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My journey to getting well

186lbs this morning. It is interesting that just avoiding beef and dairy causes me to lose weight. The loss is not that large, but visually I can see the loss. I'm less puffy looking.

It wasn't that long ago that I was avoiding beef and dairy. The good I noticed then was that I was stronger. My muscle could function longer too, in that I cuold swim or bike ride for an hour without to much difficulty. THe bad was that at some point I began to itch all over. I assumed it was a spice causing that problem.

Regardless, I better stay away from beef and dairy. I'll likely begin eating spices and nightshade later in the week.

I'm hoping today to be relatively well to the stomach once again.
It has been another good day for the stomach. This makes 2 days. I'm essentially well to the stomach. Well, I'm not well in the traditional sense but I'm not sick either and it is something I could live with. Energy levels are good.

Tomorrow I'm likely to be worn down as I've done a good many pushups.

Fingers crossed I can reach 3 days of being well.
I'm very pleased this morning. I did a great deal of weight lifting, push up exercises yesterday. Today traditionally I should be exhausted. I'm not exhausted this morning though. I'm feeling pretty good and upbeat. I'll stick with the diet of avoiding nearly all food. It feels that way at times at least with avoiding spices, nightshade, pork, beef, dairy, nuts and seeds.
Tomorrow I'm going to add spices to the diet. I'll keep with the main item to monitor, the rash. If the rash stays away when I avoid beef, dairy, pork and nuts, I'll go with that.
I've begun eating spices. Now that I'm avoiding beef and dairy I suspect I will not break out in the rash. I suspect that it is a two part issue. Will know for sure though by this weekend. This morning I took a garlic supplement and ate spicy chicken sausage.
No rash noticed this morning even though I've eaten lots of spices. I'm pleased about that. I'm also filling out more in a positive way. I've noticed that dairy eating has a wasting effect on me. It could be similar to what is written about celiac disease and the wasting that can occur with that condition. I suspect beef has a similar effect on me. Weight remains the same.
I should add, I'm quite tired and sore this morning. I've exercised to much it feels like and imagine by tomorrow I'll be feeling better. For now I'm feeling rather run down and lousy.
I have to admit, since I began eating spices I've had poor health days. My energy levels have been very poor.

TOmorrow I'll go back to avoiding spices to see what happens.
Yes yes yes, I feel much better this morning. Last night I ate a rare dinner. It was free of spices. THis morning I avoided spices. I'm not feeling much more energetic, my muscles do not hurt as much. My eye sight is greatly improved also. I've not written much on it but can at times have fuzzy eye sight. I've noticed that is connected with how much stomach is feeling. Yesterday and the day before when I began eating spices once again it came difficult to read and difficult to see the small print on my watch. This morning I can easily see the small print on my watch.

Avoiding spices and nightshade is easily my least favorite diet. If it keeps the muscle pain away and my vision in good shape I should be able to stick with the diet long term. That should be a good test to monitor for me, how well I can view my watch.

i should be able to post less now. It would be good for me to do so.
No doubt, I feel much much better since avoiding spices and nightshade. My energy levels are back up, and my eye sight has quickly improved. I can easily see small print. About my only complaint this morning is that my left foot is sprained. I'll have to keep off it. Oh and I've gained 5 lbs the last couple of days. I should be able to lose that over the next couple of days.
Doing well this afternoon. My eye sight remains greatly improved. I'm only a short time away from the time when I was eating spices/nightshade. I remember clearly how terrible I felt eating chicken sausage and Chinese food. So I'll stick with the plain food from now on.

My eye sight improving ironically comes at the same time my father has had eye surgery. His eye sight is greatly improved now. It isn't something I'll ever know the answer to, but with my experience of blurry eye sight, not being able to read small print after eating spices, I'd guess others experience the same but don't know it is a food reaction problem. Just a guess on my part but figure I'm not alone on this. The great boom in eye glass wearing since the 1960s could be due to the introduction of new foods. I guess a great many new foods began to be eaten in the 1960s. At least I've read that a few times. Before that, meals tended to be plainer.

So I'll avoid spices, nightshade, nuts, seeds and pork. I'll stick with that and have less need to write in my journal. Figure at least it will take 6 months for the stomach to act much better. Cheese will help if I need to travel on the road.
I did a great amount of exercises yesterday. i'm alive this morning Ya for that. The stomach is doing well enough. I'll keep with avoiding nightshade, spices, pork and nuts/seeds.
189lbs. I'd like to drop my weight back to the typical 186lbs this week.

The last few days I've been eating lots of margarine with meals. I've done this as a test to compare with when I was eating potatoes. With potato eating I'd place lots of margarine onto the potato. Since I was always somewhat sick after eating a potato I figured it was either the potato causing problems or the margarine.

The results of eating lots of margarine the last couple days is my stomach has been in decent shape. Since that is the case I'm guessing potatoes and the nightshade family overall is problematic for me to eat.

Tired this morning from exercises done yesterday.
I'm drained today, have little energy. It's miserable. Stomach feels good though. This is the diet that gave me energy recently so hopefully in a week or two I'll have more pep.
I felt better yesterday. This morning I'm feeling decent so far. I have gained a pound. I suspect that is due to eating beef the last couple of days. Today should be the last day of eating beef for awhile. After that I'll eat chicken. Once I eat chicken I'll likely lose weight. Don't know why that happens and if it is relevant to my stomach issues.
I was sick to the stomach quite a bit yesterday. This morning I feel fine though. My energy levels are good. That's a positive sign. I recall a few weeks ago when I was on this same diet the same happened.
my gums bled this morning after flossing. I'm guessing that was due to beign sick to the stomach the other day. The stomach has improved quite a bit since then. Imagine by tomorrow the bleeding will not be much of an issue. Energy levels feel good this morning. I'm feeling relatively upbeat.
I ate a bunch of cheese this afternoon. I suspect that cheese will do it's thing. It feels as if the diet I'm on is working decently. The addition of cheese should be helpful to the stomach.
The cheese seems to have done it's thing. I'm pretty much well to the stomach. I'm feeling run down and more tired, but overall the stomach is good today.

Great news I suspect as it likely means I'm on the right path with my diet. I've been better to the stomach doing the cheese eating idea, but given time I can imagine within a month or two I'll be pretty much well so long as I eat cheese.

I'm liable to not eat much cheese in the weeks ahead though. It does seem to tired me out.

I'll keep avoiding nightshade family, garlic family, nuts and seeds, and pork.

Oh, my gums did not bleed after flossing this morning.
My stomach is doing well. My foot is also doing much better today. I've thought in the past that when the stomach is doing well I fell better in other areas of the body. I heal better overall basically when the gut is on the up swing. The theory certainly seems true today.
No rash what so ever. Skin is appearing healthy.


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Hi Beach,

I just wanted to say hi! Cheers!! I hope you are doing well.:cool: I know this is more of a personal thing for you. However, I appreciate you giving diet info as it may help a lot of others in their dietary choices.

Kind Regards
Cheers! right back at ya! Cmack. Thanks. My goal is only to get myself well and move on, sometime, eventually. It's bound to happen.

The left ankle is feeling very well this morning. There is some pain remaining but not much. After a couple days of the stomach doing well I suspect that helped improve the foots healing process.
I was surprisingly sick this morning. Those are the worst, the surprise illnesses that come with little warning. I'm only 2 weeks in with this diet idea so it isn't something I'm overly concerned about. If I was 2 or 3 months in with the diet idea I'd be concerned. Overall though in general my energy levels are decent. I'm looking healthy. It appears that I'm able to eat cheese and that will constipate me to some degree.

I'm planning to eat cheese and bread on Fridays. It's similar to pizza but without the tomato and spices sauce. it tastes decent enough and the gut responds well to the diet.
Well shoot. I've been sick all morning. The feeling I'm having is that this is similar to what happened in the past when I ate lots of bird - eggs, chicken, turkey. I'd have decent energy on that diet but would have lots of liquid diarrhea. That is exactly what is happening today and happened a few days ago.

I'll make a diet change afterall. I'll just eat beef and tuna in olive oil, and instead avoid bird products. I'll eat cheese more often to help the stomach. Lets see if this calms the stomach down. I'll check later to see if eating less cheese will be possible and that could help with improving energy levels.
I'm doing better this evening, after avoiding all bird items with lunch. I avoided eggs, chicken and turkey.

Kind of nice but I notice the foot pain is gone entirely. It has slowly been going away but it appears to be gone now. Don't know if that is diet related but glad that happened.

Earlier over the last week or two I've written about how eating beef causes me to gain weight for some reason. Eating chicken brought about weight loss of about 3 lbs typically. I've wondered why that happens. Will find out I guess in the next couple of weeks if that gain is stomach related.
I'm going to try something else.

The idea of eating beef scares me. Regular beef I know is a problem. Some of the worst stomach problems I've had came soon after eating commercial beef. Grass fed beef is less of a problem but still seems to cause me issues.

I'm going to instead only eat wild caught fish. THe idea being that something fed to live stock is showing up in the meat and causing me problems. Possibly soy or some legume is an issue. Possibly synthetic vitamins fed to live stock is a problem.
I've been going back and forth on how best to do the diet, strict or easy. I'll go with the easy to begin with.

There is a part of me that wants to make it strict, only eating fish. The idea being that something fed to animals shows up in the meat. The common allergen soy is frequently fed to animals. Synthetic vitamins are fed to live stock. Synthetic vitamins make me stick. I think though I'll start out easy, eat gress fed and regular beef. I'll also eat fish. I'll just avoid pork, bird (eggs, chicken, turkey) and nuts/seeds.
Skin looks very healthy this morning. I'm pleased about that. I slept well. I seem to remember that I sleep very well when I avoid bird items. I'm sweating quite a bit more on this diet, at least I have done so the last couple of days. if sweating is good, then Im doing well. It is hot being summer. For what ever reason I seem to sweat much less when eating bird products.

Looks like I'm going more strict with the diet. I'm not in the mood afterall I eat beef. I'd rather just stick with eating wild caught fish. I'm more comfortable with that. If the theory is right that someone fed to live stock is causing my problem then eating wild fish should help. I'm also eating cheese from an Irish company. The Irish cheese writes that they do not feed their cows alfalfa. Alfalfa is a legume similar to soy. If allergic to soy there is a good chance legume would be a problem. If the wild fish and irish cheese works out then I'll eventually test grass fed beef to see what it does to my stomach.

I can't think of a time where I've been well to my stomach eating chicken, eggs, or turkey. I have had many times being well to the stomach eating grass fed beef, grass fed Irish cheese, and turkey. I never recovered on that diet though and could easily become sick from it due to exercise or some activity where I used my stomach muscles.
Doing well on the fish diet. I was pretty much well to the stomach yesterday. Not surprising considering how much cheese was eaten. Eating cheese though only seems to help when I'm on the right diet. It gives me confidence I'm heading in the correct direction.

Weight 187lbs. That came as a surprise. If I hadn't pigged out yesterday evening I'd likely to at 185lbs this morning.

Sprained left foot seems to be nearly healed up.
I've been worn down tired today. Yesterday morning was similar. Don't know why this is other than possibly being somewhat well to the gut causes me fatigue problems.

Tomorrow I'm going to eat grass fed beef. I'd like to stick to only eating while caught fish but feel grass fed beef is likely OK. I'll keep an eye out for the rash. If it returns after eating beef then I'll stop eating.
SOmething I dislike about this diet of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey is that my muscles ache some along with my wrists being sore. I'm also more tired. The diet is poor for me when it comes to exercising and working out.

Outside of that, the diet is OK. Hopfully things improve over time. if I hope to find out if the diet works I better stick with it for 4 months minimum. Oh some of the worst stomach attacks I've experienced have come when avoiding bird. The attacks might have come due to fiber issues. Never have known what went wrong. Some of the best stomach days have also come from long term avoidance of birds.

Ate beef this morning.
187lbs. I'm still pigging out, eating more than typical. I'm hungry on this diet. Hope that ends soon. My energy levels are not that great. Appear decently healthy though. Skin looks good. The stomach has improved.
I was rather ill yesterday. Disappointing but not entirely unexpected. Disappointing as I have been hpping to make a car trip in a few weeks. If I am unable to string together some better days I'm liable to pass on the car trip. Few things worse than being on the road overly sick to the stomach and fatigued.
I was really tired today. I blame the cheese for that. Feels a bit weird saying that but it's true, cheese fatigue. Gut did better though which I'm pleased about. I'm thinking the fatigue will be here to stay, in particular since I'm eating cheese. Since it is hurricane season with the chance I'll need to drive out of the area quickly I'll stick with the cheese eating.
Today is day 7 of avoiding bird. It's a scary day. 3 times when avoiding bird I've experienced on the 7th day the very worst most painful stomach attacks. Don't know why that is. I've read about withdrawals and there is mention in one book that the 7th day is often the best, or when the withdrawals stop. What ever it is, this day has me on edge.

I've had luck in the past when avoiding bird. For some reason though I don't stick with the diet. I'm guessing that is due to fatigue. The fatigue wares me down and my mind gets to thinking of trying something else.

I'll make it a point that if I do begin to have a much better stomach on this diet, I'll stop eating cheese. Doing that will likely improve my energy levels.
Today was much better and of note.

Today was the first day where i was strict with following a grass fed diet. For the previous days I was eating some regular cheese to get rid of it. The cows were likely fed soy and other items that were milked for the regular cheese. Today though I only ate grass fed cheese and grass fed beef. I was 100% well to my stomach. My energy levels while not great were improved.

So I'll take note, continue with a strict grass fed and wild fish diet. It might just be a coincidence that it worked today but certainly a positive sign for me.
Just to speculate, I may be getting ahead of myself. If the grass fed diet works, there are two main contenders for causing me problems and that are fed to live stock. The first is soy. Soy is a common allergen. It is fed to live stock.

The other is synthetic vitamins. Synthetic multivitamins do three things to me. They cause brain fog for 24 hours, they cause a great amount of fatigue, and they bring about delayed diarrhea.

For the last few days while I was eating regular cheese, I had lots of brain fog, fatigue and diarrhea.

I've always thought also that avoiding bread helped improve my health. Bread is fortified with synthetic vitamins.

So I'll put synthetic B vitamins at the head of the list to avoid. Lets see what happens in the days ahead.
I have good energy this morning. Many of the aches and pains I was experiencing have decreased. My wrist pain has largely gone away. My stomach feels good. Overall I better stick with the strict grass fed diet. I haven't eaten wild fish yet on the strict diet but plan to do so tomorrow.
It's been a mixed day. The morning was great. I had lots of energy. This afternoon after working around the house doing many tasks I wore out. My suspicion is that doing some movement in my stomach area mildly upset the stomach waring me out. Overall though it's been a good day. The stomach is pretty darn good. Tomorrow I'm eating tuna in olive oil.
I can't mess with success. The gut continues to do well. Since going strict with a grass fed diet I've had no diarrhea. My energy levels have been improved at times.

I keep thinking this diet idea is likely wrong. But that's likely due to me not wanting a difficult diet to follow. I'll stick with a strict grass fed diet and some point in the future I'll test eating some regular cheese and regular beef to see what happens.
Today could be a very good day. I need to note this.

For a long while I've known that synthetic vitamins make me ill. I don't know which vitamin(s) effect me though but have speculated that it is a B vitamin.

So yesterday was a mixed day. THe morning started out great, with lots of energy. The afternoon turned terrible as my energy levels greatly decreased. I found myself in a fog and resting most of the afternoon. I blamed it on over exercising sweating to much in the morning.

Well, looking at a food I ate yesterday I see it has vitamin A in it. For lunch yesterday I had margarine butter on a potato. The margarine has vitamin A in it.

Today I have exercised more than I did yesterday. The exercises done effect my stomach muscles quite a bit.

It's just a guess but likely a good guess, synthetic vitamin A is the vitamin causing me health/ gut problems. I think there is a good chance also that animals fed synthetic vitamin A cause me health problems.

The grass fed diet and wild caught sea food I'm following likely is the solution I'm looking for.
Yesterday was a very good day. I didn't ache. My energy levels were good. The stomach was in good shape. I could do about anything I wanted that way the day went.

Probably what I'll do is continue with the diet for another day or two. Then if that goes well I'll add spices to the diet to see how that goes down. I'm also liable to eat a somemade grass fed cheese pizza. I'll see if the synthetic B vitamins in wheat are a problem or not.

I'm not all that happy with all the cheese I'm eating. I'll continue to eat lots of cheese for awhile but likely next week I'll cut back on cheese.

So main item to avoid is synthetic vitamin A, whether directly or with animals fed multi vitamins.
Good news, my foot and my wrist have stopped hurting. I'm guessing that is due to avoiding the margarine with vitamin A added to it. I'm able to walk long distance without problem it appears.

Feeling good today. I'm a bit tired and slightly dizzy this evening. I've exercised hard so imagine that is the cause. I don't ache. My muscles feel good. I worked out probably more than I should have.
This will be a big week for me. If I can stay well to the stomach, improve my energy levels, and further get rid of the aches and pains/fatigue I'll be able to wrap this up and stop writing.

Off to a good start this morning. I'm feeling good.
Stomach doing very well. I've given it a good workout also. Typically I'd be sick to my stomach from the workout. I'm not.

Energy levels are OK. Wish they were better but am not going to complain.

Eyes are blueish. Maybe the machinery is being turned on. Good to see when that happens.

Ate bread with it's added vitamin Bs. No problem from that has been noticed.
I slept poorly last night. I'll be taking a nap today.

Very pleased that my guts are doing well. I should have been sick by now but I have not been ill. My gums do not bleed when i floss. My appetite has decreased. Makes some sense to me, if I'm digesting better that my appetite would go down.

I haven't added spices to my diet yet. If still well today I'm likely to eat some garlic tomorrow.
I've been feeling fatigued and weak all day. It's frustrating. I'm well to the stomach though. Most likely the fatigue is due to stomach exercises, eating some wheat which acts similar to eating to much fiber on. If I can continue to be well to the stomach I know from experience the fatigue issue will improve.
Yesterday was miserable. I was fatigued and worn out all day. It does highlight that while I've been well to the stomach I still don't know the cause. It might be vitamins. It might be soy or legumes fed to animals. The fatigue might have been caused by something else also such as artificial color which I was eating in a candy. I'll try avoiding that for awhile and see what happens.
I feel much better today. My energy levels are up and muscles do not hurt. The only item I've stopped eating has been the peppermint candy with artificial color. Something in that candy most likely was causing my fatigue and brain fog. I'm guessing it is the artificial coloring. It was likely irritating my intestines some.

My stomach continues to do well. Ate bread today without issues. No diarrhea experienced to report.
Today I believe is the 7th day where I've been well to the stomach. I've been mostly well. At least I haven't been sick. Most importantly it appears I have a base diet that I can work with and grow. That's what I've been looking for, a diet I can rely upon to make me well. I'll still need to add new foods. As i found out this week with the peppermint candy, there will be some foods that disagree with me one way or another. It will take a long long time to recover also I realize. So time to move on to the next phase.
There is a problem with my diet. I want to ignore it and hope it gets better but as I've learned in the past I better not do that.

The good news is that I have remained well. The gut can take a beating to some degree and I don't become sick from it I can bend over with my stomach and become ill from it. I can exercise the stomach muscles and not expect to have diarrhea later.

The bad news is that after eating grass fed beef I'll feel that I'm in a fog. I'll also have poor energy. The poor feeling stays for a few hours then lifts. I also can develop a red mark or more on the chest. i've associated the red marks or rash with a reaction.

When I only eat fish and grass fed Irish cheese I don't seem to experience the brain fog or red rash. Why that is I don't know. I can speculate though that it is the beans fed to cows that is causing me trouble. WIth commercial fed cattle soy meal is fed to the cows. WIth grass fed typically the cows are fed alfalfa. Alfalfa is a type of bean.

In Ireland alfalfa is not grown I've read. The climate there is not good for it's production. Instead in Ireland regular grass is fed to the cattle that are milked to make cheese.

So I'll only eat wild caught fish and Irish cheese for a few days to see how I feel and appear. I started this yesterday and so far the results have been good. I'm feeling better. The red rash is nearly gone.
I do feel better today after avoiding grass fed beef. My eyes hurt less. My wrist which I wrote about feels better. I have felt less foggy. The rash is pretty much gone.

The stomach still remains doing well though.

I'll keep eating fish though I don't care much for fish. I'm also eating grass fed Irish cheese.