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My journey to getting well

Back hurts this morning. I'm not sure why. My energy levels are not all that great. I ate more fiber than typical which could possiby explain the back and lower energy levels. Stomach typical. I'm sick but not overly well.

Skin appears healthy. Rash is gone. My weight is up a pound. I was surprised at that as I didn't feel hungry yesterday. I've been eating spices. I'll continue to do so. I've been also eating lots of the nightshade family.

I'll keep with the grass fed diet.
I'm communicating well on this grass fed diet. Far to often I experience lock jaw as I call it. It can be difficult to talk effectively. That so far isn't a problem on this diet.

Today I've been on the tired side. I'm doing well but my energy levels are not fantastic.

There is only one item I know that causes lock jaw and that is synthetic vitamins. B vitamins in particular bring this about. I hate to say this. I don't want to have problems with synthetic vitamins. I'd rather have an allergy to soy and beans and need to eat grass fed to avoid it. But synthetic vitamins should be my humber one concern and with that I'll want to avoid fortified grains such as wheat and fortified white rice.
It's something! 🙃 It's the never ending story. For about 6 to 7 years now though I've had a lot of success with being well. Why though has been the question. Getting this figured out though has been a tough nut. I'll get it eventually.

Grass fed diet had me tired today but nothing extreme. Stomach doing well. Rash gone. I'm communicating well, the lock jaw thing hasn't reared up since on this diet. I'm taling easy and well. Everything seems easier of late, other than energy levels. At some point I'll have to test this out to see if there is the lock jaw when eating regular commercial beef as that sure would be an easier diet to follow. i do have the rash though that went away on the grass fed diet. Now all I need to an improved stomach. I have a good feeling I'll be seeing that in the near future.
Something I noticed this morning and should note. The stomach bulge that I can have far to often than I care for is pretty much gone on this diet. I've thrown on a tighter shirt this morning and it looks decent. The stomach isn't completely flat and I have some weight I can lose but there is a visible difference that I can see on this diet. I'll keep avoiding commercial meats, instead eating grass fed along with avoiding synthetic vitamins.
I was well to the stomach today. As mentioned earlier a rare occurrence here of late. My skin looks healthy and my eyes are blueish in color this evening. All good signs. On the negative my energy levels remain lousy. That might be due to eating more fiber than typical though it is not much more than typical. I'll continue with the grass fed diet, avoiding synthetic vitamins and soy.
I was a bit shocked to weigh myself this morning. I weigh 5lbs more all of a sudden. Don't know were the weight went. I haven't been eating more food of late. So something is going on I guess. Hope it is good. I'll stick with the grass fed diet, with avoiding soy and synthetic vitamins directly and indirectly.
I think I've gone 7 weeks on this diet. I could scroll up and look but I'm to lazy this morning. The broader idea of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey might be the answer just as much as the grass fed idea. There hasn't been much difference between the two. The big difference is the rash being gone on the grass fed diet. What I call rash isn't really a rash I believe. It might simply be a poor ability to digest fat that I'm noticing. Regardless if this diet works out I'll eventually want to figure out if I can eat regular beef without it causing health problems.
Forgot to note, the health of my hair has changed this week. It has gone from dry to being oilier and healthier appearing. I'm hoping that is due to the diet change of avoiding bird. It might also have been brought about by me eating some gelatin and adding iodine to my diet. I'm guessing it is the diet change though most responsible. I can recall in the past when well to the stomach my hair health changed.

Weight was 176lbs this morning. The big weigh gain from yesterday was nearly gone. It was likely water weight.
My energy was decent yesterday. Today is day 8 of the grass fed diet and I've noticed for the last 3 days that in the evening my skin looks very nice and healthy. My eyes are turning blueish of late. They are blueish this morning. Likely tonight they will be brighter blue. Don't know if the grass fed diet is helping over the regular avoid bird meats diet. If given a choice I'd prefer the diet of avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey. If it is soy or synthetic vitamins that I'm having trouble with, that will be harder to avoid with only grass fed beef and wild caught fish to eat but not impossible. Weight remains elevated. This morning after breakfast I weighted 180lbs. I'm not eating more food but for some reason I'm gaining weight. Appearance wise though I don't appear to be gaining. The stomach area is flatter. The swollen stomach is smaller in size.
I had good energy yesterday. That makes two days in a row. It wasn't great energy levels and I didn't do much with the energy but overall I felt better. I ate terribly yesterday pigging out. I'm planning on eating better in the days ahead. Hopefully I'll have a 3rd day of good energy. It would be a nice change to not feel fatigued all the time. Stomach the came, better but nothing great. I have a long ways to go till the stomach does better I'm guessing.
I've had decent energy for most of the day. This evening I'm feeling that I have a lot of energy. This afternoon I wasn't all that energized but overall I felt better than typical. So 3 days of having good higher than typical energy levels. Fingers crossed I have lots of energy this week. I have increased the amount of fiber eaten of late. It doesn't seem to be harming me.

The whole reason why I went all grass fed was due to previously I was eating grass fed beef 75% of the time. When I began to sometimes have good energy, but sometimes I would crash with poor energy levels, I decided to eat all grass fed beef. I stopped eating commercial beef. For now so far that appears to have been a good move on my part. Appearance wasn't all that great this afternoon, but this evening I'm appearing healthier.
Another decent day of having energy. I am a little more worn down this afternoon but an attribute that to lifting weights in the morning. I lifted heavier and harder than typical.

Tomorrow will be a very good test to see how my energy levels are going. I'm going to do a project that last time I did wore me out. I worked 2 to 3 hours last time. So will be a good test.

Stomach OK but not great. Appearance a bit ruff but that happens after lifting weights.
Yikes I am 178lbs this morning. I keep putting on weight with this diet. In the past I recall eating beef had me putting on weight. It might not be bad though as I have times were I'm feeling quite strong and my weight lifting has been heavier of late. I might be putting on muscle. At least I hope that is the case. I'm eating potato chips, not very healthy so if my get my hunger under control I'll give that up. I am eating more fiber than typical and that puts on weight too. I bet that is it, the fiber and weight.

Today will be a good test of my energy levels. I'm to do some work that will take a few hours. Last time I did this work I was exhausted and barely able to do much for the rest of the day. Fingers crossed I do better this time around.

It might be relevant, might not, but picked up some dairy soy free ice cream bars at the store. They were on sale. In the past these bars have made me sick to my stomach. I figured the illness might have come from it being high in coconut oil fat. It could be similar to margarine which causes me stomach issues. Looking at the label of the soy free ice cream bars I see they are high in lima bean protein. I've read before that if allergic to soy others beans are likely to cause stomach issues also. Not sure if relevant but in the future if my stomach improves I'll eat a bar and see what happens.
Crash and burned yesterday. Well that isn't the best way to describe it but I was tired and worn out from weight lifting earlier. I over did it. Ended up sleeping in for about 2 hours this morning. Stomach doing OK. I'm going to pass on the project for now. It would be a 4 to 5 hour project and that is likely more than I can handle.

I'm going to eat a lot of spices today, having tomato sauce. Imagine I'll be fine but it is a new food one that has been a concern in the past. I'll probably write less in the coming days. I'm upbeat about the grass fed diet but I have a long road ahead of me if it works out.
I'm now 14 days in with the grass fed diet. And I'm overall 8 weeks in with the avoiding bird diet.

I have been thinking that I hope I don't experience what happened with the previous diet. Perviously I was only eating bird, or chickens eggs, and turkey. With that diet I was doing OK on it. I would sometimes experience explosive diarrhea but it didn't happen everyday. Then 8 weeks ago or about I became very sick to my stomach. I was not able to stop the diarrhea. It was going to run it's course despite how much imodium I took and cheese eaten. I'd be sick for 4 to 6 hours running to the bathroom constantly.

On the new beef diet or avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey diet, it took at least 2 weeks for the stomach to calm down. Today it has been 6 weeks since I last experienced explosive diarrhea. So I appear to be on the right track. I've also had periods of feeling stronger and being more energetic on this diet. Somedays I appear healthier and I can see my eyes turning more blueish.

THis next 4 weeks, if I can stay well, will give me a good boost emotionally. There remains that fear in the back of my mind that out of the blue I'll suddenly become sick and not have an ability to stop the diarrhea. That fear will take some time to overcome.
I should note this, today was a very good day for communicating. I was able to talk very well, something that can be an issue for me.

On the negative side my joints hurt some. The pain wasn't a big issue but I noticed it and it was uncomfortable while I exercised.

I suspect both talking well and having good energy along with the sore joints and muscles came from the same thing. Yesterday I ate a lot of brown rice fiber. My stomach was fine today. The fiber did not make me sick. As so often happens though the fiber made me feel sore with many aches. The fiber on the other hand gave me energy likely due to nutrients found in the brown rice. At least that is my theory for why today was a great day overall. It was nice to be somewhat normal, healthy and cheerful today.
This morning I'm experiencing a lot of cramping. I'm also feeling fat. Well, I'm not overly fat, but after breakfast I weighted 180lbs.

On the positive side, and this is very positive I haven't been sick to my stomach. Typically cramping is accompanied with lots of diarrhea. That hasn't happened. My energy levels are good. And I suspect the weight gain is simply being caused by me digesting food better and having more food in my intestines. That's my guess anyway. It will be nice once I level off with weight gain and the stomach does better hopfully that I can begin to once again look to lose weight. The cramping is likely caused by eating to many nuts. I'll cut back on the nuts to just one meal a day.

So ruff morning so far, but positive signs can be seen with it.
I did end up using the bathroom more often than typical yesterday. The cramping being experienced was bad, and with cramping typically comes an upset stomach. I wasn't all that sick though. It has been my thought that the worst is over on this diet. At least I hope so. My diarrhea has been changed for the better.

Yesterday despite using the bathroom more I never felt all that hungry. This is great, as earlier on this diet I felt famished all the time. I was eating large amounts of food to ease the hungry feeling.

I've been wondering what caused the huge amount of hunger I was experiencing early on with this diet of avoiding chicken, eggs, and turkey. There are two main possible answers I feel. The first idea being that the previous diet led me to become very sick eventually. I experienced a great amount of diarrhea for a few weeks. It might have been that diarrhea loss that led to me feeling famished early on with this beef diet. The second idea being that the hungry feeling might have slowly gone away once I switched from eating commercial beef sometimes to now only eating grass fed beef and the current diet I'm on, an all grass fed beef diet. At some point I'll want to test that idea out, and eat commercial beef for awhile to see if the great hunger returns.

Since I'm not feeling as hungry of late I'm going to once again make an effort to drop a few pounds. This morning I weighed 176lbs. I'll see if I can drop my weight to 174 to 175lbs over the next week and still have decent energy levels while doing so. I suspect it will be easy to do.
175lbs this morning. Yesterday I didn't feel all that hungry most of the day and was easily able to not eat snacks nor have dinner which is typical. It felt good. I feel good this morning. At some point this week or maybe next week I'll try eating commercial beef to see what happens, to see if the overwhelming hunger makes an appearance. I'm still sick to the stomach but the sickness remains on the positive side.
Was thinking of something and thought to write it down.

When younger I ate similar to how I am eating now. I don't remember eating much chicken. Eggs were eaten sometimes but not often. There were pancakes once a week and cookies to eat every so often. Overall though I ate a lot of beef, drank milk or ate cereal, and from time to time ate pizza with pork toppings. I wasn't sick when younger. From memory at least I began eating chicken later in my teens, which matches when I began to become ill. Anyway, very speculative on my part, but with memory there could be something to the diet. Will be interesting to see how the coming winter chill effects me. When healthy in my youth the cold didn't bother me all that much.

I was tired today. I was tired yesterday too. It's likely that I've eaten to much fiber and nuts and that is being resolved. Will be nice to have more energy in the near future I hope. Appear healthier this evening. Good to see that.
178lbs this morning. For some mysterious reason i gained 3lbs! I also could not sleep last night. This morning I'm feeling tired, and weak. Yet with that I'm also feeling upbeat and happy. The gut remains in good shape. I'm thinking I finally finally have a diet that can make me well. I have a good feeling that if I were to begin to eat a lot of cheese within 2 to 3 days I'd be entirely well to the stomach. I'd feel rotten, and my teeth were to begin to develop cavities, not to mention I'd ballon up to 200lbs if I ate that much cheese, but for confidence I could do it. Well, at least it feels that way. I've been trying for find this diet for 8 years now but couldn't figure it out. So I'm tired and fatigued this morning but I'm happy about it.
The stomach continues to do very well. The bad news, I'm battling fatigue and feeling weak. It's the same feeling I recall when being well when I was eating a lot of cheese. The stomach was well most of the time but I felt miserable. Well, good to be well to the stomach. That gives me confidence. It's terrible feeling weak and worn down. Hopefully in the weeks ahead I'll improve.
Same old same old, stomach is doing much better, my energy levels are lousy. I feel quite run down and tired. I suspect the tiredness comes from healing, the digestive system is healing which takes a lot of energy to do. I'm guessing I'll feel like this for some time going forward. I'm likely soon to try and eat regular commercial beef once again so see how the gut does.
Yesterday was a miserable day. I was extremely fatigued for the day. In the evening I was so tired my memory was having trouble. That's not the first time that has happened.

Today I can feel will be a somewhat similar lousy low energy day. I suspect though it will be slightly better day but not by a whole lot.

On the positive side my gut continues to do decent. I haven't been overly sick in many weeks. That's a nice change of pace.

Today I'm planning to eat some regular commercial beef instead of the grass fed beef I've been eating for 3 weeks. The two items I'll keep tabs on will be stomach health naturally and if I become overly hungry. Early on with this beef diet I became famished at times. I've suspected that when I made the switch to grass fed beef is when the hunger wetn away. There might be other possible answers though for the cause of the famished feeling. So with this mini trial I'll be finding out.
Today is turning out to be a much better day than expected. My energy levels are good. I'm feeling somewhat strong. I don't feel hungry. If anything I'm feeling full. for lunch I did eat regular beef, a large helping of commercial beef. No problems have been noticed. I'm guessing now that if I was born with the allergy, which I suspect I was, I only pretty much ate beef and drank milk in my youth. I was relatively well in my youth. If memory is right it was only later on that I began to eat chicken and eggs more frequently. So anyway, time will tell but I'll make it a point to eat commercial beef for one meal a day going forward and recording how I feel.
Glad you are feeling a little brighter. I wonder if there is anything in the commercial beef that makes a difference (e.g their grain versus grass)? Seems like you were doing better on the grass fed til this big energy slump. I wondered about your iron levels but with all the red meat you should be okay. Do you eat any vitamin c foods with it to help absorb?
Hope the feeling better continues 😀
Thanks Delta, I do too. It's always nice to have wonderful energy levels. I have to admit I'm fading some as the days goes on, but it might also be the cooler weather being experienced causing that. I don't handle cold weather well. At least it can take me a week or two to adjust to the changing cooler temps.

I'm not entirely sure about my ideas, but I keep notes and I'll keep doing my experiments. So far the stomach is much improved on this diet of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey and pork. It's been 9 weeks now on this diet. If that remains the case I'll believe that I'm on the right track and that my other health problems will eventually resolve. As can be imagined i'll be monitoring closely my latest change of adding commercial beef. Fingers crossed it turns out well, but if not I'll just go back to the stricter diet of grass fed beef and fish from time to time.

Yes, I do eat lots of vitamin C foods a day such as oranges, pineapple, spinach and other foods. In the past my iron levels have been tested and they came back within the normal range.
This morning I'm feeling well. I don't feel hungry. I don't have that overwhelming famished feel. My strength is OK. I'll make sure to eat the commercial beef everyday for the next week or two to see how I feel. Gut continues doing well.
Rather tired and fatigued today, at least since after lunch. I have a new candidate for causing the tiredness, rice noodles. I've been eating rice noodles with little fiber to them of late. I'm guessing though that they are harder to digest than expected. I'll finish my left overs in the days ahead. After that I'll take a vacation from the noddles to see if I have more consistent better energy levels.
Bathroom habits continue to go well. I guess on a scale of 1 to 10, I'm a 5. This is a great improvement over the last diet I followed of only eating eggs, chicken, and turkey. After a month on that diet I was a 1.

Energy levels are decent today. I was a little weak and worn out this morning when I went for a walk. This early afternoon I'm still the same.

Eating commercial beef has gone well so far. I'm not feeling famished, and stomach is doing fine, a 5.

I'll stick with avoiding chicken, eggs, turkey and pork.
I've done OK with eating commercial beef with one problem coming up, a problem that is driving me crazy this evening. Since I began eating commercially raised beef I've begun to itch all over. In particular I'm itching on my scalp, but I also itch everywhere else.

I'll stop eating the commercial beef and see if returning to eating grass fed beef gets rid of the itching.
I'm feeling less itchy this morning, going back to eating the grass fed beef. I forgot yesterday but when eating pork that is one of the problems I have with it, I feel itchy all over. I've rarely eaten commercial raised beef. Possibly it causes a similar reaction as I experience with pork.

With the last diet that failed miserably I was only eating chicken, eggs, and turkey. I was also avoiding spices. There was one spice being eaten though. Well there was more than one, but with the meat there was one spice being eaten and that was rosemary extract. On the ingredients listing for the ground chicken I eating it was listed. Looking up rosemary extract i found it to be a member of the mint genus family. Other members of that family are common spices such as oregano. So I'll avoid all spices also, avoiding the mint family in particular. (I am eating some rice cookies which list a few spices such as cinnamon.)

The things to look for this week are energy levels, stomach health, and how strong I feel. In the last week or so I've experienced a few times a loss of energy and strength. There is a good chance that was caused when eating spaghetti sauce which has oregano in it.
Today is turning out to be a really good day. I don't itch all over as I did yesterday. I have good energy. I'm feeling strong. So I'll keep eating grass fed beef, and avoiding the mint family. I'll avoid all other spices for the week too. If all goes well, the good energy and stomach continues, next week I'll begin adding one spice to the diet at a time, starting with garlic. Oh, I'm also avoiding cheese as it tires me out, though I do not believe it to be an allergy.
Today has been a good day. My energy levels are high. I do not itch all over. Stomach is doing well. I appear decently healthy. I'll keep avoiding the mint family, olive and olive oil, and only eating grass fed beef while avoiding commercially raised eggs, chicken, turkey and pork.
It's been another good day. I don't itch all over. I've had good energy levels. My eyes are bluish this afternoon. I've eaten a lot of fiber today, or relatively lots of fiber and the gut feels fine. I'll keep avoiding the mint family, avoid olives and olive oil, and only eat grass fed beef.
I believe today marks 10 weeks with avoiding eggs, chicken, and turkey, my original idea. It's been 8 weeks now since I was last very sick to my stomach. That's a nice improvement. Most of the time on this diet I've eaten grass fed beef.

Today i have decent energy levels. I've really eaten poorly as I've eaten twice as many nuts as typical plus I've eaten more fiber than usual. That typically would case me to feel awful. Today though I'm doing fine. My energy levels are decent. I do not itch all over.

The avoiding olive oil and mint family are still on going. The olive oil avoidance is likely not going to help but it's worth a try as it is something that might be problematic. The mint avoidance has a decent chance of being the correct thing to do. I've not avoided this one before directly, as it has me avoiding rosemary, basil, mint, etc.
I really should stop writing as much. I'm an enthusiastic for thei diet. The results are good, but I have a long long ways to go. With that said tired this morning. I've stopped being overly careful on how much fiber I eat. I'm pretty sure that is why I'm tired this morning. The fatigue is not terrible though. I'm going to give up on avoiding spices. It's to much. I'll just stick with avoiding bird, and eating only grass fed beef. If I should happen to become overly sick I'll return to the olive oil, spices idea once again. Psychologically I'm still fearful when being far from a bathroom. That fear though does appear to be improving as I continue to do well with the stock. I'm on 8 weeks of not being majorly sick to the gut. The longer this goes the better I will be. My weight gain appears to have leveled off at 179 to 180lbs. I'm guessing the gain is due to not being as sick. My intestines as likely more full of junk. So I'll be starting over with looking to start losing weight, getting to 170lbs. I'll look at start next year. Hopefully by January I'll consistently have high energy levels.
I remember all those years ago, the first year or two the diarrhea I had was not urgent. That's what has happened to me with the current grass fed beef diet, avoid eggs, chicken, turkey, and pork. My energy levels are good this morning. I've decided to give it a try where I avoid lunch. I'd like to drop my weight to at least 175lbs. I was at 178lbs this morning. That should get some shorts feeling better when I wear them. Most importantly though to see if I can eat so little and not become starved or famished. I suspect I can do it with only eating grass fed beef.
Good news somewhat, I was on my feet for a large portion of yesterday. I made it with out to much problem. This morning though I'm feeling quite tired and fatigued. I didn't sleep all that well either being as sore as I felt. Overall though I'm pleased I'm able to take a beating somewhat and survive.

A tropical storm is forecast to spin this way. This mornings news has the storm missing this area but with 5 days out the forecast can change. I'll stock up on regular beef incase the power goes out for a week or so. Eating commercial beef while not ideal, likely is not a stomach problem. Well, I could be wrong about that, but will take my chances considering the storm. I know pork makes me itch like crazy. Commercial beef might do similar. According to expert officials I shouldn't have issues with commercial beef. Real world experience though has some people writing of having troubles with commercial beef and not grass fed.
Today marks 11 weeks I believe since I began avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey and pork. There has been a change this week to note. The change has been going on for a couple weeks now, but this is the first week where I noticed it everyday. My hair has changed from being dry to being healthier in appearance. It has more of a wet look. I figure the change is due to my digestive system working better, absorbing nutrients better.

My eyes are bluish but still remain mostly green brownish. Hopefully my eyes will turn more blue or as I joke as if systems are turning on.

The stomach is OK. I've not been majorly sick this week. I've had times were cramping was a problem but that tends to only last a few hours.

Shouldn't forget I'm also avoiding the mint family and olive oil and olives, at least part time. I'm going to get back and avoid them all the time.
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I'm reminded this morning of the many foods I react to. I'm not sure I'm all that different from others as I've read food allergies are commonly found in most people yet most are unaware of their allergies. Whether true or not, this morning I have a fat lip. It's from the mixed nuts I ate yesterday. I've known for awhile that mixed nuts can cause my lip and upper gums to swell up. I figured though that it was a fluke caused by a bad batch. I am wrong. The offending nut is most likely pistachio. The fat lip will likely be mostly gone by this evening.

The gut is doing OK. I'm avoiding many foods, chicken, eggs, turkey, pork, and I'm also avoiding spices/mint family, and olive oil and olives. My energy is not all that great but that's to be expected since Ive eaten a lot of cheese in anticipation of the tropical storm. THis morning appears the storm is now projected to miss this area. It will be breezy and rainy if the weather forecaster is right but nothing to bad. I'll go back to avoiding cheese. I'll see if my energy levels pop back up.
I screwed up. I've been eating another food with rosemary extract in it, a cookie. So the avoid mint family diet begins today. I'll also be only eating grass fed beef, avoiding chicken, eggs, turkey and pork. I'll avoid olive also.

I'm going to try a delicious experiment. In the past I've suspected that dark chocolate when eaten in large amounts will cause my heart to race and pound and will cause my muscles to cramp a little A racing heart is a common sign of an allergy I've read. It might also be that I've eaten a lot of caffeine I've guessed. What I might have overlooked is that I was often eating chocolate that was mint flavored. Possible it was the mint causing the racing heart and muscle cramping and not the dark chocolate. Will find out as I'll buy a bunch of dark plain chocolate and eating it liberally this week.

I feel ok this morning. The swollen lip is nearly gone once I avoided those nuts.
I need to note this down. After the mistake of eating a food with rosemary in it, and avoidiing the mint family overall, this evening I have a huge, huge amount of energy. I feel very strong. So lets hope the whole week is good. I'll keep avoiding the mint family along with all the other stuff that I'm avoiding. Stomach is doing well. I ate a lot of plain chocolate. Other than a slight headache for while I felt fine. No racing heart experienced fromthe plain chocolate. Maybe it was the mint added to the chocolate eaten in the past that was the heart racing cause. Will see in the days ahead.
I need to note this down. After the mistake of eating a food with rosemary in it, and avoidiing the mint family overall, this evening I have a huge, huge amount of energy. I feel very strong. So lets hope the whole week is good. I'll keep avoiding the mint family along with all the other stuff that I'm avoiding. Stomach is doing well. I ate a lot of plain chocolate. Other than a slight headache for while I felt fine. No racing heart experienced fromthe plain chocolate. Maybe it was the mint added to the chocolate eaten in the past that was the heart racing cause. Will see in the days ahead.
Yesterday I had wonderful energy levels, in the evening in particular I was very energetic. This morning I'm feeling pretty good. Will see if avoiding the mint family in particular is going to bring me good energy levels. I'll continue to avoid all the other food items for the time being. If I can get a week in of feeling well and energetic I'll being to add foods back into the diet.

Something I noticed is that Imodium is mint flavored. In the past I've complained that Imodium doesn't help me all that much. Possibly that might be due to Imodium having mint in it. It's to early to say for certain though but thought to note that down. I picked up some Imdium pills that are not flavored instead of the flavored liquid.
I'm tired and sore this morning! I felt similar for half of yesterday. I'm pretty sure what happened is wild monkeys entered my room last night and beat on me. Either that or I lifted to many weights. I might live, I might not. Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and it will be a less sore day. Outside of that I'm doing OK. I appear somewhat healthy. I'll be on my feet for a good porition of the morning I imagine working on a toilet that for lord knows why doesn't want to be fixed. I solve one problem with the toilet and something new needs to be repaired. Never had this happen before.
The good energy returned this afternoon. I didn't work out with weights. I didn't stay on my feet all that long today. It was nice to feel good, for my muscles to not ache. So I appear to finally being doing something right. I'll keep avoiding the mint family, along with pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, olives. I'm avoiding spices too though that will likely change soon.
I'm feeling well today, the stomach is holding up, my energy levels are good. Fingers crossed I have the right diet finally with avoiding the mint family along with all the other stuff I'm doing.
This morning I'm feeliing run down and fatigued. That's to be expected but was hoped and wished would not happen. Last evening I ate a lot of nuts and a couple extra rice cakes. It tired me out, which I sitll feel this morning. Stomach wise though I'm holding up well so far. There is a good chance I'll be feeling miserable to the stomach tonight and tomorrow. If not then that will be a great success.
Wanted to note, for the past few days I've stuffed myself with eating plain chocolate. I've experienced no negative side effects from this. My heart has not raced. I've felt decently well enough during this time. No muscle cramps experienced. So I am thinking it was the mint added to the chocolate I ate in the pas that was causing the racing heart and muscle cramps. I'd know for sure if I ate some of the mint chocolate but for now I'll be passing on a direct test. I'll just keep avoiding the mint family plus all the other stuff I'm staying away from.
I should note this down as it is important. I'm communicating well. It can be a real struggle at times to talk well. The cause of that is I'll be very fatigued, tired along with my muscles aching and cramping. Now, on this diet specifically paying attention that I avoid the mint family, I've been communicating very well the last couple of days. Everything feels easy to do. I talk freely, I move with out feeling in pain, etc. Fingers crossed this continues.
I've had very good energy levels today. I didn't lift weights which helps too with improved energy. The gut is very well too. I'm not entirely well, but I'm getting close to being well if this continues I suspect. At some point I'm going to be adding more foods to the diet. I'll likely start with eggs. Maybe next week I'll begin eating eggs, if the good energy levels continue along with the good stomach health. I'll continue to avoid the mint family along with all the other items such as pork, commercial beef, eggs, chicken, turkey,. The mint family or Lamiaceae consists of mint, basil, mentha, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano, hyssop, thyme, lavender, and perilla
A bit tired this morning but to be expected. I lifted weights for 10 minutes yesterday.

I'm anxious to add new foods to my diet, but then again I'm not so sure that would be a bright idea on my part. I'd like to add eggs. When I avoided the mint family I felt I developed more energy. At this point I've forgotten how I felt from before. I'm not sure if my improved health comes from avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey or if it comes from avoiding spices and the mint family. So it would be wiser if I stick with the diet I have till the stomach improves further. I'll keep avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey, along with pork along with mint family and spices. I'm also avoiding olives and olive oil. t's a bit much but I'll manage.
I need to stop writing. I have a good feeling that I finally have the right diet. It's now important that I stop concentrating on what I eat so much and let go. It was on Aug. 20th that I began avoiding all things bird, eggs, chicken, turkey. That has been the core of the latest diet to be avoided. Pork is an allergy and I've known that for years. Pumpkin and other similar items are a problem too. Those are allergens but not so much the stomach trouble makers.

With the spices and mint family I'm avoiding I'm far less certain they are a problem. it isn't realistic for me to avoid that for a long time with out having more certainty. Eating only grass fed is OK but also not realistic without more certainty also. So overall I'll need to over come a good amount of fear. The stomach pain in the past can be overwhelming and come on so quickly. That will take time to over come. I think though since I've been relatively healthy now for 2 and half months, and I'm looking healthier all the time, my energy levels are typically good now, I got it. I have the diet I've been looking for. Of course I could be wrong, but unless the wheel comes off in the future I'll stop thinking about this, and writing things down.
Well, that was quick, the wheels came off. For the past week or so I've been more or less feeling miserable, stomach bloated greatly to the point my back has hurt. And my heart at times could race, which is never good. It hurts when the heart races. So I'm going back to avoiding the mint family along with avoiding cinnamon. Since doing that a few days ago the heart stopped racing and the bloated gut has been slowly decreasing. The back feels better this later afternoon. I'm mainly concentrating on avoiding Enjoy Life cookies and some of the ingredients found it them, rosemarry and Cinnamon. I appear healthier since doing so. I also ate egg today.
My back pain is largely gone. There remains some pain but it's not nearly as bad as it had been. The stomach is better too. I'm not so bloated, I'm not passing gas as I was. The connection between back pain and stomach health continues. When the stomach acts up it's common for the back to ache. Rather a miserable connection. I'll continue to avoid the mint family and cinnamon. I'm appearing decently healthy today.
One thing I've noticed on this diet I've been following for some time now of only eating beef for meat is that I've gained weight. This morning after breakfast I weighed 181lbs! The low I weighed earlier in the year was 172lbs I believe. So I'll say I've gained about 10lbs on this diet. I don't like it. I'd prefer to be at 172lbs. but gaining weight and not being as sick to the stomach makes some sense.

I've begun to eat eggs. So far so good with that. this morning I'm planning on buying some chicken, regular, not ground. It will be interesting to see how my weight goes in the days ahead. I prefer chicken. i blamed the last stomach flare on eating chicken. It might have been the rosemary added to the ground chicken that was the problem though. Will see. The problem too could have been some gluten free cookiest eaten which list rosemary along with cinnamon. From what I read last night a cinnamon allergy can be quite nasty and painful.

Back still hurts some. It is not as bad as before but a problem. I'm less anxious to exercise with the back aching and tight.
Once again, I'm going to stop writing. I'm not making as much progress as I hoped with keeping notes here. Also I probably am causing myself problems by over thinkings things. I have figured a couple items out for certain though. I now know without a doubt that pork will cause me health issues. Eating pork causes me to itch all over and for my gums to swell up and bleed, freaking my dentist out. My dentist yelled at me the last time I ate pork before a dental cleaning. The other item I've learned is that beef and dairy products will cause my muscles to become tired and fatigued. Exercise will become difficult. I've had a lot of success with gut health over the last 10 years or so. I''m quite frustrated that I haven't figured things out, but I'll keep at it. I've done it before, just getting the right combination and sticking with it for a long long time is tough.
Thank you very much Delta. Best of luck to your too.

I've pretty much settled with the earlier idea I fixed on, avoiding beef, dairy and pork. I know for certain pork is a problem. There is no doubt there. The other two dairy and beef are problematic but how big of a problem is what I can dispute in my mind endlessly. Last time I tried this diet I became very sick to my stomach 1 month later. I blamed that on eggs, chicken, for that flare. Now looking back I was wrong. I was eating a lot of brown rice and I know I'm not good with eating to much rice fiber. So I think I have it with this diet. It's just going to take a year or two of avoiding to get the stomach better I suspect. Not an easy task. It will be a mental challenge. Anyway, I'm feeling really good since I switched back to the avoid red meat diet. I'll forget this in a week or two, but need to stop over thinkings things and just be happy that I'm feeling good, with energy levels.
It's important too that I figure this out, not only for me but for two nephews now. Both have developed illnesses with some similarities to mine. Don't know if we share the same inherited condition of course but I have suspicions.
Ya pork is so bad for me, swelling and sick to my stomach. Hamburger has to be the highest percent and only a little bit, I mix with beans and rice. Can't have lettuce or tomato anymore :-( Tacos just aren't the same. Sometimes can't do the brown rice, but jasmine or white I'm ok with. I can't have Greek yogurt and swiss cheese and cheese curds a little and be ok but all other dairy ya no go. Switched to coconut/almond milk mix for cereal with a spoonful of yogurt and do pretty good most days.
Ya pork is so bad for me, swelling and sick to my stomach. Hamburger has to be the highest percent and only a little bit, I mix with beans and rice. Can't have lettuce or tomato anymore :-( Tacos just aren't the same. Sometimes can't do the brown rice, but jasmine or white I'm ok with. I can't have Greek yogurt and swiss cheese and cheese curds a little and be ok but all other dairy ya no go. Switched to coconut/almond milk mix for cereal with a spoonful of yogurt and do pretty good most days.
GI Jane, It certainly can be a pain dealing with all the reactions food can give with our stomach conditions. Interesting that you share a similar reaction as I do with pork. I swell up and bleed after eating pork and not to mention itch like mad for a day afterwards. I suspect my grandfather had this reaction to pork too though he didn't know what caused it. He didn't have stomach issues too, just the itching the gum swelling. Take care, and stay away from stinky cheese!
I'm using Gluten free bread as from next wednesday. If it reduces my bloating then I'll go the whole hog as in gluten free cake etc. Because of a stricture I eat very little fibre. Glutinous stuff I eat, white bread (4 slices a day), cake & extra special pancakes plus chocolate bars & biscuits. Doesn't effect my weight so I figure why not!! But the common denominator in all of them is gluten. If it works happy days.
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Thanks Mo7

Good luck with the gluten free diet Grant. That is how I eat most of the time. Avoiding wheat did improve my condition though it was not a cure.

Ran across some new information on the current diet I'm following of avoiding all mammal meat and dairy products. There is actually a name for this condition. It is called Alpha-Gal. Some believe Alpha Gal is caused by a tick bite. I've seen some confusion on this though as something else might be going on. With little doubt avoiding mammal meat does make me feel the best. I'm far less sore on this diet. I'm far less hungry too. The big problem is the stomach can still become very ill, though the illness is different. On this mammal free diet if I'm ill I often still have good energy. My hope is that if I stick with the diet of only eating bird and fish meats, that over time my stomach becomes well, even if it takes years.

A bit on Alpha Gall can be read here:

Just to mention for the record, I've take the diet a step farther. I'm now only eating wild caught fish that has no soy in it. The idea being that something being fed to commercial live stock could be making its way into the meat and making me ill. I've threatened to try this idea in the past but never have gotten around to doing it. I don't care much for fish.

Well I'm doing the wild fish diet and I'm getting very good results so far. Tongue sores or markings have quickly gone away. I'm appearing healthier. The stomach has improved. I'll stick with the fish diet and write more. I'm upbeat with what I'm seeing. The fish being eaten is fish or salmon in olive oil. I'm making it a point to avoid soy in other foods.

I now believe it is eggs and chicken that cause the finger nail pitting.
On this wild fish diet, my tongue remains looking very healthy. My stomach is much improved. I'm not sick. I hope I didn't jinx myself saying that.

On the negative, I've been very fatigued and tired. That seems typical when I've experienced times were I'm well. I'm also bleeding from my gums after brushing. THe bleeding is not a whole lot but it is there and hopefully will go away completely in the next week.

I'll stick with the wild caught fish diet, making it a point to avoid soy and beans too.

Sometime next week Ill likely eat some grass fed beef. I'll be looking to how my tongue appears and the gut reacts. I suspect I'll be fine in both areas but am not entirely sure on that.
Same old same old, bad news I'm tired, fatigued, worn out. This wild fish diet doesn't do much for my energy levels.
Good news and it is very good news, my stomach is relatively well. Well is a relative term, but for me I'm happy with the improved stomach. My tongue looks fabulous. It's good and healthy in appearance. I've figured if the tongue is healthy, the rest of my digestive system is healing.
Tomorrow I'm planning on eating grass fed beef. I'm hoping it goes well. The two main items I'll be watching for it stomach health and tongue health. I know I'll be tired and worn out.
lukesjr - nope I was wrong, no alpha gal syndrome for me. I'm now onto a fish only diet for meat. I'll see if that does better for me in the long term. That is what courts the most, long term. Short term diets can give me confusing results.

Eating beef has been delayed. I woke up this morning feeling free. I guess that is one way to describe it. My energy levels were very good, pain levelsl were down. I figured why mess with a good thing, so I stuck with eating only fish today. Some other day I'll give grass fed beef a try.
I've noticed this for a few days and this morning confirms it in my mind, on this fish diet I'm able to do some light weight lifting exercises and not feel overly fatigued and worn out aftewards. For a long time I've been looking for the diet that does this. I've known it exists but finding it has been a struggle. So how I continue to do well on the fish diet. At some point I'll want to eat grass fed beef to see how I handle that. Tongue looks very good and healthy this morning. I didn't eat lunch yesterday and I worked out hard, yet I didn't feel all that worn out as a result.
The wild fish diet is still going well. On the negative, I can still become sick to the stomach. For a few days I was dealing with an upset gut. The sickness was relatively mild but as aways it is never fun being sick and in paid. On the positive my energy levels are improved. My eyes have been turning bluish. In the evenings of late I've appeared good and healthy.

So the wild fish diet, is another avoid bird diet also. I've had good luck avoiding bird, eggs and chicken in particular in the past. Something strange I found is that I could make myself well to the stomach with the diet of avoiding eggs and chicken. i would eat turkey and grass fed beef. To make the diet work though I had to eat the turkey at breakfast and the grass fed beef at other times. If I swtiched things up, ate beef in the morning and turkey later in the day I'd become sick. Very odd. I never could recover on that turkey and grass fed beef diet. I'm wondering now if I had a mild allergy to the turkey, or maybe something was fed to the turkey that in turn upset my stomach. Hard to say.

Tongue looks good and healthy. It isn't perfect but much nicer appearing than when I was eating eggs and chicken. Finger nail remains pitted. It took 2 months for the finger nail pitting to show up. It will likely take 2 months for the pitting to go away. So another 6 weeks to go I'd guess.

Glad I'm avoiding cheese. At times I crave it as I know it will help the stomach health. Cheese does tire me out though.
I should add too, of late I've been eating some wheat. That isn't like me. I typically avoid wheat. I'm a celiac but have noticed wheat can slightly upset my stomach. It is tough to digest. Well, eating some wheat the last few days seems to have mildly upset the gut. So it's not a biggy, I'll go back to avoiding wheat for the time being.
Hey, I avoid wheat and my gum bleeding stopped at least it stopped this morning. Fantastic. Weight was 181lbs this morning on my least favorite scale. I'll work today to see if I can reach 180lbs by tomorrow. Lunch will be avoided. Appears I'll have some more weight to drop as I still have some fat I can see that I'd like to be rid of, but 180lbs on the broken scale has been my goal.

Stomach was upset a good amount yesterday Despite that my energy levels are good, and my tongue looks great. Finger nail with pittng looks good too. The new nail growth does not appear to have pitting but another few weeks will be more revealing about that issue. I feel I'm going in the right direction.
180lbs on the broken scale. 171lbs on the favorite scale.

Tongue looks great. It has been 2 weeks that I've gone without tongue markings. This has been under all kinds of conditions, conditions that in the recent past I would have suspected would result in tonue markings. The wild fish diet has worked well.

So today I plan to add grass fed beef to the diet. The main area I'll watch is my tongue's health. I'm assuming the tongue markings are caused by a negative food reaction. What happens on the tongue likely occurs in the digestive system resulting in stomach issues. I'll also add tomato sauce to the diet.

If the tongue markings return I'll go back to eating the wild fish diet.
Well I ate some grass fed beef today and as a result I feel miserable. Stomach is good though and there are not tongue markings, sores. I'm not sure why I'm so terribly tired out. A possible answer is I ate to much protein. I don't know if that would be an issue or not, but have noticed when I'm eating fish I'm not eating a whole lot of fish. With todays beef meal I ate a lot of beef. Regardless think I'll go back to the fish diet. I don't mind the salmon in olive oil. I'll test the grass fed beef again another time.
Good news, no tongue markings, sores, what ever those things are, after eating grass fed beef. Bad news I remain tired as can be this morning. It am glad of the one day test to eat grass fed beef. I'm likely OK with eating it, but it is likely tough on my beat up damaged gut. I'll try eating grass fed beef again in two weeks.
Going back to avoiding wheat has not only helped my gyms it has unsurprisingly helped my stomach health. Since avoiding wheat I haven't had much stomach issue. For awhile I was worried to leave the house I was having to use the bathroom frequently. Now the stomach has calmed down greatly.

It would not surprise me if this is the diet that helped me so much in the past, but I never could figure out. I'd follow a diet avoiding a great many foods, eat lots of cheese, and I'd find myself completely well to the stomach. I'd feel miserable though eating so much cheese. My energy levels would be low from the cheese, but I'd not be running to the bathroom all the time. So keep avoiding chicken, eggs, and turkey along with wheat. I'm avoiding pork too as it causes my gums to bleed and swell up, along with having me itch all over. I'll just eat wild caught fish and at some point test further grass fed beef. It is likely safe to eat.

The pork allergy puzzles me. I wonder how it is connected to possible issues with eggs, chicken and possibly turkey. Then again there might not be a connection. I'm guessing something is fed to the animals that are commercially raised that causes me allergy issues. Possibly soy, or corn, or maybe even antibiotics. There is synthetic vitamins too, which I know for sure I'm not able to take a multi vitamin without becoming sick. Hard to say. Hopefully time will tell.
Rather nice, the last couple of days I've been mostly well to the stomach. I remain fearful though. It seems unnatural to not have stomach issues.

Woke up weighing 181lbs on the broken scale. Favorite scale had me at 171lbs. i'm going on a 23 hour fast today so it would not come as a surprise if I weigh 178 to 179lbs in the morning tomorrow.

Ate some grass fed beef yesterday. Tongue looks nice & healthy this morning. That is the key I believe. So long as the tongue is in good shape, it likely means I'm not eating foods I'm reacting negatively with. I'll keep with eating wild caught fish and occasionally for now grass fed beef. I'll keep avoiding cheese, eggs, chicken, pork, turkey and commercially raised beef.

My energy levels are not all that great. It doesn't take much to tire me out. I feel fatigued, but I'm not as fatigued as I felt before this diet.
Gum health remains great since avoiding wheat. No gum bleeding. Finger nail with pitting is looking good. I believe the pitting has stopped but can't say that with certainty just yet. Weight was 178lbs on the broken scale and 169lbs on the favorite scale. I'll aim for 175lbs on the broken scale and see how that looks. I might want to drop to 170lbs will see. i've figured that it was cheese eating that made me gain fat weight. Now that i'm avoiding cheese makes some sense to me that avoiding cheese is leading to weight/fat loss. Gut was mildly upset yesterday and this morning. it wasn't completely unsurprising. I'll be well by tomorrow I'm guess, not that I'm all that sick now. Air conditioning broke. It is hot in the house. That should be taken care of soon, whether with the machine fixed or coming weather change brining cooler weather on weds. I'll stick with the wild caught fish, grass fed beef diet along with avoiding wheat and cheese. tongue looks great. Pretty much no tongue markings to be seen.
Worth noting, today I was pretty run down and fatigued. It was the normal feeling I have, having to drag myself around, push myself to do things.

This evening is a rare treat. I'm full of energy, feeling good all over. This doesn't happen often. The diet is undoubtably contributing to this good feeling. I'll of course stick with it.
Quite exhausted today. I've been on my feet for most of yesterday and a good portion of today. Glad I was able to do that, as normal I couldn't, but it had puckered me out. I ate more food today thinking hoping that would improve my energy levels but that didn't help.

Tongue remains looking good. Gums are not bleeding. They feel and look healthy. Stomach is good for today. Weight was 180lbs this morning. Another 5lbs drop on the broken scale and I'll be happy though I will likely still have some fat to get rid of.
Here of late i've pretty much been eating wild caught salmon along with other plant based items. Grass fed beef has been avoided. It has worked out well for me. I'm experiencing times were I'm entirely well when going to the restroom. It isn't always the most comfortable experience. I still have a super sensitive gut and it lets me know it is hurting and that it prefers diarrhea. But hopefully that pain will go away over time as I heal. It's good too not have diarrhea all the time. I'm using the bathroom 3 to 4 times a day. Energy levels are OK, nothing great most of the time. I'm feeling fatigued here at the moment.

Weight 170lbs on the favorite scale. I've been back to eating 2 good sized meals a day. I'm hoping to build up my strength as family guests are coming to visit in a week. I'll need to do my best to keep up with them. Tongue looks good and healthy. Finger nail with pitting is improving I believe. I'm 4 days away from being on this diet for a month.
I ate a bunch of grass fed beef yesterday. I needed a change from all the salmon I've been eating. It seems to have gone down well. The only complaint and it is a big complaint needing to be watched in the future is that the right side of my gums swelled up just a bit. Nothing terrible. It likely was nothing of importance, but since pork causes a great amount of gum swelling I'll want to watch in the future. I'm back to eating salmon for awhile. Weight 181lbs this morning. Energy levels better this morning.
I've made it one month on the avoid bird diet, along with wheat and cheese. There is good and bad as always.

The bad, I have less energy. I become tired out easier. It used to be that I could jog around for 30 minutes without problem. Now I tire out within 10 minutes and stop exercising to take a break. I'm not thinking as well. I'm not communicating as well either. Not surprising as I've noticed energy levels tend to be connected to the others.

On the good, my stomach is much improved. I'm well sometimes. It has been awhile since I was last majorly sick. I suspect I could easily become very sick. That still frightens me. The other day I wanted to drive 20 minutes to the hardware store, but was worried over it being afraid of the upset stomach making an issue. That didn't happen though. If I'm on the right track, another month or two will tell, my psychological fears will lessen I suspect. Gums bleeding less. Finger nail pitting going away. That's a big one for me. A negative is not my eyes are not blue. That will be another big one.

This morning after breakfast I weighted 174lbs. I'm be going on a 23 hour fast in hopes of dropping half a pound. Gums bled after breakfast brushing. That was the first time that has happend in awhile. Yesterday I age a good amount of grass fed beef. It makes me wonder some, but overall I'm not greatly concenred.
Worth noting down, today, this morning I made a sea salt capsule and took it with breakfast. I was wanting to see if that would improve my energy levels. Well, today has been a decent energy day. I'm not overwhelmed with energy but I'm doing better than previously. One day doesn't mean a whole lot, but I'll continue to take some extra salt with meals to see if that helps improve my lousy energy levels.
I think the salt capsules are helping me some with my energy levels. I'm not all that energetic, but I'm more energetic that before. I can feel it. I tried this salt idea in the past and didn't notice the salt helping. now, being more well to my stomach, often finding myself well, the salt appears to be improving my health. It's a little backwards than normal, eat more salt to be healthy, but considering the condition and minerals lost due to diarrhea makes some sense.

Weight 182lbs with cloths on at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised if I tied my low weight when I wake up in the morning, and I ate lunch today. Good sign. Tomorrow will be a 23 hour fasting day. I will likely see myself down to 177lbs. Figure the minimum weight loss I want to see on the broken scale is 175lbs. Wouldn't mind going down to 170lbs though.
178.4lbs. Disappointing. I was hoping to wake up at 177lbs this morning.

Last night I was reading about how salt can cause water weight gain. With the extra salt I'm consuming for the last few days I'm wondering if that caused me to gain a bit of weight. I'm guessing it did. OUtside of that the salt is helping with energy levels nicely. Yesterday was just a one meal day yet I felt decently energetic.

Tongue looks good. Finger nail pitting continues to improve. I orderded some magnesium spray. I've read before mentions that minerals are more important for health than vitamins. All are important but minerals are often overlooked and from what I can tell that seems to be the case with the salt I'm taking. So I'll try out the magnesium and sulfur spray. A spray should help prevent the diarrhea magnesium supplements can cause. At least I hope so.

Appearance is more healthy. I'm pleased about that.
Worth noting, I'm appearing healthier since adding extra salt in the diet. The appearance appears to be sticking around. There is more blood in the cheeks. Eyes are brighter in appearance though not blue.

Was mildly sick today, not to the stomach but feeling nauseous and weak. I ate to much fat I suspect and the damaged gut didn't handle that well.
I was real excited to see this so wanted to note - my tongue appears very healthy. It's been lookig much healthier for months but there would sitll be some slight red markings remaining. This morning, the tongue looks as healthy as can be. No marks seems at all. Hope that remains the case. Figure with the tongue looking good, other parts of my digestive system are likely looking better too.

This morning I remain feeling run down and weak. I'll be alight but it's never enjoyable feeling lousy.
Feel ok this morning. Nothing great. A bit on the tired worn out side, but typical stuff. Began using a spray magnesium spray last night. It does make my muscles feel better. I'm hoping it will be helpful when it comes to muscle pains. Gums still are bleeding some. It's not great but the bleeding returns when I eat grass fed beef. Weight was 181lbs this morning. Yestreday was a snack all day day. I'll eat better today. It seems so long as I avoid cheese I'm not gaining weight. With family coming to visit for 2 weeks starting on Monday, I'll eat two meals a day. Once the visiting is over, I'll return to trying to drop 10 more lbs. The reason for this mornings writings, the being well and pains from that are very uncomfortable, and becoming more common. I'm hoping this issue resolves within a few months. Kind of embarrassing talking about but I like the times were I'm well with bathroom habits, but being well comes with its downsides at the moment. All to often also I experience painful cramping. That is quite unpleasant with pain and nausea.


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I have enjoyed reading your diary and wish you well.I admire your determination and hope it will give me the push that I need to lose a few pounds.Enjoy your family's visit.
Thanks Scottsma. I seem to be going forward health wise finally with my diet. Hoping it won't take the body to long to recover where I have more energy and a further improved gut.
I didn't sleep all that well last night. It has been awhile since that last happened. 179lbs this morning. Energy levels are not all that great, but I've felt worse.

Big item I've noticed is that on days I eat grass fed beef I tend to have a mild upset stomach and my gums bleed when brushing. When I eat wild caught fish the gut is well and the gums do not bleed.

Since the main item I'm judging health is with the appearance of my tongue and the tongue looks great, I'm guessing that beef is hard to digest and causing some gut discomfort and that leads to the gums bleeding. With family guests here I will just stick with eating the wild caught salmon for the next two weeks. Then I'll return to eating the grass fed beef. I'm reasonably sure the grass fed beef is OK. It is likely just tough to digest for my damaged healing gut. I could be wrong about that though.

Voice has deepened some. Extra sea salt in the diet and the magnesium spray have helped me some I believe, but they did not help my muscles feel better after exercise. The extra minerals have resulted in my beard hair growing more robust. I have a 5 oclock shadow now, which wasn't the case before.


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I have heard / read that beef is not good for the gut,but you seem determined to enjoy eating it.The next two weeks on salmon then a return to eating meat will probably tell you what I think you already suspect.Let's know the results.
Oh thanks for your interest Scottsma. It isn't necessary though. Though I'm on a public forum I realize, I kind of view it as a private journal to figure out this crazy situation I've found myself in for some time now. It might be 10 years at this point that I've been able to get well for a period of time but haven't been able to figure out what food(s) cause my MC IBD condition. What was the worst is that even when well to the gut other parts of my health would go down hill much as dental health. I would not recover while being well to the gut too.

In pervious get well to the gut diets what I discovered is that eating a lot of cheese, and avoiding many common allergy foods, would result in my gut becoming well most of the time. The cheese eating though seems to have many negative health effects. I've been reading books on that of late, about the negative effects of dairy products on health, along with eating to much calcium. Some writers believe we are poisoning ourselves with consuming to much calcium. So that is where I stand now, trying to come up with a diet that working without consuming cheese. It is a mess but I'll figure it out eventually. Seems I'm on a good path now, fingers crossed.
When I ate wheat a few weeks ago, I not only had bleeding gums and an upset stomach I also have stiff joints in particular in my fingers.

That same problems showed up when I was eating beef, along with tomato sauce and rice noodles.

it does make me wonder if there is a connection or not. I suspect the connection is that both items, wheat and beef, can be hard to digest causing other issues in the body.

Feeling good since avoiding beef and now only eating wild caught salmon. Stomach is Ok. It's not great, but within a day or two it just might be great. Energy levels are OK.


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I only wish I had your drive.I've faffed on with my diet for 15yrs and have given up now.I know what I can't eat, so will leave it at that.Although not vegetarian, meat has gradually been excluded,although not intentionally,and I don't miss it at all.Food doesn't interest me much, but I try to eat healthy and no, I'm not skinny,alas.
Tired this morning, which is the normal. Stomach OK. Nothing great. My finger joints are stiff and sore. I'm guessing that is due to eating a good amount of gluten free crackers. Grains seem to bring about joint pains. They should go away once the gut is better is my guess. Gums still bleeding some after brushing. That is like due to the gluten free food items and the mild upset gut. Finger nail lookings decent. The pitting is going away I believe. Tongue looks great. The tongue is nice and healthy in appearance. Wish I had more energy. Feeling run down all the time is the pits especially with family guests visiting.