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My journey to getting well

Last night before bed the stomach acted up. I was slightly ill. It wasn't anything major but as always unenjoyable. The gut hurts just a bit this morning. I'm guessing this is being caused by the 15 hour fasting I've been doing. For what ever reason when I fast I'm more likely to become sick to the stomach after 12 hours.

On the parameters I'm closely watching I'm doing well. My knees do not hurt. I'm feeling good and warm. I'm producing a lot of body heat. I love it. I'm so used to feeling cool or sold it is nice to have the change.
Typical day for health. Knees feel good. No pain in my knees on this diet. I feel ice and warm. It is a cool day. No sun shining. In the recent past I'd be cold. Today though I feel just fine.

Often written, cold temps are brought about my thyroid problems. Possibly on this diet I'm avoiding some food that brings about thyroid issues. Also my hair has been much nice appearing on this diet. Something I've come across in readings is that thyroid problmes will cause hair problems, often brittle flat hair that begins fallling out. So I suspect with my new found warmth and nice hair I've solved a thyroid issue.

THe knees feeling so much better are a bit of a mystery. Possibly the warmth I'm feeling is helping my knees. In the past I'd weight lift to help my knees. leg lifting will cause my body to feel warm for 2 to 3 days. LIfting also solves my knee pains for the same time span, 2 to 3 days. I began weight lifting in order to help keep me warm in winter time. So possibly feeling warmer helps solve my knee issue.
Bit tired this morning. One of the negatives of this fish diet is that I pee a lot. I wake up 2 to 3 times a night of late. There could be worse things that happen but it is rather unpleasant.

Weight 168lbs.

Feeling warm this morning. My knees do not hurt a bit. It is over half a month now since I last lifted weights on my legs. Remarkable that I don't feel pain.

Someday in the future i'll test beef once again. I forget that part of what I'm doing is not eating cheese and retesting various diets to see how I do. Cheese being a fiid food that tires me out. So I guess at the moment i'm on a avoid pork, chicken, eggs, and turkey diet. I'm not eating beef either though someday in the near future I'll give that a test too, see how my knees feel afterwards and how warm or cold my body feels.
I was pretty much well to the stomach today. I've had many days like this of late. I'm well relatively but could do better I suppose.

What has been interesting is that when I ate the bread sticks with spicy sauce I was ill for 3 days afterwards. It was a normal illness though.

So anyway i'll be passing on the spices and nightshade family for a few days and will see what happens. I've done this many times in the past but don't believe I've done it when avoiding cheese also.
Clear sign this morning that I'm putting on weight. A pair of shorts that fit a month or two ago are now quite tight. I could wear them but they were awfully tight so I passed on doing so. Didn't weigh myself this morning but I seem to now be around 170lbs, up 5 pounds. This is undoubtably due to eating 2 meals a day regularly. When I got myself down to 165lbs I'd fast for 23 hours once or twice a week. I'm not doing that now.

Knees feel great this morning. I'm feeling nice and warm. Today a cold front will be passing over the area. It is warm this morning. By this evening though and overnight it will be turning quite cool This will be a good test for me.

Something that has been elusive is energy levels. My energy levels have been poor. That a main problem of mine, very lousy energy levels. So will be interesting to see if avoiding dairy/cheese along with nigthshade family and spices will result in much improved energy. Just 2 or 3 months ago I had a week of fabulous incredible energy levels. Everything felt so good all over. It is possible for that to happen. I just need to figure out what is going on. It should be possible. I get good energy levels and I'm moving on.
I hadn't noticed this before so good for me to note down. I'm now also avoiding nightshade and spices. Avoiding nightshade seems to have me less gassy, less cramping. It's just one day of notcing so it might not be anything, but good to note down and keep notes on. Nightshad has been at the top of the list of concerning foods for me from the beginning, so i'm a bit biased against also.

In the future I'll also eat some more bread sticks and see what happens.
I'm already back to thinking I have an allergy to eggs, chicken and turkey or a bird allergy. THe upset stomach later week while mild was likely caused by the bread that was eaten. As I know wheat does upset my stomach. It upset my stomach worse than I expected. Maybe over time I'll be able to handle wheat better.

Eggs does cause tongue sores and finger nail pitting.

Next week I'm liable to eat some grass fed beef. I'll see if it gives me knee problems or has me feeling chilled.

I have a sneaking feeling that eggs and chicken make me feel cold. I haven't paid attention to it in the past, but going by memory I believe bird does chill me.
It is good and chilly outside. I'm doing fine though. I'm not feeling cold. My knees feel great. It should get colder in the house as the day goes on so once it reaches into the lower 79s in the house I'll have a better idea of how this fish diet is helping me with the cold weather. It is exciting. I'm thinking this will go well.

Bathroom habits the same On this diet I've been having lots of diarrhea but it is the controlled type most of the time. There have been times were I have been in pain from cramoing but the cramping is typically not horrible and short lived. Never fun to be in pain but the pain has been at a manageable level.

When I was downt to 165lbs U discovered the jeans I wear on cold days such as this did not fit. They were to big. So I dug up older jeans that were smaller This morning I find the smaller jeans as now to tight. I can wear them but they upset my stomach. So I'll be looking for the bigger baggier jeans this afternoon stored away in a closet. Baggy jeans are better than jeans that press to tight upsetting the stomach.

Skin looks good and healthy. The area around were I was operated feels good. Today is my post op exam. Imagine that will go well. I seem to be healing.
I'm doing fabulous today with the cool weather. So far the chill has not bothrered. If anything it feels good. It is to be colder tonight in the house. I might wake up feeling cold so will see. I'm loving this though. It is so nice to not feel cold when chilly weather comes to town.

Knees feel great also.

Saw the doctor today for my post op check up. The mesh less operation has worked out great. All was good with my check up. Good chance this is the last time I'll be dealing with a heria. Went for a brief walk today. All went good. No pain. No issues.

Tomorrow I'm likely to test out grassfed beef. I'll see if it chills me or hurts my knees.
What a miserable night. i slept poorly. It is my fault. I had the bright idea of eating some margarine against yesterday. It tasted good going down but just sat in my gut irritating. I wasn't sick to my stomach but felt poorlly and that kept me awake.

I feel rather lousy this morning still but I'll do better as the day goes on I'm guessing. So for what ever reason there is something in margarine that irritates my stomach. I better stay away from margarine no matter how good it tastes on foods.

This morning my knees feel great. Today I'm planning on doing some walking. I'm fairly certain that will not have a significant impact upon my knees. In the past i've tested this out many many times. Exercise played little role in my knee issues. But I shouldn't dismiss it entirely. I'll keep track.

It is cool in the house. I feel good. I'm not overly chilled though I do feel cooler. my feet and legs in particular are feeling cold but not horribly cold. I still feel as if I generate more body heart than typical. I love it.
So far so good with eating beef. I feel warm. My knees don't hurt. But it early as I just ate lunch an hour ago or so.

Eye sight not so great. I' going to cut out macadamia nuts and see if that help. I have a sneaking feeling it will

Went walking for 20 minutes this morning. No issues to report. All is good with the legs. My only complaint is that I'm leaving my parents lose. Tight pants do hurt mildly the incision. Lose pants on the other hand and walk doesn't go well with each.
Eating beef, grass fed beef, is looking like a success so far. The knees feel fine. I'm feeling warm though it has warmed up nicely today. The house is no longer so cool.

Eye sight not the best. That has been a downside is the fish diet. I don't remember when my eye sight became more fuzzy all of a sudden. Bit of a mystery. I'm going to avoid macadamia nuts and see what happens. I've been looking for an excuse for avoiding macadamia nuts anyway. Delicious nut but I' pretty sure it mildly upsets my stomach. A better functioning gut might result in improved eye sight.

Then again I'm getting older and watch to much TV at eims, which doesn't help eye sight matters.

Did a fare aount of walking today. No issues to note down from that. Good to do some exercise finally though I'd prefer to do some weight lifting.
Avoided macadamia nuts and as I thought would happen my stomach is better. I've been hoping the macadamia slight stomach issue would go away but for now I'll avoid and see what happens.

Eye sight does seem improved this morning to some extent. I also ate beef again this morning so two possibilities I can control, beef for fish and avoiding macadamia nuts. I'll keep notes as always.

Eating beef does have me feeling cooler this morning I believe. It is hard to say with certainty though. It is one of those things were to get an answer I'd want to eat beef daily for weeks. For now though eating grass fed beef seems to have worked out well other than I'm feeling cooler this morning. Knees feel alright. I don't notice knee pains after eating beef.

I'll likely go back to eating fish this afternoon and continue to do so for the next week. on Monday I will be driving an hour away from home so wnt to be on the fish diet for that.
I have little doubt at the moment that eating beef has caused me to feel cooler. It is a nice warm day yet I feel cold, or on the cooler side. My skin looks even slightly bluish, as it can appear when i feel cool. I'm back on the fish diet. Imagine by tomorrow I'll be feeling warmer. It does make me wonder once again about having the Alpha gal condition.

Eye sight remains blurry. I can see far but small print is a problem.

Gut doing well so far for today. Knees might have hurt some. Hard to say with certainty about that. The left knee did slightly hurt after this mornings walk but I'm watchiing that to closely, looking for any sign of pain. Overall though I'm walking with no issue.
I was partically well going to the bathroom this morning. That's a positive sign as always. Nice to see after my short little experiment with eating beef. I suspect that grass fed beef does cause me some helath issues such as making me feel chilled and my left knee hurting. But I doubt grass fed beef upsets my stomach. I'm not sure about commercial beef. It might be a problem and I have osme fear about it. Only a long term dietary experiemtn with beef can work this out.

Found out I can sneeze and cough without pain now. I feel bettr sneezing now after the operation than when i had the hernia. Sneezing could agrivate the hernia some, but not a great deal though. It's a good thing too as something is in the air causing me to sneeze a good amount. I'd be in trouble if sneezing caused me pain right now.

With my eye sight I'm going to try avoiding TV watching for awhile. I'll just listen to TV but avoid watching as much as possible. Relaxing my eyes will likely help. I'm just coming out of summer where I'm indoors more often watching TV due to the heat. Now I hvae the operation that has me in doors more often watching TV. I'll also stop reading with my computer book reader. Instead i'll try rading printed books. Both can be difficut to read at the moment due to eye issues.
Since avoiding beef my knee, left knee, feels better. I feel warmer. My energy levels are better. I look healthier. I had some slight dental pain. THat is gone, mostly. My gums didn't swell up as will happen with pork but there was some minor gum problems. So I guess overall a negative experience with eating beef. There are some issues I should test further with it, naturally. I ate spices with the beef. To test the spices next week I'll eat some vegetable egg rolls that do not have egg in them. That should help clear that issue up.

Eyes are feeling much better since I have not been watching TV today. My sight remains blurry but not as blurry. I'll keep with the resting my eyes from TV and see what comes of it.

Overall OK afternoon though I am a bit on the tired side for some reason. Oh, all the walking done has gone well with the exception that I am feeling some slight pain in the area I had the operation. I'll have to be careful. Don't want to irritate that to much, though I should be safe walking at this point.
Tomorrow I'll avoid all njuts and see if that helps with the blurry vision. Resting my eyes doesn't seem to help as much as hoped.
Off to a good start with eye sight since avoidig all nuts. From the little test I've created I am seeing better. Nuts while tasting good go cause me bathroom problems. And bathroom problems all to often result in other body parts going heywire. Time will tell though. One day testings are not the best.

Feel nice and warm this morning since avoiding beef. Also look healthier. Knees feel great. All positive notices.

Early next week the forecast has the weather turning quite cold. My house should drop to around 70F inside. That will be the coldest for the season. Hope I still feel warm when that happens. It is miserable when feeling chilled all the time
Eye sight still blurry but I do feel that I'm seeing better since avoiding nuts. Eye sight might also be slightly better due to not watching much TV yesterday. I'll continue wth doing both and hope my eye sight improves. If this keeps up I''l have to break down and see and eye specialist. The most likely answer is watching to much TV.
I lied. I ended up eating a bunch of nuts this afternoon. THey are hard to resist. I'll instead avoid TV giving my eyes a rest.

So far not good. After eating the nuts I'm having a harder time seeing. I'll keep with resting my eyes for awhile. If that doesn't workout I'll return to avoiding nuts and see what happens.
I was thinking this morning how lucky I am to have discovered the fish diet. I typically don't enjoy car trips. This has changed with the fish diet. I'm rarely sick on the diet. I've yet to have a major flare following the fish diet. On monday I'm trabeling around an hour one way. It is a meeting across town. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not all that concerned about the drive. It is wonderful.

I guess what is not wonderful is my blurry eye sight. THink i'll go back toi avoiding nuts to see if that helps. I should be able to handle avoiding nuts for a few days without to much trouble. I even looked healthier when I did avoid nuts the other day.

Skin looks good and healthy. Knees feel fine. The knees are getting a lot of wear and tear with long walks the last couple of days The knees are holding up great. No pain to report. I feel nice and warm too.

With the stomach was better. The stomach is certainly better than before the fish diet. But it would be nice if it was even better. Maybe avoiding nuts will help in this area.
I just watching about 4 hours of awful football. And without to much surprise my eye sight is blurry. So watching to much TV should be a top consideration for the blurry eye issue.

Doing OK today. It's a usual day. I've been walking a lot of my knees are sore, but in a different way from what can be a big problem. So good there. Overall though the knees feel good. The house I watched the football at was cool yet that cold didn't bothe me all that much.
Doing decent this moring. Eye sight less blurry. Bathroom going was OK. I wish it was better though. Did need to go that much. It wouldn't suprirse me if that helps my eye sight. Knees a bit sore but nothing terrible. I feel nice and warm.
Doing well this morning. Knees don't hurt. I feel nice and warm. Tomorrow will be a test of how well I handle the cold. A strong cold front is to pass over the area. Low temps will be in the middle 50s. Imagine I'll handle that well though I'll be cold. Eye sight remains clurry but I suspect I'm doing better with my vision by a little bit. Resting my eyes from TV watching helps and avoiding nuts which irritate the gut helps too. At least that is my guess.
I'm tired this morning. Came home last night and had the bright idea that I'd eat a dinner snack. That was a mistake. i was awake most of the night. I'll be fine though but a little slow going for the day. It is cold outside but in the house it remains nice and warm. So the cold testing will not happen till tomorrow most likely Stomach in good shape. Knees are feeling good. i'm appearing health though I'd liek to drop 5 pounds. I'm at 170lbs now. Not surprising as I'm regularly eating 2 meals a day.
I twas a cool windy day outdoors today. The time I spent outside was comfortable. I didn't feel chilled. It was very wonderful. The fish diet for what ever reason has me feeling warm, more normal. Most people I know feel comfortable in this type of weather. Me, typically I'd be wearing mahy layers of clothing, wool socks, long johns. Not today though.

Eye sight not that great. It bothers me. I suspect the diet change has caused the blurry up close vision. Don't know why but the fish diet isn't doing my eyes any good.

At some spring rolls today. I was worried about them. I was afraid they would upset my stomach. So far that has not been the case though. My stomach is just fine. The Chinese spring rolls were egg free. I'll likely eat more spring rolls tomorrow and see what happens. .
As has become more of the norm I'm feeling nice and warm. I'm getting used to this somewhat. It is cold in the house with temps around 73F. Typically at that temp Id wake up in the night, and place a nice warm blanket over the bed. That didn't happen last night. Just with the summer bed set up I felt good and warm. I love it. It makes it easier for me to stick with the fish diet.

Knees feel good and strong.

The spring roll went down just fine. I was worried yesterday that it would make me sick. It has soy protein in it. Thought that might do me in. Glad that didnt happen.

Weight 170labs. I'll plan on trying to lose the weight once again in a few months. It will be warm enough for the pool to be warm by March. I might try again at dropping 10lbs of fat in particular. Don't know if I can do it, but will try once again then.

Eye sight is better this morning. Maybe the spring rolled help with that? Don't know but I am seeing bette this morning for some reason. Maybe the cold air. hard to say.
Tired out today. I'm blaming the rice dish I ate with lunch. For what ever reason eating to much rice wears me out. The good is that the spicy and soy sauce mixed rice dish has gone down well. No major stomach complaints. I've been quite concerned about soy being an issue so happy that i'm not suffereing today. Tomorrow I'm likely to eat some dairy free ice cream that lists soy protein in its ingredients. Now that will be a soy test. Hope it goes well.

Knees feel good. The day has been cool but I'm feeling warm.
Doing well this Thanksgiving morning. Knees feel good. I'm handling the chill well. I'm not feeling cold though it is cold in the house. I guess the big item mssing is a better stomach. i'm not having flares as in the past but I'm not well either. Hope the stomach begins to perform better soon. It would be nice to have better energy levels also. The stomach health and energy levels go together. Slept in for me by an hour. I figure the healing from the operation is also taking away energy. The spring rolls and rice dish have gone down well. No stomach issues to note down. That's wonderful. I'll have some more spring rolls today. I'll likely be drinking some wine with family today. Hope that doesn't upset the stomach.
Am doing well once again after eating some spring rolls. It is wonderful. I guess I am a littlte extra tired. That is likely due to the fiber in the spring rolls. Fiber tires me out. By and large though I'm doing OK.

Knees feel good. I'm nice and warm though I did dress warmer too. I was so far I found myself taking off a layer of clothing. That would have never have happened before the fish diet.

I didn't eat that ice cream with soy protein I'll have to slip that into the diet tomorrow. I am a bit gassy this evening. I'm going to blame the wine for that. Had a lass and a half with Thanksgving at my folks and friends.
Doing quite well today. It is disguesting as with the colder weather I'm wearing long pants often. My older long parents are not much to big to wear. Yet now that i've gained some weight due to the operation and sitting around, the smaller pants are to tight1 So I'm wearing the bigger parnts that are much to baggy.

All the fiber eaten the last couple of days has gone down well. I haven't had serious stomach issues. I like it.

I feel good and warm. Knees remain in good shape on this fish diet. I'm grateful for that.
Feeling good this morning. Energy levels are up.

Slept quite well last night. I didn't feel any pain from the operation area. THe pain has been slowly decreasing over time but last night was the first time were zero pain was felt. It does have me thinking about the spring rolls and vegetable rice dish eaten. Both are full of nutrients. I'm wondering if they helped with my healing. Course that is speculation. I'll keep eating both items though. I've been worried about the high fiber content in both food items, so I'll be careful with that.

Weight 172labs. ugh. Hate to see that, but I'm always eating two meals of late and I'm not exercising all that much. Both are contributing to weight gain. I guess in the spring, many months from now I can get back to trying to lose the fat and get back to 165lbs and lower. That is a more ideal weight for me.

Stomach in good shape. Knees feel OK. The left knee was a little sore last night but nother serious. I believe this makes 4 to 5 weeks without weight lifting on my legs. Remarkable that the knees do not hurt.

I'm good and warm this morning. I' might even been over dressed as I feel as if I might sweat some. It is cool in the house too, though it iis not cold.

Tis is to be a cold week coming up. The house should be the coldest it has been this fall. It should be a good test, and a good annoyance since most of my parents don't fit. I'll have to do something about that.
It was a very good day today. My energy levels were good. As typically happens when i have energy every thing felt light. It was easy to mover aroud, not that it is overaly hard to move about.

Think I'll stick with eating the chinese dishes that have a good amount of vegetables to them, though I might not eat the spring rolls as often. It appears that is to much fiber.

Knees still feel alright. I'm feeling good and warm. It is wonderful.
I want to say my stomach is sore, and I'm overly worried. That isn't true though. all the fiber eaten from the spring rolls is noticed by my stomach. It is mildly letting me know it is not pleased. But overall I'm doing well. The stomach is OK. Energy levels are higher than normal. Knees feel good. I'm getting fat again and I'm not pleased about that. That's a big negative. Well, getting fat is a relative term. I'm only around 5 labs up in weight, hardly a mighty concern and something easy to deal with once I get the right time to deal with.

So overall doing well I'll stop eating the spring rolls for a few weeks. I have an event to atted in about 2 weeks. I need to begin preparing for that. I'll go low fiber eating.
Good day. Good energy levels.

I ate a bunch of cheese this afternoon. I'm still standing and alive. It seems every so often I get a craving for cheese or a beef dish. Don't know for certain if it helps or hurts me. But I'll likely continue doing this once a mont when the craving comes.

Knees feel good, I'm still feeling nice and warm.

I'll likely spendung next week fasting and looking to lose weight. The extra weight is bugging me and I think my operation area has healed up enough that I can do some fasting.

I'll plan on writing less in the future. The diet is going well for me. I'm far from healthy. I'm pretty sick overall. But i'm improving I can tell and with that will need fewer notes.
Last night I woke up and was sick to my stomach. The illness lasted for around 20 minutes. That was the first time I've been sick to the stomach in some time now.

So now I try to interpret what happened. What made me ill. I'm pretty sure that it was the cheese eaten that made me sick. It isn't the firsttime cheese has done this. Was it a food allergy? I don't know. I do have some good clues though telling me that it was not an allergy issue.

This morning I'm feeling fine. My energy levels are good. I'm feeling decently warm. My skin looks healthy It is as if I hadn't been ill last night. Typically after being sick as I was I'd be worn out this morning. I'd look worn out too.

I'm a bit biased at this point but for awhile now I've been leaning toward eggs, chicken and turkey as being my trouble making foods. i know now that eggs cause finger naile pitting. Eggs also can cause tongue sores. They also can cause hives. It takes about a month of eating for eggs of chicken to cause this. It isn't an overnight issue but it reguarlly happens I've found. Also a month of eating bird meats I'll begin experiencing the scary stomach issues. Scary being that I'll become very sock to the stomach with little warning.

This morning I'm feeling fine. I'm not stressed out over what happened last night. I'll stick with the plan, stick with the fish diet and experiment with my diet from time tot ime.

Now iwth that sasid I hae an important even on the 13th. I need to be as healthy as possible on that sate. I can be mildly sick then but preferably not sick at all. I better get back to eating safely and I'll experiment wit the diet once again after that.
Looks like I was wrong about cheese. This morning I'm cold and my left knees hurts. Yesterday I was guessing that cheese is likely OK for me to eat. And I have history to back that up. For years I ate a lot of cheese to stop the diarrhea. It would work. Id feel awfu eating the cheese. it would tire me out. But it stopped the diarrhea. i always hoped that I'd become well and recover over time eating that cheese but it never happened.

now with being ill 3 times after eating cheese I'm afraid to eat cheese again. I'm not sure how the cheese eatig helped my gut and got ride of the diarreah but I'm guessing it had to do with eating it many days in a row. I don't want to do that though. I know how tired and miserable it will make me feeel. Appears too it will make me feel chilled and cause my knees to hurt.

So something I've not done is follow a long term fish diet. I've not gone past 3 to 4 weeks of only eating fish for protein. I've always found myself with a craving for beef, cheese or chicken and cheated for a day. I need to stop that. I guess that will be my next item to try and over come, the cravings after eating fish for so long. I should be able to do it though. It is just a matter of will power. Don't know how I'll do on a long term fish diet. It might turn out great. I'd see my diarrhea stop all together and my energy levels go up. Or it might be similar to chicken, were I feel OK for a month of eating chicken but then find myself experiencing major stomach flares.

Only one way to find out, i'll be on a fish diet for the next 3 to 4 months.
Good and bad news, depending on how it is looked at. This morning woke up feeling weak, have a sourt stomach, was a little bit dizzy and feeling as if I'd throw up. All not good feelings to have. The good news is that I know what new foods I added to the diet. I added potatoes, spicies from a rice dish and spring rolls, which are loaded with spices. So I'll avoid spices and potato family of foods (nightshade) and see what happens.

It does seem like my eye sight is better this morning. I can read small print though I have to squint. Before I couldn't read small print. This is good and measurable.

One thing with the fish dish that has bothered me is that I'm still sick, most of the time. I'm not flaring though, which is the big thing I'm gratefaul for. Maybe by getting rid of the spices and nightshade family I'll see an improvement in my diarrhea. I'll be monitoring for that.
Not the best of days for me. I'm tired out, dragging. With that said, the stomach is doing OK. My knees are in good shape. So tomorrow should be a better day. I'm onto the new updated fish diet. I have high hopes it will work, give me more energy and have the gut working at a livable level.
Good and bad news. It does appear that I've changed my diarrhea for the better with the new updated diet. I was largely well this afternoon with using the bathroom. Always exciting. Hope I continue doing well tomorrow. More time with being well is important of course.

Bad news, I'm slightly dizzy and nauseous this evening. This is the worst. It is looking like it will be a long night for me. Standing up gets rid of most of the dizziness and nausou Standing up isn't so great for sleep though obviously. I'll live though. This has happened before and didn't last more than a few days.

I was likely tired today due to feeling better. There is something about the gut not liking being used. It wears me out.

Don't know why the fish diet can work. It remains a mystery. I have many theories on why it is helping but figuring an answer out likely will not be possible. Leading theory is that it is wild caught and isn't fed the typical animal diet. I'll just have to concentre on foods and work and foods that dont.

Eye sight is better.
The dizziness is bad tonight. It only occurs when I sleep on a side. If I rest on my bad, no or little dizzyness. Odd. I'll be sleeping on the couch it looks like.

Most likely the cheese eaten the other day is causing the dizziness. I say that as the last time I experienced similar was when I tested out grass fed beef gelatin. Soon after eating the gelatin I was dizzy. I believe it lasted 3 or 4 days. Imagine similar will happen with the cheese. It will take a little while for it to clea out o my body. Hope I'm write.

Not only did I avoid spices and nightshade i also avoided macadamia nuts. I wouldn't be surprised if the macadamia nuts have been slightly upsetting my gut. Hopeuflly the spices and nightshade iwill turn out to be fine. I'll plan on testing that after the 13th.

I guess another theory on why the fish diet helps is that i probably have the alpha gal condition with the addition that eggs, chicken and turkey are a problem, along with allerges to beef, dairy and pork.
oh good, I'm doing better this morning.

Woke up around 3 and was not feeling nauseous. I decided to hop into bed and see if I was able to sleep on my side without being dizzy. I was able to do that. I could sleep on my side. The dizziness is still there but not nearly as intense this morning.

Diarrhea remains improved this morning.

Energy levels are improved.

Knees feel good I'm not as warm this morning but I'm not all that cold either.

Not once did I wake up to use the bathroom. That is a rarety but it did have me thinking. Yesterday I peed more than typical. I always consider that good as I suspect my gut swells up with water when it is irritated. Less water in the gut means improved diarrhea.

So I'm not out of the woods yet. I still have the nausea a little but it is improved. With a little luck it will be gone by tonight.

I'll keep avoiding spices nightshade, dairy, along with the other typicals,.
I'm tired today. My concentration isn't the best. i remain slightly dizzy. So far I'm not as bad as last night. On the good news I continue to have improved diarrhea. I've been looking for that. Now I have a good idea that nightshade (potatoes), spices, and macadamia are the likely cause of that. If this continues I'll likely see greatly improved energy levels with in a few weeks I'm guessing.
Last night I might have had a clue to the cause of the dizziness. For a snack last night I ate a bunch of cashew nuts. About an hour later I found myself dizzy. I was dizzy through the night too. So for this morning I ate no cashew nuts and so far I'm doing pretty good. I'm feeling better. So maybe my problem is simply I'm eating to many nuts. The day should tell. I was planning on stopping eating nuts within a few days anyway. So I'll just start early. Once I begin eating nuts I'll just eat a small amount, if this is the anser of course.

Feeling cool this morning but I am wearing shorts. It is 76F in the house. Not overly cold. The colder weather seems to have gone away for the forseeable future. The afternoons will be good and warm. Once the sun is up the house will warm up quickly.
Good news, the dizziness seems to be gone. I don't notice any dizziness. Something I avoided I'm guessing if what helped. Most likelly avoiding cashews nuts from this morning is the answer.

Bad news, I'm exhausted today. With a little luck I'll have more energy tomorrow.
I watched a movie that had a scene that made me laugh. A guy walks into his new dorm room and the other room makes tells of a long list of allergies. That's me! Well, I hppe I'm not as bad as that guy, but I'm afraid I'm working towards it.

Dizziness nearly gone. There remains just a touch of dizziness from time to time. Very annoying.

What a mess, I was eating many new foods. I don't have a clean idea of what cuased the dizziness and weakness. Cheese is a good candidate. In the past I thought for sure beef gelatin caused dizziness. So there could be a connection between cheese and beef gelatin. The counter is that I've eaten cheese many times and didn't bcome dizzy afterwards.

Nightshade, potatoes is a good candidate. On this fish diet I've rarely felt energetic. I've frequently been eating potatoes. Maybe there is sometimes about potatoes. i don't know, but I'm going to avoid nightshade.

Spices, I rare eat spices. The weark leading up to this dizziness business I began eating lots of spices with two chinese food itesm, spring rolls and a spicy rice mix. Good posibilities here.

And cashew nuts. not sure what to make of cashew nuts. if I wake up feeling well int he morning I'll likely eat some cashews, see what happens.

No doubt the dizziness for now has improved. Yesterday I had big dizziness issue when i learned forward. I was pumpking air into some bike tires yesterday and that caused me a good deal of issues. Now, that bending foward issue has gone away.

I have been eating a lot of maple of late. i'm eating a lot of maple. It's another possibility.

Well what ever it is, I seem to have another allergy out there to add to the list of pork, beef gelatin, eggs, chicken, pumpkin, watermelon, and other melons. I'm not 100% certain about the eggs and chicken allergy but I'm fearful enough to stay away for now.
170lbs. I slept well last night. The dizziness remains. the weakness hasn't completely gone away. But overall I'm doing better. i'm on the right path. It always takes longer than i wished to get over such health issues.

This morning I ate potatoes and cashew nuts. Figure they are the most likely to be safe. I've been eating these for some time now and didn't have dizzy issues or wearkness. I'll remain avoiding dairy, beef, and spices. After the 13th I'll add the chinese spices foods back into the diet for a test. This is of course so long as the nuts and potatoes don't cause me health issues.
THis is wonderful. THe other day I complained that 74f in the house was cold.

This morning I'm wearing shortss and it is 74F and I feel warm.

A clear sign to me that I'm back onto the right diet. It is likelly the cheese eaten that made me feel cold. I've noticed that in the past, that eating dairy will make me feel chilled.
Today was a wonderful day. My strength returned. Most of the dizziness was gone. Overall I felt great. Well, not so great with the gut but it was doing well enough. I ate lots of nuts and potatoes too. So no problems there is appears. I'll make sure to stick with the fish diet. I'll be avoiding cheese, beef, and pork for a long while. Well I do need to test spices but will do that in 9 days. I imagine I'll do well eating those chinese food dishes.

Knees feel great. I feel good and warm.
I'm still going in the right direction. I'm feeling stronger. I'm not nearly as dizzy as before this morning. Dizziness is pretty much gone though a touch of it remains.

so at this point it appears there are two items left that likely caused this latest health crisis of mine. There is cheese and dairy products. And there is spices, onions and garlic in particular.

There is a strong pull with my grain to choose dairy products as the trouble maker. It makes for a good clean theory. I'm allergic to pork. I have no doubts about thast. So it makes sense from a stand point that many allergic to pork are also allergic to beef and dairy. There is a problem with tis thoug, a big problem. I've eaten dairy, cheese and plain beef many times in the past and didn't suffer negative consequences as a result. The main idea I'm working on now is to avoid cheese because I feel is tires me out,and find a diet that gives me energy.

Instinctively I'm afraid of garlic and onions. I picture the two in my mind's eye and they make me feel sick. Onions are particular make me want to barf.

So on that cheery note, when it comes time to begin experimenting with foods, I'll first eat beef and cheese to see what happens. I suspect I'll be OK.

I'll be avoiding garlic and onions for some time I expect.

I could be wrong of course. I just need to keep and open kind to the whole thing.

I'm feeling good and warm this morning. I have a book written by a doctor whoe theorizes that thyroid problems are caused by eating to much dairy. He wrote a book on thei theory. He claims he has been able to cure many female patients thyroid issues simply by asking them to avoid dairy. So I guess my feeling warmer could be due to avoiding dairy and keeping the main food I'm allergic to out of my diet. Hard to say of course but I'll go with the theory. I'm feeling comfortably warm on this fish diet.

Knees are feeling OK. I'm looking forward though to being able to do some weight lifting on my legs. I should be able to do that in 9 days. I can't wait.

Weight this mornnig 172lbs. Eye sight kind of blurry. Will be interesting to see what happens once I add plain beef to the diet.
Today i'm feeling completely different about spices and dairy products. I'm thinking the spices are safe and the dairy is to be avoided. WIth thta aid I bought a little bit of the cheese that upset my stomach last week. I'll plan on doing a test on Friday. At the moment I'll likely eat the spicey Chinese food first. Never once have i eaten cheese or beef and felt good afterwards. It can at times help the stomach. But I always felt run down and overall awful. With the Chinese vegetarian spicy rice dishes I felt great. I even thought the rice was giving me more energy. So I'll go with testing the Chinese meal first. At least that is todays thoughts.

Doing well today. Dizziness and weakness is nearly gone. Knees are in good shape. Appearance is OK healthy. It has been better but I'm not compleining.
A little tired and weak this morning but nother out of the normal range of things. Dizziness pretty much gone. Stomach doing well. I'm feeling nice and warm this morning. Knees feel alright. THey want to lift weights though. That would make them feel even better.
I'm good and tired today. I was the same yesterday. I'm going to blame the long walks of late. I'm one week away from being able to do all exercises with the exception of snow skiing. No problems there. It will be good to get back to exercising again soon, lifting weights in particular. I'll be tired due to it, but I need to get back in shape. Talking about shape I have the wrong kind of shape around my stomach area. I'll need to get rid of that bump next year.

Writing as stomach is doing well. I love it. I cut back on the nuts which likely helps there.
This morning is starting out the same as how yesterday went. I'm tired. It is likely caused by lots of walking done of late. Mentally I'm a little slow at this time. Being tired will od that. Gut is good enough. Wish it was better but it isn't bad. Knees feel good. Body heat is high for me. I still feel shockingly warm. Having felt cold for so long this is a nice change that the fish diet brought about.

Last night I kept worring if the dizziness spells were returning. every time I would turn out to be wrong, thankfully. That motion sickness idzziness has etched its self into my mind it seems. Hope to keep that away for a long while. THe only two times they have happened is after eating some grass fed beef gelatin and here of late with soon after eating a bunch of cheese.
I've done well today. I'm tired. I'm worn out as was the case this morning. But this evening I'm doing OK I believe. I'm appearing healthier this evenign too, which is a good sign.

Tomorrow will be a stressful day. I'll be away from home fro most of the day. But imagine I'll do fine.

I've flipped flopped in my mind once again. Cheese and dairy is safe and it is spices, garlic and onions that are the problem. On Friday I'm planing on eating cheese, or maybe even an egg and chicken. I have the chicken in the fridge right now. I'll eat it only seasonsed with salt.
This morning is starting out the same as yesterdays, I'm a bit weak and a bit tired. I imagine I''ll have another week or this feeling. The diet I'm on though seems to be a good one. I'll be addking eggs and chicken to the diet tomorrow most likely. I'll eat them plain or course. No spices allowed. Knees feel Ok this morning. I'm feeling good and warm. I'm wearing pants this morning too, which I normally would not but I'll be indoors out of the house most of the day. Imaing the place I'm going will be good and cool.
Thought I'd be more ired this morning, but that isn't the case. i'm feeling good and awke this morning though it was a fitful sleep. Stomach doing well. Knees feel good. I'm nice and warm overall. I hold off on the dietary experiment for a week ro 10 days. I'll tyr and eggs and chicken then, spice free and low fiber.
Rather tired today. It is to be expcted as Ididn't sleep well Imagine the next few aays will be tiring. OUtside of that I'm doing well, havelittle pain . My eyes are brigher more white I've been told by my mother the last few days. Good to hear. Seems avoiding spices and dairy products helps clear up redness in my eyes. I've thought that garlic and onions can cause red eyes but never tested that one out. Regardless good to see that my eyes are looking healthier.
I'm feeling good this morning. My energy levels are up. I slept decent last night. I've of course flipped back on the spices verses cheese. I'm pretty sure cheese will make me sick and feel miserable. It always had made me feel miserable. So when I get to the point of adding new foods to the diet I'll be adding the Chinese dishs with spices. I'll stick with the fish diet which I said I would.
I can say with little doubt that watching TVm to much TV, will hurt my eyes and make my sight blurry. No major break through in noting this. I'll be stuck in the house for the next week and I'm watching more TV than normal. My eye sight is rather lousy as a result. My near sighted eye sight is lousy. Far sighted works just fine.

Gut going well. A little bit of cramping but it is just a little bit. Knees feel good. Skin looks good and healthy.
My energy levels are very nice. Hope this continues. I'm a little swollen this morning but nothing unusal. Imagine that will be gone in a day or two. Stomach OK.

Weight 172lbs. I was pleased to that as I've eaten dinner 3 days in a row. I should be able to get back to eating normal tonight.

Knees feel good. I'm continuring to feel nice and warm. It is warm out side which contributes.
I'm feeling upbeat and energetic this morning. It is nice to have extra energy. I do still have some swelling this morning but beleive it to be improved over yesterday. Gut is its usual self. It is going woderfully on this fish diet. Knees feel good. I should be able to weight lift by next weekend though I don't believe it necessary for my knees. I feel good and warm as always with this fish diet.
Feel the same as yesterday this morning. Stomach good. Energy levels good. Appearance swollen some, but a little better than yesterday. I'm thinking of testing out the spicy rice dish to see how it goes down. Knees feel good. Looking forward to workout once again which can happen in 5 days from now. The fish diet is working so far.
I'm feeling OK today. I'm a little tired but I have worked out/ walked a good deal of late. Stomach OK. Knees unbelievably still feel good after all this time of not weight lifting. Unreal. I plan on doing some lifting once again on Sunday. Im looking forward to that. I'm still feeling warm. About my only complaint is my eye sight. It continues to be poor and that in part is done by watching to much TV. Little doubt there. I plan to stick with the fish diet for months, most likely, and will be interesting to see how the gut does but also my eyes. Wouldn't surprise me if the eyes begin to do better with a happier gut which I hope happens over time with the diet.

Bit news for oday, I ate a dish of the spicy rice. So far my head is not spining wildly.
I ended up feeling more tired yesterday than expected. I slept well though. This morning I'm feeling alright. Gut works decently. Knees feel good. After eating weight came in at 173lbs so my wake up weight was around 170lbs. I'll be working to get back into shape. I do have a round shape around my belly that needs to be removed.

Still feeling good after eating the spcy rice dish. No dizziness. I'll keep eating it.
I'm feeing good this morning. I'm upbeat. I have more enregy than I did last night.

Two days in a row now I'be been largely well to my stomach. It is wonderful. It gives me good confidence.

Rice meal has not been a problem for two days. I'll keep eating it. Imagine it is not a problem. It was the cheese that made me sick and dizzy. That settles the idea of me eating cheese once again.

Yesterday I heard from my parents are how much darker my hair has become. My eyes are also nice and clear. I've noticed myself that my skin is healthier looking. It has also turned whiter. So the fish diet is bringing about more changes thatn just stonger less painful knees. My knees continue to feel great on this diet. Eye sight is prety good thsi morning too.
Bit tired and worn out this afternoon. i'm not surprised. I've been exercising a good amount. Rice meal continues to do down well. At least I haven't noticed that awful dizziness. It must have been the cheese that did that to me. More time to know for certain but it is looking good. I better avoid cheese and beef for good.

I'm planning on doing some light weight lifint on the knees tomorrow I don't need to do it. The knees feel just fine. but it will be good to get back into the weight lifting routine.
Well, it appears I am wrong about the Chinese rice with lots of spices. I woke up early this morning with that awful dizziness. So I'll avoid the Chinese rice dish and see if the dizziness goes away. It took about 3 days for that to happen last time this happened. I recall having to sleep on the couch for a couple sights. So not much fun but exciting that it appears I have a result. It isn't the result I wanted but good to have it.
I'm feeling lousy this morning and I'm happy about it. Along with the dizziness oomes fatigue too and I'm feeling weak and fatigued tat the moment. I was thinking I had tested enough with the Chinese rice dish that it was safe, but last night I woke up in serious dizziness pain. So apparenlty it takes 3 or 4 days before I develop a problem. That is the most likely result.

Well, I'm going to add eggs and chicken to the diet. I'll eat the chicken with just salt added.

The last few days while eating the spicy rice dish I noted that I was feeling worn out. I was blaming exercise for that. But I suspect now it was the rice dish. I'll monitor and see if that was the case.

Course something entirely different could be going on so will keep an open mind. I'm pretty sure I have a result, avoiding spices, garlic and onions in particular will get rid of the dizziness when I lay on my side.
one of the nice things about the rice dish that I believe has made me dizzy is that it is only a few ingredients, which are rice, carrots, green peas and green onions. That is it. I'm guessing it is the green onions that are the trouble maker.

I am feeling stronger this afternoon. It is a good sign.
I'm feeling stronger this morning. I also can do my lean forward test and not get dizzy. with taht said I can still feel the dizziness when I twist my head quickly. I don't know how I'd feel laying flat but suspect I'd be dizzy doing that. So as before when this happened I'm doing better but probably have another night on the couch ahead of me.

stomach OK. Knees feeling good. I'm off the fish diet as of yesterday afternoon. I'm eating chicken and eggs seasoned with salt.
Another night sleeping on the couch keeping my head proped up. Slept OK though. Well hopfully this is the last night of oding that and I'll be able to sleep in my bed tonight. I don't remember how long I had to sleep on the couch last time this happened.

so thogh I'm guessing I have this figured out. I'm allergic and garlic and onions. Pumpkin and other melons. Pork. Avoiding all these should result in greater energy levels and a well stomach over time. I'll go with that. I'll write less at this point.
Slept in my own bed last night. The dizziness was pretty much gone. My energy levels this morning are very good. I a excited about that. I'm going to give up all grains, rice in particular for awhile. I hope that doing so will help me to lose some weight. Possibly I'll see my vision improve also. It is already better this morning at the moment. Was well to my gut yesterday afteroon. That came as a surprise. Don't expect that to continue though I'd like it to.
I have been eating chicken and eggs of late only seasoned with salt. I beleive I should be safe doing that but it does have me a little concerned. I believe the last time I did a diet like this i did become very sock to my stomach eventually. That happened though after eating a lot of rice brown fiber.

Slept well last night. No dizzy spells. Weight 171lbs. I've told myself I'm not going to fast till next year but believe I'll end up fasting today. I want to get myself back into the 160llbs range. My gut become to big whole recovering from the operations.
Tired and worn out today as to be expected with me fathing. I don't plan to make this to much of a habit. I'm avoiding all grians rice in particular. I'm hoping that will help with weight loss. I also consider that I should avoid rice since it was a rice dish that made me dizzy. I'm blaming the onions in it for being the trouble maker but it very well could be the rice, carrots of peas that gae me problems. I know very well that eating to much rice will make me sick to my stomach. I've always blamed the fiber in the rice for causing that. i might be wrong though. an allergy to all grains is not unheard of from what I've read.
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rather tired and fatigued this morning. The price paid for working out to much I suppose. It is cold too which will tire me out. I was hoping my eye sight would improve with avoiding all grains. That hasn't happened. I'll have to break down in the new years and see the ee the eye doctor. Glasses or contacts appear to be in my future. I can live with that. Weight was 169lbs this morning. Good to see that I was back in the 160 range this morning. i'm cold. I haven't been eating or following the fish diet of late so can't comment on that. I'll get back on the diet and see if it warms me up. I doubt it will. I'm doing better dealing with the cold but when it is 50F outside there is only so much that a diet can do to help.
Little doubt I am seeing better this moring. Will be nice if this continues. I'll keep avoiding all grains.

Avoiding all grains is an old dietary idea done in the past. it helped with my gut health but wasn't a cure. I'm wondering now If eating lots of cheese as i did on thid grain gree diet in the past was giving me stomach issues. Will see.

Im feeling cold this morning. It is a chilly morning but is expected to warm up later. My energy levels are good. Weight was 169lbs again.
II'm going back into the wild caught fish diet. Eating eggs and chicken is not working out. Problems experienced since eating eggs and chicken are ~ I feel freezing cold, my skin is drying out, my hair is drying out, I itch all over. it appears I have developed a rash on the neck, and in general I feel miserable. I need to get back into the fish diet. Eggs and chicken are officially on my avoid list for life, much like pork.

I'm not entirely sure if there is a connection between eggs, chicken and the rice meal that made me dizzy. The only possible connection is that chickens are fed lots of corn, corn is a grain and rice is a grain. Possibly I have a grain allergy not only from directly eating grains but from animals fed grains. Seems like a long shot. But I'll avoid rice also for awhile and see what happens.

It is nice to now have a safe diet, the fish diet. I imagine I'll be feeling warmer by tomorrow.
I missed it. In the rice dish I'm concerned over for causing dizziness it has soy sauce in it. Being allergic to soy makes good sense. It could be soy fed to chickens, pork and other animals that is my problem. So I'll follow the fish diet and avoid soy along with other beans.
I am feeliing better this morning being back on the fish diet. The house is nearly the same temp as yesterday morning. Yesterday I felt freezing cold and I was wearing warm clothing. This morning thehouse is nearly the same temp, I'm wearing lighter clothing and I feel nice and warm. Appearance is healthier too.

I'm glad I figured out the rice dish has soy it in. THe rice has 3 seperate paragraphs for ingreidents. One lists cauce. I assumed that mentioning sauce sperately iit meant that a packet of soy cause came with the rice dish and I could add the soy sauce if I desired. It wasn't till I looked into the box and noticed no packet of soy sauce was added. It is apparently already mixed with the rice. So that is likely the answer, soy.

In the future I'll order some wild game food, meats that have not been fed feed. Instead they reportedly eat wild grasses and such. It will be a good test to see if that causes me problems or not. Doubt there are sild beans in the diet of many animals roaming free.
It is cool inside the house yet I feel nice and warm and I'm just wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. It is so wonderful to not feel cold and chilled. So chicken and eggs are out of hte diet. THey make me feel cold and miserable.

Yesterday I briefly looked for wild game meats. I didn't find anything. I might look again today to see if I have better luck.

I wil have to look at grass fed beef once again. I'm pretty sure grass fed beef is safe for me to eat. I am a bit scared of it though. Last time I tried eating it I found myself overly worried. One of the problems I have is I don't have a reliable test for me to try. To know if grass fed beef is safe of not I'd have to eat it for a long while and find out what happens. Today though that might not be necessary. I an eat the beef and find out if it makes me feel cold. I'll plan on trying that in a few weks after the visitors have gone home. For nwo as always I'm thankful for the fish diet, how it makes me feel warm and how it makes my stomach feel good.

Commercial beef I'm terrified of. There is little doubt in my mind that it makes me sick.

Tired this morning. I'm guessing that is due to working out.
I feel nice and warm this morning. It is wonderful. That feeling chilled to the bone stuff, after eating eggs and chicken was miserable. It hurt and I'm glad to be back on the fish diet.

At some point I'll be wanting to stray from the fish diet. So yesterday I bought some grass fed items Hopefully they will work. Grass fed beef is likely safe for me to eat. I am hearful of beef though. I'll have to push through that fear. The feeling cold test should be a good way for me to tell if grass fed beef is safe for me to eat or not.

Bought some cheater glasses yesterday. They make reading easier. I'm not sure why my eye sight decreased after starting the fidhs diet. In som respects it might not be the fish diet that is the problem. Well in some repects the diet could be problematic. I began eating lots of nuts around the same time as I started eating fish. Maybe that is my problem. I did remove nuts for a short while from the diet to see if that helped but didn't notice an improveent. Also too my eye sight had become worse over many years. I couldn't read small print for years. So it wasn't anything new just something that quickly became worse around the same time I began the fish diet and warmed up.
Feel good and warm again this morning. It is nice. I am tired out. I swam another day. The exercise is fatiguing me. But overall I'm going OK. I'll stick with the fish diet. Fingers crossed that the grass fed beef works out well.
Doing well this morning. Feeling upbeat. I'm looking forward to testing out grass fed beef. This isn't a good week to do that though with temps nice and summer like. Next week should be much cooler. That would be the earliest the testing can be done.

Overall energy levels so so. I'm not overly energetic gut I have enough energy to do much of that I want. I'm feeling nce and wrm. Knees feel good.
Feeling beat up and worn down today. But overall I'm feeling upbeat and good. I've swam and exercised a bit to much it seems. It has me feeling fatigued.

Gut is decently good. I'm appearing healthy. Good signs both. I'll stick with the fish diet. It is working. I'll avoid pork, chicken, and eggs. along with the rice dish with soy sauce in it.

Grass fed beef is to arrive today I believe. I'll be doing my test with that next week it appears. That is when the weather turns cool once again. Fingers crossed the test goes well.
Feeling fatigued sitl this morning. Grass fed beef arrived last night. I'll be able to do my testing when ever I'm up to it. Stomach OK. It cuold be better but at least i'm not experiencing the big flares. Will be interesting to see how I look after eating the grass fed beef The chicken and eggs eaten over a week ago had me appearing unhealhty and ruff overall. I imagine the grass fed beef will be different. I can still remember 10 years ago taking up weight lifting and soon after being disappointed that I appeared run down and unhealthy. I blamed that on the weight lifting fatigued. I might hvae been wrong though. At the same time I took up weight lifting I also began eatig turkey as my exercise trainer suggested. Before that I was just eating grass fed beef.
Usual morning, I'm fatiged and worn down. I found myself sleeping in by 2 hours. I might fast today. Surprisingly fasting recently has me feeling more energetic in the evening.

Grass fed beef is defrosting. if I don't fast I'll probably eat some beef. I'll be paying attention to how warm I feel or not. When I ate chicken and eggs I went into the deep freeze and felt terrible. Hopefully that doesn't happen with the grass fed beef. Last night beofre bed I ate some snacks and regretted it later. My body temp was to high. The warmer tempts on the fish diet are nice but I need to be careful of not getting to hot. I was awake past midnight.

Don't know my weigh this morning but on previous morning I was waking up between 168 to 169lbs. Imagine I was at 170lbs this morning. Eating beef grass fed for what ever reason packs on the pounds. I'll likely be up to 175lbs in a matter or days when eating grass fed beef.
I'm off to a good start with the grass fed beef. Ate some grass fed beef for lunch. And i remaing producing a lot of body heat. I'm also looking healthy. So all good. I'll want to test this idea for at leas week I'm thinking.
Still doing well with eating grass fed beef. Skin looks good and healthy. I remain feeling warm. My knees feel good. About the only comlaint I can think of is that I feel more hungry eating the grass fed beef. Energy levels so so. Stomach doing well, the same as when I was eating wild caught fish.
I was a little bit sick this afternoon. That typiclly does not happen.

I'm currently not worried though about the grass fed beef causing the upset stomch. I'm looking healthy. I'm still feeling good and warm. I'm guessing what happened is the beef has more fat in it and that caused me issues. I will see. I'm hoping to go a week eatinly only grass fed beef and seeing hwat happens.

ONe of the interesting things is that i lost my guta after being ill. I'm often wondered if I have a gut if what Ihave is an inflamed but that sticks out after eating meals. I'm going to guess I have an inflamed gut resulting in the gut. I've seen others complain on this on the web sight. Nice to have a relatively flat gut this afternoon.
Usua feeling this morning, tired and fatigued. I am appearing healthy. My body heat is excellent. I'm up beat over that. I'll likely do some light weight lifting later today though I'll be regretting it later most likely. Fingers crossed i don't get rick to my stomach from the grass fed beef any time soon. I think though that I'm on the right track with this diet.
Things remain looking up with eating grass fed beef. I remain nice and warm. My body is producing a lot of heat. I'll stick with eating the grass fed beef. It sometimes can take a few days before something negative happens as happened recently with the rice dish. On the 4th day I began to experience dizziness after eating the rice meal.

Still feel fatigued as usual. That is no fun. Look forward to when I have more energy. I'm pretty sure the poor energy levels comes from my gut being irritated. Once the poofed out gut goes away I imagine I'll begin to have bettern energy levels.

For now I'm only eating grass fed beef from a company called US Wellness. In the future I'll test the grass fed beefr sold at the local store. There is no official definition of grass fed. And from what I read different companies have different interpretations of what grass fed means. I'll have to be careful of that.
The grass fed beef is still doing me well. I'm still producing good body heat. I'm still appearing healthy. about my only big complain is having lousy energy levels. Working out lifting some weights doesn't help.

This afternoon for lunch I'm doing to have some spaghetti with meat sauce. No spics will be added to the sauce though, so a bit on the plain side but the taste should be tolerable.

It is chilly outside and in the house this morning. I'm feeling nice and warm though I'm glad about that.
Fixed and ate some spaghetti today and I'm doing fine. Last time I did this I experienced some arthritis like pains. I mainly blamed the tomato sauce for that but I might have been wrong. Something else could have been causing me problems. Tired today. Nothing new there. I did a light workout yesterday but enough to tire me out apparently.
After breakst I weighed myself and came in at 173.0lbs. Not bad. I was expecting much wrose. I have gained some weight since eating grass fed beef but not as much as I thought I would. Pleased about that though i do have some work to do with losing a belly. I'll plan on getting to work on that over spring.

Big hat I'm able to eat grass fed beef and not be sick. Since eating grass fed beef I've kept my body heat up I've generally felt upbeat. I am more tired than I wish but that is a common issue. Appearance is healthy. Skin looks alright. So I'm likely able to eat grass fed beef. That now makes two meat foods I can consume wild caught wish and grass fed beef. .
Teh grass fed beef test remains good. My gut is decent. My body heat remains high. My appearace is decently healthy. All is good. I'll keep eating grass fed beef for another week and see how thag goes. With the way things are going though imagine I'll do well.

For the last two days also I've noticed a positive. My belly often complained about is growing smaller. I've often though that my belly is in large part due to an inflamed gut. I'm guessing a smaller belly means less inflammation in the gut. That is a positive development. Hope it cotingues.

Energy levels are always remain problematic. I'm hoping to do some leg exercises today but know I'll suffer for that later with horrible energy levels later on. Good that I do some exercises though even if it is minimal. .
I'm a bit tired this morning, more so than typical, but to be expected. I did some leg weight lifting and also found myself going up and down stairs frequently for an hour.

The good news, my diarrhea has improved nicely since eating grass fed beef. I've been noticing this for a few days now. Hope it sticks around. Good sign of healing I suspect.

Appearance OK. I appear healthier when i eat fish in olive oil though. Body warmth good. The internal ovens keep pouring out the hear. It is so wonderful to not feel frozen most of the time.
There is a part of me that want to declare victory, say I'm allergic to soy and like other beans and be done with it. I realize though I will have some more testing to do. I'm doing well on the wild fish and grass fed beef diet but some questions remain. In the near future I'll begin testing spices. I imagine I'll be all right with spices but to be certain I need to test it. That is one of the last remaining food hurtles to work out.

One annoying thing I've noticed with eating grass fed beef is I yawn a good deal. When eating fish I don'recall yawning. With grass fed beef for what ever reason I yawn a great deal.
There hasbeen a problem since eating grass fed beef that I have been avoiding to write up. My hips hurt when walking. I haven't been walking that much of late so I haven't noticed the hip pain I've also been hoping that it was jus a temp. situation. After walking today though my hips hurt as they did when I began eating grass fed beef. So all is not well with eating beef. I'll go back to eating wild caught salmon and see what happens. I'll look to see if I notice a big difference with avoiding grass fed beef or not.