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My journey to getting well

Back hurts this morning. I'm not sure why. My energy levels are not all that great. I ate more fiber than typical which could possiby explain the back and lower energy levels. Stomach typical. I'm sick but not overly well.

Skin appears healthy. Rash is gone. My weight is up a pound. I was surprised at that as I didn't feel hungry yesterday. I've been eating spices. I'll continue to do so. I've been also eating lots of the nightshade family.

I'll keep with the grass fed diet.
I'm communicating well on this grass fed diet. Far to often I experience lock jaw as I call it. It can be difficult to talk effectively. That so far isn't a problem on this diet.

Today I've been on the tired side. I'm doing well but my energy levels are not fantastic.

There is only one item I know that causes lock jaw and that is synthetic vitamins. B vitamins in particular bring this about. I hate to say this. I don't want to have problems with synthetic vitamins. I'd rather have an allergy to soy and beans and need to eat grass fed to avoid it. But synthetic vitamins should be my humber one concern and with that I'll want to avoid fortified grains such as wheat and fortified white rice.
It's something! 🙃 It's the never ending story. For about 6 to 7 years now though I've had a lot of success with being well. Why though has been the question. Getting this figured out though has been a tough nut. I'll get it eventually.

Grass fed diet had me tired today but nothing extreme. Stomach doing well. Rash gone. I'm communicating well, the lock jaw thing hasn't reared up since on this diet. I'm taling easy and well. Everything seems easier of late, other than energy levels. At some point I'll have to test this out to see if there is the lock jaw when eating regular commercial beef as that sure would be an easier diet to follow. i do have the rash though that went away on the grass fed diet. Now all I need to an improved stomach. I have a good feeling I'll be seeing that in the near future.
Something I noticed this morning and should note. The stomach bulge that I can have far to often than I care for is pretty much gone on this diet. I've thrown on a tighter shirt this morning and it looks decent. The stomach isn't completely flat and I have some weight I can lose but there is a visible difference that I can see on this diet. I'll keep avoiding commercial meats, instead eating grass fed along with avoiding synthetic vitamins.
I was well to the stomach today. As mentioned earlier a rare occurrence here of late. My skin looks healthy and my eyes are blueish in color this evening. All good signs. On the negative my energy levels remain lousy. That might be due to eating more fiber than typical though it is not much more than typical. I'll continue with the grass fed diet, avoiding synthetic vitamins and soy.
I was a bit shocked to weigh myself this morning. I weigh 5lbs more all of a sudden. Don't know were the weight went. I haven't been eating more food of late. So something is going on I guess. Hope it is good. I'll stick with the grass fed diet, with avoiding soy and synthetic vitamins directly and indirectly.
I think I've gone 7 weeks on this diet. I could scroll up and look but I'm to lazy this morning. The broader idea of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey might be the answer just as much as the grass fed idea. There hasn't been much difference between the two. The big difference is the rash being gone on the grass fed diet. What I call rash isn't really a rash I believe. It might simply be a poor ability to digest fat that I'm noticing. Regardless if this diet works out I'll eventually want to figure out if I can eat regular beef without it causing health problems.
Forgot to note, the health of my hair has changed this week. It has gone from dry to being oilier and healthier appearing. I'm hoping that is due to the diet change of avoiding bird. It might also have been brought about by me eating some gelatin and adding iodine to my diet. I'm guessing it is the diet change though most responsible. I can recall in the past when well to the stomach my hair health changed.

Weight was 176lbs this morning. The big weigh gain from yesterday was nearly gone. It was likely water weight.
My energy was decent yesterday. Today is day 8 of the grass fed diet and I've noticed for the last 3 days that in the evening my skin looks very nice and healthy. My eyes are turning blueish of late. They are blueish this morning. Likely tonight they will be brighter blue. Don't know if the grass fed diet is helping over the regular avoid bird meats diet. If given a choice I'd prefer the diet of avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey. If it is soy or synthetic vitamins that I'm having trouble with, that will be harder to avoid with only grass fed beef and wild caught fish to eat but not impossible. Weight remains elevated. This morning after breakfast I weighted 180lbs. I'm not eating more food but for some reason I'm gaining weight. Appearance wise though I don't appear to be gaining. The stomach area is flatter. The swollen stomach is smaller in size.
I had good energy yesterday. That makes two days in a row. It wasn't great energy levels and I didn't do much with the energy but overall I felt better. I ate terribly yesterday pigging out. I'm planning on eating better in the days ahead. Hopefully I'll have a 3rd day of good energy. It would be a nice change to not feel fatigued all the time. Stomach the came, better but nothing great. I have a long ways to go till the stomach does better I'm guessing.
I've had decent energy for most of the day. This evening I'm feeling that I have a lot of energy. This afternoon I wasn't all that energized but overall I felt better than typical. So 3 days of having good higher than typical energy levels. Fingers crossed I have lots of energy this week. I have increased the amount of fiber eaten of late. It doesn't seem to be harming me.

The whole reason why I went all grass fed was due to previously I was eating grass fed beef 75% of the time. When I began to sometimes have good energy, but sometimes I would crash with poor energy levels, I decided to eat all grass fed beef. I stopped eating commercial beef. For now so far that appears to have been a good move on my part. Appearance wasn't all that great this afternoon, but this evening I'm appearing healthier.
Another decent day of having energy. I am a little more worn down this afternoon but an attribute that to lifting weights in the morning. I lifted heavier and harder than typical.

Tomorrow will be a very good test to see how my energy levels are going. I'm going to do a project that last time I did wore me out. I worked 2 to 3 hours last time. So will be a good test.

Stomach OK but not great. Appearance a bit ruff but that happens after lifting weights.
Yikes I am 178lbs this morning. I keep putting on weight with this diet. In the past I recall eating beef had me putting on weight. It might not be bad though as I have times were I'm feeling quite strong and my weight lifting has been heavier of late. I might be putting on muscle. At least I hope that is the case. I'm eating potato chips, not very healthy so if my get my hunger under control I'll give that up. I am eating more fiber than typical and that puts on weight too. I bet that is it, the fiber and weight.

Today will be a good test of my energy levels. I'm to do some work that will take a few hours. Last time I did this work I was exhausted and barely able to do much for the rest of the day. Fingers crossed I do better this time around.

It might be relevant, might not, but picked up some dairy soy free ice cream bars at the store. They were on sale. In the past these bars have made me sick to my stomach. I figured the illness might have come from it being high in coconut oil fat. It could be similar to margarine which causes me stomach issues. Looking at the label of the soy free ice cream bars I see they are high in lima bean protein. I've read before that if allergic to soy others beans are likely to cause stomach issues also. Not sure if relevant but in the future if my stomach improves I'll eat a bar and see what happens.
Crash and burned yesterday. Well that isn't the best way to describe it but I was tired and worn out from weight lifting earlier. I over did it. Ended up sleeping in for about 2 hours this morning. Stomach doing OK. I'm going to pass on the project for now. It would be a 4 to 5 hour project and that is likely more than I can handle.

I'm going to eat a lot of spices today, having tomato sauce. Imagine I'll be fine but it is a new food one that has been a concern in the past. I'll probably write less in the coming days. I'm upbeat about the grass fed diet but I have a long road ahead of me if it works out.
I'm now 14 days in with the grass fed diet. And I'm overall 8 weeks in with the avoiding bird diet.

I have been thinking that I hope I don't experience what happened with the previous diet. Perviously I was only eating bird, or chickens eggs, and turkey. With that diet I was doing OK on it. I would sometimes experience explosive diarrhea but it didn't happen everyday. Then 8 weeks ago or about I became very sick to my stomach. I was not able to stop the diarrhea. It was going to run it's course despite how much imodium I took and cheese eaten. I'd be sick for 4 to 6 hours running to the bathroom constantly.

On the new beef diet or avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey diet, it took at least 2 weeks for the stomach to calm down. Today it has been 6 weeks since I last experienced explosive diarrhea. So I appear to be on the right track. I've also had periods of feeling stronger and being more energetic on this diet. Somedays I appear healthier and I can see my eyes turning more blueish.

THis next 4 weeks, if I can stay well, will give me a good boost emotionally. There remains that fear in the back of my mind that out of the blue I'll suddenly become sick and not have an ability to stop the diarrhea. That fear will take some time to overcome.
I should note this, today was a very good day for communicating. I was able to talk very well, something that can be an issue for me.

On the negative side my joints hurt some. The pain wasn't a big issue but I noticed it and it was uncomfortable while I exercised.

I suspect both talking well and having good energy along with the sore joints and muscles came from the same thing. Yesterday I ate a lot of brown rice fiber. My stomach was fine today. The fiber did not make me sick. As so often happens though the fiber made me feel sore with many aches. The fiber on the other hand gave me energy likely due to nutrients found in the brown rice. At least that is my theory for why today was a great day overall. It was nice to be somewhat normal, healthy and cheerful today.
This morning I'm experiencing a lot of cramping. I'm also feeling fat. Well, I'm not overly fat, but after breakfast I weighted 180lbs.

On the positive side, and this is very positive I haven't been sick to my stomach. Typically cramping is accompanied with lots of diarrhea. That hasn't happened. My energy levels are good. And I suspect the weight gain is simply being caused by me digesting food better and having more food in my intestines. That's my guess anyway. It will be nice once I level off with weight gain and the stomach does better hopfully that I can begin to once again look to lose weight. The cramping is likely caused by eating to many nuts. I'll cut back on the nuts to just one meal a day.

So ruff morning so far, but positive signs can be seen with it.
I did end up using the bathroom more often than typical yesterday. The cramping being experienced was bad, and with cramping typically comes an upset stomach. I wasn't all that sick though. It has been my thought that the worst is over on this diet. At least I hope so. My diarrhea has been changed for the better.

Yesterday despite using the bathroom more I never felt all that hungry. This is great, as earlier on this diet I felt famished all the time. I was eating large amounts of food to ease the hungry feeling.

I've been wondering what caused the huge amount of hunger I was experiencing early on with this diet of avoiding chicken, eggs, and turkey. There are two main possible answers I feel. The first idea being that the previous diet led me to become very sick eventually. I experienced a great amount of diarrhea for a few weeks. It might have been that diarrhea loss that led to me feeling famished early on with this beef diet. The second idea being that the hungry feeling might have slowly gone away once I switched from eating commercial beef sometimes to now only eating grass fed beef and the current diet I'm on, an all grass fed beef diet. At some point I'll want to test that idea out, and eat commercial beef for awhile to see if the great hunger returns.

Since I'm not feeling as hungry of late I'm going to once again make an effort to drop a few pounds. This morning I weighed 176lbs. I'll see if I can drop my weight to 174 to 175lbs over the next week and still have decent energy levels while doing so. I suspect it will be easy to do.
175lbs this morning. Yesterday I didn't feel all that hungry most of the day and was easily able to not eat snacks nor have dinner which is typical. It felt good. I feel good this morning. At some point this week or maybe next week I'll try eating commercial beef to see what happens, to see if the overwhelming hunger makes an appearance. I'm still sick to the stomach but the sickness remains on the positive side.
Was thinking of something and thought to write it down.

When younger I ate similar to how I am eating now. I don't remember eating much chicken. Eggs were eaten sometimes but not often. There were pancakes once a week and cookies to eat every so often. Overall though I ate a lot of beef, drank milk or ate cereal, and from time to time ate pizza with pork toppings. I wasn't sick when younger. From memory at least I began eating chicken later in my teens, which matches when I began to become ill. Anyway, very speculative on my part, but with memory there could be something to the diet. Will be interesting to see how the coming winter chill effects me. When healthy in my youth the cold didn't bother me all that much.

I was tired today. I was tired yesterday too. It's likely that I've eaten to much fiber and nuts and that is being resolved. Will be nice to have more energy in the near future I hope. Appear healthier this evening. Good to see that.
178lbs this morning. For some mysterious reason i gained 3lbs! I also could not sleep last night. This morning I'm feeling tired, and weak. Yet with that I'm also feeling upbeat and happy. The gut remains in good shape. I'm thinking I finally finally have a diet that can make me well. I have a good feeling that if I were to begin to eat a lot of cheese within 2 to 3 days I'd be entirely well to the stomach. I'd feel rotten, and my teeth were to begin to develop cavities, not to mention I'd ballon up to 200lbs if I ate that much cheese, but for confidence I could do it. Well, at least it feels that way. I've been trying for find this diet for 8 years now but couldn't figure it out. So I'm tired and fatigued this morning but I'm happy about it.
The stomach continues to do very well. The bad news, I'm battling fatigue and feeling weak. It's the same feeling I recall when being well when I was eating a lot of cheese. The stomach was well most of the time but I felt miserable. Well, good to be well to the stomach. That gives me confidence. It's terrible feeling weak and worn down. Hopefully in the weeks ahead I'll improve.
Same old same old, stomach is doing much better, my energy levels are lousy. I feel quite run down and tired. I suspect the tiredness comes from healing, the digestive system is healing which takes a lot of energy to do. I'm guessing I'll feel like this for some time going forward. I'm likely soon to try and eat regular commercial beef once again so see how the gut does.
Yesterday was a miserable day. I was extremely fatigued for the day. In the evening I was so tired my memory was having trouble. That's not the first time that has happened.

Today I can feel will be a somewhat similar lousy low energy day. I suspect though it will be slightly better day but not by a whole lot.

On the positive side my gut continues to do decent. I haven't been overly sick in many weeks. That's a nice change of pace.

Today I'm planning to eat some regular commercial beef instead of the grass fed beef I've been eating for 3 weeks. The two items I'll keep tabs on will be stomach health naturally and if I become overly hungry. Early on with this beef diet I became famished at times. I've suspected that when I made the switch to grass fed beef is when the hunger wetn away. There might be other possible answers though for the cause of the famished feeling. So with this mini trial I'll be finding out.
Today is turning out to be a much better day than expected. My energy levels are good. I'm feeling somewhat strong. I don't feel hungry. If anything I'm feeling full. for lunch I did eat regular beef, a large helping of commercial beef. No problems have been noticed. I'm guessing now that if I was born with the allergy, which I suspect I was, I only pretty much ate beef and drank milk in my youth. I was relatively well in my youth. If memory is right it was only later on that I began to eat chicken and eggs more frequently. So anyway, time will tell but I'll make it a point to eat commercial beef for one meal a day going forward and recording how I feel.
Glad you are feeling a little brighter. I wonder if there is anything in the commercial beef that makes a difference (e.g their grain versus grass)? Seems like you were doing better on the grass fed til this big energy slump. I wondered about your iron levels but with all the red meat you should be okay. Do you eat any vitamin c foods with it to help absorb?
Hope the feeling better continues 😀
Thanks Delta, I do too. It's always nice to have wonderful energy levels. I have to admit I'm fading some as the days goes on, but it might also be the cooler weather being experienced causing that. I don't handle cold weather well. At least it can take me a week or two to adjust to the changing cooler temps.

I'm not entirely sure about my ideas, but I keep notes and I'll keep doing my experiments. So far the stomach is much improved on this diet of avoiding eggs, chicken, turkey and pork. It's been 9 weeks now on this diet. If that remains the case I'll believe that I'm on the right track and that my other health problems will eventually resolve. As can be imagined i'll be monitoring closely my latest change of adding commercial beef. Fingers crossed it turns out well, but if not I'll just go back to the stricter diet of grass fed beef and fish from time to time.

Yes, I do eat lots of vitamin C foods a day such as oranges, pineapple, spinach and other foods. In the past my iron levels have been tested and they came back within the normal range.
This morning I'm feeling well. I don't feel hungry. I don't have that overwhelming famished feel. My strength is OK. I'll make sure to eat the commercial beef everyday for the next week or two to see how I feel. Gut continues doing well.