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My journey to getting well

179lbs. This morning it starting out much better. Energy levels are up. I'm feeling halfway human. With little surprise I was largely well to the stomach, and with that I'm feeling more energetic and less sore all around. Hope that continues. I'm taking some Imodium so that helps. I was on my feet for a good portion of yesterday to spending time with famlly. I should be down and out for the count after that, but I'm not.
182lbs this morning. I ate a bunch of snacks last night, something I don't typically do. That caused the weight gain. I'll likely be back to 180lbs in the morning. Last night I ate a bunch of cashew nuts. They irritated my gut, causing it to pulse. It was somewhat painful. That kept me up for a few hours longer last night. I didn't sleep all that well. This morning I feel Ok though. I'm tired but nothing terrible. Imodium I've begun taking is working some. This is great. Typically Imodium doesn't do much of any good. With Imodium helping some I'm viewing that as a positive development. The gut must be healing some. Tongue looks great, good and healthy.
I have a love hate relationship with nuts. I'm pretty sure they irritate my gut. They also make me slightly gassy. Here of late though they don't appear to be making me sick to the gut. Hoping that continues. Nuts might also be part of the puzzle in making my eyes blue. They are blue this evening anyway, I'm plum tired out to. Being around family can be energy draining.
Here of late I've developed arthritis. At least that is my guess of what I'm experiencing. It first began when I was eating wheat. I stopped eating wheat and the arthritis joint pains went away along with gum bleeding after brushing. Now I suspect the gluten free crackers I've been eating are the cause of the arthritis and gum bleeding. Instead of entirely avoiding the gluten free crackers first I thought to see if I can narrow a possible trigger item in the gluten free foods causing the joint pains and bleeding gum.

Top possible candidates are baking soda, corn meal, and grains overall which all are written about for bringing about arthritis joint pains. What I've decided to do is avoid all foods with baking soda in it and corn meal. I'll continue to eat foods with just rice in it.

I'm off to a good start this morning with the update to the diet. The joints feel much less stiff since avoiding baking soda and corn meal. The corn meal is interesting as the original idea is to avoid animal foods that have been fed a traditional diet of soy beans, vitamins and corn meal. I'm only eating wild caught fish and grass fed beef instead. Corn is one of the most common foods to be allergic to. So I'll see where this update takes me over the next few days.

Weight still up a few pounds at 182. Appear eating cashews causes me to retain water.
No I'm a female but I'll try to answer any questions......
I was kind of goofing around, but I have a genealogy question that a male or female can answer. My American family and I received DNA test results the other day. My results tell me I'm 90% British/UK. No surprise there, at least DNA wise. Not purposely but have noticed over the years that I tend to like British culture at least what is seen on TV, entertainment, music. Then it says my top 3 cities my ancestors likely came are 1) London greater area, 2) Glasgow, and the third being a place called Manchester. I've heard that the people in Glasgow Scotland eat horribly and have a lot of stomach issues, such as eating deep fried ice cream. I figure that is where I inherited my IBD condition. 😋 What is Manchester known for? Are many people named Chester from there?
My joints feel much better this evening since cutting out grains for most of today. I decided to avoid rice also. My joints still hurt some but fingers crossed that swelling will go away within a few days. It's a problem but i'm not entirely sure it is a probem for my stomach. It's an issue that I suspect would go away in the future with a healthier gut. Time will tell of course.

Gut is doing decently well. I'm often well to some degree. Energy levels are can be lousy. Today was a lousy energy day. Tongue looks great. I'll keep avoiding eggs, chicken, and turkey along with pork. Grass fed beef and salmon are the meats being eaten. oh, I've continued to eat grass fed beef. Salmon is ok but it's to tempting to eat beef. Hoping that gum bleeding after brushing is gone tomorrow.
Good news, the swelling on my joints has improved. They remain somewhat swollen but have improved since avoiding rice and corn.

The bad news, my gums still bleed after brushing. That bothers me. Thinking I'll cut out beef eating once again to see if the bleeding stops. It worked in the past if I remember correctly. Maybe I'll get lucky and with avoiding beef I'll be able to eat rice and corn and not have the swollen joints. It makes some sense as with diets were I only ate bird I didn't experience joint swelling. So the swelling might come mainly from beef eating and not the grains. I'll find out.

Stomach still doing OK. I'm sometimes well entirely. Most of the time I'm partically well.

Energy levels suck wind. I'm tired all the time and ache. I haven't been wanting to do exercises for awhile now. I'll do some exercise but not much.


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Hmm,well the three cities suggested to you are spaced well apart,UK wise that is.The only thing I can offer you regarding Manchester is the pop duo Oasis and Manchester United football team.As to Scots having bad diets,I wouldn't like to say.I know some fish and chips shops (fast food) deep fry Mars Bars (choc bar ) in batter but I'm sure it was a tongue in cheek for the tourists.I think diet is 50-50 in most places,including USA.I think healthy eating comes top for a lot of folk.You seem to be concentrating very hard on your diet Beach.Do you think it will "cure" your crohns ? I understand that diet has little to do with it.Of course there are common circumstances where what you eat can cause upset guts,but most people who are not crohnies have that.
Scottsman, I don't have crohn's disease. I have MC. I know all to well that diet can be a controversial subject with IBD conditions. Some can become quite angry and emotional over that topic. The literature on the topic isn't clear though from my reading and taking with my doctors. It does appear that diet can play a roll with curing IBD conditions. MC does appear to be one such condition where diet is more important with finding ones cure. So that is where I'm at.

None of the medicines given to me helped my condition. Doctors gave up on me. I'm left only with diet trials at this point. I've had some good luck with dietary ideas as mentioned before. The problem has been finding what is it that is going on, what foods effect me, and finding hopefully a consistent diet that helps. Ugh, It's a nearly impossible task I believe as heal times are quite long.

That is what is gong on with this thread and my diet trials. That is why I consider it more of a private journal though I'm on a public form. I understand many have a poor opinion of diet eating for health. I don't care if others try dietary ideas or not with their stomach conditions. Good luck with finding your own cure, what ever route that might be.

Yuck! Deep fried mars bars! Well, Scotland does seem to have many intelligent award people though, so maybe I should be less of a dietary prude. I could get used to the whisky in food cooking I suspect. I'll have to find out about Manchester's immigration history to America. Who came and why. I know I have a number of puritans that came to the US on dads side. Mom's side appears to be more into financial matters as best as I can tell.
Not my best of days. Ended up taking an easy this afternoon.

I'm going to also avoid citrus. I'll also avoid cashews. I've had luck in the past with avoiding citrus but for what ever reason got away from avoiding it. I've been eating a lot of oranges of late so possibly that is an issue.
I'm off to an encouraging start with avoiding citrus. My energy levels are way up. I'm feeling good all over. The gut seems decent too. Swelling in the joints is down. The swelling is pretty much gone now I guess. I don't feel anything swollen anymore. A hip hurts some but I walked a lot this morning and that is the cause. If citrus eating does end up to be the cause of the swollen joints I can blame some lemon gluten free snack bars I was eating. I was close with the grain idea being the cause, but it appears to have been the lemon flavoring that was the trouble maker.

Time will tell of course. One good morning isn't proof. Only time will tell.


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I honestly wasn't being disparaging regarding your battle with diet.
I'm very interested in other peoples trials and errors.
I'm sure there is a Manchester in the USA and there is also one in Australia.
Maybe your ancestors settled there and named it. ?
I honestly wasn't being disparaging regarding your battle with diet.
I'm very interested in other peoples trials and errors.
I'm sure there is a Manchester in the USA and there is also one in Australia.
Maybe your ancestors settled there and named it. ?
Ah, thanks. I figured you likely were not. From my experience some can become quite heated on the topic. It seems silly to me, but it is what it is. I figured you might be bored. I can understand. IBD conditions from my experience can all to often leave me with a lot of time on my hands. I can be to sick to get out to do much, and to well to zone out with TV on.

Could be. I believe there to be a Manchester in the state of New Hampshire. Then again I'm not sure about that. It would be easy enough to look up. I was just talking to my sister and father, we are having a mini family reunion at the moment, about an English immigrant who's family named several cities in New Jersey, and was involved in starting the University of Yale. His name was Abraham Pierson. From what I've read he seemed to have been a bit of an eccentric fellow according to his students. Be sure to keep notes. There will be a quiz later on my families genealogy. 😋
Avoiding citrus has been good so far. My energy levels remain higher. The arthritis in some joints has all but gone away. The only place that still hurts any is on my right hand middle finger. Imagine that pain will be gone within a day or two is my guess. Stomach is doing ok. I have a dryer throat. I'm going to open my diet back up to more foods, and mainly focus on avoiding citrus and see what happens.
I just noticed, I don't feel sore from light weight lifting yesterday. Typically my muscle would ache some and my bone hurt a bit. That isn't the case today.

I might be wrong but tomorrow I'll plan on doing a harder full body workout. That will tell if I'm getting overly sore or not from exercising. It would be quite exciting if I finally found the diet that helped me to avoid workout pains and fatigue.

I do have a calf muscle that is sore some. It has me limping a bit. Not entirely sure why that is, but it's happened before and have my suspicions on some poorly fitting shoes.

So main foods being avoided are, citrus, wheat, pork, and pumpkin/melons.
I had a decently hard workout this morning. it should make me sore. If the diet of avoiding citrus helps I should be fine. If the diet does not help I'll be sore and overly fatigued by tonight and all of tomorrow. This could be big if I do OK.

Still bleeding some from my gums after brushing. That bothers me. Not sick to my stomach. I'm happy about that. Hope that continues. Weight was 183lbs this morning. I've been eating more than typical so not all that surprised with the weight gain. I'll get back to eating noramal as guests leave this evening. Fingers still are somewhat sore, but nothing serious. It isn't becoming worse.
I'm not sore this evening. I'm not tired out. If anything I feel energetic and upbeat. So this is a very good sign. Tomorrow will be telling though. It tends to take between 12 to 24 hours before the exercise pain sets in. I'll keep avoiding citrus, pork, cashews, wheat, and melons. I was mostly well to the stomach too. It's been a good day.
This morning I'm sore and not all that energetic. A little bit disappointing but it is as I expected. Last night I was bubbling over with energy. I felt great last night, a rare treat. So to early to tell if the diet is helping with energy levels or not. The next week should help determine.

In case this diet solves one of my major problems, lousy energy levels, I've written down in my note book all that I've been eating. I'll stick to eating only those foods till I feel I know the answer.

If citrus is one of the key foods I'm allergic to, I came close in the past to having this stomach problem and lousy energy issue figured out many years ago. For a long time, years I avoided citrus out of belief that it was something I'm allergic to. I never got well to the stomach during that time but my energy levels were pretty good back then. I'm blaming cashew nuts for the lousy stomach during the years of avoiding citrus. I know now that cashews and ohter nuts can be somewhat problematic for my stomach. I can eat a little bit of cashews without issue. A handful of cashews will not give me to much trouble. It is a quantity issue. To many cashews will lead to stomach woes, which I know well today. Back then I didn't realize that, and I ate lots of cashews in the past.
Today has been a very good energy day. I'm not as energetic as yesterday I've done well. it is encouraging.

I sitll have a few stiff joints. It occurred to me that I started a magnesium supplement recently around the same time that joint issues started. I'm going to take a vacation from the magnesium and see if that gets rid of the issue. I suspect it will.
182lbs. Well, the scale said 183lbs but it was close enough to 182 that I'm rounding down.

Woke up at 1:00 with a tremendous amount of energy. Then I fell back asleep waking up at 4:00 and I was tired. Ugh. After breakfast though I'm feeling good an energetic once again. It's wonderful. Joint pain is pretty much gone. I'm avoiding the magnesium supplement and I'm leaning toward that as being the cause for the joint pain. Time will tell. My bathroom habits have changed for the better. Since beginning this diet where i'm avoiding citrus along with all the other foods, I'm using the bathroom once to twice a day. This is much greater improvement as before I was typically going to the bathroom 3 to 4 times, and sometimes more often on bad days. I suspect the less diarrhea I have, the more energy I'll have. My eye sight appears to have improved also. The smallest print is now readable to me. Rather nice. Only good news to report this morning.
Very good day. I was well to my stomach. I've had a lot of success being well to the stomach of late. Hopefully of that is to come. Energy levels were decent. I'm talking well with the improved energy levels. About the only negative is I went on a bing eating lots of cheese this afternoon. Don't typically do that but felt what the heck. I'll work to lose the weight in 10 days from now, after the last relative visits. Stiff joints are much improved so far. It is looking like the magnesium supplement was the cause of the joint pains. I'm not out of the woods on that one yet though.
182lbs. Last night I ate a bunch of cheese. It wasn't my best idea as later in the evening I became ill from all the cheese eat. That's bad, but there is a silver lining this morning. I'm not tired. I feel pretty good overall really. My energy levels are up. My muscles feel good and strong. So avoiding citrus up to this point has been a positive and something I'll continue.

Joints in my fingers still hurt some. It's not a big pain but it is irritating. Yesterday for example I looked to open a screw top container. I had some difficulty gripping the top as hard as I typically would due to my knuckles being slightly swollen. So I'll continue avoiding the magnesium supplement. I'm going to go longer with avoiding grains, rice grains in particular. Beef might be an issue too. I've known for a long time that beef wears me out, makes my muscles sore.

Overall I'm doing well this morning which comes as a surprise. After last nights cheese illness I expected to feel awful this morning but that isn't the case.
I forgot to note and it is important that I do. I'm eating chicken and turkey again. I have been doing so for a few days now. I'm guessing that I'm not allergic to chicken and turkey meat. Instead I'm allergic to eggs. So far so good. No tongue sores or markings have shown up. I'm guessing the tongue markings are some kind of allergic reaction. All the other stuff I'm also working on such as citrus or beef is likely not an allergy but some other issue. Citrus might simply be high fiber which fiber can be problematic.
I was well to my stomach this morning. That's the second time that has happened were I'm eating either chicken or turkey. I've said in the past that I've not been well when eating chicken before. Now I can't say that. So very good news that I hope continues. I'm planning on eating chicken and turkey for the week.

On the negative side I'm feeling tired and weak this morning. I ate dinner last night something I don't typically do. I'm going to guess the extra meat has stressed my body and has me feeling run down, feeling weak and tired.

Good news, the swollen joints are gone. To do that I've avoided a magnesium supplement, avoided grains and avoided beef. I'm sure there are other foods avoided as my main avoid list is big and comes with other foods. So for this week I'll be testing which food is it that caused the slightly swollen joints.

Tongue looks great. Gums still bleeding some after brushing. I'll be over joyed once that issue resolves.
Well, after lunch of rice noodles, chicken and tomato sauce the knuckle pains have returned, I believe. They are not bad, but I do feel swollen. So, next idea is to try avoiding tomatoes. I've read how some have found tomatoes to be inflammatory. I will find out. I'll eat lots of rice and avoid tomatoes.

I've been tired and worn out all day. My idea about avoiding citrus to improve energy levels seems to have failed.
The good, I remain well to the stomach. That makes two days in a row.

The bad, I'm still feeling exhausted this morning. When well to the stomach that seems common, being exhausted and fatigued. I don't know for sure why this happens, but speculate it is due to my gut being overly tender and does not enjoy being well.

I also ate poorly yesterday. I'm planning to clean up my diet today.

I'll avoid tomato sauce to see if the inflamed joints goes away. I suspect they will.

Tongue looks fantastic and healthy. Avoiding egg has done that I now suspect. I've been eating chicken and turkey and outside of feeling exhausted am doing well. I suspect if I only ate beef I'd remain tired and worn out.
another tiring fatigued day. I was more energetic than yesterday though. I'm heading in the right direction. It would not come as a surprise if I felt better tomorrow. Tongue still looks good. Stomach is still doing decent. I'm quite pleased about that. I'm still fearful of being sick and on the road. The traffic is bad here this time of year. The swollen joints are improved. I've come up with a test and I'm passing the test. There remains some pain though so some more time is needed. I'll keep avoiding tomatoes. I'm also avoiding red and green peppers since they are related to tomatoes from what I've read. Have trouble with tomatoes it is likes that red peppers will be a problems too. Reminds me of a tee shirt I saw. In some senses I'm doing as I've heard for as long as I can remember from others, avoid spices. Seems everyone else stomach issues are cured when avoiding spices. For me it might only be swollen joints that are improved. I'll keep avoiding eggs. I'm still avoiding citrus though I'm thinking of eating citrus soon again.
Feel rather lousy this morning. I'm tired, weak and fatigued. I'm going to go back to the fish diet this afternoon and see if that helps. Eating chicken and turkey so far isn't doing me all that much good it seems. Tongue looks good though. Stomach OK. I'm a bit bloated this morning and hurting but nothing terrible. Finger swelling is nearly gone. Avoiding tomatoes seems to have helped that issue.


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New York, USA
I wonder if the acidity in the tomatoes is what is causing the joint pain...do you have other acidic foods in your diet at all?
I wonder if the acidity in the tomatoes is what is causing the joint pain...do you have other acidic foods in your diet at all?
It's hard to say. It might be the acidity in tomatoes. There is another possibility. From what I've read tomatoes contain steroid alkaloids which are reportedly prone to causing inflammation in a small % of people. Symptoms can be aches, pains, swollen joints.

Another idea I'm thinking of is, with this recent test of eating chicken and turkey meats but avoiding eggs, I've reacted much worse than I can recall when eating bird foods. Typically when I eat chicken, turkey and eggs I feel alright, and have more energy. The problem has always been that while I feel good on a bird diet the stomach over time become worse and worse, to the point that I'll experience a major flare.

I don't believe eggs are beneficials for me at this point but I'm wondering if they somehow helped prevent some of the issues I experience recently with weakness and fatigue when only eating chicken and turkey meats. For the last number of days while eating chicken and turkey meats I've been exhausted and my joints have been swollen and hurting. That has been unexpected.

I don't know, it's one of those maddening things with many different possibilities. Trying to nail down a culprit for sure is difficult.

For lunch today I went back to the wild fish diet. i feel better this afternoon. My energy levels are higher. I don't feel weak. The bloated stomach feeling that has been growing has gone down considerably. My joint pains are nearly gone. I don't feel hungry. I'll stick with the fish diet for the next week at least. At some point I'll want to get back to testing grass fed beef. When I do that I'll test the tomato sauce again to see if it results in swollen joint pains.
The confusing results continue. I've begun eating the fish diet. As a result I'm feeling good this morning. I'm feeling strong. The stomach is well. I was well going to the bathroom. I must be having many days where my gut is able to heal some is my guess since I'm experience many good days with bathroom habits of late.

So I'm avoiding chicken, eggs, turkey along with all the other typical stuff.

Another item I noticed that I'm avoiding now is rosemary, an herb added to the chicken I was eating. It's the only added item listed on the ingredients list - chicken meat and rosemary extract. I've noticed that in the past and thought about tested rosemary but never have. Rosemary is part of the mint family. From wiki the mint family is: basil, mentha, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano, hyssop, thyme, lavender, and perilla, as well as other medicinal herbs such as catnip, salvia, bee balm, wild dagga

So I'll also avoid the mint family. When I begin to expand my diet I'll be sure to avoid the mint family.

Tongue looks great. I was well to the stomach. My strength is good. My energy levels feel alright. Joints feel much better since avoiding tomato sauce that has spices in it. There is little swelling in my knuckles of knees though there remains some pain.
It was a decent day. I'm quite pleased with bathroom habits. I'm not sick. I'm well. It's rather a miracle. I am tired though. Hopefully my energy levels will further improve tomorrow. The being tired and fatigued might be my fault as I weight lifted some this morning and then ate some cheese which typically makes me feel worn out.

I was planning to only follow a fish diet but I've decided to add cheese and grass fed beef to my diet. If I restrict a diet to much I tend to not handle that all that well. The avoid list is tomatoes, red peppers, eggs, chicken, turkey, and the mint family/rosemary extract. The old regulars remain avoided too such as melons/pumpkins, pork, and wheat.

I'll avoid imodium liquid too since it is mint favored. I'll pick up some imodium tablets as they are not favored with mint.

Weight was 185lbs this morning. With using the bathroom less, I'm gaining some weight it seems. Happily my cloths fit the same, so far.
I'm feeling rather weak and tired this morning. Stomach is also mildly upset. It is sometimes written, and what I typically follow, that if avoiding a food, avoid all other related foods. So I'm avoiding tomatoes and red peppers which are members of the nightshade. I should then also avoid potatoes. I ate some potatoes this morning but think Ill stop eating them this afternoon and see if my strength returns.

Outside of that, the arthritis is now gone. I guess if I push the issue I can feel some pains but it takes effort. Most likely the tomatoes and red peppers caused the swelling pains I'm guessing.

Something I read about the nightshade family is interesting. It says that a member of the nightshade family has been genetically added to most soy grown today. The soy bean was genetically modified with a member of the nightshade family. Since soy is typically fed to commercially raised live stock in theory live stock could have allergens in their meats. Some believe this and will avoid live stock fed soy when she/he has a soy allergy. Seems like a stretch to me, but something worth exploring.
I might have founds the food(s) that have been making me feel weak. This afternoon I'm feeling better since avoiding potatoes (all nightshades). I've decided to avoid olives and olive oil too just due to eating both here of late. I'll test olive next week. It should be fine. Fingers crossed I continue to improve in this area.

So as always things are not clear cut but hopefully I'm making progress.
I'm off to a good start with the latest avoids of nightshade and olives. I'm feeling strong this morning. Stomach is a mixed bag. So overall doing well. Hopefully I'll be back on track soon. The weakness I was feeling did feel like a classic allergy. At least the one classic allergy I have pumpkin and other melons, has me feeling very weak in the beginning. The weakness I felt wasn't nearly as bad but it did have a similar feel to it.
I do feel good this morning. The overwhelming weakness isn't an issue it feels like. The last items removed from my diet, olives and potatoes (nightshade family) have helped it appears.

Thinking about it I'm avoiding so many foods at the moment. I'll have to work on narrowing that avoid list down in the near future. The avoid list ~

Right now I'm avoiding:
Pork - it causes me to itch and my gums bleed
Wheat - slight upset stomach and gums bleed
Mint family - might cause tongue sores and stomach flares
Bird (eggs, chicken, turkey) - might cause tongue sores and stomach flares
Nightshade family - might cause fatigue and upset stomach
Olives and olive oil - might cause fatigue and upset stomach
Melon family - true allergy symptoms. Feel as if I'm a goner after eating pumpkin or watermelon.

I don't like it when I avoid so many foods, but then again many of the foods overlap so it isn't terrible to do for a short period of time.

First food I'll test next week is olives and olive oil. The wild salmon I've been eating is packed into olive oil.
Forgot to write down, there looks to be another contender for the sore, swollen joints - white chocolate. I've known for some time that chocolate when eaten to much can cause muscle cramping. It's not caused joint problems though. Typically I don't eat white chocolate but recently I've bought a number of white chocolate packages. Delicious to eat, sometimes i likely eat to much, and since yesterday I've cut back on the white chocolate and joint pains are much better. The joint pains have been going down for some time now but frustratingly they have been holding on. Now I might have the answer with to much chocolate. I'll see though and know for sure in a couple days.
i'm a few days away from two months avoidance when I began avoiding eggs chicken and turkey. Since then my tongue markings have gone away. I've also begun to experience good bathroom experiences. I'm well quite often anymore going to the bathroom, possibly up to 50%. I haven't been keeping track but am going in the right direction. Well is a relative term. In the first week or so of going to the bathroom and being well was painful. Now I don't experience much pain if any at all. Very good sign.

I do feel miserable quite often, or most of the time. I ache, I'm tired. Last night for easter dinner though I felt quite energetic. It was fun have good energy levels.

This morning I've begun testing olives as I ate olive oil with salmon. Breakfast of champions. I imagine it to go down well. This week I'll be sure to eat lots and lots of olives and olive oil. I hope to get this one good and tested out.
Hey, the last bit of swollen joints seems to have gone away over night. I had another idea for a possible cause for that issue. I've been trying to add more minerals to my diet. The first idea tried was to eat sea salt which is loaded with minerals I read. The other thing I did was to buy a magnesium spray. Well, the spray was avoided and it didn't effect the swollen joints. Yesterday I thought to stop taking the sea salt. This morning the joint pains are gone. I'm thinking that was it, the sea salt, eating to much of it. In a day or two i'll go back to eating some sea salt and will pay close attention to see how it possibly effects me.

Ate lots of olive oil and olives yesterday. So far no issues. No tongue sores. To stomach problems.

Yesterday I also ate commercial beef. I was avoiding sea salt and so decided to eat a prepared beef dish from the store. Ingredients list few flavors added. So far the commercial dish is not a problem. I'll eat this meal for a week and see how I handle it.

Weight was 186lbs this morning on the broken scale. I should weigh 176lbs on the favorite scale. I'm up ruffly 6lbs. I'm not surprised considering I've gone from having diarrhea 3 to 4 times a day to being semi well and using the bathroom just once typically. I haven't been all that great with my diet either though, eating lots of cheese. While family guests have been here it has been a cheese fest for me. Guests are all gone now so I should get back to more typical eating. I'll likely drop a few pounds in the days ahead.

energy levels are not all that great this morning. I'm planning to begin house painting work once again this morning. I'l take the work slow considering my poor energy levels.
eeek I'm a cheese monster. I wasn't going to eat cheese this week but I failed. The main problem is that cheese helps the gut some, and I like being healthy to the gut. The roads are extra busy this time of year in this location and sitting in traffic is always a frightening event. So imagine I'll be fighting this issue for awhile. I need to remind myself though that eating to much cheese to often has led to a great many dental issues. So be sure to have days where I avoid cheese. I'll deal with the resulting weight issues later.

Overall it's been a good day and as expected. My energy level are terrible. The gut is good though. I remain relatively well to the gut. The tongue seems and feels good. I haven't examined it this afternoon but I can typically feel when one of those sores or markings form. I'm still eating commercial beef. It doesn't taste as good as grass fed beef. Grass fed is much better.
I'm off to a lousy start this morning. The stomach is upset and in a good deal of pain. I'm blaming eating to much cheese yesterday. It might be something about the cheese also that is causing my issue. Regardless, I have what I'm looking for, somewhat. I've been wondering how I would do eating commercial beef and cheese. The reaction appears to be very poor. So I'm going back to the original diet of wild caught fish, and a few fruits and vegetables. Hopefully I'll be back to a more normal by this afternoon. If I do well with the fish diet at some point I'll begin testing grass fed beef and grass fed cheese.
Doing better this later afternoon. I'm not only eating wild caught fish, I'm also avoiding all grains. I've done the grain free diet before. It lasted for years. I did well with that diet, but it never was a cure, or at least I didn't believe it was. I was eating a lot of cheese then.

Over the last year I read a book about a lady that discusses those that have wheat allergies or autoimmune issues/celiacs. According to her, even though other grains such as corn and rice are reported to be safe for celiacs, from her experience working with patients, most of her patients are not able to tolerate rice or corn. So I'll see where it takes me. My energy levels are up this evening, mu muscles feel good and light, but am a bit dazed after being sick. Hopefully by tomorrow or Friday I'll be back to my more normal self.
183lbs this morning. I'm doing OK, bit tired after eating breakfast but all things considered I'm doing OK at the moment.

No bleeding from the gums after brushing. It makes some sense as I noticed in the past that eating wheat caused a lot of gum bleeding. Rice might be causing me some gum bleeding when it was eaten.

I'll keep avoiding all grains (wheat, rice, corn, etc) and eating wild caught fish.
Stomach doing well this afternoon thankfully. As has been happening often, I'm mainly well to the stomach. My energy levels are strange. I feel more energetic yet I'm dazed. I'm rather out of it overall. Hopefully this will pass soon. Tongue has a slight sore on it. I'll monitor closely. Imagine it will not stick around long, at least I hope so.
I slept very well last night. I feel good this morning. My energy levels are up and there are less cob webs in my head.

Gums bled some after brushing. Disappointing. Stomach remains good. It feels as if the gut had deflated some. Weight 175lbs on the favorite scale.

The two main ideas being tried, avoiding grains and only eating wild caught fish, I'd guess the wild caught fish diet is the more likely answer. FOr many years I avoided all grains. While I had many good stomach days avoiding all grains I could still become quite ill. If avoiding grains is the answer, then there are other allergies to find, or I messed up somewhere. The eating only wild caught fish is something I haven't done. Well, there was one short period were it was tried and I ddi well but it didn't go on for long. I don't like fish all that much.
My skin looks healthier. I noticed that right away once I began this diet of avoiding all grains, and only eating wild caught fish. Always a good sign to appear somewhat healthier, though I have a long ways to go in that area. Gut was good once again today. I can get used to that. Energy levels were hurting this morning. I was feeling weak and worn out there for awhile. A huge lunch helped turn things around. I'm feeling half way decent now Well, I'll keep with the wild fish diet. It won't be long though till I add grass fed beef to the diet and see what happens. I'm just wanting to get some more good gut days in before adding the beef.
Wow, I slept very well once again last night. I went to bed, quickly fell asleep and work up right when I typically do. I didn't wake up once during the night. It feels good to sleep so well.

The stomach is OK this morning. Weight was 186lbs after breakfast. That was a shock as I ate dinner last night. I expected to weigh around 190lbs today. If I had not eaten dinner which is more typical, and I weighed before breakfast, I very well could have weighed 182lbs. This is after I ate terribly yesterday too. I was pigging out at lunch time in particular. So good to see overall that my weight wants to return to 180lbs.

Well, if I'm lucky I'll finally have a safe diet after all these years. That is what I'm looking for. I don't know what makes me sick to the stomach but if I have a diet I can go back to when things go wrong to get well, life will be easier. Hope this fish diet works out.

Arthritis likes pains are gone, or nearly gone. I'm guessing now that it was the grains being eaten that caused the arthritis or swollen joints. My knees feel good too. The knees have taken beating in my life with basketball and tennis play in my younger years. Typically to keep the knees in working condition I need to reguarlly do some leg weight lifting. This week that wasn't necessary.
I ate rice this morning. I'll see how it goes. Of the two choices I'm working on, avoid all grains and only eat wild caught fish, I went with the eat grains. It makes the most sense as in the past I've gone long periods of time were I've avoided grains. Hopefully it will workout for the best or else I'll be in a lot of stomach pain soon.

Slept well once again. The stomach is doing OK. I'm not entirely well, but I'm not sick either.
Yes Yes and Yes. I have lots and lots of energy today. i haven't felt any stomach pain. Something is wrong. This doesn't happen. This lack of pain feels weird.

Hope the good feelings continue. I'm ready at any moment for all to change and I'll be back to feeling miserable, in pain, the normal typical feeling. I'll be saying No No No is that happens.

For now I'll stick with the avoiding commercial feed lot animals. That reminds me I've come to learn that grass fed beef can be mean different things. Just become it is labeled grass fed doesn't mean the cow wasn't fed feed lot food which is typically soy, corn and synthetic vitamins. I would have had this figured out awhile back, if this wild fish diet thing works out.
I'm off to a decent start this morning. I slept in due to it being stormy last night. The storms kept me up late. This morning though my energy levels are good. My stomach feels decent. I'm not well but I'm in a good spot with not being sick either.

My gums did not bleed after brushing. The same happened yesterday and the day before I believe. So gum health is improving on this diet.

Going forward for the week I expect to remain on the wild caught fish diet. I'm fairly sure that I've finally found a safe diet I can reference back to that will make me decently well and feel good. Once I feel good and secure with the diet I'll begin to add new foods, testing out ideas to see what works and what does not. Probably the first idea I try is to order some soy free chicken and eggs.
I have a mild upset stomach this morning. no pain being experienced. Last night I decided to add cashews to my diet. I suspect they caused the mild upset stomach as I've had suspicions about them before.

Outside of that though I'm doing quite well. My energy levels are very good. I feel well. I have no to little stomach pain at the moment. Yesterday I was stomach pain free.

Yesterday I found myself fighting over whether to add new foods. The main idea was to add grass fed beef and grass fed cheese to the diet. I'm unsure if those two foods are safe or not. At least I don't believe I'll have good energy levels if I eat them. My stomach well be entirely well though, largely due to the grass fed cheese. Hopefully at some point far from now I'll test grass fed beef and cheese. I'm enjoying the increased energy levels.

Found out yesterday that my increased energy is not all that increased. At least I went swimming. After 30 minutes I was pretty sore out. My muscles were cramping some too.

I'll keep with the wild fish diet.
I forgot to write doen, it's important that I note it. I was just watching a tv show about being outdoors, working hard - yesterday i went swimming. Typically swimming will tire me out pretty good, and the next day I'll be in pain all over. This morning is difficult. After swimming i'm feeling energized this morning. That's a very positive sign and what I'm looking for with a diet.
It was another good energy day. I swam and weight lifted after lunch. I'll probably be claiming I'm near death tomorrow after that. Hopefully not though. My good energy levels seem to be hanging around on this wild fish diet. Stomach still doing well. I am not experiencing pains.

I've decided that tomorrow or Thursday I'll eat some grass fed beef to my diet. I'll see how my energy levels go. That's the big thing I'll be watching.

I'll avoid grass fed cheese. It might not be a stomach issue but still believe cheese tires me out. I like having good energy levels.

I'm also going to avoid all nightshade members. I've been avoiding tomato and red peppers for some times now and the joint aches almost went away. I've been continuing to eat potatoes though I've been eating a lot of potatoes. So I'll begin eating sweet potatoes instead and see if the final bit of joint aches and pains finally goes away.
Something I shouldn't forget is that the original idea remains. I'm also avoiding eggs, and I've been avoiding chicken and turkey meat most fo this time now for a little over 2 months.

The last time I became sick I blamed it on commercial cheese and beef eating. That could be wrong though. That day I ate a lot of cheese which in its self might have made me ill. So time will tell. Eating beef tomorrow should help me find out more, if my energy levels remain good.
Hey, my joints feel great this morning. Avoiding potatoes along with the other nightshades does appear to have helped with that issue. I'll keep avoiding potatoes and nightshades, only eating sparingly if at all.

My energy levels are suffering this morning. I'm blaming the swimming done and light weight lifting I did yesterday. I might put off eating grass fed beef till tomorrow. Stomach is mildly upset.
Today was another very good energy day, all things considering. I thought after all the exercising I did yesterday i'd be much more tired. I was somewhat fatigued but not by that much. It's wonderful. I think I have 4 or 5 days in a row here with having good energy levels.

I did not eating grass fed beef today. Instead I ate grass fed cheese this evening. So far so good. I feel fine. I'll likely eat grass fed beef tomorrow.

I'm wanting to lose weight but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to stick with it. I'm enjoying the good energy levels for now and feel cutting back on calories could hurt that. At some point I'll get back to dropping the puonds. I don't seem to be gaining weight. I imagine so long as I don't go cheese crazy I'll be fine.

If the good energy levels continue for a few more weeks it would not surprise me if I finally begin to see the blue eyes.

My gums did not bleed after brushing.
Awesome. I thought after eating the cheese yesterday I'd be worn down and tired. I'm not. I'm feeling energetic this morning. I'm doing something right to keep feeling this good energy levels.

No gum bleeding after brushing.

Appearance not all that healthy. The usual in the evenings I'm appearing healthy, for the rest of the day I'm appearing unhealthy.

Joints feel great since avoiding all nightshade members, potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers. No pains in the joints.

Knees feel fabulous. I have not weight lifting on my knees either. Very surprising that my knees feel so good and strong at this point.

I thinking about weight loss last night. Another issue I'm battlign is that with having more energy levels I think more about eating foods. Typically my normal state is to feel tired. I nap very easily. That isn't happening now on this diet. So to get back to eating only 2 or 1 measl a day, fasting, I need to find activities for me to do. I'm feeling more energetic but I'm likely not all that energetic to do much, but I'll see what I can do in the future. I'll go back to fasting and when the food cravings some around I'll look to do some activities. There are always things needing to be done.
I've had good energy for today. It's a bit surprising as I've only eaten one meal so far, and plan to only eat once. I am going to make another push to lose more weight. I'm at 175lbs on my favorite scale, which was my goal to reach in the past. Now I want to weigh 175lbs on the broken scale. Currently I'm at 185lbs. So 10pounds to lose by the end of May.

Tongue looks great. Stomach is doing well. I'm not able to eat much fiber as I've discovered. Maybe by next month that will change.
I have a mild upset stomach. it began last night and continues this morning. I'd normally not write down but since I added a new food the other day, grass fed Irish cheese, though best to note. Most likely the stomach issue comes from exercise. I've been swimming often and that can bring about mild stomach issues. I'll likely pass on eating beef today. I'll test that once my stomach calms down.

Tongue looks great. Energy levels are good. Did not bleed after brushing.
I'm tired today. With all the exercising done yesterday plus weight lifting and having a slight upset stomach I've been worn out. I also only ate one meal yesterday. So with all that combined I'm worn out. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be more energetic. The stomach seems to be doing better, so tomorrrow I'll likely test the irish cheese once again.
I'm on the tired side this morning but I'm going to try for another 23 hour fast. Weight was 183lbs this morning. Imagine if I stick with the fast I'll be 182lbs tomorrow morning. Getting to 180lbs should be relatively easy. It's the 5 lbs to lose to reach 175lbs that will be difficult I'm guessing.

Stomach is better this morning. I was close to being well. Gums did not bleed after brushing and flossing. Tongue looks great. Finger nails feel great and look good. There are some pittings that remain near the top fo the nail.
182lbs this morning. I was close to 181lbs. The first 5 pound is easy to lose as I believe it mainly to be water weight. After that I'm losing fat mainly I suspect and that is a more difficult nut to crack.

Ate a bunch of grass fed irish cheese with breakfast. Fingers crossed it goes down well and does not cause stomach issues. If the cheese goes down OK then next week at some point I'll eat some grass fed beef and see how that does.

Tongue looks great. gums did not bleed after brushing and flossing. Energy levels are hurting but to be expected after a 23 hour fast.
I have bee sick since eating the cheese with breakfast. That's a result. It isn't a resultI'm expecting though. I'll keep testing cheese as in the past I've had success with eating cheese. So thinking about it, I'll try eating cheese again one week from today and see what happens. I'll put off eating beef for another week too.
My energy levels rebounded some this afternoon. I'm still on the worn out side.

I need to make it a point to have greater energy. This past week feeling energetic was wonderful. it was a nice change from the constant worn down feeling. So instead of the 23 hour fasts to lose weight I'm just going to fast for 15 or 16 hours at a time. I'll see how that does with energy levels. I won't lose weight quickly doing that but that will be fine.

This afternoon I'm a bit gassy. I'm sure that is due to the cheese eaten. The gut though is doing OK up to this point. I've had a change in plans concerning cheese and beef. I'm going to avoid cheese. Instead I'm going to test out beef next week. In the past I've found cheese to be beneficial at making the stomach well. The down side was that I've feel run down and tired all the time. My gut could throb at times. I would blame not inflamed intestines not enjoying being well. It could be an allergy so who knows. So maybe beef will be easier to digest for my gut. I've had times were I ate beef and felt energetic also so it seems like a wiser choice to test out.

Oh, the increased energy is likely due to the extra minerals I'm taking. The spray magnesium and sulphur spray along with some extra sea salt I believe is partly responsible along with digesting food better.

I should add, though I was sick this morning after eating cheese, the sickness was mild. I can be much sicker when eating eggs and bird meats. In those instances I can be ill for hours. I have not experienced the hours long illnesses since avoiding eggs, and bird meats.
Goals for this week are to get my energy levels back up.

The following I know will tire me out:
1) Eating cheese
2) being sick to my stomach, naturally
3) Exercise. Exercising stomach muscles will make me sick. Weight lifting, pushups can also cause great amounts of fatigue
4) temperature changes, being to cool in particular will tire me out
5) Not eating enough food
6) Eating to much fiber

So I have the fish diet written down. It is the diet that gave me very good energy last week. I'll follow the fish diet. I have high confidence that I'll be feeling much more energetic within a day or two.
Once that happens I'll best beef. I'll first start with grass fed beef. If grass fed beef goes down well, gives me energy I'll next test commercial beef.

This morning 185lbs after breakfast. Tongue looks great. No gum bleeding after brushing and flossing.
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I was feeling decent this morning with energy levels. So being desperate to eat something other than fish I had some beef with lunch. I'm still feeling energetic this afternoon. The stomach is OK. So far so good with having beef. I'll keep eating beef and recording how I feel this week.
Last night was another one of those nights were I slept very well. I went to bed and didn't wake up once over night, waking up right at 4:00 which is when I typically like to get up. It's amazing when this happens.

Energy levels are good. Stomach OK. I'm not well to the stomach but also I'm not sick. Forgot to look at my tongue but it feels OK.

It's probably nothing but should note, my gums are slightly swollen it feels like. This is after eating beef yesterday. My gums didn't bleed after brushing and flossing. They are not painful. So it is probably not something for me to be concerned about but I'll note down in case the swelling becomes a problem due to eating beef.
Special note, real exciting, as the morning has progressed I've felt more and more energetic. I'm feeling wonderful so far. Very good news considering I ate beef yesterday. I'm planning on eating the same meal for lunch today. I'm writing down foods eaten as I go along.

Yesterday I had good energy levels too, but it wasn't the fun type of energy levels. I felt jittery the whole day.
I feel good and energized this morning. TOngue looks great. Gums did not bleed after brushing and flossing. Stomach OK, I'm not well but I'm not sick. I imagine I'll be in a holding patter this way for some time, if I'm lucky, lucky at least with the very good energy levels. I'd like to work at losing a few fat pounds but I better keep eating two meals a day to keep my energy levels high. It's to depressing feeling low energy.
It was another pretty good day. My energy levels were on the higher end. I'm not swimming with a great deal of energy, but compared to the past I'm doing pretty darn good. I can do what ever I want pretty much. Well, I'm not communicating all that well I found out today, but that will come as my energy levels improve further.

It occurred to me that a week or two, I forget, that I began avoiding the nightshade family. It was causing my joints to swell up painfully. Now that I've avoided nightshade my energy levels are increased greatly. Of course I'm wondering if the nightshade avoidance is responsible for my improved energy levels, or is it the bird avoidance begun in Feb.,or even possibly something else. Regardless I'm enjoying the good feel and will continue on this good for me diet.
Mild upset stomach this morning, to be expected. Tongue looks great. My energy levels are good. I'm feeling alright. I don't believe the nightshade, egg, chicken meat is a debate. I found avoiding eggs and chicken meat got rid of the tongue sores and finger nail pitting. The nightshade avoidance is likely just a relatively minor health issue. My guess is at some point in the near future I'll be able to eat some nightshade without to much issue, with my energy levels remaining high. I'm closing in on 2 months and 2 weeks of avoiding bird items.
what is odd, is that the CD treat diet looks pretty effective for Crohns. A primary staple of that diet is eggs. But you have identified eggs as giving you issues.
For the last 36 hours I've been mildly ill. It is never enjoyable being more sick than usual but in this case it has been a positive. I still have good energy levels this morning despite being more sick than typical. Yesterday I also weight lifted. Just the lifting alone would typically tire me out for 48 hours. This morning though I'm feeling half way decent. I'm not over fllowing with energy but I'm feeling pretty darn good so far.

I beleive the improved energy comes from eating more food, avoiding bird food items, and the extra minerals I'm taking. The spray magnesium and sulfur in particular seems to be a big help.

My diet is now pretty complete. I guess if there was anything I wish I ate more of is spices. I'm eating some spices but not a great deal. I'll likely look to add more spices in the week ahead to see how that goes.

I guess I can once again stop writing so much. I have a good diet, I have good consistent energy levels at the moment, about all that is missing is a better stomach. i suspect that should health in the months ahead.

Weight was 184lbs this morning. I'm up 2 pounds which is expected since I'm eating 2 meals a day plus eating snacks. Tongue looks great. Gums did not bleed after brushing and flossing. Appearance can look much healthier at times. I'm getting more blood into the face look I suppose it can be said.
I'm back to testing the nightshade family again.

over the last few days I've been eating a beef dish that doesn't list red peppers but it is pretty obvious peppers have been added as I see little red vegetables in the dish. Since eating this beef dish my stiff joints have returned. I felt this morning too that my energy levels were down.

So I'll get back to being more strict with avoiding the nightshade family.

I want to dismiss this but I shouldn't, as I noticed when I avoided the nightshade family, along with eggs, and cheese, my energy levels took off. I'm hoping that is a coincidence but it might not be a coincidence. I'll test further in the days ahead.
Something else I should not forget, the beef dish is commercial beef. The beef that appears to help is grass fed beef. So I'll see. It would tie in well with the eggs and commercial raised chicken.
One more thing to note down, and it is something I've noticed in the recent past, a week or two ago I mentioned that after eating this prepared beef meal my gums swelled up some. I didn't know if I was over thinking things or if I had a problem though. The gut was good and my energy were decent. Well over the last few days I've eaten a lot of this hormel beef meal and my gums did swell up painfully. I was hoping it would go away, and be something that was little importance. Now I'm thinking it is similar to what happens when I eat pork.

At the moment it feels like my gums are going back to being normal. The swelling is going down.

So possibly all commercial meats are a problem for me. Only grass fed or maybe organic are safe to eat. I'm leaning that way at the moment anyway.

So I have two items to test, eat only wild caught fish or grass fed beef. And avoid nightshade genus family. If that works out and my energy levels go up to a nice level, I'll test things out by eating organic meats. Organic meats will say they are antibiotic, hormone free fed livestock. At some point too I'll test nightshade once again.
I'm just going to go back to the fish diet. It seems to work well enough. I'll eat more fish than before and see if that improves my energy level. I'd like to have more variety of meats, but maybe I can have more variety of other plant foods. I'll work on that instead.
I'm off to a good start with the fish diet. My gums feel much better. My energy levels are OK. My stomach is good, which somewhat comes as a surprise. i expected to be a little ill this morning but was not.

I've not done a long term fish diet. Think I better do that and see what happens. I know when I go on a long term egg and chicken diet I feel pretty good, expect I'm ill to the stomach somewhat and my energy levels are on the lousy side. I also develop tongue sores. After about 2 months of only eating chicken, turkey or eggs I become pretty violently ill.

I'll see what happens with the long term eating of a wild fish diet.

Why beef, whether commercial or grass fed along with pork is a problem I don't know. The grass fed and commercial beef appear to cause different issues but both might be problematic. The only idea that comes to mind is that commercial feed lot cattle are fed soy beans. Grass fed cattle are fed alfalfa. Both soy and alfalfa are legumes and from what I've read if allergic to one legume you are likely allergic to all legumes.

No gum bleeding after brushing.
Doing Ok this morning. My back is sore and stiff. Don't know why but it happened after swimming so guessing I twisted the back some how while swimming. I should be fine within a day or two I imagine. It seems like a couple times a year the lower back gets stiff and sore. Stomach OK. Energy levels OK. Energy is not great, but not terrible either. I don't feel fatigued. Tongue in good shape. I'll keep with the wild fish diet.
I have a lot on my mind this morning concerning diet. To begin, as always happens when I follow the alpha gal diet, I feel good. I feel much better on the alpha gal diet. If it wasn't for the upset stomachs 1 to 2 months later I'd say for certain I have alpha gal. Of course the big problem is the tongue sores and painful upset stomach that have happened a few months later when I've only eaten eggs, chicken and turkey.

So this morning my joint pains that began once I was eating beef again along with tomato sauce, as I believe have gone away. It is one of those issues that has hung around for sometime, becoming less, sometimes more on others, but I haven't been able to completely get rid of it. On this fish diet for a few days my joints feel marvelous. This issue is going away it appears on this diet.

My back pains are nearly gone. My gums are feeling very good this morning. The swollen gums was still an issue yesterday though not by a whole lot. This morning my gums feel quite well.

My thinking is that if I have alpha gal. It is my favorite diet. Then if I have alpha gal I likely have another allergy that is causing the tongue sores/geographic tongue, and upset stomach that occurs a few months later. I'm going to guess eggs are causing this. Eggs are a very common allergy foods. Eggs also would likely have beef and pork proteins in them if the bird is fed beef and pork meats. I'm guessing that chicken are sometimes fed beef and pork. I've read a few times that chickens fed soy meal have soy proteins showing up in their eggs. The same would hpapen I imagine with chickens fed beef or pork.

Anyway, my thinking is I'll stick with the fish diet. It isn't horrible. I have hurricane season coming up. I'd like the stomach to be in OK shape if possible. Once the hurricane season is over I'll try eating chicken and turkey and see what happens. I'll avoid eggs. If there are no tongue sores or upset stomach from the chicken or turkey meat I'll have more foods that I can eat.

Lot of things have to go right for this to work out, but one can hope.
Today was a very good day. I'm communicating very well on this fish diet. My muscles feel good. Often times it can be difficult to physically talk with my muscles twisted up in knots. That has not been the case today nor yesterday. Everything seems easy to do.

I've had thought that I'd add chicken and turkey meat to my diet. I've been able to push that idea aside. I like how I'm feeling on the fish/salmon diet and I want to see if I can get the gut well with this. if the gut becomes well within a month or two I'll be more interested in adding chicken meat.

I'll stick with the avoid red meat, and eggs diet, eating only fish in olive oil for the time being.
I'm feeling good this morning. Most aches and pains are gone. The swollen gums from eating commercial beef seems to have gone away. The stiff back remains a touch sore but sitting at the computer right now I don't feel discomfort. '

Overall I'm upbeat about the diet. Don't know my weight right now. Forgot to jump onto the scale. I have a theory that the reason I gain weight when eating beef is due to water swelling through out the body. Now that I'm only eating wild caught fish I'll likely begin to slowly lose weight without much effort. Tongue looks good and healthy. Stomach is OK.

Yesterday I weight lifted on my legs and I went swimming. I should be dead tired this morning from that workout. I'm not tired though. I'm a bit sore and not overly energized but overall I'm feeling decent.
I'm surprised I haven't been sick to the stomach today. I've been very active since yesterday. That tends to make me ill. So far at least I've been well to the stomach. Maybe tomorrow I'll be ill.

I'm tired out this afternoon. If I sleep well tonight I'll be energized tomorrow I'm guessing.
I'm tired and worn out this morning. I'm guessing not only the exercising has me tired but also the cashew nuts I ate. I ate to many nuts and they likely are irritating my intestine which will tired me out. I'll have to hide the nut. Out of sight out of mind. I only eat the nuts for the improved energy can give, not to tire me out.

I'm relatively well to the stomach. That's a shock. I'm expecting to be sick soon. Would be nice though if that didn't happen.

Gums feel pretty good. The swelling is pretty much gone. Tongue looks great.
Forgot to note down, I've likely eaten my last bit of beef. The last time I ate it I experienced a similar reaction as I have with pork. I felt awful, and my gums became painfully inflamed. There is a difference between grass fed beef and commercial beef, in how I react. Grass fed beef though does make me feel lethargic but I don't seem to experience as much gum issues. With that said the last time I had grass fed beef for awhile my joints hurt. I was blaming the nightshade family for that, but I'm not leaning toward beef causing the issue.

Bird products don't cause this same issue. But eating eggs, chicken and turkey does cause me a great deal of stomach issues eventually. It takes a month or two for the stomach problems to come about. I also develop tongue sores. So I need to find out if all chicken, and eggs are a problem. In the future I'll just test chicken meat and see how I do.

I have slightly more energy. It was likely eating to many cashews nuts yesterday that has me feeling worn down soon. Overall though I'm feeling decent. .
This was a bit of a shocker, I was well to my stomach today. I've been expecting to be ill with the way I felt. A certain feeling tends to have me ill later on so sometimes I have some warnings. All to often though i have little warning of stomach woes.

Well, there is always tomorrow I suppose. Fingers crossed I remain well. I'll stick with the fish diet.
Sick this morning. I wasn't terribly sick, typical stuff, but it is never fun being ill to the stomach. Hope it is just a morning issue.

April has been a good month to learn information about beef. I've learnd that commercial beef causesa very similar reaction seen when I eat pork. When I eat pork I itch all over and my gums painfully swell up. With commercial beef my gums swell up. I don't remember itching all over when eating beef.
Grass fed beef is different. I can be well to the stomach when I eat grass fed beef. The problem is that I feel awful when I eat grass fed beef. My muscles ache. It is hard to do exercises. One of the better examples I can think of is that when eating grass fed beef I struggle to do 10 pushups. When I'm only eating chicken, eggs, and turkey I can easily do 25 pushups and with some effort can do 50 pushups.

So for the month of May, I'll stick wiith the wild fish diet. If I should become well on the wild fish diet I'll begin testing chicken and turkey meat. I'll avoid eggs. I give the idea a 50 50 chance. I know of only one long term trial were I ate turkey for months and became well. I knwo of two times though where I ate turkey and chicken meats and became sick. Both of those trials were short term though.

At the moment I weigh 184lbs on the broken scale, 174lbs on the favorite scale. Tongue loosk great. Gums are in good shape. I'm tired this morning but nothing beyond normal.
I have a sneaking I'll be more repeating myself in the days ahead so I'll write less. Of course if something new comes up I'll likely want to note down.
This morning was at 183lbs. I wouldn't be surprised if I dropped to 180lbs or 179lbs in the days ahead on this wild fish diet.

Eyes are blue this morning. Skin appears decently healthy. Energy levels are not all that great. Stomach is OK. Tongue looks good and healthy. I'll stick with the diet. With any luck I'll find myself experiencing healthy days to the stomach. When or if that happens, I'll add some nightshade, potatoes in particular to the diet and see if I do well or not.

Main foods avoided are beef, pork, and eggs. Also staying away from chicken and turkey. There are a bunch of others being avoided too less purposely.
A change has been made. Looking at my journal I noticed that yesterday was the one month mark for avoiding bird. I've also been avoiding bird since Feb. 9th, other than a short period where I ate chicken once again for a week before stopping once again. I shouldn't discount a bird allergy as I've done decently well since avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey. My tongue has been health during this time and I haven't experienced a major flare.

With the beef issue I've been concerned with over the past week, it does occur to me that the painful gum issue might have come about due to eating to much beef at one time. I'm going to experiement, eat some beef for awhile, but with smaller portions and see what happens.

feel OK today. A bit on the tired side as usual but I'm getting along. pease that I'm not sore affter yesterdays hard weight lifting.
yesterday and this morning with breakfast I ate some beef and ...not good, I have slightly swollen gums. I'm not sure what is going on with that. Seems like an allergic reaction but possibly it is something else going on.

I was quite pleased yesterday when I realized that I have not been sick to the stomach in a long long while. Well I'm always sick, but nothing major. I've not experienced a major stomach flair since avoiding eggs, chicken and turkey. My tonue looks great too. I had better energy levels too after eating beef.

Anyway, not good to feel the swollen gums after eating beef. I better get back to the salmon wild fight eating. I look healthy when I eat that way, and while my energy levels are not great, they are not horrible either.

I'm going to try once again to lose some weight. I'll get back to eating one or two meals a day, with a good amount of exercising done. This morning I was at 183lbs on the broken scale. I was to drop to 175lbs. I'm not sure if I'll have the energy to do this, but I'll give it another go. The lst time I tried this I become to worn out. Hope I do better this time.
All things considered I've had very good energy today. This is after only eating one meal and swimming this morning. I'd typically expect to worn out. I'm guessing it is the beef I ate this morning that has me feeling energetic. So I have decent confidence that beef is safe for the stomach though I am concerned about the gum swelling. I'll plan on eating some beef, grass fed beef, and not a whole lot at a time. It's wonderful to have some energy for a change.
Yesterday was fun. Despite only eating one meal of grass fed beef I had good energy levels the whole day. It was wonderful. The stomach was OK. I was a bit ill in the evening but it was relatively minor.

Game plan, good for at least 24 hours, I'll eat wild caught salmon and grass fed beef. I'm not entirely sure if grass fed beef can cause the swollen gums or not. I know that commercial beef can cause the gum issue. Grass fed I'm just not sure. So I'll find out.

It appears that it is important for me to have beef in the diet as I'm believing it helps improve my energy levels. My two main health issues are low energy and stomach issues. If I can have good energy, hopefully the stomach will improve over time.

Tongue looks good. Gums are slightly swollen on my right side, and painful when brushing. My gums did not bleed after brushing and flossing.

The grass fed beef and wild caught salmon diet reminds me of a diet that I have some success with in the past. In the past I would eat grass fed beef and organic turkey. Often times my stomach was well on this diet. I also ate cheese. There was a strange issue with the diet though. I had to eat the turkey in the morning and the beef in the afternoon. If I switched the two up, beef in the morning and turkey in the afternoon, I'd become sick to my stomach.

With a little luck my current wild caught salmon and grass fed beef diet will do better.
Good interesting day. I'm exercise fatigued today. I'm feeling run down, yet decently energized. Bit of a contradiction but I can tell the difference. I swam for close to an hour yesterday and I'm feeling it in my muscles today.

Stomach is good. The big thing I'll be watchign closely is my gums, will the gum swelling go down with me eating grass fed beef. I'm pretty sure I know the answer is yes, but should be able to say with certainty by Friday or this weekend. Commercial beef is off the menu. It most likely causes painful gum swelling.
182lbs. Yes, my gums felt better this morning. They were less swollen and painful while brushing and flossing. So it is looking good for the theory that eating grass fed beef does not cause swollen gums. Commercial beef and commercial pork on the other hand does causes swollen bleeding gums. I should know for certain by this weekend. By then the swelling should be gone if the theory about grass fed beef is right.

I'm feeling chipper this morning yet fatigued from the swimming exercises from Monday. I'll likely swim this morning again though. I'm planning on only eating one meal today. If I become to worn out I'll stop swimming for awhile so I can recover.
So far this morning I'm doing remarkably well considering I only ate one meal yesterday. I have the same complaints as usual but my energy levels are not rock bottom. Eating grass fed beef has been quite helpful with improving my energy levels.

Gums felt great after brushing and flossing. No bleeding. No big feeling of swelling. The swelling is gone pretty much. i suppose a bit remains. When I ate commercial beef and experienced the swelling I ate a spicy beef dish. I have decent confidence that it wasn't the spices that brought about the swelling but I should be sure to test this in the near future. Probably next week I'll cook up a spicy beef dish and see what happens.

181lbs this morning. Losing weight should slow down at this point. I'll likely only lose a pound a week or so going forward. The next 6 pounds will be slow going is my guess.
Oh know! I'm mildly ill today. I bought a new bike yesterday and have been riding it around quite a bit. That exercise is the likely cause of the ill stomach. Of course running in my mind too is the recent addition of grass fed beef. Maybe it is a problem. I don't know. Think I'll go back to the fish diet and see how that goes with the stomach. I'll continue with the bike riding and swimming often too and see how things go. I have a long bike ride planned for Saturday morning so fingers crossed the fish diet works well and quick.