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My journey to getting well

It has been a mixed day. The stomach is good, which is always nice. My energy levels are poor. Concentration is lousy. Overall though I'm pleased with the current diet. The stomach is going much much better than I expected it would. I'm llking this bird diet.
Strange night, went to bed and couldn't get to sleep. Eventually got up and drank some water and tried to sleep again. That was it, I passed out and slept great the rest of the night. Stomach still doing well enough. Energy levels could be better.
Today has been similar to how the week has done, stomach well but energy levels low. I imagine for the month of June I'll experience similar with the stomach and fatigue.
Tonight I have a party to attend. In some ways I'm looking forward to it, and on the other hand I'm dreading it. With me still being tired and fatigued my conversation skills are very much lacking. I'm sure to find myself embarrassed. It is what it is though, I'll do my best but I wish it was a sign language party. Talking can be a chore.

Stomach did well yesterday. Energy was good and bad through out the day. Imagine the same will happen today.
Thanks Chris,

Stomach upset during my daily exercise this afternoon. Made it home in time. I imagine the nuts being eaten was the main cause of the stomach problem. I'll stop eating nuts for a few days and see how things go.
Received SAKS clothing father day catalog yesterday. On the front cover is a picture of a roommate of mine out of high school, Mazdack Rassi and his very adorable daughters! There is a short interview of him inside the catalog and his company Milk. Glad to see Mazda has done well for himself. Hmmmm I wonder why he called his company Milk? I don't remember him being a milk drinker. I don't remember drinking milk being a Persian activity. Very odd. What ever the cause, I forgive him.:p

My diet of avoiding milk, milk products, beef and pork going well so far. I'm quite pleased about the finger nails. They look much healthier now. The pitting on the one finger nail is nearly gone. There remains small pitting behind the main clump but that, well hard to say, but appears to be going away the best I can tell. I think I have my answer for why the finger nail pitted and that is either beef or pork gelatin, beef and pork. Hard to say which food did it, but this morning I'm leaning toward beef, beef gelatin, and milk as being the cause.

I was a dud at the small gathering yesterday. Talking skills still very much lacking. I find it curious though that of the few times I've been well to the gut my communication skills greatly improve. It is odd in that medically nearly everything I read on this area concerns the brain. Medicine compartmentalizes mental areas of concern with the brain being the nearly complete focus. To be though it is clear the health of my digestive system plays the largest roll in how of I act. Well, it is what it is. People take recreational drugs often time it is said to change personality. Some drugs will make a person more confident, talkative and interesting. That plays a part in the addiction. Possibly diet change can do similar. Of course figuring out a diet is the very hard part.

I've been eating 3 meals a day while on this diet. I'm going to cut back to my typical 2 meals. My guess is I'll drop some weight. On this diet of avoiding pork and cow items I've noticed I feel less inflated and I'm more hungry. Cloths fit looser basically. Don't know why this is, but suspect if I push it I should be able to drop some weight into the 170 range without to much difficulty.
Since I stopped eating nuts my stomach has returned to being healthy. Imagine it was nuts irritating my digestive tract that caused me troubles a couple days ago.
There is hope! Had lunch, or maybe better said, watched others eat lucn since they were having hamburgers. I did well keeping up with others conversations...most of the time. I have more energy today so that helps. Overall, good day. I was quite pleased.
I'm off to a good start with loosing weight. I'm down to 180lbs this morning. On this diet I feel cooler along with feeling more hungry.
I was communicating well again today. Talking with other is just so much easier on this diet, when the gut isn't be irritated by nuts or high fiber foods. At least that has been true the last two days. Pleased with the direction of the diet. Stomach a bit sour today but nothing terrible.
I ate more food than typical yesterday but thankfully my weight is the same at 180lbs. I'll be back to eating more typical and looking to drop pounds today.

Finger nails looking great. hard to see the pitting now on the one finger nail. Beef and milk dairy products appear to be the answer for the cause of the pitting.
Tired and fatigued today. That is common, at least early on with this diet if avoiding pork, beef and milk dairy products. Imagine I'll remain this way for the month of June.

On the positive, the stomach area feels less pressure.
Last night I pigged out. This morning though I weigh about the same. FOr what ever reason I've been very hungry on this diet where I'm eating chicken and turkey. I have a few theories on why that might be but what ever the cause I've decided this is not the time to cut back on calories. WHen I'm overly hungry I'm also weak and tired. Eating some more helps a little with poor energy levels.

I've been urinating more than typical. I consider this good. I've believed that I retain water when the gut is irritated. Loosing some of that water is likely a good sign.

Yesterday I noticed that spelling words were easier for me to do. One day doesn't make a trend change but hopefully this observation of spelling will remain going forward.
I did well yesterday. This morning so far I'm feeling good. The stomach is holding up. Energy levels have been livable. For some reason when I eat chicken, afterwards I feel tired and fatigued. Hoping that goes away soon.
I'm two weeks into the latest diet of avoiding beef, milk dairy products and pork.

I noticed this evening my eyes are blueish. They are not bright blue but are a blue color. Will keep watch to see if the blue color remains.

The same holds true with being tired and fatigued easily. After swimming in particular I'll be run down.

Finger nails look great. The one finger nail with pitting looks much improved.
I'm certainly tired and fatigued this morning. The nuts I've eaten the last few days is the likely culprit. Planning to go on a bike ride for exercise this morning. Might have to call that odd due to feeling punky due to the poor energy levels.
I felt awful this morning. For what ever reason, on this diet, the stomach aches and hurts more. I was exhausted too. With that complaining, I was well to the stomach. THe nuts I ate were the likely cause of my health problems. To many nuts is irritating to the digestive tract. Nuts are helpful with improving energy so I try to eat some, but can over due it. Tomorrow should be a better day. Eyes are blue this evening.


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You have a real love hate relationship with those nuts, don't you Beach? I only eat about two walnuts a day, (roughly). I think they might be a problem for me too if I go over that amount, plus mine are pulverized in the blender. I hope you feel better... really glad your eyes are looking blue... that seems like a good thing if nothing else.
Cmack, so you are the one reading my postings. :rof:

I used to keep a notebook journal of what I was eating and how I felt. The problem is that I didn't care for writing everything out. It was rather a pain. It's easier to type. True, this is my boring daily dietary journal but hopefully I'll eventually figure this out with solutions that help me.
Stomach is better this morning than yesterday morning. It's still tender but no as tender as yesterday. Eyes are slightly blue. Maybe the machinery is being turned on while on this diet. I hope so. Plan to do some work around the house this morning. Hoping I have the energy to do that.
It has been a good morning. It has me feeling upbeat. I've been doing some touch up painting outside in the hot sun. THat would typically tired me out very quickly. I've been holding up well so far. Maybe I'll be able to get to work making money in the near future after all. That would be wonderful.
Some of the typical things are happening while avoiding beef and milk products. I now look more symmetrical. Hard to describe other than everything looks better proportioned.

I'm starting to look do projects around the house. Today I did some painting on the outside of the house. I'll do more of that tomorrow. I also started, or examined, the idea of removing some rusty screws outside and replacing them with stainless steel.

I still don't have much energy to go far with doing projects. A few hours is all I can handle. Overall though, maybe after 6 months or more on this diet I'll have the energy to work a whole day. That would be nice.
Feeling a little run down and tired this morning, as to be expected after yesterdays work and exercises. Doing well though overall.
It has been an alright day. Energy levels have been decent. I did some more house painting outside in the hot weather.

SOmething typical with avoiding milk and beef is happening, in that my hair loss has once again stopped. At least the drain in the show is hair free over the last couple of week.
I've been eating terrible for me that last few weeks. Ive been eating lots of junk food. I've also eating more food in a day than typical. My weight hasnt changed or changed significantly though. The extra eating has helped of late with poor energy levels. I'll plan on continuing to eat this way.

I'm planning on doing some painting on the outside staircase. This should be good and tiring. Not sure if I'll make it or not as I already feel fatigued slightly. If delayed I can always do the work tomorrow.
Quite tired today. It occurred to me that yesterday I ate a bunch of brown rice bread. It would be low fiber, but still have irritating fiber in larger quantities than I could handle. That appears to be the fatigue problem for today, to much fiber eaten.

I'm doing fine though, tired and fatigued but it happens. Overall I'm enjoying this milk, beef and pork free diet. Historically avoiding milk has done the most for me. In the past I used to religiously avoid milk and milk products. During that time, while not well to the stomach, I looked healthy, had blue eyes, and had good energy. I didn't eat much beef back then but didn't avoid it, andlikely ate beef once a week I'd guess. That might have been enuough to keep me sick, if this is the correct diet. Time will tell. I should stick with it for a year. Oh, eating beef has historically also given the worst stomach issues.
Still tired and fatigued this morning. I'll cut back further on some fiber items I've been eating. Fingers crossed that improves this situation.

I have been spelling words easier of late, and as noted earlier. I'm still not a great speller, but overall spelling various words comes across as easier. I can see the words in my minds eye, where as before that wasn't possible. This is a hard item to quantify though. Hopefully more improvement will be seen in this area on this diet.
Hey! :)

I support your diet very much. I think everybody should stop eating red meat, especially with a digestive problem, and the reasons are plenty.

This is an article that explains it pretty simply and well:

What kind of meals do you eat, can you describe what you would eat in a day?

I would suggest that instead of trying to eat as less times a day as possible, to try to eat more times than regularly, but be very careful about not eating too much food in one meal. For me and many others I know, eating many smaller meals during the day (for me I can say, I eat constantly) did wonders.
Thanks DeeDee,

Thanks for the article on healthy gut bacteria and well wishes with my current diet. I'm hoping this milk free, beef and pork avoidance diet does the trick for me this time. I've been more or less decently well to the gut most of the time on this diet but it is the other items that need big improvement for it to be a success such as more energy, healthier appearance, etc. Time will tell. I tend to eat similar meals each day anymore, with turkey, chicken, eggs, being main stays currently. Other common items eaten and drunk include tea, potatoes, oranges, spinach, brown rice, vegan candy corn, grapes, chocolate, milk and dairy free ice cream, and a few other items. I'll have some Imodium each day too anymore. For me I'm not eating all that healthy, with the candy items, but they make for good and easy snacks giving me some extra energy.
I'm feeling better this morning. The fatigued isn't as bad. There are several possible reasons for the fatigue. I believe a leading contender for cause is that I'm still using the bathroom more that one would wish in a day. I'm well, most of the time, but using the bathroom 4 to 5 times a day. Most likely once I'm using the bathroom less frequently, 2 to 3 times a day, is when I'll feel less fatigue. I'm 3 weeks in on this diet. Possibly 3 weeks from now I'll be using the restroom less and with that feel less fatigued. One can hope so.
I've had a really good day today. My energy levels are decent. I haven't been fighting fatigue. More and more I do feel improvement is happening with my ability to spell. It gives me confidence that I'm on the right diet.
I'm back to feeling fatigued and tired this morning. I imagine I'll be going back and forth with this problem for awhile. No fun but just have to fight through it.
It has been a slow tough day fighting fatigue and hunger. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Finger nail that has pitting is looking very good and healthy. Eyes are blueish most of the time. I've been eating dairy free margarine of late but believe I'll stop doing that. THe margarine makes me feel, well, oily all over.
THis morning I'm feeling good. It's a back and forth thing it seems of late. For what ever reason some days are poor and others are decent. Don't know entirely why that is. Consistency of being well would be nice.

Eyes are blue this morning. I noticed while brushing my teeth, it has been awhile since I've seen and experienced my gums being inflamed.
My theory on why my eyes turn blue has to do with blood. As mentioned earlier with my gums not bleeding, with my eyes historically easily become red or blood shot. When the eyes easily become red then the color of my eyes are greenish. I suspect as the blood vessels became stronger leaking less, my eyes begin to turn blue. Just a guess.
Today was an up and down day. The morning started out well, with good energy and feeling full. Then after lunch I felt tired and hungry. Then as the day progressed I began to feel better, with energy. I ate dinner, something not always done and hopefully I'll sleep well tonight as eating dinner can sometimes interfere with that.

THinking about the hungry feeling I've been experiencing on this diet, in the past I recall recording that eating pork made me hungry. I wrote the same about eating fish. I feel hungry after eating that. So for what ever reason when I don't eat cheese or beef apparently I feel hungry, and weak.
Typical morning for me, I feel fatigued. I'm tired. Overall though I'm feeling decent, for me. It is all relative.

Planning to go for a bike ride this morning. THis is a little risky for me. The diet being followed traditionally has been problematic for the stomach. Don't want to be sick to the stomach while on a bike ride. Imagine though I'll do well enough, I hope.
I'm going to try an experiment. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. This might give me my answer, and can stop writing.

On this diet of chicken, eggs and turkey I've been miserable, most of the time. I've seen some improvement. I have hope that over time things will improve. The problem is that when I eat chicken I become overly tired, hungry and weak. My concentration is poor also.

The chicken I'm eating is not plain. It is spicy. The turkey I'm eating I read does not have spices added. It is cooked with honey on it. So what I'm going to do is avoid the spicy chicken and instead eat chicken with honey. I'll see how I feel afterwards.

Much of what I try with my diet is hard to determine effect. I'll think something is going on, but it is hard to tell. Sometimes also there is change happening but it is caused by something else being done. I'm currently avoiding cheese, which many health books write about the allergy problem dairy is for most.

With this experiment though it was be easy to tell a difference. I'm miserable when I feel weak. If the weakness goes away when avoiding spices, I probably once and for all have my answer. It may take a year or two for the gut to heal and do better, but I should have a diet that will have me in good shape.

I'll start the experiment of avoiding spices tonight.
Hey this is great! After eating plain chicken, or chicken without spices, I don't feel overwhelmingly hungry and weak. I might have my answers. I might be able to wrap this up in a couple days from now I would guess then. Lots of twists and turns with this, spices being the main allergy, along with melons, cheese being a good constipation food to eat but causes me to have muscles cramps and tires me out. I suspect it is the high calcium content that is the trouble maker. Pork is a problem but only after eating it exclusively for a week or more. Not sure about the pitted finger nails. My original idea might be right in that nuts caused it. Eating some nuts is important though as it gives me energy. Brown Rice is important to eat as it gives me some additional energy.

Well, will see how it goes the next couple days. If I have good energy I have a winner. For the stomach imagine it will take a long long time for it to heal. Imagine too that recovery will take additionally a very long while also.
It has been a very good morning. I have lots and lots of energy. It is almost magical when I feel this way. Hope it continues. I'll have my answer.
It has been a great day. I've had all kinds of energy and as a result lifted weights, swam, washed a car, and went for a bike ride. It would have difficult to do one of those tasks the other day. I'm not all the tired after all that, nor hungry. I think I have my answer with spices. I'll go a couple more days and if all goes well wrap my journey up.
I feel good this morning! My energy levels are decent. I'm sore but to be expected after yesterdays activities. The stomach is doing decently.

I'm going to add a few new foods today to the diet. I had a hamburger for breakfast so I've already started in that respect. Imagine I'll do well with energy levels with the new foods that do not have spices added.
I'm a little sore and tired today but that is to be expected since I weight lifted yesterday. overall, I'm happy and pleased with how I feel. Stomach is in good shape.

The difference between how I feel now and how I felt when eating spices, when tired, has to do with strength. When eating spices it was scary at how weak I could feel. If I had to lift a heavy item I would struggle. I might not be able to lift a 50lbs suite case after eating spices. I also felt overly hungry and dizzy. Today, I'm tired and fatigued due to the weight lifting done, but if I needed to lift something heavy it would not be a problem. I also do not feel hungry.

I think I'll wrap this up now. I feel confident that spices are my answer. It is going to take a long time to recover, turn everything on, become more energetic, what have you, maybe a year or two to recover I'd guess.
I'm off to a good start with avoiding spices and feeling better. It's an older idea I've tried several times. So far I have not had a day this week where I felt overly weak. I've been tired and fatigued but not that overwhelming feeling of weakness and hunger that I had when eating lots of spices. Garlic is one of the foods that makes me bleed. For what ever reason when eating garlic the skin around my finger nails will begin to pull away and I'll have bloody fingers often.

Fingers crossed that I'll have another relatively good week coming up.
Oh, forgot to note yesterday as It was important. This week I lost 3lbs. I wasn't trying to loose weight. It just happened. Most likely since I feel less hungry I ate less food, but hard to say what happened for certain.
I'm going back to the first idea of avoiding beef and milk products. I'll also continue to avoid spices.

I've noticed that when eating beef my gums become sore. When I avoid beef after one day the gums feel much better.

I'll likely be hurting on a diet of chicken, eggs, and turkey. I'll be tired and fatigued. With a little luck, if I push through a few weeks of feeling down I'll eventually begin to feel better.

I'm hoping to stick with this diet of avoiding beef, milk products, and spices for the remainder of the year.

Stomach still doing OK. I'll called an all bird diet scary for me to eat. I'm thinking now that when I tried this diet idea in the past that I likely ate to much fiber, rice brown fiber in particular.
My gums are much healthier after avoiding beef. They don't hurt. When eating beef I've found that is the cause for why my gums can come loose from my teeth. Hard to explain what happens. It's different from what happens when I eat pork for a period of time.

Additionally when only eating chicken, turkey and eggs, my eyes turn blue. When I eat beef my eyes turn greenish brown.

Energy levels are poor.
Today has been a very good day. This will be an easy diet to follow if I continue feeling as I do today. My energy levels are good, and I don't feel hungry and weak. It's only been two days but this is a very nice start to this diet of avoiding dairy, beef and spices.

Probably what happened earlier on this diet is that a spice was irritating my sensitive digestive system, making me feel hungry. Hard to say, could have been a chemical add, or even I might have missed that some milk items was hidden in the ingredients.

I still have the slight finger nail pitting. I'll continue to monitor to see if it goes away on this diet. I suspect it will.
I've had very good energy this evening. It is the kind of energy levels I've been wanting. As a result I've written down in my notes at home everything I've been eating of late. Fingers crossed the excellent energy continues.
I have very good energy today. My strength is excellent too. The energy is so good at times I find myself needing to get up and move around. Nothing really hurts, other than my right thumb.

Much of this energy comes from the diet of avoiding milk, milk products, beef, and spices. Also though a big part of the energy comes from eating nuts and brown rice I believe. Both are good in beneficial nutrients.

I'm also avoiding pork. WIll be interesting to see if I eat pork if the good energy remains. Will test that out far into the future. I'm pleased with the current diet.

All there is to do now is to see if the good energy remains for the week.
I'm doing pretty well. My energy levels have been very good for me. The problem I run into is that I want to use the new found energy, so have a tendency to exercise and wear myself down. I'm bouncing back quickly though after the exercises. Today I plan to take an easy, relax and expect my energy levels to be very good this evening.

I believe nuts are helpful with my improved energy levels, along with avoiding beef, milk products, and spices. There is a down side I believe with nuts. Nuts irritate my digestive tract and with that I notice my gums can be sore. The last few days a part of my mouth has been tender, and will bleed after flossing. The pain comes and goes. I've known in the past that nuts and fiber can bring this problem on. If I stopped eating nuts with in a day or two the gums would feel well I suspect. Overall, I need to eat nuts but also be sparing in the amount eaten up to this point.

I'm still having diarrhea. It's been under control and not a problem, so far. Fingers crossed that within a month the diarrhea will improve. I imagine it will.

This is a diet that isn't difficult for me to follow. I should be able to stick with it with few problems. At some point I'll want to eat some spices. I'll have to be careful with that.
As expected, energy levels have been very good today. for the last week in general I've been fidgety. I'm constantly wanting to move my feet, legs, arms, which I view positively. Well, constant is a relative term. I'm moving more than I was previously. It doesn't hurt to move.

Communication skills are poor. I attribute that to the irritated digestive system caused most likely by the nuts. I should improve in this area in the near future.

I've apparently lost some weight. I have not been weighting myself but did today and saw I was down some. My diet has been poor, in that I'm eating lots of junk food basically. Likely all the movement has brought about some weight loss. Hard to say though, something else could be going on.
My gums are tender and sore this morning. It's a continuation of what was mentioned yesterday and has been going on for a few days. It has me wondering what is going on. In the past when I avoided beef and dairy products, I would eat pork. I was blaming the pork for causing sore painful gums. Now I'm wondering if something else is happening and with it being mainly a reflection of avoiding beef and dairy products. I'll fight through the issue.
Worth noting. I was a little bit sick this morning. Nothing terrible, but the good energy has gone away for now. It should return soon I'd guess. The sickness likely came from eating to many nuts which irritated my digestive system. Yesterday I also didn't take any Imodium which in hindsight wasn't a good idea. The gut remains overly sensitive.

What is worth noting is that my gums feel much better now.

Yesterday I stopped taking pregnenolone. I figured it was not needed anymore. If the energy remains low I'll begin taking it again.
Today has been another awesome high energy day. I forgot to note something very important for having good energy, for me.

Not only do I need to have the right diet, and need to have less diarrhea to have good energy, I also need to do light exercises to have feel energized. Light exercises that pump me up with energy include swimming and light weight lifting.

On the other side, exercises that tire me out, are walking which does not boost my energy levels and bike riding.
Eyes are blueish and have been so for the week.

Tired and fatigued this morning. The problem I believe comes from doing to much. I still feel the good energy in me this morning, but I'm quite sore from everything I've been doing of late. Today will likely be a good day to take an easy and read a book.
The sore gums are back today. This feels very similar to when I would eat pork and the gums would become overly sore. I imagine this issue will resolve in a few weeks or months.

Gained 5lbs somehow! The other day I wrote about loosing a couple pounds. Now I'm up 5lbs. Strange.
Yeah, salt, sugar, eating a bad of candy corn in a couple days. Hard to say what caused it. :D In all honesty don't know why the weight gain, but historically for my condition it happens. I'm not all that concerned about it. I'm thinking I'll worry about the weight at a later time. I'd like to address it now but that isn't practical.

This morning I have mixed feelings going on. I feel fatigued. It's a feeling as if I've eaten to much fiber. Everything hurts at the moment. I'm moving slowly. I'm also fidgety moving my legs around. That's unexpected. The gums are sore and hurt. It has the same feeling as what happened when I ate only pork as a meat source. Eyes are blue.
Yeah, salt, sugar, eating a bad of candy corn in a couple days. Hard to say what caused it. :D In all honesty don't know why the weight gain, but historically for my condition it happens. I'm not all that concerned about it. I'm thinking I'll worry about the weight at a later time. I'd like to address it now but that isn't practical.

This morning I have mixed feelings going on. I feel fatigued. It's a feeling as if I've eaten to much fiber. Everything hurts at the moment. I'm moving slowly. I'm also fidgety moving my legs around. That's unexpected. The gums are sore and hurt. It has the same feeling as what happened when I ate only pork as a meat source. Eyes are blue.


Did the Dr suggest you come off the steroids. I'm just thinking if you still have diarrhea maybe you should try something else if they weren't working for you!
Vicky. None of the medications given me worked. I wish that had not been the case. At that point I was told by the doctors I was on my own. I don't have crohn's. My IBD condition is a type of colitis.

Today has turned out to be a better day than expected. The morning began slowly but this afternoon I have good energy. That may in part be due to some light weight lifting done and swimming exercises. I can imagine for the mont of July I'll have my good days and bad. What will be helpful is if the eyes remain blue in color. It gives me something visual to look at, helping keep me on track with the diet which seems to be working, at least i hope so.
Vicky. None of the medications given me worked. I wish that had not been the case. At that point I was told by the doctors I was on my own. I don't have crohn's. My IBD condition is a type of colitis.

Today has turned out to be a better day than expected. The morning began slowly but this afternoon I have good energy. That may in part be due to some light weight lifting done and swimming exercises. I can imagine for the mont of July I'll have my good days and bad. What will be helpful is if the eyes remain blue in color. It gives me something visual to look at, helping keep me on track with the diet which seems to be working, at least i hope so.
Hi again
I too have colitis, microscopic colitis and I've been on budesonide for a month so far and it took a good 3 weeks of taking it to show any sign of improvement. Ive also been given some anti diarrhea medication. Im eating very plain food. Cheese or tuna sandwich or jacket potato or yogurt. I tend to avoid eating after 6 or 7 in the evening. Have you tried budesonide? I tried prednisone and it didn't do anything but budesonide has got me down to going to the toilet between 3 and 7 times per day instead of between 15 and 25. Keep in contact, talking helps
Vicky x
That is good. Glad to hear you are doing better. I've seen many with MC talk of taking budesonide. It helps some and doesn't help others I've noticed. The Potty People Persky web sight dedicated for MC has several that talk about the different medications tried and what not along with diet. To be honest with you I don't remember if I was given budesonide or not. It was quite awhile ago since I saw doctors for my MC. I was given various medications over the years, none helped, and was told eventually that's it. I think the phrase was "buck up kiddo you will need to learn how to live with the condition."

I'm pleased with how dietary ideas have helped me. Many with MC seem to eventually find a way to control their disease with diet. Personally I wish I was better, stronger, but I'm working my way with it. My diarrhea is now under control. I'm likely similar to you in that I'm going 3 to 5 times a day typically without urgency.
I'm feeling good this morning. I was hoping that would happen. yesterday I did some light weight lifting and instead of being tired afterwards I feel more energized. It's a very positive sign I believe.

Later today I'm hoping to do some swimming exercises. it might be to much exercising and could find myself fatigued.

Fingernails are growing quicker it appears.
It was a good day overall. The morning stated out with me having lots of energy. After a swim and later a bike ride, I'm now slowing down, tired and not concentrating well.

Gums hurt some still. Eyes were looking blue this afternoon.
Yesterday was a good day. If I needed to be on my feet working, yesterday I likely could have done that.

Today I suspect is going to be different. This morning I'm feeling sore and run down already. It will be a good day to take an easy and recovery.
Generally I've had a couple good days with the digestive system. Today as expected I'm fatigued and tired. It is due to all the swimming and exercising done. On days such as this I tend to be lost mentally all to often. Overall though it's a good day. I'm fatigued but in general energy levels are decent. Imagine after a good nights sleep I'll do well tomorrow for the 4th celebrations.
Thanks Chris! I'm looking forward to tomorrows 4th parade.

Good news this evening, I have not eaten anything after lunch. On this diet I've found that I'm more hungry. I also crash quickly after becoming hungry. As a result it has me snacking often on this diet. That might be changing if tonight is any indication.
Mild upset stomach this morning. It might keep me away from morning Independence events. The upset stomach shouldn't last long though. Energy decent this morning. Eyes are blueish. Finger nail with pitting looking better.
I slept very well last night. Yesterday I went another day of not eating anything after lunch. I was doing well until I went for a walk in the heat. Afterwards I crashed, had little energy. I still didn't eat and a few hours later was feeling better.

Today most likely I'll eat some if I find myself hungry in the evening. It's good to loose a few pounds but I'm apparently not quite there yet where I can go long periods of time without eating some.

Eyes blue this morning. Feeling a little tired and sore from exercises done yesterday.
A little bit ill once again this morning. It was mild but always troubling to some degree when ill. I have an idea of what might be the cause. Around two weeks ago I decided to begin trying to eat dairy free margarine. The margarine flavored some foods up. I think though all the oily margarine might be to much for the stomach to handle. I'll stop eating margarine and see if that solves the issue.

Eyes blue all day. Nice to see, gives me hope I'm on the right diet.
Doing well this morning. Thinking about it last night, on this diet of avoiding beef, dairy, and spices, most likely the answer is spices. At least for the stomach. I'll need to avoid it for a few years I'm guessing to get well. Avoiding dairy products is likely why I have the blue eyes. Spice avoidance plays a roll also in the blue eyes.

This is my guessing for this morning. The diet overall is helping, even though I have a bad day from time to time. Wish I had more energy. It's a struggle fighting for energy most of the time. It is nice though to have great energy every so often as been happening of late.
Have good energy this morning. It's is lovely and good timing as I'm hoping to do some carpet cleaning work. Carpet cleaning tends to wipe me out for the day after the work is done. Maybe it will be a half day wipe out this time.

Weight is back to around 180lbs. I've been better about how much I eat of late due to not crashing as I was before. Kind of hoping on this new cheese and dairy free diet that I'll be able to drop into the 170 weight range this time.
Mildly ill today but not unexpected since I did work this morning, carpet cleaning, that used stomach muscles. Overall energy good. I am worn down though and with that notice my eyes are not so blue. That is typically how it works.
I should add. Tomorrow I'm buying some pork chops. Since the gum problem happens when I eat chicken also I'm guessing the problem is caused by chewy foods. Pork pushes down on my gums, making them sore and inflamed. The root of the problem likely comes from poor absorption and nutritional deficiency leading to sore gums overall. Possibly if the answer is spices, beef and dairy products the soreness will eventually go away. I'm adding pork because I'm hoping to be on this diet for a year and to do that I need to keep the diet somewhat flavorful.

If a hurricane comes this way and I need to leave I'll begin eating cheese. It works better than everything else at keeping the stomach in good shape, thought eating cheese does have draw backs.
Yesterday was another day of not feeling all that hungry and when not eating I didn't feel weak and crash. I'm always looking for positive signs that I'm following the right diet, and I suppose this is as good of a sign as a gets. I'll keep avoiding spices along with beef and dairy products.
The scary diet is living up to its reputation. Well ill this afternoon but despite that still have very good energy today. Swam for an hour this morning then did some light weight lifting. I speculated about calling 911 after all the exercising as a precaution but I'm still alive and moving around. The only soreness is in the belly and I suspect that is a left over from yesterdays carpet cleaning which had me using stomach muscles.

for what ever reason when on this diet of eating chicken, eggs, turkey, I can be ill easily to the stomach. Imagine that will improve in around 3 to 4 months.

Did not buy the pork. Saw in notes and remember that pork also causes me to itch. Pork is likely fine for the stomach but figure why mess with a good thing. So far the diet has been a positive.
And just like I'm adding beef and cheese into the diet. I was really sick to the stomach today. Equally though I had and have great energy. Energy levels are upper level. So I'm going to see if I can eat cheese and beef and have good energy. I'm pretty sure I know the answer, which is yes.

I need a good functioning stomach this time of year with it being hurricane season.

I can't think of a time where I have had good energy when eating spices. I've recorded in notes a few times of playing poorly at sports when eating garlic. Once garlic was removed from the diet I played much better at sports. So I'll avoid spices for a year. At least that is the plan, a good one.
i'm feeling very well this morning, have lots of energy. I'm having second doubts about eating dairy products. Cheese and the like tire me out and make me feel terrible. It does help some with the stomach though. So what I'll do is buy some more cheese and stick it in the freezer. In case it is needed later I'll have it.

I am going to eat some beef. I'll see if the good energy remains or not.
I ate beef today, and I have all kinds of energy. I'm feeling energetic and upbeat overall. It's great news for me.

Have a new theory on why I've been sick a few times the last couple of days. I've been swimming often of late. When I swim typically I do laps swimming frog style. I've purposely swum this way as frog style using few stomach muscles.

Of late since I've had improved energy levels I began swimming free style. I forgot though that free style swimming uses stomach muscles. I'll twist and turn when free styling in the pool. I'll plan to go back to the frog swim in the future. I imagine that will take care of the latest stomach issues.

Appearance, looking worn down. I've been exercising a good deal more that I probably should. My energy levels though as supporting the exercises.
It appears I already have an answer on the swimming style theory. I swam mainly frog style today. And after lunch I was very sick once again. My energy levels reading great though, which is a blessing.

So I have a couple other ideas to try. I did begin eating a new food a few days ago. It's a berry fruit ice dish. None of the ingredients appear to be trouble makers but I might be wrong. I'll stop eating the new ice dish.

I've also been eating around a dozen macadamia nuts a day. I'm going to cut that back to two macadamia nuts allowed. I don't want to stop eating the nuts entirely as I feel the nuts are helping to improve my energy levels. Nuts do irritate the digestive system though. I don't know why that is so, but suspect it could be due to the high magnesium levels, magnesium being a natural laxative.

I'm also going to stop eating chicken, which I did today. I doubt this is the issue as I've been eating chicken for the last couple of weeks without issue. Chicken though has a history of being a trouble maker for me, so good to stop eating now and try adding back later.

This is a troubling type of type of illness. Imodium has no effect on it. It comes on quickly. I'm not wanting to leave the house, go on walks, or drive into town due to the upset stomach. Hopefully one of the above ideas will calm the stomach and give me relief.
Doing alright. Energy levels feel good this morning. With that said the last few days illness does have me feeling uneasy and not entirely great. Hopefully I'll be back in better shape today after the latest adjustments.
No upset stomach this afternoon...so far. I think though I have stopped the upset stomachs that have been experienced the last couple of days. I am feeling run down, tired now. My eyes hurt also which is common for some reason after being sick for a few days. My vision with up close objects is poor. Reading is a chore. I should be better by tomorrow.

I also avoided potatoes and peppers, members of the nightshade family.

Most likely the cause of the upset stomach was caused by eating to many macadamia nuts. What I'm planning to do is tomorrow I'll begin eating the berry ice dessert. I highly doubt it is a problem food. If all goes well with it, I'll add chicken back into the diet. Then I'll add potatoes and peppers.

Eyes are blue today but are less so.
Energy levels OK. Stomach doing well. Eye sight remains blurry for up close vision. Hopefully that will improve by later today.

I'll eat the berry ice dessert later today. Fingers crossed I don't become ill.

I might end up raising my 2 macadamia nuts a day to 4 nuts a day if energy levels don't improve.
I ate the berry ice treat and it has caused no problem today. I'll test again tomorrow to make sure.

Energy levels alright today. I'm not overly energetic but can do work when needed. Appear beat up and worn down. Eyes blueish.
I was thinking yesterday that since I'm avoiding spices it would be silly of me to not also avoid the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers, tobacco, etc.) The two tend to go together.

I began eating this way yesterday, avoiding nightshade family along with spices and dairy products. This morning I have excellent energy and I'm well to the stomach.
This will be nice if it remains, since yesterday, after I began to avoid the nightshade family, aches and pains went away. Todays walk has been pain free. I've guessed the pains were due to exercising to much. The pains were mainly in my hips and also my hand as I've been using a wrist strengthener. Time will tell if the aches were caused by potatoes, peppers, or tomatoes, but off to a good start.
It has been a great day. Energy levels are good, and many aches and pains have largely gone away. I'll keep an eye on the finger nail with mild pitting to see that pitting goes away in the coming weeks. I'll keep avoiding nightshade family, spices and dairy.
I have done well today. Energy levels are decent. Stomach doing great. No aches or pains noticed. Even the longer term thumb pain has gone away. Looking healthier. About the only complaint is that comes to mind is that I'm finding it harder to concentrate today. That is likely do to the extra exercises done. I''ll hopefully sleep well and with that be back to typical tomorrow.