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My journey to getting well

It has been another great day with good energy levels. i find myself doing chores and projects that all to often I'd put off due to being tired and worn out. Now when I see something that should be done I get on it right away. Stomach is well. It could be better but it hasn't been a pain.

Starting tomorrow I want to begin to lose the last bit of weight/fat. I'm likely only 5 lbs away from what I'm looking for. That should be relatively easy to lose. So I'll begin fasting for 23 hours a day a few times a week. That seems to drop me a pound or two a week.
I'm feeling pretty well this morning. My energy levels are good. I'll keep avoding nightshade and beef, pork, and dairy.

I'm going to do a 23 fast today. I've been expecting my energy levels are fall due to the fasting. I might be wrong about that though. In the past I've testing energy levels while fasting 23 hours when following the alpha gal diet. Doing this did cause my energy levels to crash.

I've not testest my energy levels on a 23 hour fast while avoiding nightshade. This will be new. So I need to consider that if I wake up tomorrow and my energy levels are good that it is the avoidance of nightshade plants that is helping me the most.

Weight after breakfast was 167lbs.
Today I'm fasting and so far I'm doing very well with my energy levels. I'm feeling good and energetic. I appear lousy which tends to happen when I fast but that isn't a big deal. So kind of exciting. Being energetic this later afternoon deal have me thinking avoiding nightshade is why I'm experiencing good energy levels.

Stomach is good too. Weight last I checked was 165lbs. I very well could wake up weighing 163lbs.
I really am energetic this evening. This is a surprise. I should be worn out, beat up. And I exercised hard today. It is great to be feeling so well and energized with just eating one meal.

Just avoiding nightshade isn't the only cause of the high energy. I'm also eating cashews which helps, taking a mineral supplement. It is one that I spray onto my skin. Course avoiding pork and pork gelatin too. That's an allergy for sure. Eating fish likely helps too. There is something about fish and possibly fish oil that helps my stomach. I bought some fish oil but for some reason haven't begun taking it. That needs to change. I'm also avoiding chocolate which might be helping also. I know that when I eat to much chocolate I can experience muscle cramping. I've read that chocolate can block mineral absorption. Possibly avoiding chocolate is helping greatly also.

Staying with my parents tonight. The air conditioner broke and the repair guy can't come out till tomorrow morning.
I'm doing well after the 23 hour fast. Energy levels are not bad. I do have a mild upset stomach. There is something about fasting resulting in diarrhea. Butit is mild and not a big issue. So, it was a good experiment. Nightshade avoidance is important, most likely. Course something else could be going on, but the good energy most likely mainly comes from avoiding the nightshade family. It is also what likely caused the arthritis in my hards and knee.
Well, I am tired and worn out after all after yesterday fast. The fatigue seems to be due to exercising to much, but also from only eating one meal yesterday. So I'll have to keep an eye on the tropics to see if any storms are heading this way. If a tropical storm is moving in this direciton best that I have some good energy.
164lbs this morning. That is a new weight loss low.

Energy levels are not that good this morning. I also have a very mild upset stomach. I'm going back to eating two meals a day for the rest of the week. A tropical storm is now predicted to be coming this way. I want to have good energy for that. I've also cut out the beet powder supplement since it can make me a little gassy. Want to not have stomach cramping if I can avoid that.
I'm dragging today. My energy levels are quite low. So the day of fasting did ware me out and it now has me reconsidering my bias toward nightshade avoidance as helping the most with increased energy. I better make sure to keep avoiding beef, pork and dairy also, or the alpha gal diet.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be more energetic. The storm will be here by Saturday. I want to be energetic by then.
I can note to much at times, but important to type down I'm coming back to life. My energy seems to be returning this later afternoon. I also appear healthier. So most likely what took away my energy was to much exercise and to little food. I'll plan on getting back to losing weight next week after the tropical storm passes.
'm tired and fatigued again this morning. Rather sucks. I did lose more weight coming in at a new low of 163lbs this morning. It might be losing weight tires me out. Also I have been eating more nuts and raisons of late which in turn could be irriating the gut which tires me out. Regardless this lousy energy should eventually pass. I'm eating the same diet and eventually I should see consistent better energy. Once I have some consistent good energy is when i can begin testing new foods to the diet. .
I might have figured out why I've had low energy or a few days. I have two types of crackers that I'll eat. One is a mix of different items. Anther is a rice chip. Typically I eat the crackers of may different ingreidents. Of late I've been eating the all white rice chip crackers. Today I thought I'd pass on the rice chips. Insterda I at the other crackers I typically eat. As a result this evening I'm feeling more energetic and I've gained 2 to 3 pounds today. I'm guessing that the rice crackers were irritating my gut which in turn was tiring me out. I'll know more tomorrow if the theory is right.
Tired and mild upset stomach this morning. Disappointing. In partciular with two tropical storms heading this direciton, with one storm possibly coming ashore here. But how I feel is pretty normal overall. It would be nice to have the very good energy levels. I doubt I've eating any wrong foods. The bit problem most likely concerns eating to much fiber, from nuts, raisons, and possibly rice. It will just take time to get better.

Overall I'm most likely a person with alpha gal. I can remember well the problems that prok give me. Beef gelatin also will make be feel absolutely awful. The last time I tried beef gelatin I felt as if i was starving, was overly weak, and for three days was dizzy and felt as if I was suffering from motion sickness. That was painful.

Weight was 165lbs this morning. I was pretty close to 164lbs.
My energy levels are better than expected. My strong deep voice has returned today also. Good signs, hope I continue to have more energy. That was fun last week feeling energetic for a change.
There is another possible cause of the loss of energy. I began eating more eggs of late. Today i didn't eat any eggs and i think I'll avoid eggs for a few days to see what happens. Maybe I'll get lucky and see my energy levels increase to a higher level once again only eating fish. Well lucky is a relative term.
I am feeling quite energetic this evening. Avoiding egg appears for now to have been a nice help. If my poor energy does up being caused by egg, it does having me thinking Alpha Gal or something fed to live stock that is causing me stomach issues. Farms feed a lot of beans to animals. That would make for a good answer. it does open the possibility to being able to eat wild caught game. Will see. If I get my energy back tomorrow or Saturday I'll be thankful and can begin trying other ideas soon.
My morning has started out well. I believe I feel stonger and have more energy since avoiding eggs. Course I'll know more as the day progresses. It would be wonderful for the very good energy to return.

Didn't weigh myself this morning. Stomach feels better. No cramping feelings going on.
I'm on the right track I believe iwth avoiding eggs and only eating fish. My appearance was healthier. Most aches and pains went away. There was some stomach issues this afternoon after lunch but thankfully they turned out to be minor. It was just some cramping. My energy levels were OK. They were nothing great but better than they have been when I was also eating some eggs.

So good overall. I guess if avoiding eggs turns out to be the answer, then a future step to make will be exploring other sea food I can eat. I'll stick with wild caught sea food. At some point I'll have to look into commercial fish to see if it caused me health issues or not. That will be telling.
I'm still believing that it was the eggs that stole my good energy I experiened last week. This morning though I'm mixed. I'm a tired but nothing horrible. The aches and pains are much better though. And appearances remain healthier. That is a main consideration, avoiding eggs has me looking healthier. Hopefully within a few days the good energy will have turned.

Tropical storm will be missing the area. I'm pleased about that. A second storm is in the area though that will be coming to Florida by the middle of next week. Some forecasts have the TS coming to this area. Other predictions has the storm heading to the east side of Florida. Hope this will be another missing.
I am doing alright today. I'm quite excited. I don' t have the very good energy I experienced last week but I am feeling good. Stomach cramping has gone alway. Overall I'm feeling decently confident that avoiding eggs is the answer and only eating wild caught fish will regain my energy levels within a few days. Fingers crossed.

Weight this morning was 165lbs. I have another tropical storm coming this way. it will probably be here by Thursday. After that i can get back to losing the likely last 5lbs.
I'm feeling pretty good this morning. My energy levels feel as if they are higher. Fingers crossed that it is a good day. Appearance is generally healthy. Weight this morning 165lbs. I was close to 164kbs, I will stick with eating just wild caught fish.
I still feel that i'm on the right track since avoiding eggs. Energy levels are up, though I'm not overly energetic. Feeling good overall. I didn't notie this earlier, but when I began eating eggs I noticed my gums had swollen just a bit and one day I bled after brushing and flossing. At the time I figured it wasn't something to worry over. Occurs to me now that while on the fish diet I don't have those gum problems.

Bought a few salmon steaks. It came with a lot of spices with it. Hope next week the large energy returns so I can eat and test the steak. Would be nice to know if spices are a problem or not.
I'm feeling alright this morning. Gums felt very good, well one area was not feeling very good, just good, but overall dental health is nice. Stomach Ok. nothing great there but I've been worse. Energy levels feel good. I'm hoping for a good energetic week. Weight was 165lbs. Don't know if I'll try for losing the weight once again this week or not. I'll likely not as i want the good energy.
Still somewhat tired and fatigued today. The typical stuff. I do feel though that once again I'm doing better. Hopes are high that later this week I'll be good and energetic.

If I begin to experience excellent energy on the alpha gal diet, in my case only eating fish, I'll have the alpha gal test done. i found the local testing facility for the alpha gal test is only a 15 minute drive from here, so figure it would be a good test for me to have done.
163lbs this morning. I excised more yesterday and am guessing that explains the 2lbs weight loss from yesterday.

Doing well this morning. Energy levesl feel alright. Muscles feel good.

I am having doubts that avoiding eggs is my problem or maybe better said will solve my energy problem. I'm this morning leaning toward eating to much fiber as to causing my poorer energy levels of late. Regardless at a later time i'll try eating eggs once again to test and see what happens. I'm fairly certain that in the past I've eaten eggs and eaten chicken too and had excellent energy levels. I just need to prove that now and into the future.
I think I have better energy today. A problem is that I did some weight lifting and I swam for an hour. So I'm sore, my muscles are a bit shaky, but I feel more energetic. I'll stick with the current diet, eating only wild caught salmon. Maybe I'll eat eggs again and see what happens but then again if i do get the better energy I might not. Will see. I ate a lot of fiber rich foods today without apparent issue. I ate more nuts than typical and I ate a lot o raisons. Yet the gut is good, energy levels are pretty decent, stomach is good, and I appear healthy. Maybe I was right about eggs being the problem.
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It was very exciting. Last night for about 2 hours I had a great amount of energy. It was wonderful. This morning I'm fatigued and tired. Hopefully later this after the very good energy returns.

The battle in my mind over how safe chicken, and eggs are will go on. There is a big reason though why chicken and eggs should be safe. I know for certain that i've eaten eggs and chicken and had lots and lots of energy. This is without doubt. My stomach wasn't all that great during this time but then again I was eating a lot of brown rice at that time. To much brown rice fiber I know will lead to stomach issues. As for the alpha gal diet I know for certain too that cheese and beef eating tires me out. I don't blieve I've experienced a prolong period of time were I had lots of energy after eating either beef or cheese. Both always tired me out.
Today has not been a great day. I've been feeling pretty worn down and fatigued. With that said, I'm not feeling awful. I've felt worse in the past for sure. This feels like to much exercise fatigue. I swam hard for a couple days and have done some light weight lifting. That and I keep eating probably to many nuts and raisons. I complain taht I'm eating to many nuts yet I'm not doing anything about it. It's is so wonderful for a change to not worry over what I eat and not become sick to my stomach. So at some point if this fatigue continues I'll give in and get back to watching how much fiber foods I eat more closely. So now I'll push ahead and hope the good energy returns by the end of the month or earlier.
It occurred to me that in the past I figured out that eating eggs caused tongue sores. I even noted that down here. I forgot about that. It has me thinking that since I'm eating wild caught fish maybe I should go with the theory of something being fed to live stock, something I'm allergic to, is causing my issues. I'll keep eating just wild caught sea food then. I bought some wild caught fish sticks and a spicy salmon steak this week. I'll be eaten them once my good energy returns.

I should note, while I'm tired today I am appearing quite healthy. It is good to see.
Yesterdays feeling miserable continued into the night. My stomach slightly hurt last night. It wasn't much of a pain but it was enough to slightly elevate my heart rate which in turn kept me awake most of the night. It was as if I drank a big glass of tea right before bed I suppose. I might have gotten 2 maybe 3 hours of rest. I feel weak. my muscles shake a bit. It's all typical stuff for when the gut is upset, tender.

The only positive so far from this flare is that I haven't been running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. When I feel this way that is what typically happens. For a few hours I'm running to the bathroom constantly. Today, so far, I've used the bathroom once and it was typical stuff for this fish diet.

I suspect what has happened is I pushed myself over the ledge accidently when eating to many nuts, raisons, and possibly rice chips. They all can irriate the gut when eating to much. I've been happy that on the fish diet I have been able to eat the quantity of what I want. That gamble didn't work is my guess. I need to return to my measured eating amounts. I can't eat a lot of nuts. instead I can only have a few cashews with a meal. I shouldn't eat many rice chips. instead only a couple should be eaten at a time. Etc. I suspect that will solve my current problem within a day or two. Etc

I'm not hungry this morning. I ate very light for breakfast. Maybe by this afternoon my hunger will return.
Today has been a mixed day. It was quite an exciting day though. For the bad I've felt lousy all day. My muscles hurt. I'm tired. I'm fatigued. For the good, never was I sick to my stomach. It's unreal. Typically with the feelings I experienced today I'd be in the bathroom most of the day with a sick stomach. That never happened. Gut didn't even hurt all that much. This later afternoon I'm doing better overall. I've cut back on the nuts and other items that can irritate my stomach. I suspect that by tomorrow I'll be muc better overall. hope I'm right.

I looked at my tongue health and couldn't beelieve how healthy my tongue looked. It appears the best that I can ever remember. There are no markings on it at all.

That is something I'd had since I was a little kid. I can remember being in elementary school and being lined up by the school doctor with other students to have our tongues looked at. The doctor was concerned about my tongue. He felt I wasn't eating enough foods high in B vitamins. After a life time I might have found out my tongue issue, food allergie(s) to different meats.

Well that has yet to be proven so far. I'll stick with the fish diet. I'm tired and sore today and glad about it.
Weight this morning 162lbs. That is a new weight loss low.

I'm a bit surprised to see the lb lost but then again I'm not. i was not ill to the stomach yesterday though I felt miserable. For what ever reason I just lose weight when I avoid beef, dairy and pork. the weight just slowly comes off on its own it appears. I've known for a long time that I can experience wild weight loss and gains without known reasons. It is originally why i began recording my weight. Then I figured out that pork and then figured out that beef eating will cause rapid weight gain. Now I know avoiding beef and pork, and eating fish will cause slow weight loss.

What is curious is that others seem to know this. Two people who i told i was eating only fish on the diet I'm on told me I'd lose weight. A sea food diet was a good way to lose weight they told me. I didn't ask how they knew this. It did make me wonder though if others have noticed that avoiding beef, pork, dairy and eating sea food causes weight loss.

Feeling OK this morning. I am a bit tired but I did sleep pretty well last night. Muscles feel much better. appearance is healthy. Tongue looks fabulous. No tongue markings what so ever. Stomach feels pretty good. No stomach pains.
I'm worn out and tired today. Wish and was hoping for more energy today but it is what it is. I do feel I'm on the right path to better energy levels. Everything to me points that way. i just need to have patience. Gut is decent. There isn't any pain.
163lbs. I feel alright this morning. Gut is OK. Energy levels are livable. WIsh I had more energy.

That has been the big disappoiintment this week, I've not been able to regain the very good energy levels. There is another idea that I should try. To much stomach exercise will upset my stomach and hurt my energy levels. These exercises include, biking, swimming, anything that involves bending over and using my stomach muscles. Going toward I'll stop these excersices, being more careful about using stomach muscles. I'll see if sometime next week if my good energy levels return.

I want the good energy levels back for obvious reasons. It feels very good to have good energy levels. It is import too as I want to add new foods to my diet but don't want to start that until I have the good energy. I know some gelatin can zap all my energy, make me feel miserable. Pork does similar to gelatin. Beef is a more complicated story. And cheese makes me tired and worn out.
164lbs. Doing well. Last night I had a nice extra spurt of energy. This morning I'm feeling decent. My energy levels are not fabulous but a nice improvement.

With my gut being a little upset of late, I have noticed too taht my gums have been sore and bleeding some for the last few days. Bleeding after brushing and flossing goes with a troubled stomach. I've known about that for many years. Yesterday after lunch the left side of my mouth was quite tender and sore for a few hours. The pain subsided but even in the evening I sitll felt a bit of pain. Typical stuff. Hope my gut and with that dental pain go away within the next couple of days with me doing fewer exercises that can upset the stomach.
Did OK today. Stomach good. Energy levels not the best, but not the worst either. This afternoon I worked on a project and found myself getting weak in my legs and worn out earily. I was also slightly dizzy. Typical stuff and disappointing. I'd like the better energy to return. Appear decently healthy. Still have the sore teeth. Hope that doesn't become something worse. It bugs me. I'm not sure what to make of it, as sore gums are a common occurrence. Naturally as always happens my mind wonders to other possibiities. The alpha gal diet, fish diet, seems good. I am avoiding many other foods less intentionally. Course avoiding nightshade family intentionally. With that I'm also avoiding most spices as nightshade and spices are often mixed together. Once I get the good energy back I might be able to find out more.
Good, the tooth pain is gone this morning. I figured most likely it was gum pain. When i'd chew that area was not handling the wear and teat. at last that is my guess. I'll keep monitoring. Nice to not feel that pain, though it wasn't that painful overall. More worrysome.

Feel decent this morning. Nothing great, but not horrible. Energy levels medium. Stomach OK. Bit gassy but I'll cut ot the food that tend to cause that for today. Weight 164lbs. I hope I get the good energy back soon as i'd like to get abck to losing the fat. I'm close to my fat loss goal but have a bit still to go.
Average day. energy levels OK. Stomach was alright though I did experience more cramping than I'd want. Overall though the stomach is holding up well nicely on this fish diet.

Tooth hurt a bit after lunch. I'm not sure which tooth is the trouble maker. It is on the left upper side. I figured though I better get it checked out at the dentist. This evening I'm not feeling any dental pain. Most of the timei it is like that. Don't know what is going on, but the issue is hanging around longer than typical.
I shouldn't forget that with my good energy the first food I added was eggs. Soon after I lost my good energy. So today marks 12 days of avoiding eggs. Hope that another week of avoiding results in the good energy levels once again.
Doing well this morning. it feels like I'll have decent energy levels today. The morning energy levels are feeling good. Stomch mildly upset. I have some cramping but nothing horrible. It should be all but gone later this morning. Tooth is not hurting at the moment. last night I woke up a few times and found sleeping on that side where the tooth is can result in some very milld pain it is there. So good that I'm having it checked out. Hopefully it is nothing but it might be a cavity or worse.

Weight 164labs, close to 163labs. I could round down to 163lbs i guess. Appearance OK. Skin looks nice and healthy. There is something about this wild fish die that has my skin appearing good and healthy. No skin markings seen.
Feeling upbeat this afternoon. Energy levels are above average. Gut OK, could be better, but decent. The morning I think about it, the more I'm thinking eggs and chicken are problematic foods. I saw that as I can remember on this fish diet the few times I'd eat eggs or chicken over a month ago i did poorly and had some mild gum inflammation. It wasn't nearly as bad as what pork does to me, but when flossing I'd find some inflamed gums. Course it is hard to account for all potential factors. I still need to work on things. Once I get better energy levesl for a few days in a row I'm eating the spicy salmon wild caught steak. I doubt the spices will be an issue but need to find out.
Tired this morning. More so than typical. Sucks, but it shouldn't last long Im guessing. It is likely exercise fatigue.

I'm guessing that the tooth pain is brought about after i exxercising. As example, after I jog the pain comes. So I'm guessing a cavity that with jogging results in the area being rubbed agains and agregated. That is my hope. Will find out more this afternoon.

Stomach could be better, but it isn't horrible. I'm more gassy than usual, but that might be changing. At least one can hope. I'm eating less nuts and exercising less. I'm also avoiding the beef supplement.
I have more energy this morning than last morning but I am a bit on the tired and sore side. Didn't need to use the bathroom in the morning. Good sign. I'm been using the bathroom 3 or 4 times a day the last few days. No flares though. So if I can get back to using the bathroom once a day I should see a good boost in my energy levels.

that is one of the main reasons why I stick with the fish diet, no flares, at least sofar. No diet has done that before. A diet where I'm eating lots of chicken and eggs may have me feeling better, each time though i eventually begin the flare and be real sick. It's too early to say with certainy if the fish diet will keep the flares away. I like my chances though. My gums are not swollen when eating wild caught fish. That likely means my digestive system is not as swollen and the less swelling there is the more likely my gutis to work correctly. At least that is my theory.

I'm not 100% sure that eggs and chicken cause some gum swelling but I give it a 75% chance that it does. The swelling is not as severe as pork but it is there and painful.
Oh my gosh, I can't beleive it. I was mainly well going to the bathroom today. Unreal. Nice to not have diarrhea for a change. Well, hope that contineus in the days ahead. Energy levels have been OK today. Gums are decent, a little sore where I had a cavity filled in yesterday, but nothing horrible. Good day. Well, wish i had more energy but overall I'm pleased.
I wasn't as well when going to the bathroom this morning but overall the gut is pretty decent. Energy levels are OK. Wish they were better. My left ear hurts a bit. I haven't noted this down, but I've had a slight ear ache for a few weeks in the left ear. It comes and it goes. It doens't hurt much or much of a bother but I notice it. Skin looks good and healthy. Gums bled a slight amount from brushing and flossing. Not sure why that happened. Feet look very good and healthy. It will be interesting to find out how I feel once the weather turns cooler. All my life I can become cold easy. Here os late it doesn't feel that is the case anymore. Last night I ate some snacks before bed time. The snacks kept me up later than hoped as I felt quite warm.
I have good energy levels today. I find myself bouncing my legs around, twitching a lot. I've felt better in the recent past, but very encouraging sign.
Good day. Wish it had bee a better day with more energy. I am frustrated about this. But I just need to be patient I feel. Think Ill add potatoes and nightshade back into the diet. The whole reason I began avoiding was hopes my energy levels would increase. It seemed to work at first, but has turned out to be a coincidence. I'll stick with the fish diet. Imagine I've eaten my last burger. It is like pork I'm afraid now to eat beef and pork. They both with little doubt cause me health problems. At some time I'll add chicken to the diet and see what happens. WOuld be nice to do that with a gut that is healthier and much higher energy levels though.
Doing well this morning. I've been considerably less gassy since I stopped exercising as much. I've also gained some weight. I came in right between 165 and 166lbs. I've been using the bathroom less for the last couple days which is good. I'm likely absorbing food better. So hoping for a good day and guessing it will be one.
I'm in shock. I weigh 168lbs right now. Typically I'd be around 166 to 165lbs. Well, less exercise is resulting in quick weight gain. Makes some sense though as I'm going to the bathroom less. Wouldn't be surprised if i came in at 167lbs in the morning. Might have to do something about that.

OK day. My energy levels were OK. Ear hurt some. It is frustrating. I'd like to be doing better. I'm going to stop eating the gluten free crarckers and see if I feel better. Don't really care much for them anyway. Grains do irritate my stomach a good amount so it might be beneficial.
This morning I avoided all grains, rice in particular, and I'm feeling pretty darn good. One morning doesn't make a diet I suppose, but I like how I feel now with energy and gut health. I'll keep avoiding grains and brown sugar too since it is part of the grass family. Now I would have had this figured out a long long time ago if avoiding grains was the only answer. So I'll see where this takes me. So far so good.
I have very good energy today. It is quite exciting. I love it. So far I've been more on the lazy side, not doing as much as I could with this level of energy but hopfully I can get a few good days in a row.

If I can be well for a week or so I'll begin to look to add new foods to the die.t I bought some chicken this morning in hopes that I'll be eating it within a week. Could be wishful thinking on my part. Avoiding all grains is looking to be a good move on my part. There must be some other food issues though as i avoided grains for years in the past and never was able to recover. I know I'm allergic pork. That is without doubt. I'm not sure about beef but lean more negative with it. I was thinking in the past I ate a beef, tomato sauce with rice noodles. The meal gave me arthritis. I blamed tomatoes for that, sometimes would blame beef. i might have been wrong. The problem could have been the rice noodles.
Feeling well this morning. I'll keep avoiding all grains, such as rice, wheat, corn. I've known for a long time that rice can be a problematic food. I would joke about my rice cases. 2 rice cakes a day was tolerable. 3 rice cakes a day almost always resulted in an upset stomach.

For many years I avoided all grains, and yet didn't solve my health problems. So something else is problematic. It might be as simple as cheese makig me feel tired out. Of more complex such as corn being fed to live stock is causing me to become sick after eating meats. So sugar is a problem as sugarcane is a member of the grass famliy, similar to corn.

Weight 165lbs.
My energy levels are up today. I'm not overly energetic but I'm up there with energy compared to normal. Ear has all but stopped hurting since avoiding rice and all grains. Had a nice workout this morning lifting weights on my legs. I hadn't done that for awhile and was struggling a bit. It will be good to get back to more normal lifting. Hope that happens. If I can continue to have good energy levels for the week I'll begin adding chicken to the diet - tropical storms considering. If storms are threatening Florida I'll stick with the safer fish diet.
So far I'm feeling pretty well. My energy levels are decent. I'm suprised at that as i worked out hard yesterday I should be worn down.

Yesterday I came close to doing one of my 23 hour fasts. I ended up talking myself out of it. Think today though I'll begin fasting once again. I want to lose the final last 5lbs or abouts. It will take at least 2 weeks to do that I imagine.

Skin looks good and healthy. Eyes look healthy. They are not blue or bright blue but look healthy. I'll keep avoiding all grains, pork and other items. If I continue to do well I'll end up adding chicken to the diet within a week.

Ear pain is gone this morning. Ya!!!!!! Teeth feel good.
I'm feeling OK this morning. My energy levels are up. My muscles are a bit sore but nothing terrible. I fasted yesterday for 23 hours. This morning I weighed 163lbs. I might fast again today since I have good energy so far this morning. Will see thoug. I'm liable to change my mind on that.

Skin looks good and healthy. Gums feel decent. No bleeding after brushing and flossing. I'll stick with avoiding all grains, and eating or following the fish diet.
I am tired this afternoon but it is exercise fatigue and maybe fasting fatigue also. But overall I'd so I'm hanging in there. I'm not all that sore. So far the stomach continues to hold up decently well. I'll stick with avoiding all grains, and following the fish diet. I'm bought some chicken items and look forward to eating them in the near future.
I'm tired and fatigued this morning. i can tell it will be a long day. I'll still mvoe ahead with fasting though. It's important to keep on losing the weight. Woke up at 163lbs. In theory I have 3 more pounds to lose. I'll go below that though and base my weight loss upon viewing the fat that I want to see gone.

This morning my stomach is OK. Skin looks nice and healthy. Gums felt alright. No bleeding with brushing and flossing.
I am tired today but I'm feeling better, more energetic than expected. Stomach hanging in there. I'll keep avoiding grains along with beef, pork, gelatin, and a few other items.

I added garlic to the diet two days ago. It seems to not be causing me issues. Also added seaweed for iodine. It a spice mix that I had that I'll been sprinkling upon my potatoes.

Today is a fast day. As typically happens for the first few fasting days, I'm weighing more than I thought I would.
THis mornign I was thinking of how lucky I am to have discovered the fish diet. Since following the fish diet I've had little stomach distress. I've had no majors flares. There has been a couple times were the stomach hurt a small amount but by and large I'm doing remarkably well.

My gums are in wonderful shape on the fish diet. Very little to no swelling noticed on this diet. The two, stomach distress and gum swelling, are likely connected. What ever causes gum swelling likely also causes intestinal issues for me.

I am watning to add chicken to the diet along with more spices, but am concerned greatly about chicken causing gum and stomach problems. I know for certain that pork causes gum swelling. I'm less certain about beef, and grass fed beef, but have a good idea it is problematic for my health.

On this fish diet I've had a few tims where I ate eggs and chicken While not overly ill while doing this I suspect that these foods brought about slight gum swelling. I'll have to test this once again in the future.

In the near future too I'll be testing spices more. I have some salmon steaks that have a lot of spices on them. I'll see how that goes down probably next week. It has been good to be eating garlic once again and do not appear to be having difficulties from it.

Avoiding all grains as I did this week appears to have helped my health some. I'll continue to see where it takes me. It might just be a fiber issues, or something mildly problematic in rice in particular.

Skin looks nice and healthy. I know when I ate problematic foods I had get rashes on my chest. So when I begin eating spices that is something I'll be looking for, the rash and hives.
Ive had pretty good energy today, so avoiding all grains has been a good move. Hope my energy levels continue to climb even more. Overall it has been a good day. Stomach doing well. Skin appears healthy. I'll stick with what i've been doing. I'm dreaming of adding chicken to the diet but better stay true to the fish diet for now.
I have the good high energy! It came last night to me. This morning I still have it. It feels so good. Little hurts. My energy levels are high. As i like to joke this must be how normal bowel people feel. Hope the high energy and good feeling continues. It was around 3 to 4 weeks ago that I experienced this but I lost the high energy. Now I thinking it must have been brought about due to me not eating grains. It must have been something I happened to do without noticing or on purpose at the time, I just didn't any crackers.

So I'll continue with the fish diet, and avoiding all grains along with staying away from cheese. that is important also as cheese does tire me out.

Stomach OK this morning. Skin appears healthy. Eyes are blushing but not bright bluish.
Today has been an awesome day. I've had all kinds of energy. I'm not in pain. I am beginning to slow down this evening as I didnt' eat lunch. Today is a fasting day. But overall I'm quite pleased. It is looking like I've found the good energy once again. Hopefully I can hold onto it and not lose it as happened last time. I'm guessing the avoidance of all grains is what brought about the great energy levels and feeling good. There are other iitems too much as avoiding dairy,, beef and pork. Dairy in particular I know robs me of energy.
Thanks Delta, It is wonderful to be doing well for the last 48 hours. Fingers crossed I have this figured out finally.

W're doing well with the storms so far. Hurricane season has been extra active the last 4 or 5 years. I'm beginning to dislike the months of August and Sept. It has gotten to the point that I now just pack a suitcase in Aug.and & leave it packed till hurricane season in finished.
My morning is beginning mixed. I woke up tired and worn out. Yesterday was a tough workout day, I fasted, for23 hours and at first I slept poorly. It was after midnight, after being wide awake, that I got up and had a glass of water. Soon after i was passed out and woke up tired.

But with that said now that I've had breakfast I'm feeling more energetic. I can tell I have the very good energy levels still. It is exciting. It is wonderful to have good energy and not feel sore all over.
I'm tired and worn out today but overall I feel wonderful. The good feeling remains. I'm just beat up due to fasting yesterday and all the exercising done. I over did it. The same thing happened last time I was fasting. So I'm nearly one week into fasting. I'll likely do another week and see what happens. So far I like the results. I'm once again finding small tight close that didn't fit before, now fitting. This afternoon I'm earing a shirt that just a week or two again was to small. It wears well now.

Stomach doing well. Appearance decently healthy. Imagine I'll be feeling more energetic tomorrow if I sleep well.
Something has been bothering me so thought to type it down.

I'm unsure what is helping me the most, avoiding beef, pork, and dairy, along with chicken or if avioding grains is the most helpful. It keeps going round and round in my mind. In the past I voided all grains for maybe a decade. It helped but was not s cure i found. Currently I'm up to nearly 4 months on the beef, dairy and pork avoidance diet. That's the longest I've gone on that diet in the past. So I don't know. when I avoided grains once again, rice in particular soon afterwards my energy increased, my muscles felt better, I'm talking better. Everything just seems easier. If avoiding grains is the answer though, I'm wondering what went wrong in the past. Was eating dairy products a problem. Dairy does tire me out. I can remember clearly too a time where I thought to stop eating all dairy and only eat turkey lunch meat. I was preparing for a 2 day drive and hoped my gut would improve on the dairy avoidance diet. To my surprise eating just turkey gave me bad diarrhea. I had to cancel making the trip with other family members. So anyway confusion continues. I'm just glad I have the fish diet. I'm not well but this is about as good as it gets with the gut, and now with having energy I'm feeling pretty good.
I'm feeling good and energetic this morning.

To answering my questions yesterday, the more I think about it, the more I lean towardthe ideat that daiy beef and pork are my problem foods. voiding grains is helpful. My gut is beat up and inflamed. Grains are known for being difficult to digest. So I'll stay away from grains. It does help. But I wouldn't be surprised if in the future that I'll be able to eat some grains if I choose to do so. I probably will not make eating grains a habit again though. I began eating brown rice cakes simply because i hoped it would give me some energy and niutrients. It appears the opposite occurred though. I feel better avoiding grains and appear healthier too, or appear the same. So keep avoiding beef, pork and dairy. I'll try eating chicken in the future and see what happens.
I'm not as energetic today but I'm still experiencing good amounts of energy. It is to be expected since today is a 23 hour fast day. Stomach is doing well. I'm feeling upbeat. I'm a bit on the bored side. Typically I'm to tired to be bored but I'm more with it and with that looking to find things to do. It's nice having some energy for a change. Now I need to figure out where to use that energy. Skin looks healthy. Avoiding dairy and beef always has done that for me, had my skin appearing healthier.
Energy levels feel good this morning. I weighed 163lbs, nearly 162labs. I appear to have lost fat though on tis first week of fasting. Everything fits loser. I can see areas too where fat has gone. So good to see.

On my right upper side my gums are slightly inflamed. I'm kind of happy about it. I ate a lot of nuts, more so than typically, and suspect that irrirated the gut and with that the slight gum inflammation. I see if I can get rid of it in the next day or two.

ice to have the good energy still. I also don'e ache and hurt all over. Wonderful feeling. Hope it sticks around.
Something I have a tendency to forget is my experiments with eating beef gelatin. The two times I ate beef gelatin I felt absolutely awful. I felt as if i was starved for a number of days, was super weak and this last test I was dizzy for 3 days. It felt as if I had motion sickness. It was terrible. So all clues point toward me having pork, dairy and beef issues, of alpha gal. Avoiding grains such as rice, and corn has been helpful but grains are tough on the gut and with a beat up digestive system I can imagine grains are trouble makers for now. Maybe later I'll be able to enjoy eating some grains with out much problem.

Low energy levels today. I'm not all that surprised as I lifted some weights yesterday. I also fasted. So I can imagien this week will be a tiring one. It is good to be losin the fat though.
Doing well this morning. Left ear hurts just slightly. Don't know what is up with that. Might cut out the mineral supplement and see if that helps. Appearing healthy. I've also noticed that on this recent fasting I am losing the fat. My weight hasn't changed bu tthe fat is lessening in areas I want it to be gone.

With the gelatin making me sick it occurred to me that this area is more complecated. There for awhile I was taking some supplements that were encased into gelatin. Possibly these capsules were pork gelatin. I know that supplement makers generally perfer pork gelatin over beef gelatin.

Today will be a fasting day. Imagine I'll be taking an easy today. I'm already tired this morning, which I can tell is due to fasting and working out.
Not much change to report. Gut doing well on this fish diet. Energy levels not all that great but I suspect that to be mainly due to me fasting every other day, skin looks healthy. I'll stick with the alpha gal diet, and avoiding grains for now.
Tired today, worn out. It is like caused by the fasting, exercises, and eating to many nuts. I love my cashews of late. But with that said, the stomach is feeling alright. I'm on the right path with this diet I feel. It just takes a lot of time to heal.
I still keep going back and forth in my mind about what is helping me so much, avoiding grains or avoiding pork, beef, and dairy. Thinking about it in the past when I only at chicken, I also ate a good amount of rice, and became sick. It doesn't mean it was the rice that made me ill, but it does make me wonder.

Energy levels have been poor the last few days. I doubt I could be on my feet more than an hour or two. But I'm not in pain, generally, and sometimes have spurts of large amounts of energy. When the energy comes it is heavenly. A very nice rare treat.

With the grain or Alpha gal debate, I'm thinking of adding chicken to the diet plus spices of course. I might do that tomorrow. Will. see.

Forgot to add, the easy talking continues. It is nice. To often I have to force talking, which ins't good. now since avoiding all grains along with daiy and other items such as pork, talking is easy to do.
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I didn't weigh myself this morning. Last night I came in at 177lbs before bed. Strange that I can gain weight while fasting but it always has done that. Once I stop fasting and return to my two meals day I tend to lose the weight. Regardess fasting has helped with fat loss and this morning I hae clear evidence of fat loss. It was great to see. Today is a fast day. I'm coming to dread these days but I'll get through it. There isn't to much more fat I'll be looking to lose. Also I can always take a break from fasting and return to it later.

Gut ok this morning. Gum health good. Skin looks nice and healthy.
I'm feeling good today. My energy levels have been up. I'm sure I'll be worn day by this evening since it is a fasting day but for now this is nice. The more I think about the more likely it is beef, pork and dairy that is my problem. As written yesterday I'ee been wanting to eat chicken but I better wait till I have better energy levels, energy levels that are consistent. Then I'll have a better idea is chicken is a problem or not for me. Appearance is healthy. Skin looking quite healthy.
I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Energy levels are up. I'm not feeling all that sore though some shoulders are sore from working out. Skin looks good and healthy. All is good to report on the alpha gal grain avoidance diet.
I had a slight upset stomach today. It wasn't horrible but it's the first somewhat flare into 2 to 3 months. When it came I was on the road which is a bad feeling but I made it home in time. I'm going to blame the macadamia nuts eaten, ate some greasy french fries which doesn't help, though I've eaten these fries a number of times without issue. Anyway, Ill clean up my diet and get the stomach settled.

Outside of that I'm feeling very well today. I'm upbeat with good energy levels.
Doing well this morning. My energy levels are good. I was a bit nauseous on waking up but nothing terrible. I'm assuming that was caused by the upset stomach yesterday. Skin looks healthy. Typically the healthy skin goes with blue eyes. I haven't seen the bright blue eyes yet. Imagine they will be making an appearance soon. Still have some weight to lose. I've made good progress though in dropping the fat the last two weeks. Clean up my diet this morning with breakfast. I'll stay away from greasy foods.
Today has been a really good. My energy levels are way up even though today has been a fast day. I've exercised a great amount. I'm close to burning 1700 calories according to my watch. Typically I'll struggle to reach 1000 calories, and I'm still feeling energetic and strong. So overall a very good sign for me to have good energy. Hope this will continue and suspect it will
Yesterday was great. I was thinking after the hard exercising done yesterday that this morning would be bad. That hasn't been the case. This morning I'm feeling good and energetic. It's wonderful. I love having energy and not feeling sore all over.

Gut is OK. Wish it was better, but it isn't terrible. Appearance is decent. Skin looks nice and healthy. I'm on the right track. I'll keep with the alpha gal diet and avoiding grains.
I'm a little fatigued and tired today. The cause most likely is due to the light weight lifting I did this morning. It appears I'm still not able to take beating. Soon though i should feel more energized after light weight lifting. At least that happened in the past. Doing well overall though.
I should note, It is now becoming very easy for me to talk, communicaate with others. I don't enjoy calling and talking to others, but now that i have more energy and I'm stronger, it isn't much of an issue. I voice hasn't gone on me at least here of late. This afternoon I found myself needing to talk wth several others about a problem to resolve. It wasn't an issue. It was wonderful. If this continues I might even come to enjoy it.
I'm feeling fatigued and tired this morning. I'm sure the weight lifting yestreday is the main cause of my fatigue. I'll take an easy today. It shouldn't take long for me to rebound. With the workout hadn't tired me out so much. Would be nice to be able to do some light lifting without wearing myself out.

Something I've noticed of late is that my vision is better. This seems to have come after avoiding all grains.
Today i added some chicken to my diet. I'll be sure to monitor my gum health and how the stomach reacts. I'll watch my enegy levels too. It was nice to at something outside of fish for a change. I'll keep avoiding grains, beef, dairy and pork.
Yesterday was an important test day. I ate chicken. It has been a few months since I last did that. And this morning I have a result. It is not good. My gums on the back left side are inflamed. That never happened while on the fish diet.

In the past I mentioned about my suspicions that eating chicken can result in swollen gums. I didn't know for certain though as I wasn't look and noticing for that. Now it appears I know. I suppose more testing could be done as the chicken was eaten with a lot of spices. For now though I'll avoid chicken and just go back to eating fish.

The swollen gum area huts. It hurts to floss and brush the area. Just sitting here and typing the area hurts. Hope the swelling goes away in a day or two.
Thinking about it, at some point I'll want to retest grass fed beef. I've had times where i was able to eat it and become sick to my stomach. The same for grass fed cheese.

It points to the theory that something given to live stock is turning up int he meat and that I' allergic to. I won't test that theory now but probably sometime this winter I'll take a look at it again. My health of gums is what I'll use to judge. I figure what ever is causing my gums to swell up is likely doing similar in the intestine resulting in the severe stomach issues.

I'm guessing legumes or beans in the item fed to live stock that gives me health issues.
I'm also going to avoid all spices, garlic in particular. This isn't a big sacrifice. Only in the last week or two did I add a little bit of garlic to my diet. It wasn'tmuch, but during this time I experienced my first mini flare since being on the fish diet. And now with yesterdays chicken spicy eating and this mornings upset stomach and swollen gums, it is worth avoiding spices/garlic also. At a later time once I'm doing better, I'll begin eating wild caught salmon spicy steaks and see what happens.
In the past I placed so much effort into getting the gut into the best working condition that I wuold place onto the back burner my energy levels. I would eat a lot of cheese to help the gut. Cheese though I know is an energy hurting food.

Now with the fish diet, I'm placing energy levels first. It is the most important. Gut health is important too, but the gut doesn't need to be perfect just controllable and not overly painful.

So I'm avoiding cheese, following the apha gal diet, avoiding grains though I'm not thinking they are a big problem, and spices, which could be a big problem. I should have a better idea bout spices within a few days. It wouldn't come as a surprise if my energy levels improve greatly after avoiding spices/ garlic in particular.
Today has turned out better than I expected. My energy levels have improved. My stomach is less sore now. My gums are still inflamed some but not nearly as bad as this morning. So I'm pleased.

Something else I should note that is giving me energy is not only avoiding cheese but also eating nuts. I have a love hate relationship with nuts. They give me energy, at least cashew nuts do, but also make me gassy. At a later time I'll work on improving the gas situation. For now I love the good energy days.
I will also avoid potatoes/ nightshade family. Figure potatoes are likely safe, but while I'm at it good to avoid also. I'm just going to see if the very good energy returns and when it does will begin experimenting with foods.

Look healthy this evening. Feeling good overall. Energy levels are nice.
This morning good news and bad news. the area of my gum that is swollen remains swollen. The swelling though is not as bad. It largely does not hurt unless flossing or brushing that area. Which this morning I did and found it painful. Hope the swelling goes down soon as I have a dental appointment in 6 days.

The swelling from eating the spicy chicken is different from the gum swelling seen with eating pork. With pork my gums swell all over. With chicken it appears strangely that only the lower left had side swells up. That is what i noticed in the past and suspected the chicken meal. Very odd.

Energy levels feel decent this morning. I'm looking healthier since avoiding nightshade, spices, and all the rest. Fingers crossed that my energy levels are much higher today and going forward. It would not some as a surprise if that heppens.
Doing OK today. The gum area that is swollen after eating the chicken still hurts some. My energy levels are so so. Stomach is decent. I worked out this morning lifting light weights. Fingers crossed that I'm not only sore and tired in the morning. I suspect I will not be. The swollen gum concerns me as I have a dental appointment next Wednesday. i'm not sure if the swelling will e gone by then or not.
I'm pleased about this, waking up I don't feel sore, at least so far. my energy levels are good. I worked out yesterday with weights and as happened early in the week lifting can really tire me out. This morning I don't feel tired nor do I feel sore. Avoding nightshade and spices is likely the cause for feeling better. Will monitor further of course.

Ate a rice cake this morning with breakfast. i figure some rice is likely ok for me.

Appearance OK. Gums feel much much better. There remains some swelling but not much. Flossing this morning did not result in that gum area becoming overly painful. Good sign.

Well, I'll keep avoiding pork, spices and nightshade genus family, along with other items.
Ihad a good amount of cramping this morning and was quite gassy. I'm not all that surprised. Imagine it was the chicken meal eating a few days ago that caused the gum swelling now causing cramping. Imagine I'll be in better shape tomorrow. Energy levels were good today. I was upbeat about that. It is always nice to have energy. Fingers crossed that spices or nightshade is the gum swelling cause. Chicken I suppose could have caused it though I ahve doubts. After my dental appointment on Wed. I'll eating some chicken with salt and see what happens. It would be nice to be able to eat chicken and eggs and have good energy levels.
Slight ear ache in my left ear, on the same side as the inflamed gums. The gums are much better now. THey hurt some but not much after flossing and brushing. I'll keep avoiding spices and nightshade family. As written about in the past I have had times were I know I react with garlic. It can cause the area around my finger nails to bleed. I'm not sure if that translates into problems for my stomach though. Many times I've avoided garlic and spices but never could document it as helping the stomach. This time i'll see if my energy levels are helped by avoiding.

I'll go back to avoiding the rice cakes to see if that helps my sore ear as it did before.

Energy levels are so so this morning. Nothing great. Weight is hangin around 165lbs. The previous 2 weeks I fasted yet didn't lose weight this time. I lost some fat though I notice. Maybe if I fast next week, with avoiding garlic and nightshade maybe I'll lose some weight this time.
The chicken meal with ingriedients listing that I believe caused the swollen gums can be seen here ~

There is a lot of garlic and onions listed on the ingredients. There is very little nightshade listed.

With the slight ear ache, I remembered that it reminds me of what would happen after eating pork. My gums would swell up and then Id eventually deveop an ear ache in my left ear.
Still have the slight ear ache. My energy levels are not so great today. So not the best of days. ingers crossed i'm better tomorrow. Imagine I wil be. I'm going to cut back on nuts. I have a dental appointment Monday and want the stomach in as best shape possible. I'll eat crackers as snack food. Avoided rice today but it doesn't appear to have made a difference on the ear ache. Gum remains slight inflamed still but that has improved. I barely feel gum pain now.
gums remain slightly inflamed. The gums are improved though. Ear ache seems to be gone. I don't feel pain there. Throat is sore still. I didn't type about that before, but throat has hurt a bit. So overall an improving situation but some symptoms remain.

Stomach feels OK this morning. I'm limiting nuts eaten.

In the future with eating I'll stick with the diet and see if or when the good energy returns. I've had a good desire to open up my diet since yesterday but I also want to hold off. I suspect I'm close to an answer.

Energy levels are poor this morning. I lifted some weights yesterday and suspect that is the cause.
The worst of the effects from Kevin's chicken meal appear to be over. Ear issue has not come up today. Sore throat is pretty much gone. I can feel somewhat the inflamed skin on my head when I comb my hair, but not like the days earlier. That pain is gone. The gums remain slightly sore though. Hope that soreness goes away soon, or I'll be yelled at against by the dentist. He only believes brushing can get rid of sore inflamed gums. Rather odd.

I suspect I lost 2 pounds the last 3 days or so. My theory is my inflamation can result in weight gain. It might be true with these recent results.

Tomorrow I'll get back to fasting, and trying to drop the last 5lbs. I'll see if also avoiding spices and nightshade family makes that possible.