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My journey to getting well

180lbs this morning. I expect to loose weight avoiding beef but am surprised to loose 2lbs in a day.

Wil put avoiding beef on a permanent list. The only food similar is milk. I never drink milk or have a product with a little milk, butter, etc in it. I know if I drink milk, even a tiny bit, I'll feel miserable for the day. I'll become chilled and ache all over. The one exception is cheese. I can eat cheese without feeling horrible. I don't feel great eating cheese but it does have a constipating effect.

I'll undoubtably find other foods to be concerned over. Pork in particular comes to find. I'll test pork again in a few months. Figure there is no rush.
Wanted to note, regular store bought beef makes me feel awful. Grass fed beef doesn't make me feel that badly. Eating grass fed cheese and beef can make the gut well, but I don't recover and begin to develop lots of dental problems, cavities, chipped teeth, etc.
Feeling upbeat, doing well. Avoiding beef and milk products is an old idea I've tried a number of times. It's a matter of whether I avoided it long enough.

Energy levels are good today. Stomach is doing fine.
I've likely noted this before and forgot about it. this is big. It looks like the muscle cramping has been caused by eating beef. At least the cramping has gone away once I stopped eating beef a week ago. I can stretch without the muscles painfully cramping up.

Additionally my skin color has slightly changed since eating beef. Before I had a natural tan, or olive complexion. Now since avoiding beef and dairy products my skin is less tan. I know from experience when well for a longish period of time the skin turns whitish with little tan.

Energy levels have been soso of late. I've been weight lifting and exercising more than typical. That likely is hurting my energy levels more than anything else.

Weight is 180lbs.
As is typical tired when on this diet of avoiding beef and dairy products. Doing well though. I'm going to concentrate on seeing if I become overly ill at times. I have doubts that I will which is a good sign if it happens.
I'll keep track of how the stomach is doing. Maybe if I stop the big upset stomach attacks on this diet that would be telling. So far so good with avoiding milk and beef. No big stomach urgent issues. I am sick but not terribly ill. My energy as usual are poor and concentrating abilities can be poor at times also.
Oh, forgot small detail but have noticed that when I avoid beef and milk products I do not develop acne after eating coconut.
I've gained 5 pounds in the last couple of days. I've used the bathroom less frequently of late. I'm guessing that is why I've gained the weight. My energy levels were very poor yesterday. I didn't want to do much at all. I was feeling greatly fatigued.
Feeling rather run down with poor energy. Imagine feeling overly fatigued will be a common theme for the next 4 months at least. Hopefully I'll gain better energy levels eventually. It hurts always feeling fatigued.

On the positive I'm looking healthier and the stomach is doing well.
I've been keeping track of my eye sight, and little doubt since avoiding beef my eye sight has improved. I can now read small print without difficulty.

I noticed that my eye sight improved when I avoided dairy/cheese in the past. Apparently beef plays a roll in this also.
i have good energy this morning. Last night the good energy arrived. It's obviously nice to have this, not feel dragged down and in pain.

It's certainly a change as just the other day i was so fatigued and tired that it was difficult to talk.

I'm guessing the good energy will be gone by sometime today.
stomach hurts this morning. I feel rather lousy. Look healthy though. My skin is looking good and healthy in general.
I'm at about the 3 week mark of avoiding beef and dairy. I've have stomach pain that was uncomfortable to deal with. I've had times where I was overly exhausted and fatigued.

What I have not had during these 3 weeks has been a large stomach flare up. That's a positive sign. If I can keep the large flares away that will give me confidence.

As typically happens on this diet I've filled out. My cloths feel tighter. My weight has been around the same though. I've gained a couple pounds being at around 182lbs. I'd prefer to see 180lbs and lower but can't complain to much.
There is little doubt, my eye sight continues to improve since avoiding milk and beef. I can read small print easily now.
A problem that I have with avoiding beef and milk products concerns confidence that the diet will work.

THis is because in the past I've avoided milk and dairy products for years. During that time I didn't eat much beef. Avoiding beef wasn't purposeful during that time. i just didn't care for the taste. I don't believe I ever fixed a beef dish at home during that time. I rarely ate out and when I did I opted for a chicken dish.

Thinking about it yesterday is occurred to me that i was wrong. I did eat beef, at least once a week. WHen I avoided milk products, during that time I was able to function. I was able to work. During lunch time there was a roast beef sandwich shop up the road. I used to pick up lunch for everyone from the roast beef sandwich shop. So I did eat beef.

This gives me confidence to continue with the diet. It's going to take more than 4 months to become well if this is the answer.
Haven't been majorly sick this week, at least up to this point. No flares. That's always a good sign. Hope it continues while on this diet of avoiding beef, dairy and pork. I'm not purposely avoiding pork but noticed I haven't had any.

I'm talking decently well. I'm not the best talker still but this week I have the energy to communicate what I'm looking for.
I'm exhausted this morning. It doesn't take much weight lifting to have me tired out the next day.

In the past I kept careful watch over my finger nails. Sometimes they would pit. At some point I stopped monitoring the nails and during that time the pitting went away. During that time though I was mainly avoiding beef & dairy products. I suspect that is the cause of the pitting. Possibly the pitting is related to my stomach problems. I suspect so.

At the time though i suspect possibly other foods were causing the finger nail pitting. One of those foods was mixed nuts. I'm going to begin eating mixed nuts once again and monitor what happens.
Yesterday I stopped eating spinach. I had read spinach can cause problems for the thyroid.

I looked healthier yesterday. I was pleased about it. I'll monitor to see if the healthier appearance continues after avoiding spinach.

Stomach was mildly upset yesterday but nothing that was much of a problem. The relatively calm stomach continues since avoiding beef and dairy products.
Looked unhealthy and haggard today. Maybe avoiding spinach isn't doing anything for me. I'll give it another day or two.
The mixed nuts have not caused finger nail pitting up to this point. All the fiber is causing trouble for my stomach this morning though I suspect. I'll lay off the nuts.
Looks awful and run down.

I'm feeling decent though. My energy levels are nice. I was tired out yesterday in the afternoon and had a hard time talking but that's the norm.

It's appearing this will be another week out any significant stomach flares.

Finger nails look good.

I'm eating spinach once again.

I've not lost weight but it feels as if Ive lost some fat. That could possibly be due to the short holiday from eating spinach. More likely it is due to not eating a snack in the evening. I've been good amount not eating anything after lunch this week.
Earlier in the week I noted about looking healthier. I was wrong about the idea, cause, for the appearance.

Yesterday I remembered on the earlier day that I appeared healthier I had not eaten eggs. So yesterday I avoided aggs in the afternoon. THe result, I appeared healthier in the afternoon.

I'll try avoiding eggs, chicken and cheese for awhile and see what happens. Much of the improvement I've noted of late could be due to avoiding cheese.
I believe I've lost 2 lbs since avoiding eggs.

Had good energy yesterday. Looked beat up but that was largely due to working out in the morning. I'm off to a good start.

I'm going to add beef to the diet.

If this is the answer, eggs and chicken, why I have not recovered is likely due to cheese. Eating cheese can constipate me, but with a damaged gut I suspect that causes me pain and fatigue. Avoiding cheese also should be beneficial.
Good and bad news. THis morning I'm able to wear a shirt that I would have avoided doing so last week. My stomach isn't bulged out as much. There remains some pudge but not enough to deter me from wearing the tighter shirt.

Looking at my notes it appears when the finger nail pitting showed up I was avoiding eggs and chicken. The notes are not that good. I could be wrong. But it looks as if this was the case and it has me questioning what caused the finger nail pitting. Nuts, almonds in particular since dad is allergic to almonds, would be a good candidate.

I'm being very careful with diet and movement. The very worst stomach flares hae occurred after avoiding eggs and chicken. The flares happened within 1 to 2 weeks of starting the avoidance diet. I want to avoid that pain at all costs.
This is a very good sign and worth noting, Im not overly fatigued this evening. THis morning I worked out hard on my legs, well hard for me. Then after lunch I went for a swim.

Typically after that I'd be in a considerable about of pain and experiencing fatigue. I'm slightly tired this evening but nothing terrible.

Eyes are also blue. Hope that continues.
The blue eyes have not hung around.

Overall though I'm doing well. Energy levels have been good. I've been exercising a lot. As a result I should feel more tired and fatigued than what I have been. I'll keep on the diet of avoiding eggs, chicken and cheese.

I'm also avoiding spinach, as of yesterday. I'll try that idea again to see if it helps me to loose weight.

Today was an awesome day. I worked out hard. I typically do 50 pushups on upper body day. Today I did 100 pushups. I did work around the house. I went on a long walk.

After all that, I'm not tired or fatigued. Well, I'm tired some but am not experiencing fatigue.

I'm having diarrhea of course. I was more sick than typical today, yet had good energy. It's a great sign. I'll keep with the diet.
I've been eating a great deal of fiber of late. I've been eating blueberries, carrots, nuts and grapes. THis has been going on for a few weeks. I've not had any apparent problems with the higher fiber foods.

Today I ate 4 rice cakes. Typically that would be a big problem, not only for the stomach but also for energy. Today though I'm not experiencing any troubles from the fiber rich rice cakes. If anything my energy levels are higher than typical.
It's been a very good day once again. I've been active most of the time. My energy levels are high.

That's always been the problem, either the stomach is troubled or I have zero energy.

The next couple of weeks will be important. If I can continue to have high energy levels and the stomach remain decent enough I'll have my answer is an egg and chicken allergy along with avoiding cheese.
Yesterday and this morning I'm somewhat tired but not feeling fatigued. I've been exercising a tremendous amount for me. I should be tired. Stomach is so so. It's been better but no big problems there. Overall I'm feeling upbeat.
Slept poorly last night. I've been sleeping worse while on this diet of avoding eggs and chicken. I suspect the problem is due to the higher fiber diet I've been eating. Imagine the issue will go away soon.

I'm not all that tired this morning.

Appears I've lost some fat. My weight is the same but from appearances I can tell some fat weight has been dropped. Still have a ways to go on this though.
This is good news. I've been monitoring it for the past 3 days. It just continues to improve.

The gums on the right side of my mouth are tender. As a result I typically chew food on the left side of my mouth. Here of late I've noticed the tenderness on the right side has been going away. For the last few days at least I've been able to chew food on the right side of my mouth without pain.

Will monitor. Hope this continues.

I continue to appear as if I lost weight though my weight has remained the same at 180lbs.
Being able to chew without pain on the right side continues. I must be healing some. Energy levels have been decent. My lunch was delayed by 4 hours yesterday and I wasn't all that fatigued from it. That's a good sign.
Didn't eat lunch or dinner yesterday. I did OK missing the meal. My energy levels were not horrible from not eating.

Chewing on the right side remains good. I feel no pain doing so.
179lbs Had more diarrhea than typical yesterday. Energy levels remained decent. I probably ate to many cashew nuts.

THe right side of my jaw remains in good shape. Chewing food is not painful. Hope this is related to the diet change and wth that will eventually will see an improved stomach.
Doing well. I had a nice walk with a neighbor and had a competent conversation. I'm still tired but not as bad as can be which has me talking better. I overall feel more reliable. That's one of the greater frustrations, not be reliable and with that not being interested in longer term projects. Think I'll take a chance tomorrow and begin a longer project I've been putting off. Fingers crossed my energy levels remain steady.
178lbs. I lost another pound. I'm beginning to suspect that avoiding eggs and chicken along with cheese is how I loose weight for me. Will see. Energy levels are not that great this morning but I'm hoping to be more active for the day and work on some projects.
It was not a stealer beginning for the project of reorganizing the house. I worked for a couple hours then tired out. I should be able to work today for awhile though. I'm feeling decent this morning.
I didn't expect this so thought to note.

Before I began the latest diet idea of avoiding cheese, eggs and chicken, I would weigh 190lbs after lunch.

Today after lunch I weigh 182lbs.

I've lost 8lbs in 3 weeks it appears. Energy levels have been good. The stomach has been average.
177lbs. Lost another pound.

For the last few years, no gum bleeding after flossing and brushing teeth. Typically I'll see a little bit of bleeding after flossing. That has not been the case the last few days on this diet.

Chewing food on the right side of my mouth remains pain free.

My energy levels are poor this morning. I suspect the last two days of house reorganizing has worn me down. I'll take an easy today.
It's been a terrible stomach day. Moving around, doing house work and eating fiber is not a good combination for the stomach. I'll take an easy this weekend, eat less fiber and get back to work next week. Energy levels have improved since being sick today.
I'm going to also avoid turkey. I'll be avoiding all bird products to see what happens. I'll continue to avoid pork. It may not may not be a problem food. I'll continue to eat beef and will add tuna to the diet.
I avoided turkey for breakfast this morning. Instead I ate some beef along with fruits and vegs. I have fantastic energy this morning. I feel really good. Hope it continues.

I'm going to add ham to the diet after all. I'll do that in a few days. I'll continue with only eating beef for the time being. Instead I'll eat ham lunch meat which is soft. Hope that solves the gum problems when eating pork.
Continue to have a good start with the diet of avoiding bird. Yesterday I had very good energy levels. I experienced much less cramping and gas. I thought it could be the nuts causing the cramping but maybe it was the turkey lunch meat. My gums continue to do well, not bleeding or feeling sore.

I'll add pork lunch meat to the diet tomorrow. Hoping my gums do well with that addition.
I'm certainly using the bathroom less the last two days. Since avoiding turkey I've used the bathroom twice in the last two days.

When I was eating turkey I was going to the bathroom 4 or 5 times a day I'd guess.
I've lost my appetite since avoiding turkey. Eating sounds terrible at the moment. My energy levels were poor yesterday and not that great early this morning. The poor energy felt to be due to over working. I'm feeling better now. I'll likely eat lunch today but it will be a small lunch.
The diet has seen extremes. On this diet of avoiding bird, I'm either super fatigued and tired or I have very good energy. I don't know why that is.

It appears a slight sinus issue has cleared up the last few days.

My gums continue to feel very good. The right side is not a problem. I can chew with it without feeling pain. There is no to very little bleeding when brushing and flossing.

I'm eating soft pork lunch meat and so far have not experienced any issues from it.
I'm feeling rather run down and sluggish on this diet. Overall though I'm feeling positive about it. My eyes are blueish. Hoping become bright blue. The stomach is acting good, above average.
179lbs this morning. I've been eating a great deal the last two days. I figure it is caused by the extra fiber foods I'm eating. It's making me hungry.

Embarrassed myself the last couple days meeting new people. I'm to tired to have much of a conversation. I want to explain my sickness but there is no use. No one understands stomach conditions I've learned. Everyone expects everyone else to be healthy.

My gums still do not hurt. This is greatly encouraging. I was worried about when I began eating pork lunch meat about my gum health. So far so good. I'm encouraged overall by the diet I'm following. Maybe in a few months I'll have better energy levels.
This morning I feel fatigued and tired. I'm weak. My head hurts. It's difficult to concentrate. I've used the bathroom 3 times. Overall not a bad start. I think it is going to be a good day. :rof:
My eyes have been blue the last couple of mornings. Nice to see. Hope that trend continues. My gums are still doing very well. Eating soft pork lunch meat is helping. This is around the time typically that my gums would hurt when eating lots of pork chops, 7 to 10 days. Hope that trend continues also. Stomach is so so. Slept poorly last night due to stomach being slightly irritated.
Today was a good day. I felt more with it mentally. Still have a long ways to go in that regard but was pleased. Hope the trend goes further.

Stomach was upset some but nothing terrible.

Energy levels were good. Tomorrow I might test how long I can swim. I'm typically tired out after 30 minutes. The same will likely happen but my muscles might not be all that sore.
This morning I'm experiencing a rare experience. I have lots of energy and I feel strong. My stomach is not all that great but it isn't acting terrible.
You are strong to do this it's such a roller coaster when trying diet only.I went into remission on the Jordan Rubin diet which was really strict, not sure if spelled right. But it was amazing how much energy I had on it after about two months. I could taste the chemicals in foods and loved everything fresh again first time in a long time since I was addicted to cereal and chips, my kryptonite. I'm going to be starting this diet modified again soon and going off vedo because of the horrible side effects I've been having this last month. He wan't to start me on stelara but not sure. Anyway, take care.
This morning I'm experiencing a rare experience. I have lots of energy and I feel strong. My stomach is not all that great but it isn't acting terrible.
You are strong to do this it's such a roller coaster when trying diet only.I went into remission on the Jordan Rubin diet which was really strict, not sure if spelled right. But it was amazing how much energy I had on it after about two months. I could taste the chemicals in foods and loved everything fresh again first time in a long time since I was addicted to cereal and chips, my kryptonite. I'm going to be starting this diet modified again soon and going off vedo because of the horrible side effects I've been having this last month. He wan't to start me on stelara but not sure. Anyway, take care.
Thanks Jane. Very best with the Jordan Rubin diet. Hope it works out well with improving your health as it has in the past.

FOr me, I wish there were drugs that could help my condition but diet is all that is available to me according to doctors. I would get a chuckle, it isn't all that funny, but when people would tell me I'd have to learn to live with my condition. It isn't a condition one can live with though! Rather frustrating but it is what it is. I mention as today has been a good day. I can live feeling as I have this morning and afternoon. It's a good way to start the week and hoping as always the rest of the week is as good as today has been.
I feel strong again this morning. My energy levels seem to be elevated. I'm typically the most tired first thing in the morning so not entirely sure yet. The stomach though is upset. I'm going to the bathroom more than typical. Most likely that is due to swimming for over an hour yesterday. That kind of exercise tends to upset the stomach. Good sign though when I can be sick to the stomach and yet still feel strong. That has only happened when I have the right diet.

My gums still feel good. I've been eating pork lunch meat for over a week now.
Forgot to note, I feel warmer on this diet. I've noticed in the past that when feeling cold I tend to have poor energy levels.
I walked for 10 miles yesterday. I thought I would be overly tired due to all that exercise but that has not turned out to be true this morning. I'm sore but my energy levels are good.

I went over board with exercising today, with swimming in particular. It was good though to have the energy to do that much movement. The exercising upset my stomach though and has given me a headache. I'll relax more tomorrow.

The good energy seems to be sticking around. I should be overly fatigued this evening but instead I feel that I have good energy levels.
I have good energy this morning. The stomach does not hurt. As sick as i was to the stomach after yesterdays swim I was concerned about being overly sick today.

Today I'll take an easy, won't swim or go on a long walk. I'll let the stomach calm down further hopefully. Imagine I'll have a good deal of energy by this evening. That is my guess at least.

Weight 179lbs
Thanks Jane. Very best with the Jordan Rubin diet. Hope it works out well with improving your health as it has in the past.

FOr me, I wish there were drugs that could help my condition but diet is all that is available to me according to doctors. I would get a chuckle, it isn't all that funny, but when people would tell me I'd have to learn to live with my condition. It isn't a condition one can live with though! Rather frustrating but it is what it is. I mention as today has been a good day. I can live feeling as I have this morning and afternoon. It's a good way to start the week and hoping as always the rest of the week is as good as today has been.
Ya I also have a spinal cord injury and was told this is just my life now and I have to live with it....well I'm almost always out of my wheel chair now and down to one arm crutch usually except today. So people who say those things can just suck it :)

I think I've gotten medically induced lupus again from my vedolizumab. The sinus and nose sores, itching like crazy and the never ending fatigue and now my joints hurt so bad especially knees and elbows. I could barely hobble to my computer since I couldn't sleep....sigh....not usually a whiner....just frustrated. It's cool to see how things are working for you, praying they get even better. Cheers
Ya I also have a spinal cord injury and was told this is just my life now and I have to live with it....well I'm almost always out of my wheel chair now and down to one arm crutch usually except today. So people who say those things can just suck it :)

I think I've gotten medically induced lupus again from my vedolizumab. The sinus and nose sores, itching like crazy and the never ending fatigue and now my joints hurt so bad especially knees and elbows. I could barely hobble to my computer since I couldn't sleep....sigh....not usually a whiner....just frustrated. It's cool to see how things are working for you, praying they get even better. Cheers
I love it! You are a warrior! Keep fighting away and winning. That's really fantastic to read about being out of the wheel chair and getting around. I'm cheering for you.

Not happy to hear about the vedolizumab side effects of course. Hoping the diet idea ends up giving you help in that area.

That's something in my family that I'm not to happy about currently, drug side effects. What happened is mom was experiencing severe hip problems. She wasn't able to walk any longer most days. It had me greatly worried for her as her mother was confined to a wheel chair in her later years. That was devastating for grandma.

Mom's doctor ran tests and said the results showed bone was grinding against bone. He recommended she have her hip replaced. That's major surgery of course. It might help but then again having known others that had that surgery done know replacing a joint doesn't always offer relief.

Well, I suggested to mom that she try a vacation from one of her medications. Mom was taking a statin cholesterol lower drug. One of the well known side effects from statins is joint pain. Mom agreed. She stopped taking the statin.

That was the answer. Mom's joint pain has gone away. This all happened around 7 to 8 weeks ago. Over the weekend she went on an 8 mile walk. It was unreal, to go from being locked up at home to going on long walks. I was very happy and relieved for her.
This morning I'm feeling better, more energetic. I'll take an easy as before and see if my good energy returns which I suspect it will.

Weight 179lbs. Most likely if I can consistently keep my energy levels up I should be able to drop 10lbs without to much trouble.
I've been tired and run down today. The stomach continues to be sour. It hasn't been a bad day but would have been nice to have the much higher energy level experienced earlier in the week.

Eating ham still dries out my skin. I itch but not terribly bad. Finger nail looks good. I began eating gelatin yesterday. I doubt it is a problem but will monitor in case it turns out to be an issue. Appearance, I look run down same as I feel today.
To remind myself, I can chew on the right side without pain following this diet. That happened after I stopped eating turkey, eggs and chicken.
I feel OK this morning. I don't have great amounts of energy but I'm not feeling fatigued either. The stomach is doing lousy. I'd like to drop another 10 pounds but as I can see this morning I've lost a good amount of weight on this diet. The shirt I'm wearing used to fit but is now large and loose.
I feel good today. I have the decent energy levels back. Most likely what caused me problems that last few days was eating to many nuts. A couple nights ago I wanted a snack and wanting to loose some pounds ate nuts increase of candy. To many nuts likely irritated my intestines.
I feel mixed this morning. My energy levels feel decent. I'm not bubbling over with energy but I can feel that I'm more energetic than typical. I'm experiencing some cramping this morning. It isn't all that painful but need to be careful. My gums bled a little bit this morning after flossing. I flossed harder than typical which can explain it. Gums overall feel and look good.
I feel rather lousy this morning. My right side gums hurt, I feel weak, and I have a slight ear ache. Hopefully this will improve quickly. If not I'll stop eating pork and instead substitute tuna in its place.
I'm going to try a diet where I only eat grass fed beef or wild caught fish. The idea being that maybe something fed to the animal is causing me problems. I had good success with this idea in the past but never had much energy. I'll continue to avoid cheese. Maybe I'll see good energy due to that. This diet idea is not all that different from what I'm eating now. I'm just stopping the processed meat I've been eating.
I'm feeling much better on the new revamped diet. Energy levels are improved and I hurt less.

I'm only eating grass fed beef or in the future tuna in olive oil. There are another about 20 foods I can have. I've written a list of foods in my note book that I can eat. I'm avoiding pork, spices such as garlic, cheese which likely saps my energy levels. The only controversial food I'll eat is potatoes.

The main goal is to have consistently good energy levels. From there the stomach should improve is my guess. It's the opposite of what happened when I became well to the stomach after being on some diets and ate lots of cheese. I had little energy then.
When I was very sick, and lost 50lbs, I was advised to take a multi vitamins by the hospital. I did so, but could only take the multi vitamin a couple times a week. The vitamin would make me feel awful for 24 hours having no energy, feeling starved, developing an ear ache, and gums hurt.

Eventually I stopped taking the multi vitamin and I saw big weight gain. I did other things though at the same time and can't say for certain what caused the weight gain.

The feeling of when eating pork reminds me some of what happens when taking a multi vitamin. So when avoiding processed meat, these are animals that had been fed diets with synthetic vitamins.

For awhile I'll concentrate on avoiding synthetic vitamins, directly and indirectly.
Thinking about it this morning - I have once and for all proven that pork is an allergy for me. I have a hard time believing this. I come up with other ideas such as chewy pork must cause the swollen bleeding gums. This time though I never ate any hard chewy pork yet the gums have swollen up. My ear began to ache also.

So pork is an allergy food to avoid as is pumpkin and watermellon. Synthetic vitamins are problematic also.

Now I need to find out if there is another food item that is an allergy problem.

Current limited diet I've begun will not last long i suspect. It's to few of foods to choose from. I'll stick with it for awhile and see what happens but imagine in the next week or so will be adding to it.
New plan one that I can live with.

I'm just going to avoid pork. In around 3 months from now, June, I'm going to eat a bunch of cheese and see if that stops the diarrhea. I've wondered what diet it was that allowed cheese to work at solving the D problem. I might not have energy when eating cheese but at least I have confidence that I can travel or do projects without worry that I'll be violently ill or be overly fatigued. I'm assuming it was when I avoided pork that allowed the cheese idea to work. Hopefully given time the GI tract will work well enough without cheese if this idea of pork being the problem is accurate.
Yep I had to give up pork about 15 years ago. I had really bad swelling from it could hardly move my fingers I remember. Egg plant. cauliflower and kiwi is the only things I'm allergic to so far. Swiss cheese is ok for me, softer ones don't work all well in my system, the wonderful slinky goat cheese didn't hurt my stomach/intestines either. I swear I think just the Chinese old diet of fish, rice and certain fruits and vegetables every day with little variance. I need to figure out to because my swelling is out of control.
Yeah, I've known about pork and swelling for years, along with a dry itchy scalp, feeling warm and awful but never can get it in my head that I should avoid pork permanently. I think this time will be different. I got the soft pork idea tested and out of the way this time.

Gum swelling is down greatly this morning but not gone. Imagine by this weekend the gums will be good. The itching is gone.

Imagine it was pork after all that caused the finger nail pitting.

The Chinese fish and rice diet is something I did out of desperation at one time. It worked. It got my gut well. I ate a few other foods with it but not many. Trying to expand upon that though is what gets me in trouble. Then going back on the fish diet to start over takes forever to get healed and I loose patients.
My barber can tell when I'm eating pork. When I go in for a cut she will comment that my scalp is real dry and flaky. She then will sell me a shampoo with a natural anti-fungal in it such as tea tree oil. I'll complain that it is the pork causing the flaky scalp but I'll buy the shampoo anyway. Then next time I'm in, I'll have stopped the pork eating but my barber will believe it's the shampoo that solved my itchy scalp problem. She gets happy and worked up about how well her shampoo worked. I tend to just go along.

There is a TV drug commercial for I believe Humira, don't recall for sure, in which the drug is sold to cure dry flaky scalps. I keep thinking, save some money just stop eating pork! or change you diet.
Thanks Cmack,

I realize I'm writing on a public forum, but mainly my posts are similar to an excise log seen on different workout sights. I've been frustratingly been trying to solve this difficult problem for years. Hopefully I'll find an answer with avoiding pork. That's the plan anyway to try for in 2019.
I changed from bacon to turkey bacon and love it now. The only one that kills me is Honey Baked Ham at Christmas that my sister got....smelled soooo good. But knew I couldn't do it so went to her horses instead when that was out to distract me. Most the time it sounds gross to me thinking about pork....but occasionally at a Chinese restaurant or such I think hummm....but for me so not worth it. Good luck....fight this enemy you can win.
I've bounced back from the recent eating of pork swelling. Typically pork will have me run down.

Also I didn't notice a problem with eating pork as I typically do.

The only thing I can think of that is different is that I started taking nitric oxide supplement a number of months ago. I suspect the NO has helped me out some.

I look ruff and beat up but I'm feeling pretty good today. Energy levels were decent.
My gum swelling is gone this morning. At least I don't feel it any longer. Swollen gums is something that has been with me for as long as I can remember. When a kid I can recall my gums being swollen at times without any known cause. Now I know, or have known for awhile, it was the pork eaten that caused it.

Pork and it's many allergic reactions for me, swelling, itching, dry skin, ear ache, etc has been difficult to figure for a couple reasons. The main reason is due to the time it takes for a reaction to happen. It takes around 2 weeks, sometimes longer, for the allergic is what ever it is to happen.

The other problem I can think of has to do with gelatin. Gelatin is made from two sources cows and pigs. I've had times were I took many gelatin vitamin or supplements. Many times the gelatin supplements did not seem to cause me problems. I suspect now thta would be due to the gelatin being from cows. There is also the possibily though that a small amount of pork gelatin is not a big problem. It might be problematic enough to keep me from becomign well but not enough to cause the bigger noticeable reactions. I don't intend to find out though at this point if it is a problem or not.
I was sick to my stomach last night. It was the worst kind of sickness, it came on quickly, without warning. I hate those. At least on the positive I was thinking if I had any pork remaining in the digestive tract it is gone now.

Doing well this morning though. My energy is good. I'm sure I'll tired out early today but for now I'm hanging in there.

I'm upbeat about this latest idea of avoiding pork and then eating lots of cheese by the end of June to see if I become well to the stomach. The idea has a good story to it, and I have faith it will work. It may not be perfect. I could still be ill from time to time. I might still have some slight health issue such as gum problems, or what not. If it works though I should then continue to heal and improve over the months.
Dang I forgot about gelatin having pork in it...time to go to health food store. They have some which isn't made with animal products.
I think it was the gelatin that did me in with this last diet. The last diet had some positives going for it. I want the diet to work and will have a tendency to highlight the positives of what is going on, while somewhat ignoring the negatives. When I began eating gelatin though I quickly began having the typical pork reaction I've complained about. I was in trouble as was evident last night. I rarely have the quick majoring ill to the stomach events anymore. I'm guessing it was the pork eaten and gelatin that has me hurting. Might take a couple weeks for the GI system to calm down.

I kind of get made fun of for the fish gelatin I will eat from time to time. I buy it off of Amazon. I think it improves my energy some. The taste, nothing terrible but not something I'd want to eat lots of.
Woke up later today. I think the stomach illness caught up with me and I needed the extra sleep. I feel less hungry this morning. It's something hard to quantify but I believe pork makes me feel famished. For the last week at least, I've been eating much more than typical. I likely will be back to eating normal today.
THe last few days I've been eating some cheese. TO my surprise it has helped somewhat. I'm far to early to try this idea, but I might move up the idea to eat lots of cheese to May.

On the down side the cheese as typically happens has slowed me down some. I'll go back to eating without cheese. Imagine my energy levels will increase some as a result.

Going on a long bike ride today to the post office. I'm a bit nervous about the bike ride but imagine most likely I'll be OK.
I have been tired and worn down all day today. I'm well to the stomach though. Most likely it is the cheese eaten that is causing the tiredness. I'm pleased about that, the stomach is behaving. Had a nice long bike ride to the post office. Made it without issues. I have a very slight sore throat this later afternoon.
I feel decent this morning. I'm not feeling all that fatigued and tired. That will change later today i suspect. I was at the store in the afternoon and bought a pizza. I regretted it soon afterwards. The hunger pains have gone away and don't need much food such as pizza. It will be good going down though.

Most likely the bike ride will have me ill later today or tomorrow. Often that is how it works, the sickness being delayed by a day or two.

Weight 181lbs. I'm up a couple pounds due to feeling overly hungry last week. Likely by next week I'll be back to typical 179lbs.
I've done much better today than expected. My energy levels are decent. I'm a bit tired now but have been on my feet much of the day so that is expected. I had the pizza for lunch and it didn't ware me out. There isn't a knot on my stomach from the pizza. So all good signs and worth noting.

On the down side it would not surprise me to be overly sick in the near future due to the long bike ride.
Feeling decent this morning. my weight is up but as expected. I'll eat better going forward. Energy levels are decent.

FOrgot to note but while eating pork and gelatin I noticed that I had muscle cramping. In the past I've noted that avoiding beef helped with the muscle cramps. Well when avoiding beef I'm also avoiding gelatin which can be made from pork. Here of late at least it seems my muscles are in better shape after avoiding pork. I don't believe I would as easily cramp in my muscles right now.
Just to note, i'm going to begin eating a low iron diet just for curiosity. Basically I'll eat eggs, chicken or turkey for meats, and drink green tea which can block iron intake. Doubt much will come of it, but read some interesting health ideas for the stomach so what the heck, I'll give it a shot. It fits in with the current main avoid pork diet.
Last nigth I had lots of energy was feeling good. This morning I wake up tired and feeling run down. What happened!

Well, I'm pretty sure the exercises done yesterday have me worn down this morning. It had me thinking of what was happening with exercises while I was eating pork. Something I've noticed is that I have a tendency to mainly record positives and ignore negatives when on a diet. I want the diet to succeed. It is cheating in a way. Something I am not able to cheat on though is exercise. Either I have the strength and do well at exercise or I do not.

That is what I was noticing when eating pork, my exercises were becoming worse. I was growing weak. I typically can do 25 push ups at a time without to much effort. When eating pork I was struggling to do 10 pushups. I had excuses why that was. It's understandable. My strength never improved while eating pork. I twas also a struggle to do workouts.

Now that I've stopped eating pork doing 50 pushups or 50 leg squats isn't all that difficult. I'm tired later from the workout though.
Doing OK. Weight 180lbs this morning. Gum health is good, little to no bleeding after flossing. The predicted stomach ache has not happened after the long bike ride. I'm still not out of the clear with that I believe.
Been rather tired most of the day. I'm feeling more energetic this evening. Think I over did it with exercise and maybe eating to much fiber. Stomach is hanging in there.
Tired this morning. It's been a few days since I last had any cheese pizza. I'm not following an all bird diet, eating only chicken or turkey. I don't know if I've strictly done an all bird diet. At one time I largely only ate chicken. During then I had lots of energy but was also sick with diarrhea quite a bit. I expect I'll be sick soon on this bird diet but will see soon enough. When I was eating mainly chicken in the past I looked healthy.
Feeling rather tired and shaky today but that's more to do with being active for the day. Appear somewhat healthy which I'm pleased about. The stomach is doing aOK.
Tired again today. It feels like I ate to much fiber. As a result I'm cutting back on the nuts eaten, blueberries, carrots, etc. Hopefully I'll be back to myself in a few days.