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My journey to getting well

Something I should note down but have been hoping and wish I wouldn't need to. When eating grass fed beef I did find myself with more energy. No doubt about that. On the down side and not noted I saw I developed a slight rash. I was hoping it was nothing, maybe the beef was hard to digest and for what ever reason caused the issue. When I eat wild caught salmon, my skin after a few days on the diet looks very nice and healthy. No rash. I hate the idea that I'll be needing to only eat wild caught sea food, it's like a horror movie, I don't care much for fish, but if it works I better go with it. I will see over the next week what the fish does does for me. .
I'm back on the wild fish diet and feeling good so far, as expected. Something else I forgot to mention is that I've noticed this week while eating beef I was cramping some and having some gas. The problem wasn't huge but I did notice it and hoped it wasn't a problem.

When I was just eating wild caught salmon it was remarkable at how little gas I had. There would be no cramping. I figure that means I'm digesting food better.

Weight 182lbs this morning. I'll go back to eating 2 meals a day for awhile. If I feel energetic enough I'll get back to eating 1 meal a day a few times a week to lose more weight.

I talk better when i'm only eating wild caught fish. I've noticed that for awhile. When I began eating beef this week I noticed that I wasn't talking as well. I think the difference is simple as that beef causes me to have more phlegm in my throat. When only eating fish I have more of a booming loud voice or more typical of how people talk.
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I read something encouraging. I was reading about Alpha Gal the condition where someone is not able to eat beef or pork without becoming ill. The writing said that sometimes bird meat is a problem also. Not that I want to be aoiding bird meat. I'l have to test that later on, minus eggs. But the writing appears to say that all fish, wild caught or commercial are safe. It would be nice to be able to eat commercial at restaurants or fast food, such as fish sticks. Something to consider if the fish diet works. I've yet to find out for sure that the fish diet does work, though all seems positive with it up to this point.
Doing OK this morning with the fish diet. As usual on the diet I appear healthier. The stomach so far is improved and doing OK. I did chip a tooth yesterday. That unfortunately is a all to common occurrence for me. I've read others with this disease experience similar sometimes. Thankfully no pain associated with the tooth issue, so far.

I'll stick with the fish diet. Think I'll add potatoes to the diet and see how that works out. Weight was 182lbs this morning. It was more like 181lbs but I'm thinking of eating one meal today, see how I handle it, and if I handle it well imagine I'll be back to 180lbs by tomorrow.
180lbs. Doing well this morning. As always have a thousand ideas on what I should do with my diet.

I'm pretty sure at this time I shouldn't eat beef again. It's like pork. I eat pork and I swell up and am in pain. I know now that commercial beef does similar as pork. Grass fed beef has been confusing. I don't react the same to grass fed beef, no gum swelling, I don't feel completely awful after eating grass fed beef, but overall I don't feel well when eating grass fed beef. And it appeas that over time I become ill to my stomach when eating grass fed beef. So I should avoid all beef.

I feel much better when eating chicken and turkey. Eggs too. The problem is that I for tongue sores when eating a bird diet and eventually become very sick to my stomach on the poultry diet. There remains some confusion for me with the bird diet. I'm not sure if bird meat is OK or not. I'll be avoiding eggs in the future. I'm pretty sure eggs are a problem and cause tongue sores. Possibly some of the soy free eggs sold are not a problem. Someday I might try to find out.

The wild fish diet is new for me. It is showing great promise. I feel good and look healthy on the wild fish diet. My stomach improves. I havent' gone long enough on the diet to see if I become well eating this way. In the future as some point I'll add commercial fish to see how I react.
Rash nearly gone. When I was eating grass fed beef I developed a slight rash. I'd guess the rash will be entirely gone with in a day or two.

Stomach has further improved. I'm not well but I was decently well this morning. Hope that continues to improve.

My muscles feel good. My energy levels are so so. My joints feel healthy and lose. there doesn't appear to be any swelling. The grass fed beef does cause joint swelling.

Of the two theories I'm working with, something an animal ate is making me ill, or the Alpha Gal theory, I'm leaning toward the first idea. Poultry makes me ill over time. I have little doubt about taht. Well, there is the concern over possibly just an egg allergy and the meat being fine. I'm guessing though that the meat is a problem too. I can recollect a couple times eating chicken meat or turkey and becoming sick afterwards. I do feel different and better when I eat poultry so it will be an idea to test in the future, but hold doubts that I'll be able to eat regular chicken meat without becoming ill.

When I was thinking about it there is only one type of cheese that I associate with improving my stomach and that is kerry gold Irish cheese. It is interesting in that the Kerry Gold web sight in the past has pointed out that soy is not fed to their cattle nor is alfalfa beans - most of the time. I guess in the winter time alfalfa can be fed to cattle as a feed supplement but the cattle can still graze on green grass. Ive read that they do not grow alfalfa in Ireland. The weather is to cool and wet for it.

So time will tell where this theory takes me. Hope the wild fish diet works out. Ive yet to go for a long time on it.

184lbs after breakfast. I'm not planning on eating anything else today, so it would not surprise me if I weighed 179lbs tomorrow morning.
180lbs this afternoon! Wow. I didn't eat lunch today as I'm looking to drop a few more pounds. Typically I'm not all that hungry when I only eat on meal. Today is different. I'm famished. I'm ready to pig out. I'm also down more in weight this afternoon than expected. Maybe I'm burning more fat. That would be nice.
Weight 179lbs. Well, the scale said 180.0lbs but very close to 179lbs so I'm rounding down. I've lost about 5lbs in the last week. Undoubtably the majority of that being water weight. The next 4 to 5 lbs will be more difficult. I might be able to reach my goal of 175lbs by the end of the month though. Then once that weight is reached I'll decide if I want to go for 170lbs or not.

Stomach decent this morning. Energy levels are OK. Rash, slight rash, remains. No gum bleeding after brushing and flossing. Gums feel good and healthy. No inflammation felt. Joints feel good and strong. I noticed yesterday that my finger nails appera to be growing much quicker. Imagine that a positive sign of better food digestion. I'll stick with the wild fish diet.
I forgot to type down but should note it. Part of the fight is convincing myself to follow diets and test them long term.

Food allergy testing is often complained about for not being terribly helpful or accurate. I've complained about this myself. I've done 3 types of allergy testing and found none of them helpful. They all gave me different results.

The often said to be gold standard for allergy testing, the skin scratch test, did give me only one result. It said I was allergic to peanuts. I was scratched with peanut proteins and I came back slightly allergic to peanuts.

In the past diet wise I tested that easily. I have rarely eaten peanuts in my life and avoiding them was simple. The result avoiding peanuts did not help my gut.

Now I've gone more broad. I'll avoid whole genus families. SOme write that this is the best way to check if one is allergic to an item, avoid all family members of a food. So in this case, if allergic to peanuts best to avoid other legumes/beans such as soy, alfalfa, carob, pea protein, etc.

Of late I've taken it another step. In this case, I'm not only avoiding the legume/ bean family I'm also avoiding any animal that was on a diet of legumes/beans. There is a business for this. Soy free chicken or pork is sold on the internet. The problem with these soy free food items I believe is that alfalfa is typical used as replacement for soybeans in animal feed.

I'll see where this latest idea takes me. I like how I feel on the wild fish diet. In the long run though is where I'll find my answer. I can feel well in the short term on diets but as I've learned it is the long term that counts.
181lbs this morning. I'm a bit tired at the moment but I'm feeling badly. Everyday for the last 4 or 5 days I've worked out my muscles lightly. Typically that would have me in a good amount of pain. Today I'm just tired. My muscles do not hurt, at least they do not hurt much. I'll take an easy today. I;ll do the same tomorrow morning.

The current diet I'm on is extreme. I hope the fish diet works out.

There is another scenario that has a good chance of working too. For a little over 3 months I've been avoiding egg. I'm not entirely avoided chicken and turkey during this time but I've been close to avoiding those entirely too. Since avoiding bird my tongue markings or sores have gone away. My stomach sickness has improved too. Recently I was ill after eating grass fed beef for awhile but the beef didn't make me all that sick. So ideally being allergic to eggs, chicken and turkey would be more ideal. The only way I'll know is when the stomach improves, which from what I've been reading can take a long long time.

With the way I've been feeling I suspect I could eat grass fed cheese and be well to the gut. I'm fairly certain that would happen.

The swollen gums after eating commercial beef or commercial pork is a mystery. It is not good but I still have questions about what is happening. Then again I doubt I'll eat commercial beef, chicken, turkey or pork again. Grass fed beef might not be an issue though other than it can be greasy and harder for my gut to digest at this time. there was no significant swelling when I age grass fed.
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This is something I've noticed. I don't know what it means if anything but worth noting down.

A painful problem I can have is that in my left foot, sometimes I can experience a sharp electrical zapping feeling from time to time. It doesn't happen all the time. It tends to occur when I stretch or twist that foot, in some manner. Sometimes it comes out of the blue too. Well, on the fish diet the foot zapping seems to have stopped. It goes with the knees that feel much better on the fish diet. I don't know why it happens, but it's a plus and I'm happy about it. Of course now that I've noted this the left foot zap will likely make a reappearance.
I'm a little bit sick this later afternoon. Nothing major. Nothing urgent. In some respects I'm pleased about it, as I greatly worried when I became slightly ill after eating grass fed beef. The beef was helping improve energy levels which I was thrilled about, but then became greatly concerned over the sickness and then went back to the fish diet.

If push cam to shove I could do the fish diet. I've rather though be able to eating grass fed beef also. So think I'll add the grass fed beef back into the diet and monitor other things. I'll watch for my knee health, rash, energy levels, etc. If I can become slightly ill eating fish when I shouldn't growly overly concerned about the same type of slight mild illness from grass fed beef.

Hopefully the illness from today will end soon.
Well this sucks. I was mildly sick last evening. And this mornign the mild sickness to the stomach continues. Mild as in not very painful. It feels like it will continue for the day. That is my guess. As far as illnesses go it isn't bad. The pain levels are low. But it is and illness all the same, troublesome and tiring.

I called and left a message to cancel my dental appointment for today looking to reschedule for next week. Hate to do. But it is for the best. Hope the Dentist understands.

Weight 179lbs this morning. I noticed that I have more energy of late on this fish diet. The big reason why I ate grass fed beef ro awhile was to improve my energy levels. That might not be needed if I see better energy levels with eating wild caught salmon.

Tongue looks good. Gums feel good. No swelling and bleeding after brushing and flossing. I think the wild fish diet will get me well eventually. It has that feel to it. Imagine though there will be times were the stomach still flares up and causes trouble for me
Today marks 7 days of being on the fish diet. It is possible to go longer I tell myself! I watched a show yesterday about a guy marooned in Australia and forced to eat only fish for years. So I can do it!

Gums are good and healthy. No bleeding. energy is OK. Nothing great there. I'm going to pick up some fish eggs or caviar if it isn't to expensive. I figure if I can find some wild caught caviar it would be a good source of nutrition.

Once again I have found I feel much better when I avoid pork, beef and dairy products. The problem being that many times in the past I've gone on diets where I only ate bird foods and later become greatly sick to my stomach. The last time I tried the only chicken, eggs, and turkey diet i not only become ill within 2 months I also saw finger nail pitting and tongue sores. So fingers crossed I find better success with the fish diet.

No rash this morning. My skin does appear healthier when I avoid beef and dairy.

Weight 180lbs. I'm going to try for a 23 hour fast today. I wouldn't be surprised if I get to 178lbs by tomorrow.
I'm early is noting this down, but I'm quited excited about it. I worked out hard for me this morning. I did 30 fo the tough pushups. I also did 3 set of bench dips and a few barbell lifts.

By now I'd be feeling it. I'd be tired and sore to a certain extent.

At this time though I'm feeling just fine. My energy levels are OK. My muscles feel good. I'm sure by tonight and tomorrow I'll be hurting but at the moment things are looking very good.

If I can take a beating I figure I'm on the right diet.
Haha - I'm feeling good this evening. I think I finally have the diet I've been looking for. Course need the gut to work better, but if I can do some work and not feel so awful afterwards I'm moving forward. time will tell of course, but the fish diet just became easier to stomach.
Wow, I feel just fine this morning. No chest muscle pains, no fatigue. Well, maybe a little fatigue but nothing all that bad. Overall an excellent sign. The wild fish diet is doing me good.

Weight 178lbs this morning. Stomach OK. Energy levels so so. Appearance healthy.
I finally felt the hard workout from yesterday. It wore me down a bit this afternoon, after lunch. I feel good though and upbeat. It is wonderful. The stomach is good. I do have a fear that things are going to well and I'll find myself suddenly sick without a clue why. But overall I'm feeling positive and look fowrard to more good days on this wild fish diet. Oh, eyes are blue in color. Maybe the systems are finally turning on.
180lbs. I am tired this morning. I didn't want to wake up. It was exercise fatigue. Doing well though overall. The gut is hanging in their. Energy levels feel so so. I'm likely going on a bike ride this morning. Imagine I'll be fine. Tongue looks good and healthy. Finger nails appear well.
Today was a very good day. I've had good energy levels. I was largely well going to the bathroom. That likely accounts for the good energy levels. I've felt upbeat. More days like this please.

I'm nearly 179lbs this evening. I'll be either 178 or 177lbs in the morning. It's nice to be getting closer to my goal of 175lbs. I have a funny feeling I'll end up going for 170lbs though.
The broken scale is living up to its name! I went to bed weighing 178lbs. I woke this morning weighing 179lbs! Apparently to get a true and accurate weight reading I need to find out the atmospheric pressure too.

Visually it appears I've lost some weight so that is what counts. I've been working out harder than typical and been going outdoors for some sun exposure, things I did in the past to gain weight.

Stomach good this morning. Gums are great. No bleeding after brushing and flossing. Energy levels feel good though I am a little sore from weight lifting. I'll be more tired this afternoon due to weight lifting and exercise healing I suspect.
I've been tired today and it isn't unexpected. Yesterday I weight lifted on my legs. That tired me out the most, legs weight lifting.

Outside of that though I'm doing well. Stomach holding up well. Skin looks healthy. Gums feel good which is good as I have a dental appointment Wednesday. Hope the stomach is doing well on that day. Weigh 181lbs right now. I'm very close to 180lbs. If the scale doesn't lie in the morning I should be at 178lbs or 179lbs.
Doing well this morning. Stomach is doing OK at the moment. Fingers crossed the decent stomach health continues as I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Tongue looks healthy. Gums did not bleed after brushing and flossing. Energy levels not bad. They could be better but I've certainly felt worse. Weight 179lbs this morning.
A decent day but a bit on the tired side. I think all the days where I've been fasting are catching up with me. Maybe in the near future I'll eating 2 meals a day for a couple days.

Most importantly so far the stomach is holding up well. I should be able to go to the dentist! What a reward and what a strange think my stomach condition brings about. Gums feel good and healthy. I like that.
I'm a little bit sick this morning but well I'm always sick in the morning anymore but I'm a bit more sick than typical. The stomach does seem to be cooling down quickly though. I should be able to travel to the dentists office for this mornings appointment.

Tongue looks good. My dream is that my health problem is caused by eggs, turkey and chicken and that it takes a long while for the gut to heal. That might be the answer. It is a possibility. I suspect if I began eating cheese often I'd become well to the stomach though I'd feel miserable overall. I'll stick with the fish diet for now though. There isn't reason good enough for me to swtich diets.

178lbs this morning.
Im 176lbs at the moment. I made it to the dentist this morning and decided once back home I'd skip lunch once again. Not the brightest move on my part but I am seeing the weight loss. My eyes are a liittle blurry as can happen when I fast.

I can't believe how well I'm handling two days in a day with eating just one meal a day. I'm also not fatigued as yesterday I weight lifted hard. So all good signs that the wild fish diet is working. The fatigue problem appears to have been solved. Now I just need the stomach to work better. Hope that comes out within a month.
176.4labs! Ya!!! Nearly to 175lbs the main goal. I'll likely go for 170lbs as I can see a good amount of fat I'd like to see gone. But once I reach 175lbs I'll take a break, get back to eating 2 meals a day and do some recovering for a week or two before going for 170lbs. I'm feeling pretty darn good all things considered though. My energy levels are better than expected. I'm not so fatigued as i can typically feel. The gut is a mess though. Hopefully the stomach will heal and heal soon. When I am sick typically on the wild fish diet I'm not experience a great deal of pain. And the sickness is brief.
I've been pretty tired and fatigued this afternoon. I was hpping I was over this kind of fatigue but I'm not. It's the second day I believe since the hard workout and the 2nd recovery day historically can be the most painful and fatiguing. I've also gained all the weight back! I'm not all that surprised by that though. A lot of water weight was lost yesterday I noticed. The good though is visually I can see the fat lost, which is what I'm looking for. So I'll take an easy tomorrow but should be more energetic is my guess. Looking healthy today though despite the fatigue.

Oh, diet wise i have been eating potatoes. I'm always concerned about the nightshade family. So I'll keep eating potatoes and other nightshade but I'll keep an eye on it. I might go back to avoiding at some point. I'll stick with the wild fish diet.
Rather tired this morning. Weight 179lbs. The stomach is slightly better but nothing great. Tongue looks good and healthy. I appear healthy. Disappointing that the stomach isn't healthy at this point but then again I'm only a little over 2 weeks of being on this strict fight diet. I have though the gluten free crackers I've been eating cold be ruffing up my digestive track. Probably not now but in the future if this keeps up I'll likely avoid the grain crackers and see if the stomach improves. It probably will.
I ate lunch today and I gave up the gluten free and rice crackers. I do better this afternoon. The stomach is more settled. Another possibility in all of this is that I do have the condition alpha gal and that when eating a chicken and egg diet the gluten free foods upset my stomach causing the flare. Overall there is little doubt that I feel better when I avoid beef and pork along with gelatin. I feel better on this fish diet. I have the same good feeling when I'm just eating bird meats. So interesting and time will tell.
179lbs. This morning I have a battle going on whether I should add chicken to my diet or not. Whether I have alpha gal or not. I'm not sure which side will win. Both wild salmon in olive oil and chicken make me feel good. The last two times I've tried an all chicken diet I became sick but only after eating lots of rice foods and rice fiber. Lots if relative as for me a little is a lot. So I'll see. I'll likely stick with thefish diet for now. It is working and I seem healthy most of the time, though I can have some painful stomach issues come up, likely caused by eating to much rice foods.

I don't believe I'll eat beef again. It is like pork, on the permanent avoid list.

Most rice take out of the diet. I'll only eat one or two rice cakes a day going forward.

Good to see my weight holding at 179lbs. Fingers crossed my energy levels are better today since avoiding the rice crackers. I imagine I'll still be slow today but by tomorrow should be back to being a little more energetic.

Tongue looks good. Gums did not bleed after brushing and flossing.
178lbs this later afternoon. Nice to be in the 170 range.

I'm going to add chicken to the diet tomorrow. I'm feeling confident that my problem in the past when I ate a chicken diet was eating to much rice which irritated my gut. It may not have a lot of fiber, but it can be problematic. I'll be watching my gum health. I don't want to see bleeding gums. If I do I'll likely switch back to the fish diet.
Wrote to soon about the gum health. On the fish diet my gums are healthier. Its a good sign. But was able to make them bleed easily by using a dental brush. I normally just floss and that isn't causing bleeding. I'll have to use the dental floss brush more often now. Good that I happened upon this just before I add chicken to the diet also. I would be blaming the chicken other wise.
177lbs this morning. ate chicken and turkey this morning. Feel good so far. I'll keep the rice intake low. Tongue looks good. Gums bled some after using the dental brush floss. Overall though doing alright. The alpha gal diet is hopefully going to work this time around. it will take half a year I imagine to know if it is working or not. I'm a little over 2 weeks in.
Diarrhea much better today. So far I'm off to a good start with adding chicken to the diet, plus avoiding most grains. I've only eaten one rice cake today. My only complaint is that my left hands pinky finger feels a little stiff for some reason. So I'll monitor that. If the arthritic like feel remains I'll go back to the fish diet to see if the pain goes away. It doesn't hurt much but is there.
I am probably over analyzing things, but I also itch quite a bit since eating chicken and some spices today. I might go back to the fish diet to see if this goes away out of curiosity.
Game plan on the diet, I'm going ot avoid nightshade. This is due to being surprised that my gums had begun to bleed once again. This came after I started eating nightshade once again. Now I ate more nightshade today and I have hurting knuckles. I'll keep the fiber intake low too, one or two rice cakes at the most. That should help with the gut. I'll only eat the fish in olive oil at first. If that works, I'll add plain chicken with salt to the diet. A bit bland but will see if the gut and gums do better. It is as good as any theory.
I'm off to a good start this morning. My gums feel good. The gut is good so far. That will be the key with this dietary trail, keeping the gums healthy. If the gums are healthy, not inflamed and not bleeding, the rest of the digestive tract is likely healthy too. I've written down a food list. I'll stick with it for awhile if I remain good and healthy. Then I'll slowly add foods.

178lbs this morning.
I am thinking I made a mistake when I blamed commercial beef for causing gum swelling, similar to what I experience with pork. I'm now leaning toward nightshade family causing the gum issues and itching feeling. At the time I brought that up that I might be wrong about the commercial beef. It si too early to say with certainty today but I notice a different with my gum health being improved and less itching happening since avoiding nightshade since yesterday afternoon. The gum swell feels as if it is nearly gone right now. Of course time is needed, at least a week of avoidance to be sure. I am thinking though that I found another allergy group. I am not able to eat pumpkin and other melons, pork is a problem, and nightshade appears to be an issue.

Skin looks good and healthy. Tongue looks good. My energy levels today are good. Stomach is alright. I am goign to add some of the gluten free crackers back into the diet, the ones that do not have potato starch added to them.
179lbs. Gums really do feel much better since avoiding nightshade. It does appear that I've found another food allergy, nightshade which includes tomatoes, red peppers, tobacco, and potatoes. I guess soy might be an issue to since genetically a nightshade was added to genetically modifed soy beans.

Ate some cheese yesterday. I ate to many nuts yesterday and I was concerned that would cause great stomach discomfort yesterday afternoon, so had toms cheese to help calm things down. It worked OK.

I'll go back to eating one meal every other day to lose the last bit of fat. .
It has been a good day overall. My energy levels are nice. About the only complaint that comes to mind is that I still itch some. Hopefully that goes away by tomorrow.

So two main foods to avoid , nightshade family and pork. The nightshade family remains being tested, I might be wrong, but for now things are looking good with it. In the past I had a clear test result after eating potatoes. I ate potatoes I became sick. I avoided potatoes and I had some well days. Course it is never clear cut. Something else can make me ill, very ill. I either have another troubling food in the diet or something else can be a trouble maker such as eating to much fiber or hard exercise. I'm guessing fiber. Fingers crossed I have the remaining foods figured out but will see.
A bit tired this morning but to be expected considering I did some light weight lifting and swam yesterday. Overall I'm doing well. The arthritis I experienced after eating nightshade red peppers has gone. potatoes cause less of an issue but will cause problems.

I found something interesting this morning. in the past I avoided nigthshade and had some success with it. I avoided a lot of food at that time and I never knew what was helping. A curiosity I discovered was eating a turkey lunch meat and grass fed beef. Strangly I had to eat them just right. To much turkey and i've become ill. I never knew why. Well there appears to be an answer. The turkey I used to eating is now listing that it has potato starch added to it. in the past the label was more vague listing just natural flavors. The ingredients can be seen here. I'll have to be careful about that in the future, avoiding natural flavor or vague ingreident listings.

Haven't needed to use the bathroom today. Likely good sign. Keep avoiding nightshade. Back hurts. Likely a bad sign. Don't know what is going on with the back. It's not a serious pain but don't want it to become worse. Been tired and that is easy to know the cause, swimming for an hour and weight lifting done yesterday. Appearance healthy. Skin looks good. Weight was 177lbs this morning. I hoped to reach 175lbs by the end of the month. I'll be falling short of that it appears as the lowest I've seen is 176lbs but on the positive it does appear that I've reset my weight from 185lbs to 179lbs.
Oh, forgot to write down as it is important. My eye sight has improved nicely since avoiding nightshade. My eye sight quality comes and goes it seems so will keep a tab on. I'm pretty sure though that the diet plays the biggest part in my case.
Doing OK this morning. Stomach could be better but few complaints. Weight 178lbs. Im eating one meal today, at least that is the plan. There is a good chance I'll weigh 176lbs in the morning. Eye sight is good. There is very little blurry vision since avoiding nightshade family. Gums feel great. No bleeding after brushing and flossing with the floss brush. Skin looks good. I'm going to buy some cheese this morning and eat some over the weekend. I'll likely regret it, but it sounds good this morning.
I'll likely forget but hope I remember, I really am seeing better since avoiding the nightshade family. My vision was blurry before, with me blaming looking at the computer or TV to much. That theory appears to be wrong. With the new diet looking at small print and computer screen is much easier, at least so far.
One of the things I've learned with my IBD condition over the years is that one tends to receive little sympathy for being sick. It can be rather strange to me in that most people tend to view me as well, no matter how sick I am. Being sick is as something to make fun of. At least many people suck in this way as I've come to learn.

Hope my view changes for the better in the future, as hopes are high that the current diet I'm on will work. Famous last words. Attending a wine party tomorrow. I am not able to drink much without feeling absolutely awful to the stomach and most don't have much sympathy for that. Should be interesting to find out what happens tomorrow.
177lbs. I'm alive! There was some doubt that I'd survive the night. Yesterday I exercised very hard and expected to be barely clinging onto life in the morning. That not only did not happen, at the moment I'm feeling alright.

Wish and expected my weight to be 176lbs when I woke this morning. So disappointing. Visually though I can tell I'm losing the fat weight. I still some more work to do but I'm slowly getting to where I want to be.

Gums feel good. No arthritis feeling in my hands. In the past i blamed beef for the cause of the joint stiffness. I'm now blaming nightshade. I'm going to be eating beef either today for lunch or tomorrow so I'll find outif the stiffness returns or not.
178lbs this morning. I'm exhausted this morning. Well, surprisingly I'm a mixed bag with energy. I can tell if push came ot shove I'd be able to hard exercises. But I am worn out and fatigued due to all the exercising done of late plus the wine that was drunk last night. The wine gathering went fabuously last night. i was talking very well, holding my own most of the time. It's a positive sign for my improved energy levels. The wine though while it didn't burn a hole in my stomach, I hope, it has worn me out. Think for today Ill relax and avoid exercises. I'll get back to it tomorrow. Weight doing well at 178lbs. Seems I've finally got my weight consistently into the170 range this month. This is the first month were I have dieted hard. The weight loss wasn't as much as hoped but I'm pleased with results. I would like to get down to 170lbs. i suspect that to be the best weight for me. That might take me awhile to reach.

Stomach OK. I find myself using the bathroom one time a day here of late on this diet. Sometimes more than once a day but overall a great improvement over 3 to 4 times a day.

Skin looks decently healthy. Eyes are not bright and blue. hope that improves in the coming weeks and months while I avoid the nightshade family. Joint arthritis stiffness remains gone since avoiding nightshade family.
It seems the 2 and a half glasses of wine last night have done a number on me. I'm not feeling all that great. But I'm not horrible either. Hopefully as the day progresses I'll get to feeling more lively.

There is some good news that I should note but keep forgetting. My handwriting has improved nicely. When ill my muscles hurt and shake which results in lousy embarrassing hand writing skills. Now, on the current avoid nightshade, and pork diet, my handwriting, for now at least, is pretty darn good.

Ate some grass fed beef today. One theory was that beef was causing my joint stiffness. So far so good, no joint issues being felt.
Today has been a pig out day. I was worn down and felt good eating a lot. I have messed up some though as I've pigged out on nuts quite a bit. Some nuts are good. A lot of nuts is problematic. I appear run down and feel quite gassy. But I'll survive I suspect and will make it a point in the days ahead to eat less nuts.
I'm feeling half way decent this morning. My energy levels are up. The stomach is good. Tongue looks healthy as does my skin. The skin rash is gone. No arthritis feeling in the knuckles since eating beef. I avoided nuts this morning with breakfast. I should only eat one meal today so I'll be nut free, which is a good idea for a day or two after the gorging of nuts the last few days. Wight was 180lbs.
Doing well having eaten beef. The arthritis remains gone. My energy levels have been quite good today. I'm not having crazy energy but I'm pleased with how I'm doing. I'll keep avoidiing nightshade family, pork, and melons.

I unintentionally avoiding many spices too. I doubt I have issues with garlic, onions, mint family but it is something I should keep iin mind and be cautions with. Weight is 179lbs at the moment. I'll likely be 178 to 177lbs in the morning. Going to the bathroom less seems to be keeping me from reaching 175lbs, which is good. I can tell I'm losing fat from the fit of my cloths.
Weight 178lbs. I can tell I've lost some body fat here of late though my weight has been stuck in the upper 70s for some time. Still have some more fat to lose but I'm probably within 5 lbs of being happy with the loss I've been looking for.

Skin looked good. Rad rash type blotches pretty much gone since avoiding nightshade family, potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers, tobacco. This morning upon waking up if anything my face appeared to pale I thought. It could use more color, though I can do without the red blotches.

Stomach OK

Joint stiffness/arthritis gone since avoiding nightshade family.

Vision remains very good and much improved since avoiding nightshade family.
Noticed I'm not in pain today so that is worth noting and a cheer. I'll likely be hurting tomorrow. I've exercises like mad yesterday and mad. Weight lifting on the legs in particular, as done yesterday, can send me into a painful loop, but for now I'm doing alright. I like this no nightshade diet.

Added kelp to the diet. Haven't noticed anything bad since doing that this morning. I'm going to add grass fed beef gelatin to the diet in the near future. That is supposed to help with gut healing.
all the exercising caught up to me. I'm tired this morning. The gut is also kind of sour. The sickness though is much improved over past types of sicknesses to the stomach. I'll take an easy today. No reason to go much exercising. Weight was 178lbs close to 177lbs. Gums are in good shape. No bleeding with brushing flossing, or using the brush floss. The gums feel good also. Skin appears healthy.
It has been a good day. My stomach health is decent. I'm looking healthy. That's always a good sign as I've only been well to the stomach when appearing healthy. No rashes. Skin looks good. Stomach OK. Gums feel alright. I guess i was a bit gassy today due to eating many cachew nuts. I've rested for the day not doing stressful exercises. It was good to take the day off. Weight was 178lbs this evening.
I'm a bit worn out this morning. I was hoping after taking yesterday off that I'd feel more refreshed. I also bled some after brushing and flossing this morning. So off to a bad start for the day. Think I'll be alright though. I'm not doing badly and while I'm on the very early stages of the avoid nightshade and pork diet I'm off to a decent start. Stomach OK. Nothing great there. Energy levels poor. No rashes or slight rash at best so skin is doing OK. No arthritis feelings. That has gone away since avoiding potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers, tobacco. I'm eating beef regularly.
Forgot to add, my vision remains much improved. I find myself reading once again. I like the diet change of avoiding the nightshade family.
Slight upset stomach this morning but nothing terrible. Energy levels so so. I did some weight lifting yesterda along with swam for an hour. I'm not surprised that I'm tired. Vision is good. Skin looks healthy. I see no rashes. Wish eyes were more blue but if lucky that will come with time.
I'm 178.2 bs this evening, pretty close to 177lbs. I've been in this range now I think for about 2 weeks. Noticed today that a few pairs of shorts that were tight about 2 weeks ago are now lose. They are significantly lose to wear. So the fat is coming off, but the weight is remaining the same. Good sign. I imagine I'm keep muscle. Stomach OK today. Energy levels could be better, but not bad. Appearance haggard, I'm worn down but once again doing OK.
I'm feeling rather lousy this morning. The stomach huts slightly and I'm feeling nauseous and slightly dizzy this morning. It is likely all the cashew nuts I've been eating of late. I keep telling msyelf not to eat to many but I never listen. So I better remove the cashew nuts. I'm also eating chicken with rosemary extract in it, which does frighten me some. The chicken is likely safe but I have had a time or two were I became very sick to the stomach and had been eating lots of chicken with rosemary. So I'll avoid cashew nuts and chicken. I;ll just eating more grass fed beef and salmon in olive oil. Weight 177lbs.
So far it seems the worst is over. The sickness came on quickly waking me up early and now is nearly gone though I stll remain a little sick. It appears when i only eat one meal a day that Im more likely to become sick. You would think it would be different. I'm not sure why that is. I have a theory but regardless, there is a good amount to eat for gut health. eat to much and i get sick. Eat to little and I feel miserable to the stomach.

Forgot to mention that while my weight is pretty much the same, I can now wear those shorts that were much to tight. The shorts are tight and uncomfortable so i won't be wearing them but I can get them closed. I couldn't come close to closing them a week or two ago. So I'm losing the fat and keeping the muscle weight I'm guessing.

Skin looks good. No rashes. i think I can throw in the nightshade family as causing rashes. I know for certain that nightshade causes arthritis. It also appears to effect my skin too. I can't say nightshade effects gut health. i hope it does, and avoiding nightshade for a few months will result in me feeling better, to the stomach but I'm only 2 weeks on this latest diet so it will take time.
It hasn't been my best of days but it isn't awful either. The stomach is still slightly sour, I'm slightly nauseous and dizzy. My energy levels are poor and my right knee hurts. I don't believe I've done any leg exercises this week so that explains the knee. Most likely eating to many cashews has been the cause of my health issues today. It might take a day or two for it to work through the system. I also began taking two new supplements recnetly, kelp for iodine and beef gelatin. I'll begin avoiding them also to see if that helps.

Eye sight remains good ever since avoiding the nightshade family.
Well the nausea, upset stomach, weakness and slight dizzy feeling came back last night. Disappointing. I've found if I sleep with my head propped up the dizziness largely goes away. So I slept well enough on the couch last night. This morning after eating breakfast I'm feeling better. I'm still a little weak but it is livable. I'm putting myself back onto the wild fish diet. If this diet works I'm likely to stick with it here on out. Feeling weak and miserable will not be hard to forget. I'm still avoiding cashew nuts too. .
This later afternoon I am feeling stronger and less nauseous. I've made a choice to avoid beef, beef gelatin one o the new supplements taken, kelp, and bird foods. Chicken in particular is being avoided. I'll see how do tonight and tomorrow with this avoidance. I am feeling slightly dizzy also but fingers crossed I'll be able to sleep without propping my head up on the couch. I slept decent enough but it is nicer to sleep in bed. So fish diet from here on out if this diet solves my problem. I might have alpha gal also with the addition of needing to avoid chicken, eggs and turkey. I'm only read this once that bird meats and eggs can be an issue also with Alpha Gal. Oh ate some cashew nuts this afternoon. Figuring they are likely alright since I've eaten them in the past without these issues, and the quantity I ate was small.
The nausea, weakness and dizziness continues. I thought last night the issues improved. I could lay my head down and while everything would spin the spinning would stop after 5 seconds. Any movement though caused problems. So I ended up sleeping on the couch with my head held up keeping the dizziness away once again. I slept well enough.

I associate beef eating with weakness. I've noted that many times. So I'm still guessing the beef gelatin is the main cause of this nausea. Will see. I have a bunch of other items being avoided, chicken, now cashew nuts, raisons, almond chocolate pudding,and kelp etc. With a little luck the symptoms will be gone by tonight. If not I'll need to reschedule my dental appointment for Wed of next week. It would not do to be laying in a dental chair dizzy and with nauseas.
At of now, it appears the worst is over with this latest health stomach issue. My strength is back. It is not 100% back, maybe 80% returned but I'm feeling good. My head is on strait. I'm feeling all that dizzy anymore. THe dizziness was mainly just when I laid down. Standing up and sitting up had me feeling much better. The nausea is pretty much gone.

So this might be a good opportunity to find the foods responsible for my poor health. I suspect the beef gelatin supplement as causing this. There are other possibilities of course. If I sleep well tonight I'll begin adding foods back into my diet and see what happens.
The weakness is pretty much gone now. The nausea is nearly finished torturing me it appears. All taht remains is some dizziness. I've talked with my doctor about the dizziness in the past. It hasn't been a major issue for me over the years but has come up before. The doctor didn't seem impressed or concerned about it. It should come and go he felt. And that has turned out to be true in the past. Hope it goes away soon. It is only a problem when I lay down or bow my head. It seems to be an inner ear issue. So hope I continue to improve, and long live the wild fish diet.
Good and bad news this morning. I suppose the bad news is I'm feeling weak and tired this morning. This is pretty typical though so while not entirely normal this morning it happens more regularly in the morning. The good news is I was able to sleep in my bed for 2 hours last night. I thought the dizziness was gone but I woke up after 2 hours with my head spinning mildly and a feeling that I wanted to throw up. So I though I'd likely be fighting this all night and not wanting that i moved to the couch with my head proped up. The dizziness went away and slept well. With a little luck I'll be able to sleep through the night tonight. I feel I am improving but with the improvement was happening faster. Main suspected culperates are beef, beef gelatin, cashew nuts, chicken, kelp supplement, and a few other items. I'll get back to testing them after my dental appointment.
Things are getting back to normal. I was able to sleep the night in my bed. I woke up early but that was due to going to bed very early. I still am not entirely strong. The dizziness can show up sometimes but by and large I'm back to normal. It is likely that within a day or two all symptoms will be gone is my guess.

I have been eating a lot of potatoes and nigthshade the last couple of days. And have noticed that my skin looks good and healthy. No rashes. So something esle was the trouble maker. Possibly it was the meats being added to the tomato sauces.

As noted in the past, the fish diet gets rid of the knee pains I can experience. I've not thought of them as being arthritis. I thought it was more wear and tear. But maybe it is arthritis. Good to have the knees feeling good and strong, without any painful feelings in them.
I remember something that happened in the past that was similar.

Years ago, maybe 10 years ago, I tried eating some grass fed gelatin. I remember that event well as the gelatin made me feel absolutely awful. The gelatin made my muscles hurt all over, and I lost all energy. I also felt horribly hungry. It took two days I recall to over come that. I can remember at the time being confused by the reaction. I could eat grass fed beef without becoming sick to my stomach.

So this memory adds to the idea that it was the gelatin that has caused me all the health issues I'm experiencing now. I'll stick with the other avoidances for now as I have a dental appointment on Monday in the morning that I want to be sure and make.
Things are getting ack to normal. I find myself with decent energy this later afternoon. I've been moving around, walking, doing projects. Before my leg muscles hurt and walking was difficult. I'm still guessing it was the beef gelatin that I had a bad reaction to. It might have been the nuts though. I'll get around to testing those two next week. Well, I'll probably not test the beef gelatin. I'll just test the nuts and see how I do. Gut is doing decently well, better than expected. Hope that remains the case on this wild fish diet. Knees feel strong and in good shape. Still can feel dizzy but that hasn't happen to much this afternoon. Hope the dizziness is gone. It is an awful feeling, a feeling similar to motion sickness.
Good news. This morning the muscle cramping was gone. When I'd stretch my muscles they would cramp up. Not this morning. My muscles feel good. Makes sense with the increased energy I'm feeling and being able to move around more.

Stomach OK. Nothing great, but not bad.

Weight 179lbs, nearly 178lbs. Not bad considering I've been eating two big meals a day during the latest health issues.

Minimal dizziness when sleeping last night. Only when I lay on my left side did I experience any spinning and it was short lived. Laying on my back or on my right side did not result in dizziness.

Skin looks good and healthy. No rashes.
I've gone fairly well today. The stomach hurt in the morning but has done better this afternoon and evening. I am concerned about an early morning drive I'm to make. At 4:00 in the morning I'm to drive the folks to the airport. I'm typically hte most sick in the morning. So fingers crossed I'm well. Little is open at 4:00 in the morning so an emergenices happen on the drive and I'm in trouble. Thankfully traffic should be light then and imagine the drive to be 30 minutes to and 30 minutes back.
I made the airport trip without incident. I was sick in the morning, moderately sick, but I was able to overcome. My bigger issue this morning is how poorly I slept last night. I might have gotten in one hour of sleep. I'm worn out this morning and imagine will be the same for the rest of the day.

The sickness I'm always having is improving with the wild fish diet. I'm obviously hoping that improvement continues. It will give me great confidence to be more healthy to the stomach, being less stressed about car travel.
I've done well today, much better than expected. I'm tired today. I'm tired most days. But my typcial energy levels have returned after the latest health issue which caused weakness and dizziness. I even did some light weight lifting and feel fine. Tomorow I'm planning on doing some swimming. Imagine that will go well. So I'm back to my previous self. I'm not entirely sure what caused the latest scary health issue, but I'm pretty sure it was the beef gelatin. I'll eat some cashew nuts Monday afternoon for a test. IF the cashews come back fine, then I'll know it was the beef gelatin that made me so terribly sick.
Slept well last night. I'm away from my house for the next few weeks. So being in a strange bed will be issue. Last night though the bed was comfortable and I slept decently well. The only problem was a cat kept jumping up on me to say hello through the night.

Stomach mixed. My diarrhea has changed for the better, but I still can have some discomfort and pain. So heading in the right dieciton with the fish diet but if I'm healing I have a lot of healing still left to be done.
Doing OK today. I've noticed that my energy levels have been increasing. Today I'm decently energetic.

I likely have eaten my last bit of beef after what happened when eating some grass fed beef gelatin. The big confusion with beef has been the times I've been well to the stomach when eating grass fed beef and eating cheese. It can make the gut well but I feel terrible. Commercial beef appears to be much more of a health problem. The reaction to commercial beef is similar to the reaction I have when eating pork.

All that remains now is fish and brid meats. I'm fairly certain that chicken and turkey can be problematic for my gut, but then again I've had times were I felt great while eating chicken and turkey. It is confusing. Some day far into the future I'll do some more testing. For now I'll stick with the wild fish diet.
It sure is nice to be able to brush and floss my teeth without bleeding. Gums continue to be healthy on the wild fish diet.

I'm tired this morning. Most likely the cause is the workout done yesterday and swimming. That normally wears me out. I didn't sleep all that well but it wasn't a horrible sleep either.

Diarrhea continues to be improved. I can only hope that continues to improve and I become healthy.
Good day today though I have remained worn out for much of it. The stomach was largely well. I wasn't completely well but overall I'm pleased. I do appear to be healing, though more time is needed for that I suspect.

Curiously I weighed myself while visiting home and saw I weighed 179lbs. This is after eating breakfast. I didn't expect that. It is likely that I weight then on waking at 177 to 178lbs. Though I'm eating a lot of food possibly the fish diet brings about weight loss. Time will tell.
This morning I decided to go to eating the beet supplement every other day. The beets made me a little gassy and cramp some. A short break from the supplement and every other day should solve the problem.

Had hectic hyper energy for a short time last night. Rare and good to have. Hope it continues.

noticed my toe nails and toes look very healthy. Typically the toes can appear a bit on the blue side. It has been that way my entire life. I can feel cold easily and have blamed that cold feeling for the blue color. It could be poor circulaiton too. What ever the cause it appears to be gone on this wild fish diet.
It has been a decent day. Energy levels are good. I did have a slight surprise upset stomach but it was minor. taking a break from the beef supplement is a good idea. I feel less cramping in the stomach. THe supplement does make me gassy. I'll cut back to taking it 2 or 3 times a week. I need to be careful of eating to much of the beef supplement.

I'll be sticking with the wild fish diet. I have decent hope that chicken will turn out to be OK to eat. I might have been wrong about it being a problem. The two times it was tested and I eventually became ill could have been caused by other issues, such as the beet supplement, etc. I'll only eat fish though and if I should get lucky and well within a few months I'll look to test chicken and turkey. That will happen after hurricane season at the earliest though, many months from now. I'm more resolved to the fish diet these days. It doesn't bother me. The salmon in olive oil tastes good. It is livable. There are some other fish I can eat but it is breaded and for now I'd like to avoid wheat, though I have decent feels wheat is fine though ruff on my gut.
According to the scale I found at the house I'm staying in for now I weighed 176lbs this morning. I suspect I'm losing weight on this fish diet. Appearance wise I see wppears to be fat loss. So wanting to reach 175lbs think I'll just eat one meal today and see if the goal is reached. Undoubtably I'll eventually want to go for 170lbs as I have more fat around the mid section than hoped for at 176lbs.

Doing OK this morning. Gut fine so far. Skin looks good. No rashes. Energy levels could be better but I'm not complaining. It is good that I'm takig a vacation from the beet supplement. I'll likely take some once again on Tuesday. I'll likely make Tuesdays and Fridays the day I take the supplement. .
Saw teh dentist this morning. had teeth worked on. Teeth now hurt as expected so hopfully the Tylenol will work tonight. I should be good tomorrow.

I don't know if I write down or not, but since eating the fish diet I've been communicating wonderfully. It is so easy to do now, talk with others. Had decent conversations at the dentist though i was tired at the time. It is great. Gut is doing well. I'm not well by any means but the gut has improved. Appearance is ruff most of the time. Skin does appear healthy though. I like that. I weighed 175lbs though i did end up eating lunch today. Just eating fish does appear to bring about weight loss for me though I'm eating a good amount of food. Hope that continues. 23 hour fasts are not horrible but i'd prefer to avoid them. Ate cashew nuts with lunch today. I'm doing fine so far. No dizziness. As I suspect it was the grass fed beef that really did a number on my health.
Bit tired this morning. Stomach doing OK. It is nice that I'm able to communicate much better wile on the wild fish diet. Teeth hurt some so I'll take an easy for today with chewing on that side of the mouth.
Should mention and forgot, for the past week I've noticed a flap of gum has healed. The flap, I'm not sure what to call it, has been there for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid it was there. Well, for the past week the flap has continued to go away. As of this morning it is wrapped around a tooth. I imagine that is good. The wild fish diet seems to be bringing this change about.
The big thing for today was thinking about am I able to eat chicken and turkey without becoming sick? It is something that I ran through my head all day. I've tried that idea two times this year without success. Looking back though I easily could have made mistakes with eating to much fiber, and eating to much of the beet supplement making me painfully gassy. Regardless I better sick with the fish diet till the hurricane season is over.

Additionally too I do not remember communicating so well when I ate chicken. On the wild fish diet i really am talking well. I like that. On the chicken diet too I can remember my gums bleeding easily. With the fish diet my gums are not bleeding after brushing and flossing. Something positive is going on there. I don't know if gum health is related to stomach health but it would not surprise if it was.

Wish I appeared healthier. That should come with time though if I'm on the right diet.

I was semi well to the stomach today. A rarity. Hope the good gut health continues to further improve.

At the moment I weight either 178 or 177lbs. I've been eating a lot of food. Tomorrow I might try for a 23 hour fast. My energy levels are decent. It is likely something I can do.
I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. That might change 10 minutes from now, become tired and worn out, but at this time I'm surprisingly feeling pretty good.

For simplicity sake I'll say I weigh 175lbs. i'm going to make a push for 170lbs. I'm not sure if I need to do much to lose the weight. I say that as I know eating beef will cause me to quickly swell up and gain weight. I even reported one time on this online journal where I began eating lots of beef and within one to two weeks was up 5lbs. Eventually I gained 10 pounds. To lose weight I've noticed I've only been eating chicken or turkey. So the same might be and likely is going on with eating fish. It likely swell up when eating beef and pork. Avoid those two and over time the swelling goes down. That is my guess. Eating less calories should help some with lowering my weight.

Teeth and gums are down right healthy compared to normal. No bleeding after bruishing and flossing. The right lower side though remains a little sore after the dental work. I'll be sticking with the fish diet over that. It is good to have a diet that make my gums healthy.
I was partially well to the gut again today. Hope the trend only becomes better.

I'm on a 23 hour fast today. I'm already nearly at 175lbs as a type near 4:00. there is a decent chance I'll weight 174lbs in the morning. it is good in that I'm losing weight on the wild fish diet, with out really trying all that hard. With more 23 hour fasts over the next week or two I would not be surprised to see that I quickly drop to 170lbs. That is to be seen though.
I'm tired this morning. I didn't sleep all that well. This afternoon I'll be taking naps I imagine. I didn't weigh myself this morning but I would have weighted either 175 or 174lbs. The weight is coming off on this fish diet.

i believe this makes 2 weeks on the wild fish diet. During that time I have not experienced a major stomach flare. Knock on wood. It is a positive though not necessarily telling long term.
I am having a reaction this morning.

I've noticed the reaction for about 3 days now. THey began after I bought a couple boxes of Jr Mint candies. I typically don't eat candy and I don't eat jr Mints but they sounded good at the time for what ever reasons. After eating Jr. mints I noticed I itched all over. Then later I noticed my ears hurt a bit. This morning some of my gums are inflamed, puffed out.

I'm not sure what ingredient in JR. Mints in causing the reaction. The most likely suspect though is its listing that it may contain milk. This may means milk was not added to the ingredients but milk is used in other products made in the facility and possibly the machinery used to make Jr Mints.

So I'll avoid the candy going forward. I suspect within a cuople days the gum swelling will be mostly gone.

It is possible some other ingredient is causing me problems. Jr Mints contain peppermint a member of the mint family. THe mint family has been something I've been concerned about, though I've only been concerned about due to a process of elimination.

If my reaction is being brought about by the tiny amount of milk found in Jr Mints, that points most likely to be having an allergy to mammals, cows, & pigs.
Gums are inflamed and a bit painful. That will take a few days to resolved. It does appear at the least I've found a new food that causes gum issues, Jr. Mints. Pork also causes this as does commercial beef. I'm not sure why the Jr. Mints are problematic as the ingredients are not clearly showing a troubling ingredient but it does mention milk possibly being in the mints. I'm guessing that is the answer. After doing an internet search did see one person saying that Jr. Mints has gelatin in them. Not sure where this comes from but it is another possibility I suppose.

Ate chicken today. Figure I'm going to go with the alpha gal diet idea. I lasted two wkees on the wild fish diet. It is a terrible diet and if push came to shove I'd stick with it. But do have a strong sense I made a mistake in the past when eating lots of chicken resulting in stomach truobles, such as to much fiber, and consuming to much beet powder. I'll be sure not to do that in the future. I'll consume beet power every other day at the most.
Gums are less tender this evening but they do hurt still. As expected my weight has shot up. I'm at 179lbs this evening. Just a few days ago I was around 175 to 176lbs. I still itch some, but the itching is less also.

I'll add chicken to the diet and will monitor closely my gum health. That is something that was clear with the fish diet. With the wild fish diet my gums were great. They felt great. They didn't bleed after brush and flossing. it was wonderful. I'll add chicken to the diet for the next 7 days and will closely monitor my gums health. My gum health will determine if I can continue with eating chicken or not.

I'll baby my stomach as mentioned before. I'll be more careful with fiber abouts eaten and also the beets which can cause cramping when to much is consumed.

Thinking about it, there are two other foods that do not clearly show a troubling ingredient that cause itching. Both are chicken products. One is a flavorful chicken roast. It not only caused me to itch when eaten but also made me feel famished. Gelatin can cause similar itching and famished feelings. The other troubling food was a chicken sausage. One chicken sausage brand I know can cause me to itch all over. Don't know or remember about gum health.
Good news this morning. The ear ache is gone. The slight pain in my face is even slighter. I can still feel it but it doesn't hurt as it did before. The swollen gums remain but are less swollen. I still itch some but not as much as before. It does appear that Jr. Mints caused this reaction. I'm not entirely sure what ingredient caused the reaction but I'm still guessing the possible milk in the mints. I've known for some time now that milk, even the tiniest amount of milk will make me feel awful. The reaction from milk is I turn blue in color, I hurt all over, I'm tired and worn out for 24 hours. Maybe plain milk is like pork and commercial beef in that will cause swollen gum issues.

I've rethought the idea of eating chicken. I'll go back on the fish diet for the next week. I want to get my gums back in good shape. Then once that happens I'll add chicken back into the diet and see how I do. It won't be to bad. I'm not thrilled with the wild fish diet, but it is good to feel better, have healthy gums, and nice to lose weight without to much effort.

Back on milk and dairy products, course I'm able to eat cheese with out the same health issues as milk causes. Don't know why that is, but as I've learn cheese is still problematic in different ways.
Gums still swollen some. The left side of my head still hurt s bit. The ear ache on the left side is pretty much gone. Only when I tilt my head a certain way can I feel the ear issue. I itch a little. Overall I still think it was the Jr Mints that caused the reaction. I've been feeling tired for today. I've been feeling more hungry than usual also. Imagine tomorrow will be a better day. I'm glad I'll stick with the fish diet. It seems to be working decently well for me, as a safe diet - I hope. The only good news is that I appeared healthier today. I had more color in my face I thought.
This morning seems to be a repeat of yesterday. Gums remain slghtly inflamed but have improved I believe. I can remember yesterday my gums being much more inflamed than they are this morning. A few more days and this should be largely gone. Ear ache remains slight but improved. I've known people that suffered from constant ear aches. Doctors wold place them into antibiotics which never seemed to help much. It has made me wonder if these friends had an unrecognized food allergy. Top of head pain remains but it is improved also.

It does apper that Jr Mints are the cause of my latest health issues. I don't know for certain why jr Mints have been a problem. I'll likely never know. The bigger item I believe is that I noticed right away after eating Jr. Mints that I began to itch all over. I ignored the itching issue since I didn't see anything on the ingrients label as being a problem. In the future I'll have to be paying more attention to the itching issue. If the itch all over feeling happens stop eating the food even if no known problematic foods are listed on the ingredients box. I'm guessing this morning that gelatin is added to Jr. Mints but not mentioned in the ingredients. It might be the possible milk listing also, though I never eat or drink milk so don't have anything to compare with. I do know though that milk is a big problematic food to be avoided. Cheese on the other hand is not much of an issue.

The feeling i'm experiencing now with the itching and gum inflammation is more similar to what happens when pork is eaten. Grass fed beef causes the arthritis feelings I was originally blaming on the nightshade family. Commercial beef though seems to not only cause arthritis but also itching and gum issues.
Today has been a good day. Energy levels are up. Stomach OK. I've noticed something of late and I'll want to monitor it more, I don't seem to be negatively effected by the hot summer Florida weather. I like heat in general. It bothers me less than cold. But the very hot Florida summer weather can be painful. On this fish diet though I've noticed for a few days at least that the summer sun is less painful. We'll see. I'll pay more attention to this going forward.

The big negative for the day is that my gums are still slightly inflamed. It can be painful to chew food. The positive is that the swelling continues to go down. With a little luck the swelling will be hardly noticeable by tomorrow.
177lbs. this week I'll plan once again to fast 2 to 3 times a week to try and drop 5 more pounds at the least. In the month of May I fasted the whole month and went from 185lbs to 177lbs ruffly. I don't expect as nice of results if I should fast for the end of June and all of July but one can hope.

Gums still hurt some this morning. Once again I believe the swelled up gums due to eating Jr. Mints, most likely, has improved. It remains painful though eating and flossing my teeth. The left side of my face feels better. It is less swollen. I don't itch this morning. That's a big positive.