'm doing well though. The complaints are minor. Trend wise the stomach has done better I'd say of late.
Had a good swim today. My energy levels were good.

Finger nail is looking healthier. The lower half the nail is looking as it should. What ever the answer is, the problem appears to have resolved. I'm guessing it is a nut that I was eating that was causing the nail pitting. I don't know that for sure but that is my main guess. Early on when I first began eating nuts I ate from a mixed nuts carton. Later I switched over to only eating macadamia nuts. I'm guessing macadamia nuts do not cause the nail pitting issues.
Looking further into my records, I can't discount that pork might be the cause of the finger nail pitting. It is a very good candidate too, for being the cause.
I have good energy this mornign so far. Hope I can continue the good energy for 3 days in a row. I might begin to feel half way human.
Well, it does appear the 3rd day is full of energy too. I'm even talking well, or well enough. Nothing great but better than when I'm overly tired. Maybe I'll be lucky and next week will be energetic too.
THe morning has begun well. My energy levels are not as high as the 3 days before it feels like, but I'm doing OK. The poorer energy might simply be because I ate a little bit more fiber than typical. I suspect it will be a good day.
It has been another very good energy day. This is great. I've done this diet in the past with one exception in that now I'm eating brown rice. It must be the rice that is helping my energy levels. Well, hard to say what will happen in the future, but I'm guessing if the energy continues, and I remain with the same diet I should be feeling pretty darn good in 2 to 3 months. Today I exercised for 90 minutes. It was to cool to swim so instead I walked and rode a bike.
This morning I have good energy. I was worried that wouldn't be the case as I didn't eat a snack last evening, and felt tired going to bed. THe weather has turned cool also which tends to tire me out.

The ultimate test of energy will be when I can weight lift and not feel overly tired afterwards. I'll try lifting later this week. Fingers crossed I have good energy afterwards.
I had a long swim in the big pool today. I'm sore from the workout, but doing well. My energy levels are decent. Most likely I'll have a snack tonight in order to keep my energy levels up. I'm not ready yet to go on a diet, with watching my food. I haven't looked into meditation for weight loss yet but will be in the future. I'm not only stressed but any less stress is good and worth trying. Mmmmmm
The stomach a little sour this morning. It has the feel of to much exercise using the stomach muscles. Overall the stomach isn't bad. My energy levels are decent too.
It was a good day. Got some exercising in. I have good energy which in part I believed was also helped by the warmer weather that returned this afternoon. The stomach did well. Overall, I'm doing well, or was well as one can be with this condition.

Finger nail still has the pitting but it really does appear to be healing up. The blob of pitting is moving toward the end of the nail. It couldn't be more than a week or two will that will be cut away I imagine. Most likely the cause of the pitting has been pork and pork gelatin. Pork is pretty forever removed from the diet at this point. At some distant time I'll try the other theories for causing the pitting, nuts and spices/garlic.
182/183lbs this morning. I've been weighing consistently in this area of late. It does appear that I've put on some weight, possibly some muscle and possibly some fat. I'm not eating all that healthy currently with candy in the diet. Eating health of course is relative. What ever doesn't upset the stomach and gives me energy is healthy by my definition.

I was thinking yesterday that I don't remember the last time I had a muscle strain or charley horse. Maybe I could get a muscle strain if I tried. I don't want to try though. Possibly the diet of avoiding pork and spices has gotten rid of that problem. I hope so. If I plan to loose 5lbs or so in the future, exercising without muscles issues is a must.
I think I've gotten proof about a theory of mine. The theory is that, something that can cause me to have an upset stomach can take a few days to materialize.

On Monday I used my stomach muscles moving some items around the house. Using the stomach muscles is a for sure trouble maker for me. Monday i was predicting thtat I would be ill soon. Well, I was not sick on Tuesday. I noticed my shorts fit tighter than typical. It felt as if my intestines were swollen. Overall though I went to the bathroom little on Tuesday. The same happened on Wednesday. Today, was different. This afternoon I was quite a bit sick to the stomach. Now the shorts fit well once again.

It's always hard to say with certainty what happened to cause an upset stomach. I may be wrong about my theory. Something that I ate might have been problematic. I suspect though it was the exercise that caused me to use my stomach muscles on Monday that caused todays stomach issues. I should be fine by tomorrow. I'll probably be a pound lighter too if lucky.
A little tired and slow getting around this morning. I'm doing alright though. I weighed 182lbs this morning so I lost 1/2 a pound yesterday. I would have weighed less this morning but I ended up eating dinner last night. I should be back to swimming today.
It's been a good day today! I'm feeling well and upbeat. Had a nice swim at the big pool which means I'll be more sore. Overall I'm pleased.
I was thinking historically about my condition. I began to become ill around the age of 15. Back then I was sick to the stomach 2 or 3 times a month. It wasn't common but it was terrible when it happened. THe illnesses often occurred over weekends I recall. That wasn't always the case as I needed to leave school a few times due to an upset stomach, but weekends was the main time. THinking about it, the weekends is when as a family we used to eat large breakfasts of pork sausages, bacon, and pancakes. That rarely happened due the week due to rushing around getting ready for school or other tasks.

When I was 18 or 19, around that age, I began to become sick everyday. This was also a time where I moved out of the house, and was fixing my own meals, which with friends nearly was always fast food. Pizza with its many pork toppings was a daily food eaten.

With garlic I've only been able to see the bleeding finger nail after placing garlic salt onto hamburger. That was done in the distant past, but was a consistent result. Other times I've eaten garlic I have not seen the bleeding finger nails. For awhile I was even taking a garlic supplement and while doing so did not see the bleeding problem.

With pork, the problem of bleeding sore, swollen gums has been consistent. There wasn't been a time where this problem didn't occur to some extent. If I eat less pork the swollen problem is less noticed. Quantity of pork eaten matters. ALso I've tried eating pork where only pork lunch meat is eaten. Lunch meat is easy to chew. The same swollen painful condition happened with the pork lunch meat as with happens with pork chops.

ANyway, proof will come when well in the end. Hopefully the answer is pork. That would be easier to avoid.

Was largely well to the stomach the last 24 hours.
Added a couple new foods to the diet today, macadamia nuts and green tea with mint. Both are going down well. I'll watch the finger nail to make sure it doesn't become pitted with the addition of the nut.
Worth noting, I've noticed this week that at times I can look healthier. It's hard to describe but I appear to be retaining less water. This happens to me when the colon is healthier. Fingers crossed this trend continues.
I'm doing well today. Energy has been good as I've been active doing chores, cleaning the house. Morning tends to be the part of the day where energy levels can suffer the most. That didn't happen today.

I've noticed of late that shirts are fitting tighter. All the swimming I've been doing has been building up my chest muscles. I'm not looking to build up my chest muscles, but I'll mark it down as a good sign that Im able to do these exercises.
Attended a dinner party yesterday. I did alright for me. My conversation ability remains poor. I tire out far to easy and with that concentration can be lousy. Overall though i survived and would offer conversation when called up to do so.

Bit tired this morning. Hopefully I'll gain energy as the day goes on. Might have to exercise less this afternoon otherwise.
Good workout today. Energy levels are hurting this later afternoon, but that is alright. It's is due to all the exercise of late.

Coming up on the month of May. Hoping this will be the it month. I'd like to see the stomach doing much better. If I have the right diet the stomach should do better. I've been hitting and missing with having an answer for awhile now, several years. it's been frustrating but all I can do is show patiences.

Finger nail still have the blog of pitting. THe area below there is not perfect but it does appear healthier. Hoping I have the answer with pork or spices to the cause of the pitting.
This is surprising. This morning I weighed 188lbs or 4 pounds more than a few days ago! I'm guessing the new weight has come from eating macadamia nuts. It is the only new food added to the diet. The nuts likely have me retaining water for some reason. It seems when the stomach becomes irritated it retains water. Everything still fits the same, with clothing.

I'm tentatively going to swim for 90 minutes. I'm not sure if I'll have the energy for that, but would like to add some extra time in for getting into better shape.

Stomach doing well.
Think I'm going to stop weighing myself for the time being. I'll deal with weight gain or loss at another time. My weight is more likely to derail efforts to get well to the stomach and have energy.

I've been reading more often of late. That's a positive sign as it takes energy to read. I can push though the pain of exercise easily. I have good experience with pushing through. I can't do that with reading. Either I have the energy to read or I don't. It's much more difficult to push through with reading.
Doing well this morning. The stomach is good. Instead of avoiding the weight scale I'm going to avoid candy. I've been eating candy of late, which is rare for me overall. i've been hoping it increases my energy levels which is might some, but it is likely the brown rice that has helped. So I'll avoid candy for a few days and see how I do. Weight was back to a normal range this morning, down to 184lbs. Hard to say what caused the weight gain jump seen yesterday.
A little tired today. Since not eating candy I am feeling it, with being worn down. Essentially I'm not snacking. I should do fine I imagine. It will take a little bit to adjust to eating this way I'm guessing.
The stomach continues to ever improve it appears. For a lack of better words, performance in the bathroom improves. It's a very good sign that I'm continuing to heal and improve. It shows I'm on a good diet. Not entirely sure I'm on the right diet yet. Fingers crossed that will be confirmed in a week or twos time.

Energy levels did suffer yesterday since I avoided candy and snacks in general. I imagine this will be an issue for awhile. I'll play it by ear. I don't have a big sweet tooth but naturally do what I can to boost energy levels.

Weight was 183lbs this morning.
Doing well today. I've exercised a good amount, with a walk and an hour swim. Energy levels are hurting but nothing terrible.

I'm well around 60% of the time now with to the stomach. I'm thinking then if the theory is correct, it then took me 2 months to get to this level of stomach health after avoiding pork. It took 1 month with avoiding spices/garlic. There is always the possibility that something else is the answer too.


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Even just a little extra stress can make me have overall worsening of any symptom(s) that are already going on in the background. Usually this is brain fog, back aches or fatigue. Random days are better for no good reason too. It mystifies me sometimes, well ok, lots of times. Go figure! ;) I hope you stay on the right track, Beach.
Thanks CMack,

I'd be more chatty in reply, but I'm a little slow getting around this morning. Avoiding candy is stressful! I say that jokingly but it does take an adjustment period to get used to without the snacks.

I'm well to the stomach this morning. No stomach grumbling, cramping, to complain about. Weight was at 181lbs.
Did well today. Not a whole lot more to add to that, other than I was more on the tired side. The stomach was good for most of the day.
Doing well today. My energy levels are up. I'm guessing that is due to me not swimming yesterday more than everything else. The stomach is doing well and continues to improve.
Chugging along today. Had a good swim this afternoon for an hour. I notice my finger nail with the pitting is looking much better. It shouldn't be long till the main area of pitting will be at the end and can be cut off. It appears after that the newer part of the finger nail is looking healthy. It isn't perfect but appears much much better. I seem to have the answer with either pork or spices.
180lbs this morning. I was sick last night. Being sick is normal I suppose, but the type of sickness somedays being experienced is a throw back to the bad old days. I'm guessing this is due to my continued consuming of rice cakes and possibly nuts. Both can irritate the digestive tract. With being ill I'm doing quite well this morning. I feel well and energetic. I plan to continue eating my two allowed rice cakes as I believe they help improve my energy levels. Too, I can be well to the stomach also while eating eating the brown rice.
Over did it with exercise today, but I'm doing well this evening. I'll be sore tomorrow. Stomach is doing well today. Energy levels are average.
182lbs this morning.

The stomach feels a little tender this morning but nothing terrible. I should do well today I suspect. Energy levels so far are better than I expected after all the exercising done yesterday.
Feeling good today. Energy is up and I'm feeling upbeat. It's always good to have decent energy. I'm at the one month mark with avoiding spices and two month mark with avoiding pork. i've made decent progress with the stomach. I'm not entirely sure if the diet is working, as healing is slow, but it does appear I'm doing better to the stomach. At least the cheese is working well enough though I'd like to do better in the near future.
180lbs this morning. Thinking on it, It still remains that I have not experienced a muscle strain while on this diet of avoiding pork and spices. Typically while swimming I'll feel a muscle tighten up and ache. That hasn't been the case for the last couple of months. It's another positive I've noticed while on this diet.
I'm quite tired and worn down today. With that said I pushed through on exercises. I suspect the tiredness comes from not eating snacks. I'll see how this goes in the future. Imagine tomorrow will be a better day simply.

IN around 2 weeks I'll probably stop eating rice and nuts. Both are stomach irritants. The two give me energy though and as I'll miss them most likely. In around 6 weeks I have a 2 day drive I'll most likely be making. Being sick on the road isn't an option. I need to be as healthy as I can be at that time with the stomach.
181lbs this morning.

I was thinking about how with warmer weather of late I've been sweating quite a bit. In the past at times I'd sometimes smell after sweating. Sometimes though I would not smell. On this diet I'm not smelling, at least I don't smell anything. No one else have commented.

In the past I've thought it was eating pork that caused me to have an odor. Possibly I've confirmed this with the latest diet.
Sore and tired today. I over did it was an hour walk this morning, but enjoyed the timeout side. Stomach has been doing a little worse of late, but that is easy to understand with the nuts I'm eating which are ruff on the gut. It's something that is live able with for the time being.
180lbs this morning. I think I'm a week into avoiding candy and overall not snacking. WIth that was hope I'd drop a few pounds but not surprisingly to me that hasn't happened. Maybe in time it will, but overall I suspect my path to dropping in weight has to do with getting well. I didn't pay much attention to it in the past when I became well to the gut. I do recall though loosing weight when that happened. It's likely I have a good amount of extra water retention. Just a guess with that.

While I have not lost weight, clothing fits better. Some shorts that we tight to ware now fit well. A body fat scale in theory would be nice, but of the body fat scales I've used, they all give off odd numbers, making me feel they are unreliable. One scale can say 10% body fat and other 17%.
Had a mild upset stomach again. It's the macadamia nuts causing it. I notice this evening too that i have some tongue markings. Those happen when the stomach is acting up. I'm going to stop eating the nuts for awhile and hope my energy levels do well. Imagine the gut will do better within a few days.
181lbs this morning.

I'm eating some candy due to the upset stomach. I'll get back to avoiding that in a day or two, once the stomach calms down.

Avoiding nuts, imagine I'll be back in good shape with the stomach in 3 to 4 days. It wouldn't surprise me if I lost some weight after avoiding nuts, since nuts irritate my digestive tract some.
For got to note, I'm going to take pregnenolone. I remember taking it in the past and doing well with it.

Did well today. Energy was good and so was the stomach.
181lbs this morning.

I was exhausted last night. Ended up going to bed early. I'm still tired this morning but expect I'll wake up eventually.

Finger nail with the pitting looks better and better. The current diet of avoiding pork and spices does appear to be the answer. Possibly nuts could have been the cause of hte pitting too, but feel the chances of that are low. The answer is most likely pork.
Still pretty tired and worn out this afternoon. The stomach is doing well though. As a result imagine I'll be back at it in a day or two with more energy.
Bit tired this mornign but not as tired as I was yesterday. Forgot to note, tongue sores or marks went away quickly. Was pleased to see that. Stomach was good and seemed to quickly do better which was unexpected after avoiding macadamia nuts.
Bad news, i'm eating lots of food today. Candy in particular has been eaten in larger amounts than I should. Energy levels though have improved since pigging out today. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to more normal eating habits.

The good news, the stomach is doing very well up to this point. I'm better than I expected once I removed nuts from the diet. Maybe If I'm lucky I've turned a corner. Fingers crossed that is the case.
181lbs this morning. I expected to weigh more this morning after eating poorly but that isn't the case. It would be nice to drop a few pounds, possibly down to the 170 range. I imagine though that will not be happening till I'm more energetic and healthy.

I have some hope this week that I can make it this week without experiencing diarrhea. Since avoiding macadamia nuts It feels as if that could be possible. It certainly would lift my confidence levels if I had a good week.
Certainly tired today. That is due to the swimming done the last few days. Looking beat up from the exercising too. The stomach was a little tender but overall it is doing well. It has been a decent day.
Worn out this morning from the exercising done, but doing well enough. Eating macadamia nuts does help with the energy problem but are ruff on the gut. Imagine it will be a slow sore day today but should be good enough. The stomach will do well I'm guessing.
As expected I'm very fatigued and tired today. Part of that is due to the exercises done. The other part has to do with the stomach being well. The digestive tract is inflamed and doesn't do well when rubbed against.

There isn't much else I suppose can be done other than to take more breaks from exercise and fight through the fatigue. Imagine in a few weeks I should see some further improvement. At least I hope so.
I'm tired and fatigued this morning as to be expected. It should be a good day though.

Weight is 180lbs. I've noticed of late that my shorts and pants feel looser around the waist. I still see the bulged stomach after eating meals. The bulge is most noticeable after eating lunch/dinner. It has been going away quickly now though. Typically within a hour or two the bulge is largely gone.

Today is day 3 of hopefully a healthy functioning stomach. It would be nice to make it through a week without being ill.
It has been a tiring day up till now. I'm also feeling weak in the legs, arms, hands, etc. Concentrating isn't easy either. The feeling I'm experience is the same as if I had eating a good amount of fiber rich food. If I ate a carrot, the same feeling would happen as being experience now. A bowl of blueberries would do the same. It is the fiber rubbing against the sore digestive that is the problem i believe. So it is good to be well to the gut, it will be nice once further healing happens.

Taking an easy today with little exercise. I'm hoping that helps.
I'm stretching it, but I'm down to around 179lbs this morning. Feeling tired and worn out at the moment. Not exercising yesterday might have not helped as hoped with improving energy. Outside of that doing well. Imagine it will be a good stomach day.
Worth noting, since better to the stomach I feel as if I'm starving all the time. It's likely a good sign, at least i believe so. Similar i recall happened in the past when well to the stomach.
One of the biggest fears I have is that someone else in the family will develop the IBD condition I have or something similar. It is a big fear. My colitis has been devastating on my life. I don't want anyone else in the family to suffer from this disease. It needs to be put to an end with this generation if it is an inherited disease.

Learned today that a nephew flunked out of college in his first year! It's shocking. He had been such a wonderful high school student. He was near the tops in his class for grades in high school. He won a prestigious University scholarship. And now this...flop out of the starting gate. I'm feeling so badly for my nephew.

I always remember when I went to college. My stomach condition had started a few years earlier. By the time I was in college the stomach problem became daily. And with that, came problems with energy levels and problems with concentrating. Going to school and having good grades was impossible at that point. The teachers had their schedule and due to my illness I was always on my time.

With the poor grades, it has me concerned that possibly my nephew has what I have or a version of it. He might not have the stomach condition, but possibly has the concentration problem.

Hard to say of course. Any number of problems could be going on with my bright nephew.

Being well and finding an answer takes on greater importance. Hopefully my answer to the stomach problem turns out to be pork. If it is spices or something else, no one will believe me. If it is pork, probably some will believe me and some might even try avoiding pork to see if it improves their health.

Well, lets see, of late I've been using the rest room less frequently. Before I was going to the bathroom 5 to 6 times a day. Now I'm using the bathroom 2 to 3 times a day and I'm typically well.

Energy levels remain poor today. I'm looking beat up and ruff. I'm still not digesting foods all that well I've guess.
Got more information on the nephew. My fringe theory has become more fringe. More likely answer for the poor grades has to do with poor time management and distractions. Found out very bright girlfriend with scholarship also got stinko grades. Seems new found freedom was difficult to handle for the two of them.
I'm going to make a change to the diet for awhile. I'm going to stop eating cheese. The problem with cheese is that I believe it is the cause for the poor energy and the cause for the sometimes muscle strain. I suspect that cheeses high calcium content is the main culprit. I'll be sick to the stomach slightly due to not eating cheese I suspect but that is alright. The main thing needed is that I have confidence in the diet being followed, which I have. If the stomach becomes overly upset I can always return to eating cheese.


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I was told by my GP a couple years back not to eat much cheese, besides the odd 1'' cube here and there. I can't say it made a huge difference, but it may have helped overall energy just slightly.
So far it has been a good day for me with energy. There has been a clear difference in how I feel since not eating cheese today. Hard to say why that is, but I'm going with the theory of to much calcium consumption today. Tomorrow if asked I'm likely to give a different theory. I know some with IBS will take huge quantities to calcium tablets to constipate themselves. Cheese likely has done similar to me and my colitis condition.
I'm feeling good this morning. My energy levels are better. I'm not brimming over with energy but overall feel I have more get up and go.

I've been eating nuts the last couple of days. The stomach is troubled more as a result. The stomach is doing ok though. I imagine i'll be going back and forth with this for awhile, fighting between being well to the stomach and having energy. At some point I'm liable to stop eating nuts and begin eating cheese again. It will be a confident thing that will come up from time to time.
Been meaning to note but forget, I haven't seen any rash in quite awhile. The skin has been blemish free on this diet.
Doing well today. Energy levels are up and doing well. I'm talking well today, was even energetic to joke around. This is a very good sign, I think. I might drive family crazy with corny jokes but it's all good to me.
Thinking about it this morning, it's interesting how through the generations some traits can be passed on, indirectly. That's a theory of course. One trait that has been curious to be concerns my sister, an uncle and a great grandmother.

My sister is a good person. When meeting her she is outgoing and generally pleasant. My sister is also mean and she takes her anger out on her 3 sons along with others. It's a well known problem in the family. The problem isn't all that serous in the over all scheme of things, you don't want to be the object of her wrath, as psychologically it is hard to take. It's good to have a place to get away from the psychological beats though.

I have an uncle that is similar to my sister. He is a pleasant guy to meet and talk with. it is well know in the family though that he verbally and psychologically attacks his 3 boys. When my cousins were old enough to move out of the house, one moved as far away from where his father lived as possible. When my uncle retired and he and wife moved within a days drive of one their son's family, the son left his stable job, picked up and moved his family across the country. It's is believed he moved to be far away from his dad.

I suspect my nephews will be the same with their mom as my cousins have been with their father. The two oldest nephews already have taken steps it appears, or made plans, to move far away.

I had a great grandmother that was well known for her meanness to her 3 daughters and others. She passed away before i was born. I've always found her conditions interesting as she passed away from Alzheimer's. I know about half that develop that disease are known for their anger issues.

Anyway, fingers crossed and hoping that my potential answer to that cause of my stomach problems can potentially help with the generational anger problems seen in some. It's a bit of a stretch with this idea, but one can hope. Hoping pork is my answer as that is easy to avoid for me, and potentially others in the family.
Ron, I can remember visiting an assisted living home frequently at one point. The dementia patients could say some of the darndest crudest things at times.

With my inheritance idea, haven't looked into what can and can not be inherited. THe old fashion interpretation of x's and y's undoubtably plays a roll. If does have me wondering this morning, history does repeat and in this case sadly.
It's been a nice day today. My energy levesl are good. I've been able to concentrate decently. THe stomach is doing well enough. I'm guessing since I began avoiding cheese I'm able to be ill to the stomach within the next few days. It shouldn't be that bad though.

Finger nail is looking decent. The worst part of the nail pitting has reached the end and soon should be clipped off.
180lbs. Stomach not as good as yesterday but it's doing alright. Energy levels decent. One area of my gums feels swollen slightly. I'm guessing that is from the nuts eaten. The swelling is minor.
I should add that I've been communicating very very well the last few days. I still hurt for energy at times, but it is improving I believe, as can be told in my voice.
I'm feeling quite energetic this morning. Last night I might have stubbled upon the right nut for me to eat. That's worded strangely. I ate some cashews and not long afterwards my energy levels had greatly improved. The good energy continues to this morning. I'll keep tabs on this. Fingers crossed that my diet and cashew nuts leads to greatly improved energy levels.

Stomach still doing OK I've expected to be more ill by now but that hasn't happened, which I'm obviously pleased about.
It has been a typical day. The morning started out slow. I'm most tired in the morning, having difficulty doing tasks. Then after lunch things pick up and I do better. Possibly this evening I'll be good and energized. The cashew nut energy hasn't materialized today. Maybe it will show up this evening but hard to say for certain.
The last two nights I've eaten dinner. Last night I payed the price. I was up most of the night with the stomach unsettled. I'll be sure to return to a normal eating habit of two meals a day. I'll likely be tired today.

As typically happens on long diet trials I have doubts about the diet being followed. Ideas come and go to try different ideas. It is easy to push the ideas to the side as I've tried other ideas. All that is left is to go longer with the avoidance to see about a healthy stomach and healthier appearance. The blue eyes have not made an appearance. I'll be sticking with avoiding pork and spices.

I seem to have better energy of late. TO some degree this can be frustrating as I'm more energetic but not energetic enough to do major projects. I enjoy reading and learning but reading and remembering anything difficult takes a good amounts of energy. More energy than I currently have. There are a couple time consuming projects around the house I'd like to work on but so far don't have the energy to work on them. Fingers crossed this changes in the next few weeks.
I'm going to add a wrinkle to the diet. I'm going to continue avoiding pork and spices. I'll also avoid beef and remain avoiding cheese. I'll just eat fish, chicken, eggs and turkey for meats.

The idea being that possibly nuts are improving my energy level. The problem is that beef is hurting energy levels. It could explain the ups and down with energy being experienced.

The finger pitting also, I've sometimes thought that the gelatin I was eating at the time was responsible for the pitting. Gelatin is made sometimes from pork and sometimes from beef sources. the nail is improving greatly but that might be due to avoding gelatin. Beef might be a less problem.

Anyway, all theory. I'll see how my energy levels are doing in a week and make adjustments from there.

Today I'm feeling better than expected. No beef was eating today.
It was a good update to the diet, with avoiding beef. I felt very good today. Will do it again tomorrow and see how I do.
Maybe I have my answer. My energy levels are good this monring after avoiding beef along with dairy. That's the main problem for me, fatigue and poor energy. TIme will tell though.

I know for one thing, on the diet I'm on I'll be sick to my stomach. This is the scary diet. From the past I know this diet will cause upset stomachs and weight loss. Maybe over time that issue will resolve. If I have good energy levels, having stomach issues will be a lesser problem to deal with.
The jury is still out with avoiding beef and cheese and energy levels. I believe I'm doing better and have more energy. The problem is that I exercised more than typical today. As a result I'm worn down now. Overall though it has been a good day. I'll continue with the current diet.

At some point, if I figure avoiding beef and eating nuts is greatly improving my energy levels, I'll likely begin eating spices. I've learned in the past that it isn't good to avoid to many food items at once.
A bit tired this morning but nothing untypical.

My muscles feel good. I was commenting last week I believe about how dairy products, cheese in particular, caused some muscle issues. I theorized it was the high calcium content. That might be wrong. With avoiding beef the muscles feel even better.

All my finger nails look healthier this morning. The one finger nail with the pitting still has pitting but overall is shinier in appearance. I'll continue to keep a close eye on this nail. Since avoiding pork the nail has appeared to be improving. The problem has been that the newish grow nail still has some minor pitting being created. I've been hoping that would go away eventually. Possibly I am wrong there. It might have been beef gelatin causing the most pitting with eating beef as a lesser problem. Will be finding out in the near future if this is right or wrong.
I've done well today. Energy levels have been decent. Everything feel light. My limbs don't feel as heavy to move around. I'm not overly energetic but if I can keep this levels of energy as a baseline I'll be complaining less about poor energy.

I did go ahead and eat a few spices today. I've been thinking of doing this for awhile now. I've avoided spices for long periods of time in the past without positive results.

I'll stick with avoiding pork and cow products for at least 6 months if not longer. It should be easy to do.
Feeling well enough this morning. Energy levels are decent. I'm going to make it a point to try and read more frequently. I love reading and learning. The problem comes up with how I'm not able to read everyday due to poor energy. What happens all to often is i'll read a day, then the next two days might be low energy, then I read again on the 4days. It makes for a lousy reading experience. If I can read each day, reading will be far more enjoyable.
I'm off to a very good start with the current diet. I'm only eating chicken, eggs and turkey for meats. I'm avoiding cow and pork products.

So far for the last few days I've been well to the stomach. This is unexpected. I associated an all bird diet with lots of diarrhea. I have known for awhile though that the bird diet diarrhea is different. It isn't painful. It is urgent but not painful typically. I can loose a lot of weight on this diet, and have done so in the past, but at the same time I can have very good energy levels on this diet.

I was trying to think then, if bird is not an allergy issue what could cause the diarrhea. The best answer I could think of is when in the past while on the bird diet I typically also was doing many activities that invovled using my stomach muscles. Today I know using stomach muscles, twisting and putting pressure on the digestive tract, is a big problem. It will cause diarrhea. So for now I'm speculated this is what happened in the past. TIme will tell.

I read very little yesterday as I was busy most of the day. I did read some though and hope to do more today. Consistence is a big problem for me due to the stomach condition.
Kind of tired and hungry after this afternoons exercise. Ive noticed on this diet that while well so far, I'm using the restroom more frequently. Till that improves I'll likely remain hungry then. It probably will be good for dropping a few pounds though so that will be good. My idea of being well to the stomach is relative.
I feel different on this diet in a good way mostly. There is less pressure on different areas of my body. Typically the gut area will feel pressured. That pressure the last few days feels as if it has gone away. There is also less pressure while breathing. It is easier to breath. I should be able to talk better now, at least once I get better energy.

On the negative I feel hungry all the time. If given a chance I could snack all day long I suspect.

Weight 182lbs.
I snacked most of the day today, but nothing where I over did it. Don't know why I suddenly feel hungry but that's the way this diet goes apparently.

I'm still well and I'm still surprised that is the case. Any time now I fully expected to be on the sicker side with the stomach. Historically it is a fearful diet for me to be on, eating all chicken or turkey basically. No complaints about not being sick.

Reading has started out terribly. No reading done so far and don't feel that I'll do some today. I'll get the energy to read soon though I suspect. It would be nice to be healthier overall, get back on my feet, work and make some money. I can dream.
FOr the last few days I've been eating a spicy chicken lunch meat bought at the store. It has not caused me stomach problems. At least no problems experienced up to the point.

Stomach still well, relatively. I'm waiting for the shoe to drop while on this diet.

The last two nights i've slept very well. I slept through the whole night last night.
Tired this afternoon after eating lunch. Two possibilities with this, I ate some new spices with lunch. That is a potential cause. The most likely cause is I ate more blueberries than I should have. They tasted good, but to much fiber for me. Will monitor the spices though just in case.
Slept poorly last night. Before going to bed too the stomach was cramping. Nothing out the ordinary though. It happens sometimes. Hoping today will be a better day and imagine it will be.