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My journey to getting well

So far it has been a wonderful upbeat day. My energy levels are good, the stomach isn't giving me problems, and my confidence levels are better. Doing these diet trials can be hard to do mentally. It isn't much fun avoiding foods, testing them. But I have better confidence now that I'm on the right path with the diet.

Now I just want to see the latest tropical storm pointing in a different direction.
Skin looks healthy this morning. My energy levels are so so. It feels like exercise fatigue. I swam yesterday for45 minutes. That is likely it. The gut is not as good as it was yesterday but I'm not in pain so pleased about that. I'll likely be taking a nap soon.
Feeling fat this later afternoon. I ate more cheese. The first time worked so well I wanted to do it again. I'll have my work cut out for me once I get back to losing weight. Doing well this afternoon. Energy levels are good. I'm feeling well.
I have pretty good energy this morning. A positive sign as always. Gut OK. Nothing great with the gut. Wish it was better. Eating cheese yesterday doesn't seem to have helped my gut this time. Maybe in the next experiment I'll try a teespoon of Imodium. It'll be tired as a result but wil be interesting to see if it helps. I feel I'm going in the right direction avoiding nightshade, soy, and spices, along with pork.
Another day with good energy. The leading theory on that is the fish diet does give me energy, so long as I do not diet nor exercise to much. Simple things that i overlooked.

So I guess now I just have to wait and get well to the stomach and then can add new foods. Maybe Imodium or even cheese can help with that, speed up the getting well bit

All different kind of theories on what makes me sick. It might be a simple chicken, egg, and turkey allergy. I know that eggs will give me tongue sores. I also know that if I reguarly eat chicken within 1 to 2 months I'll become sick. I'm not sure what to make of that sickness. part of me wants to reject that result since chicen has me feeling good, yet I've tried this diet 3 times with the same result each time, being sick to my stomach.

Might be something fed to answers, and only grass fed beef, cheese and wild caught fish are safe to eat.

Might be a spice or nightshade adding to chicken or beef that cuases me trouble. This is a leading theory, nightshade allergy in particular. I tried eating spaghetti with beef a few times, and have been very sick 3 times as a result. Another one of thsoe not sure of the result. The gut might have still been damaged. Hard to say.

Then there is citrus. I doubt citrus is the problem but I shouldn't discount it. I'm avoiding citrus during this good energy time.
A bit slow getting around this morning. Some furry animals came to visit me last night around midnight wanting to play and say hello. I'll be sleepy for the day I imagine.

Was reminded this morning about tobacco smoking and how it would make my eyes bright red and itchy. Tobacco is a member of the nightshade family. I'm not entirely sure if I'm unique with tobacco smoke causing that kind of problem though I don't rmember others having eyes as red as mine around smokers. So Another mark down for nightshade and pork being my problem foods.

Appearance healthy this morning. Gut OK. Energy levels OK, muscles feel good though I'm tired from being woken up by the cats.
Doing well this morning. My energy levels are good. I'll keep with the diet of avoiding citrus, nightshade, spices and pork.

I was thinking about my citrus avoidance. Every time I do this avoidance I keep thinking this can not be the answer. That isn't to bright of me though. There are a couple changes that happen when I avoid citrus, namely my hair color changes some and my throat becomes less froggy. I might be able to add more energy to the list also when avoiding citrus.

I think that is one of my problems too, I keep thinking citru is safe. In my mind it is a safe food to eat. What I shoud do though is say no food is safe. While I'm ill all food should be suspicious. So it is a mental game I fight and hope this time I'm able to go long term with avoiding citrus. Oh another big change when avoidding citrus is in general I feel less hungry. When I get back to eating only one meal a day in order to try and lose weight if I'm still avoiding citrus it might not be so difficult to do.

Would be wonderful if pork and citrus were my answers. Both are relatively easy to avoid.
Good and questionable day. The good news, I had good energy for the day.

The other news is I broke down and ate a bunch of spices. Sometimes on these limited diet I can get to avoiding to much and that is what happened this time. So I'll just keep avoiding citrus and I'll be on an alpha gal diet. I'll see how my energy goes. If I keep having good energy days I'll stick with thediet, and if not I'll go back to avoiding nightshade and spices.
I'm doing decently today. Energy levels this later afternoon are good. I was more energetic this morning but I'm pleased with my energy levels now. Appearance healthy enough. Could be better. I've eaten lots of chicken and turkey with spices today. I'll monitor closely to see how my energy levels go. For now I'm avoiding beef, pork, dairy, and citrus.
Doing well today I believe. Energy levels OK. Wish they were better but I have exercised a good amount. I'm stench free. This is the sweetest smelling diet. I'll stick with the alpha gal citrus free diet.
I am worn down today. I'm not overwhelmed with fatigue but i'm hurting. It is due to swimming and some light weight lifting. I'm doing OK but don't enjoy this feeling.

Overall though I feel I'm doing OK. On the bad side all the bad eating I've been doing caught up iwth me. I weighed 177lbs. So today I'm going back to eating wheat free and doing a better job of watching how much and what I eat. I'll likely drop back down below 175lbs. I'd like to be at 170lbs and lower but that would likely take some 23 fasting days and I'm not ready to do that.

I'll keep with the alpha gal and citrus avoidance diet. Oh my eyes are blue once again. that is becoming somewhat common anymore. they are not bright blue though. That is what I'm looking for. I'm monitoring another positive change which I'll write more about if it continues in the future. I'm pleased about the change and a bit surprised. I thought it wascaused by another issue.
Doing well. Have better energy levels. I'm feeling upbeat. It is a good day. Just hoping the gut continues to do well and over time heals.

Alluded to yesterday I've been monitoring something that I'm joking about in my mind but it isn't so much a laughing matter. When I go walking in the neighborhood, sometimes I walk with some older guys who love to talk about prostate health sometimes. A lousy prostate makes for lousy abilities to pee. And well, as I've gotten older I have thought I was joining the enlarged prostate old man club. Well, while on this alpha gal diet and avoiding citrus diet, either my prostate has suddenly shrunk or something else is going on. I'm peeing like a 10 year old boy. Kind of chuckling about it. Rather glad of the change as I know some guys have a real serious problem with this issue as they age. So what ever is going on, I hope it continues. I'll be monitoring.
A bit on the tired and fatigued side today. Hanging in there though. Feels like exercise fatigue so guess I'm still healitng from the swimming and light weight lifting. Appear healthy. Hair remains darker brown in color since avoiding citrus. Gut is OK.
Forgot, I might be tired out today as I've been sightly well to the gut for the past few days. It is to early to be excited about this, but though I best note dwn. If I'm lucky I'll continue to be well though i can do without the fatigue that all to often goes with it.
I'm thinking I shouldn't be feeling this fatigued. I'm going to return to avoiding nightshade and spirces in particular. I'll watch to see if my energy slowly returns.
Today was a lousy energy day. The past few days have not been that great when it comes to energy. I'm upbeat abuot avoiding nightshade. The previous diet I was on seemed to be working. I just wasn't happy with the large number of foods being avoided. So I added spices and nightshade. That appears to have been a wrong choice. So I'll be back on the fish diet. The fish diet has helped me but is not a cure. The onlything I haven't done with the fish diet is to also avoid the nightshade family. Maybe the combination will get me some energy.
Oh another thing my teeth began to hurt some once I began eating spices and nightshade once again. I'll monitor to see if that pain goes away.
Oh good. The fatigue has lifted this morning. My muscles feel good. I have energy. Very good sign that either nightshade or spices is the answer. I'm not going to discount the possibility that bird is my problem. Well, not the easist diet to follow but it will be easy to follow if I know I'll be more energetic avoiding spices, soy, tomatoes, red peppers, potatoes and all bird meats.
I'm not watching my weight all that much. I want to have the best energy possible during the worst of the hurricane season. I'm up in weight, likely 8lbs. My cloths still fit well enough. That will be my main guidence for now and once the worst of the hurricane season has passed I'll go back to keeping my weigh around 170lbs and lower.
I' doing much better today. my energy levels are higher. I'm feeling half way decent. I'll keep avoiding all these foods, nightshade family, spices, pork and bird meats. Thinking about it, i can remember following a diet where I ate plain chicken the whole time and ended up having a flare.

Also in the previous diet I was experiencing muscle cramping, a type of cramping that I was blaming on dark chocolate. I might have been wrong about the chocolate. I might have to test that out.

Would be nice if my problem was a bird allergy but I have my doubts on that.
I'm off to a good start. The aches and pains have all but gone away on this latest diet of primarly avoiding nightshade but also other items such as spics and bird meats. Energy levels are decent. I'm feeling strong. So Im upbeat and as always hope I continue to do well.
Pig our Friday as usual. Last thing I needed as I'm putting on to much weight but I want better energy and this can help a little bit. Doing well today. I'm feeling strong. Energy levels decent though I did swim longer than typically and I can feel that. I'll be sore tomorrow. Did a bunch of chores today around the house. Good to get those done. Gut is doing well. The grape juice helps. Still peeing quite well and it appearently isn't diet helping out in this area. The only new foods eaten as grape and pineapple juice. They say that cranberry juice helps the urinary tract. Wonder if grade or pineapple can do so also. Hard to say.
I'm feeling strong this morning. It is of course all relative. Compared to others I'm not all that strong and energetic. For me though I'm doing well this early hour. I'll stick with the diet. Weight was a pleasant 176lbs this morning, which is surprising considering yesterdays pig out. I've been avoiding the scales and now I'm wondering why. My weight appears to be dropping. I might fast today. One days fast isn't difficult typically though I need to be careful of this as the tropics are picking up in activies. There should be some tropical storms in the atlantic soon.
It is a very nice day today. I have good energy levels. ON a scale of 1 to 10 I'll rate the my energy at a 7. It feels great and fingers crossed this diet I'm on of avoiding nightshade/soy, spices, and pork continues to bring me good energy.

this morning at the store I purchased some grass fed beef. When i start to add foods I'll start with the grass fed beef.
It is funny in that I'm feeling pretty calm and settled over the idea that nightshade or a spice is the last food to be found that causes me stomach troubles. I'm normally not that way. I'm pretty sure now that i have my answer. I may not know for certain if it is a spice or nightshade but I'm feeling good that it is one of them. Logically nightshade makes the most sense. Emotionally though I'm leaning toward garlic and onions as being the allergy foods.

Will see. I'll keep writing for a little bit longer. I'll want to see if my energy levels remain high, that i continue to feel strong. Once that is more settled I'll stop writing. This morning I'm not so energetic or feeling strong. This is likely due to to much exercise and eating lots of wheat the last two days doesn't helpt matters. I can eating some wheat but it is rough on my stomach.
Felt strong today. Not the best of energy, and my legs are sore from working out, but overall a good day and glad to be feeling strong. I should remember that it is important that I also avoid cheese. Maybe a little cheese so often is OK but cheese makes me feel weak and tired I believe.
I'm feeling good and upbeat this morning. Part of that is due to avoiding wheat once again. Wheat can cause me some aches and pains so best to not eat it to much. Rice can do similar.

Energy levels are on the higher end. I'm feelng strong. Stomach is OK. the energy and strength measurement is a good way for me to measure how I'm feeling. The two main problems I have are stomach issues and fatigue. If I have solved the fatigue issue by avoiding spices and nightshade along with cheese I have half my major issues taken care of. I'll be able to function if the good energy continues.

Think next time I'm at the store i'll pick up some oranges. Imagine citrus is safe. Will test to be sure.

Think I'll fast for 23 hours. Hoping it doesn't zap my energy. weighing above 175lbs bothers me. I'd like to see my weight back down to 170lbs idealy. Was 177lbs this morning. .
I am fasting today and I am feeling more tired than I thought I would. With hurricane season here and storms heading into the Atlantic I better not take trying to lose weigh to far.

Foot is hurting me. I've been eating some chocolate and have suspected in the last that the chocolate brings about the foot issues. I'll have to avoid chocolate for awhile and see if the issue goes away. it can b quite painful, the electric shocks.
slight upset stomach today but nothing serious. Energy levels good, which is always good to have. Ate an orange today. I'll be monitoring close to see if my energy levels remain good with me now eating citrus.
I have OK energy today, on the 10 scale I'll say a 6. The orange I ate does not appear to be causing me trouble. One day of testing of course is not enough. So ok day. Glad the say it is going. appearance healthy enough. I don't feel all that strong but then again I'm not feeling weak.
Wow, I have lots and lots of energy this evening. This is a rare treat. Fingers crossed it continues for the next week or two. .
I'm feeling very well this morning. My energy levels are on the higher end. I'm not communicating all that well but if I continue to be energetic that will change for the better. I'm still watning to lose the weight so I'll fast again today. Fingers crossed my energy continues to do well. I weight about 177 to 176lbs at the moment. I might be around 174lbs by tomorrow morning.
Weight 174lbs. I'm doing quite well this morning and this is after another 23 hour fast. This is new territory for me. Typically I'd be quite worn out and tired after 2 days of fasting in a week. My energy levels are about a 6 or 7. So I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family, along with spics, pork and what other items are being avoided.
175lbs. the fasting is causing me some troubles but not as much troubles as typical. I'm still strong, have decent energy levels. Was mildly sick yesterday to the stomach. Hope that does not continue. .
I'm going to go back to avoiding citrus once again. I've developed some stiff leg and neck issues. I'm also using the bathroom more often. I'll see if those problems resolve after avoiding citrus. I'll also avoid chocolate. I've been eating chocolate but have been eating more of it of late.
Never had citrus cause me join and muscle pains in the past as best as I can tell, but at the moment I am leaning toward that. When I began eating citrus again once again my hair has begun to slowly turn more white/blonde in color. I'm guessing that is not good. And it is very bad if the citrus can cause muscle issues. Maybe with me staying away from citrus for awhile, reintroducing it caused more issues. What ever is going on, I'm feeling less sore since avoiding citrus since breakfast. this will be an easy one to judge. If the pains go away after avoiiding citrus I have a clean result. Last time when I stopped eating spices and nightshade, I did that due to feeling fatigued. But that is more difficult to judge, as many things can bring about fatigue - to much exercise, eating a big meal, etc. Will see. I will likely had an answer by tomorrow.
Mixed bag this morning. My right leg now feels good since avoiding citrus and chocolate. My left shoulder and neck though still hurts a good amount. Hopefully that area will improve further today as i avoid citrus and chocolate. Thinking about it I had a flare yesterday. It was a different kind of flare though. I wasn't rushed in needing to use the bathroom but I usedthe bathroom much more often than typical. So most likely that was brought about by the reintroduction of citrus a week ago.

So far my energy levels are decent and I am feeling strong surprisingly. I shouldn't want to use my left shoulder much but the muscles are strong. Hair appears darker this morning which is as expected since avoiding citrus for 24 hours.
I'm back onto the previous diet. I'm avoiding citrus and following the alpha gal diet. I'm also avoiding chocolate. I'm back to eating spices, and nightshade family. I'll see how well I do, with energy and gut health. So far i do seem to be healing, improving my health. It is a slow process of course.
I feel much better this morning. My muscles in my neck and left shoulder hurt a bit but nothing like before. That was quite painful and a little bit scary. So it appears the answer most likely for causing this muscle pain was either chocolate, oranges/citrus or a combination of the two. No doubt chocolate can cause some muscle cramping. The problem is that I didn't eat much chocolate. Such a small amount of chocolate eaten should cause suchmuscle problems. And with citrus, there is little doubt that citrus can cause some issues for me. The easiest to notice is the hair color change. Other noticed items is communication. Italk much better when i avoid citrus. My throat feels better. Kinf of funny in a way. I'm always complaining about hwo difficult avoideance diet trials can be. And with citrus I have a clear result of it causing change. Avoiding citrus is one of the easiest diets I've done yet I find myself not sticking to the diet for long periods of time. I better stick with avoiding citrus for at least 4 months if not longe. If I should experience other health issues while on the avoid citrus trial I will need to find other possible causes, and not add citrus back into the diet.

So citrus and chocolate are back out of the diet. I'll just avoid pork and citrus for now.
Hair looking darker once again now that I'm back to avoiding citrus. Hard to say what is goingon with the hair color change but maybe the cause is due to me not absorbing nutrients as well.

I'llput it to a test sort of as I'm goingto go back to fasting. I'm at 177lbs this morning and want to get below 175lbs for sure and preferably below 170lbs. When I fasted last week I ran into some problems, namely I became weak and a little light headed. If that does not happen this week then it will further support the idea that citrus is a problem food for me.
Change of plans, I'll diet later. The Atlantic is a little bit more active. It would be best if I keep my strenght up for now. I'll diet later. For now I'll try other methods to drop a few pounds.
Thinking about it last night, I'm going to give it a try once again to stop writing. I don't want to over think the current diet and overthink it. I should just do it, avoid citrus and pork. I've never had a very good opinion of citrus being an answer, but I shouldn't be that way. It is a good candidate for being a problem food.
I'm not planning to write much more, hoping that helps me to stick to the diet. Did notice something possibly good. My resting heart rate has dropped down into the 50s. Possibly this can example why I get worn out, and it is what I've speculated. An allergy food can cause the heart to beat faster and that in turn wears me out. Maybe by removing citrus my heart rate is more relaxed. I've noticed this in the past, when more energetic my resting heart rate will drop a good amount.
Today is another fasting day and I'm feeling tired out. I'm not weak and dizzy though. So at least for now I'm happy about that. That was happening when I fasted and was eating oranges/citrus. I'd become dizzy and unsteady to a degree. So good that hasn't happened though I am hurting today being run down as i am. Losing weight is lousy stuff but want to do it and I'm so close to reching my goals.
Current experiment is going well. My energy levels, while not fantastic are decent. this is after working out on my legs on Wed. and fasting for 23 hours twice this week. One of my big worriest with fasting is becoming sick. A few times I've been real sick in the evenings on a 23 hour fast. It has been a mystery on why that has happened. Possibly an answer has been found. If citrus is an allergy food, then if I'm still eating citrus it would make my stomach sick. With citrus out of my diet I don't have those flares. Course this is only early testing. Much more needs to be tested before I feel a clear answer has been discovered.
I'm doing remarkably well so far with fasting and still having energy since avoiding citrus. I'm planning on another 23 hour past today. This will be in the 3rd time this week fasting. Fingers crossed I still have energy and do well afterwards. I haven't really lost weight it looks like but I'm also not using the bathroom as much. Appearance wise though it does look like I've dropped some weight.
I'm not functioning all that well after 3 days of fasting during this week but overall I'm feeling relatively strong. I wouldn't have been able to handle this while eating citrus. I don't believe. So it appears that avoiding citrus has done me good. One problem has some up in that my knees and legs hurt. The pain isn't bad. I'm not sure what is going on. I might have exercised to much. What ever it is, imagine this will improve as times goes on.
I've been having some trouble with my muscles and joints. For the past 3 or 4 days I've been hobbling around. I'm going to go back to avoiding nightshade, chicken,turkey and spices for a couple days and see what happens.
Just thinking about it, if I do end up feeling better after aviding bird mean, nightshade and spices, then it was the chocolate that caused the muscle pains that caused me to switch back to avoiding citrus. I have known that chocolate can cause muscle pains but pain I had last week was more intense than experienced before. Don't know why that happened but regardless it's the likely answer.
That is something else too, since avoiding citrus and adding spices, chicken, turkey and nightshade to the family I never felt overly strong.
Hey I'm feeling much better this morning. For breakfast I ate the same foods with the exception of turkey or chicken sausage. I avoided sausage and my leg feels just fine. No pains felt in my hips this morning. I have been calling this a leg pain but it is really a right hip pain issue.

So it appears I have a result. I avoid bird meat sausage and my hip pain that was hobbling me goes away. I'll be avoiding birds meats, spices and nightshade family members.

I'll go back to the main testing of strength. If I'm feeling strong then I will or should consider that I'm on a good diet. I felt strong when eating citrus in the past so it is likely a safe food.

It must have been chocolate that caused me so much trouble a week ago. Somewhat surprised by that but that kind of pain I've known for some time can be caused by chocolate. That was the worst case of that problem though which does make it a bit of a mystery.

For now I'm back onto the bird diet. In the future, the first food I'll add for trial is grass fed beef. I'll see how that goes down, if I am strong after eating.
Well, lets see, I'm not entirely healthy with my hip. It hurts more now but I'll give it a day or two on this diet to see if the issue resolves. It might be that the problem is caused by exercise. I've been swimming more often and riding my bike of late. So who knows. time will tell. Overall though doing OK, better than before I believe.
Little doubt now, my hips are feeling much better. The pain is nearly gone. So I now have a food(s) that I can point to that causes me pain, turkey and chicken sausage. It is easier the rosemary extract, some spice, nightshade family or the chicken or turkey meat.

Chicken, eggs,and turkey are easy to avoid. Would be nice if they were the trouble makers. Eggs do cause tongue sores. I believe on trial I did in the past had me avoiding all spices, with the exception of rosemary extract, and eating chicken and turkey. I ended up with a flair. So a bird allergy is possible.

Spices have always been concerning foods.

And rosemary extract might be a trouble maker.

So I'll avoid these bird meats, spices, and nightshade, along with chocolate and pork. Lets see how strong I get, and my energy levels.
If my hip pain issue was caused by food then I've been able to cure myself by avoiding turkey and chicken sausage. the pain is all but gone. I can walk without issues. Every so often I'll land wrong and I'll feel it but overall I'm much improved.

Earlier I thoughted the joint problem was caused by swimming and bike riding exercise. So I'll be sure to test that this week, swiming often and riding the bike. Will see if the hip pain returns or not.
Diet is looking to be the cause of the sore painful joints. I exercised pretty hard today for me, swimming and bike riding. I have also walked close to 9 miles. My hips and legs feel fine. I have minimum pain. I'll continue with the workouts and keeping track of my hips. It does look like though the turkey sausage was causing the pains i was experiencing.
Hips still feel good since avoiding turkey and chicken sausage. I do have a new complaint, my back hurts. That was likely caused by swimming. Swimming can make my back ache some.

This morning i'm thinking I should place chicken, eggs and turkey on the permanent avoid list. Don't know if that is entirely the case, but over the years evidence points in that direction. Pork is to be forever avoided since it always causes painful swelling when eaten. It is easy to tell what it causes when paying attentiion. Bird meat and eggs is less clear but I do not recall a time where I had a healthy stomach when eating bird meat. I guess the main problem though is that it takes up a month or two before I become very ill to my stomach. that is quite a delay.

I am sleeping better since avoiding turkey sausage.

I am feeling stronger this morning though I'm not overwhelemed with strength.
It was a good day. I felt strong. My energy levels were up. About the only item I'm not pleased about is my weight, being 179 to 178. I didn't eat all that well for a couple days and not surpriingly my weight is up. should be able to eat better this week.

Much of what I'm doing is eating dairy free as that helps improve my energy levels. Cheese will constipate some but it does take away my enegy levels. On the theory that I have a bird meat allergy, I can remember clearly the time when I figured out the turkey meat I was eating wold make me sick. Yet when I ate cheese with it my stomach improved though my energy levels were lousy. The turkey meat had few ingridients added to it. Reportedly no spices, should I have speculated that was not true. It did taste plain though.
It is a good morning. I'm feeling upbeat. I'm strong. I have decent energy levels. It is a good way to start the morning off. For the past year Ive been eating a fish diet off and on. I'm very lucky to have discovered the fish diet as it has kept my stomach in relatively good shape. With the latest fish diet I'm eating nearly the same as I have in the past with the exception that I'm avoiding potatoes. In the past I often atepotatoes while on the fish diet. I don't recall feeling all that strong or energetic while on those diets. So at the moment my thinking is that it is nightshade that is my main trouble maker. Will see of course. A month or two is needed to make a for sure diagnosis. I'd prefer to have a bird meat allergy. That is easier to follow, but beggers can't be choosy.

Weight 177lbs. Will be interesting to see if my weight drops on this fish diet minus potatoes. Some writers have suggested my weight will drop, removing an allergy food from the diet.
Something else that I've done different this time on the fish diet is about one to two months ago I began to use a SAD light. Sad lights are best known for being used in winter time to help with depression. Some theorize that the bright full spectrum light works by increasing hormone levels. These hormones, such as testosterone in men, different hormones in women, are also known for increasing energy levels and increasing strength.

For me I don't believe that the SAD light helps unless I'm on the right diet. Diet and the bright light work together for me. I wanted to note this down as the last two days I've noticed my body is reacting better to the light. I use the light when eating breakfast and lunch. So I sit in front of the light for about 15 minutes. Typically the light has not done a whole lot for me I believe. The last two days though my body wants to sit in front of the light. There is sort of a craving I suppose, which is written about in books about light therapy, a craving for light.

So to wrap up, on this fish diet, minus potatoes, I'm now having a craving for the SAD light it seems, and I'm responding well with more strength and energy, at least for the last couple or days. Many more days of testing are needed before I'm entirely convinced. Hormone levels don't just suddenly wrap up, it can take months for that to happen, so for the last couple of months of using the SAD light maybe something positive was going on and Ididn't notice due to the wrong diet.
Well shoot that energy I felt this morning has melted away. Feel good though, just back to my normal self when on these days, hunting and wish I felt more energetic. Not complaining. The diet is good as best as I can tell. it will takes months before I'm in any good shape I can imagine. On the positive side I remain feeling strong relatively. That will be my main guiding light.
I'm feeling a bit run down this morning. Strength is OK, but I am a little wobbly on my feet. It si the usual stuff. I suspect once again I'm on a good diet, one that over time should have my gut well but does tire me out. I lost more weight whieh maybe that is why I'm feeling run down. I came in at 176lbs but I was close to 175lbs and can round down. :) Think I'll once again write less. Of main importance is to remain on the diet for some time. Oh, my joints feel pretty good. My hips can be a little sore at times but nothing like before when I was hobbling around. Avoiding turkey and chickensausage seems to have done me good. I also appear healthier.
For lunch I ate some cheese and beef. So the alpha gal diet is over. My thinking was that I'm not all that energetic eating just fish so maybe some grass fed beef will help. Will see. I will not make it a habit of eating cheese. It will make me fat if i do. So far so good. I'm feeling better. Cheese isn't so great on helping with energy. Not sure why I ate it other than I had my monthly cheese craving fix taking care of.
I did eat a big lunch today and I suspect that is why I'm feeling better this afternoon. I have my energy. I'll continue with the trade off of one meal being fish and one meal being grass fed beef. Unless of course something goes wrong and I have to mix the diet up some. Gut is doing quite well on this avoid bird meat, spices and nightshade diet. .
Life is good. My hips feel great. The pain has slowly been going away in the hips but this morning after walking, jogging, swimming, noticed no pain. It was wonderful. So best guess is that it was something in the turkey sausage that caused me joint and muscle pain, turkey, chicken, spices or nightshade are the leading candidates. I'm cheering for a bird meat allergy but most likely it is garlic and onions. The cheese and beef eaten yesterday has gone down well. The extra calories I think did me good. When I eat turn or salmon I feel good for a few hours afterwards typically but can become run down, even wobbly after fasting for a period of time. I figure it is due to the lack or calories and being weak overall due to my stomach condition.
I'm my usual tired self but felt good day overall. I wasn't feeling sore. Hips in good shape. Muscles didn't hurt. I think I'm communicating better though that is always hard to judge. So I believe once again I'm going in the right direction, with avoiding bird meats, spices, and nightshade family of foods.
I'm quite tired this morning. Last nigth I thought I'd have some dinner, something I don't eat often. I was hungry and while typically I'djust ignore the hunger pains thought this time I'd indulge. Well, I was up most of the night due to that meal. It isn't a good idea for me to eat dinner. Think tonight I migth skip lunch and give my digestive system a break. Will see.
Had an interesting comment made to me this morning. it is something I've been wondering/thinking about. He said I was looking thicker,as if I was putting on muscle. Since I've been using light therapy, something known for increasing testosterone levels I have been wondering if I would become bigger and more strong. Maybe that is happening since using light therapyand spending some more time outdoors without sunglasses on.
Doing well this morning.

Yesterdays workoutwas one of the tougher workouts I've had in awhile. I feel fine this morning. I'm not feeling sore and fatigued. The second day is always the worst though so I'm not out of the woods.

Hair is growing faster. My hair in the last week has likely grown more than it had in the previous month. I need a haircut.

Skin is looking good and healthier, healthier than before.

I was worried that eating grassfed beef once again I'd develop BO. that has not been the case though. I've been pleasantly surprised by this. I'm not sure now what caused my BO issue in the past after eating beef.
Did well today. Feeling strong. I'mgoing to try fasting again. I suspect on this diet it will be easier to fast and lose weight. Sometimes when I fast i feel terrible and don't last long fasting. OTher times I do well. I'll see how I do on this latest diet. My joints don't hurt. Hips don't hurt. I'm walking fine with no pain.
I picked a good day to start fasting again. I have good energy this morning. That will help out considerably. Looks like my eating beef isn't a problem. At least it hasn't upset my stomach so far, and having some energy are good signs beef isn't the issue I've been afraid of. I'm eating grass fed beef so commercial beef might be different. Weight 178lbs. Fingers crossed I can drop my weight down to 170lbs. Muscles and joints feel good this morning. No big pains to note.
I'm still here, alive and well. Not sure why as I've exercised a great amount upping my calories burned goal. I also passed on lunch. I'll be worn out in the morning I'm guessing. Doing well at the moment over all though. Weight is between 177 and 178 lbs at the moment. I'll be 177 or 176 come morning. Goal nearly reached.

Eyes looking nice and bright. The whites of my eyes really show. I've been told that several times when ever on this diet, at how white my eyes look. I can get quite the red eyes when I'm not doing so well to the gut.
175lbs. Doing well this morning. My energy levels are good. I'm feeling strong. Minimum weight loss goal was 175lbs. Ideal is 170lbs. So long as I have good energy levels I might as well continue to losing weight.

Yesterday I got it in my head that my allergy is a bird meat allergy. It had me thinking of adding spices to the diet, along with nigthshade. Don't think I'll act on that, but I might be eating beef sausage in the future to see what happens. Reminds me, my joints feel fine. No joint pain since avoiding turkey and chicken sausage.
As expected, after skipping meals and doubling my exercise amount I'm not functioning at my full capasity. Everything is in slow motion. But outside of that I'm doing well. Pleased with weight lost and pleased that in general I'm feeling well. I'll stick with the diet.
Only a few hours later, but at this point I've pretty much bombed out. I'm not functioning all that well. I bette get back to eating normally and exercising normally. My experiment did not workout as hoped.
This morning is a pleasant surprise. I'm feeling well and energized to a certain extent. last night I was hurting. In the evenings is when I typicallyhave the most energy and last night I was worn out. I also had a mild upset stomach but nothing to worry over I believe. Just a typical thing. So I'll still take an easy today. I'll goback to eating 2 meals a day, the typical, but I'm on the right track I believe. I'm feeling strong. Myjoints and hups feel good.
Somethings noticed of late. My finger nails look nice and healthy. They have that nice rounded look that sometimes pops up and haven't been able to figure out why.

hair grow has been great of late. Last haircut I had was in the middle of July. For most of the time my hair grew little. Now on this new diet or avoiding bird meat, spices and nightshade my hair has been growing quickly.

I'm able to read without soon afterwards nodding off. All to often I can only read for 10 to 15 minutes before falling asleep. oN this latest diet I'm able to read about as long as I want it seems.

For today I'm tired and beat up. I'm looking ruff. I've worked out harder than I should I suspect. Gut ok today. Feeling more hungry than normal this afternoon but nothing to bad.
Doing ok this morning. My upper back is sore. I'm going to attribute that to doing some push ups. They were the tough kind and have been known to sometimes hurt the back. I'll take an easy today. Getting a haircut today. I need it. Stomach doing well. Glad about that. Hips feel great. Nothing to report about aching hips.
I'm a little tired and worn out this morning. Nothing terrible though. I'm once again thinking I finally have my answer, the right diet. I only get such feelings 6 or more times a year. Think I'll stop writing at this point, and move forward as health provides. Avoiding bird meats, eggs, spices and nightshade. I'll pulling for eggs and bird meat as being the answer. I've tested spices and nightshade a few times for long term. Bird meat hasn't been tested all that well and as I know will cause me stomach issues, finger nail pitting and tongue sores.
Doing well with the diet. I'm a little over two weeks now on avoiding bir meats, eggs, pork, spices and nightshade. Don't know what is the answer. Naturally I keep rubling ideas on whywhich avoidance is helping me. Ideally would likebird meat and eggs to be the answer as that is realatively easy to avoid, but wouldn't be surprised if spices or nightshade were the cause.

I remain feeling strong. I'm losing weight though I'm not trying all that hard to do so. Yesterday morning I was 174lbs. Think this week I'll push the matter. I wouldn't be surprised if I dropped to around 170lbs on this diet. My suspicion is that to lose weight, I need to remove allergies from the diet.
I'm not planning on writing to much, but as I always tend to do, I'll note down a bit. When I eat grass fed beef I have tended to develop a mild upset stomach later in the day. I'm still strong and decently energetic when that happens so I'm not overly concerned. With that said a tropiclal system is moving into the area so for the time being I'll go back onto the fish diet. I'll add the grass fed beef back into the diet later.

Weight between 174 and 173lbs. Feeling good this morning. I'm not feeling overly strong though but nothing big about that.
I really am feeling quite strong today and this is after exrcising a considerable amount yesterday. this could be a real break through if it sticks around.
I'm feeling tired and looking run down. Not all that surprising considering all the working out I'm doing. Yesterday I returned to the fish diet and that might have played a roll also. think I'll add grass fed beef to the diet and hope for the best.

the tropics have heated up here over the last few days. Hope no hurricane spins this way.
For not writing much more I'm doing a lot of writing. Feeling worn out this morning. It feels like exercise fatigue. Not surprised as I've been aggressive with exercising. As of last night and this morning appears the hurricane/tropical storm will be heading away from this area. Still to early to say with certainty but for now the storms track looks to be taking it away from here so I'll keep up with my exercising and weight loss. If the storms track should change I'll begin resting up and eating more. Ate beef this morning. That could give me more energy, though it might mildly upset my stomach. Weight 174lbs, though awfully close to 173lbs. Think I'll fast today.
Well, this is nice, I'm handling todays fast very well. So far at least I have OK energy. I'm not overly energetic but all things considered I'm doing well. Joints don't hurt. I keep moving around. Avoiding the turkey and chicken sausage did solve that issue. Would be nice if my other allergen food is bird meat and eggs. I'm also avoiding citrus still. Forgot about that. I'm likely near 2 months with avoiding citrus. When I get around to adding it back into my diet I'll want to be sure to record how that goes.
Bad news this morning The latest hurricane track has the hurricane coming directly over my house. Not good. At least on the positive, if there is a positive the storm is to be a category 2 insteead of a 3 or 4. That is borderline for being able to ride the storm out. It is 4 days away from landfall so lots could change between now and then, and I'm hoping the change has the storm going elsewhere, were fewer people live. The original track of the storm had it coming ashore in the perfect spot, a desolate area of the state.

So for me I need to have a decent functioining stomach in case I need to hop in the car and drive out of the area. I had a mild upset stomach this morning. Nothing terrible but hate to see that. I'll be following the fish diet from here on out.
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weight 172lbs not that far from 171lbs. Had some mild cramping this morning. Never any fun to deal with but culd be worse. Latest strom hurricane track has the storm coming ashore 2 hours north of here. We're stil in the warning cone of course. Last time a major hurricane came through the area the strom came ashore about 1 hour south of it's predicted landing spot.

Feel cold this morning. That's a good sign I believe as yesterday with the gut not doing well I was feeling quite warm and as a result turned down the AC.

Finger nail pitting isgone since avoiding chicken, turkey and eggs. Finger nails health looks quite good.
I'm rather worn out today. preparing for a hurricane is tiring. Stomach is doing better today. I'll add beef back into the diet and see if I can figure out how to keep the stomach calmer. Hurricane looks to be going north instead of coming here.
I'm going to try another diet. I still had that scary type of cramping this morning. And the only change to my diet was to add beef. So either there is an allergy issue or beef is hard for me to digest. So I'll go back onto an alpha gal diet plus I'll avoid garlic/onions. I'll see where this takes me.
Once again I'm thankful for the fish diet. My stomach has improved after a couple days of being upset, painfully at times. I'm pretty sure I can blame beef for that. I ate nothing else different.

Well, as mentioned in the past but in the end ignored, my best bet is to stick with the fish diet. Then after how ever long it takes to have a healthy gut add some other meat to my diet, such as chicken and see how that works out. I have a good idea of that though as being on a chicken diet eventually makes me ill to my stomach -strangely though after being on the diet for 1 to 2 months. Last time too I developed that painful joint issue, this is a few week ago, the turkey sausage. So what ever it is I'm onto the alpha gal and avoiding bird meat too. Maybe a year from now, if I stick to the diet, I'll be healthy to the gut.
Yesterday was a troubing day for two reasons. The first being my stomach was upset in the morning. This is showing me that the fish diet s not as helpful as hoped. there is no doubt that the fish diet helped me last year. The most likkely reason for that is due to being on the diet for some time. This latest illness is likely due to eating beef I'm guessing. So I'll return to avoiding beef. I believe I have done so for 5 days now.

The other toubling and nervous bit is that we are now under a hurricane watch. Hope the hurricane does not come here. It is porjected to go to the north into Tampa. But the trend keeps lowering the storms path. It very well could come here. Only 24 hours till the stom is in this area.
Survived the hurricane. It was a rough 10 hours as we were in the the eye wall the whole time. My house in Sanibel did remarkably well though. The down stairs flooded out but it was designed to do so. No water in the living section of the home. My car even survived as I placed the car into a weather proof bag. The car floated in the floodwaters, and once the water was gone and the car taken out of the bag it started right up.

Health was poor early on after the storm but now after 3 weeks I'm doing great. The diet or avoiding bird meats, nightshade family and spices is working it appears I'm feeling confident my answer has been found. Now I just need time to heal .
forgot to type down a couple important observations. I've known about both but have taken greater notice to the two.

When I eat bird meat or eggs, I develop a rash. The rash is on the chest, and on my neck.

On the fish diet, when I eat it as I am now, fish in olive oil, and avoiding spices, my eyes become very healthy in appearance and begin to turn blue. And many notice this change and will tell me how nice my eyes appear. I know from experience that with the few times I've been entirely healthy and recovered my eyes turn bright blue in color.

Eating cheese right now makes me in large part healthy to the gut. I'm trying to not eating lots of cheese but have given in a few times and found myself largely well to the gut while on this fish diet, avoiding bird meats, eggs, spices, and the nightshade famiy.
i love it when I wake up feeling this morning. My energy levels are decent and overall feeling good. I'm not overly energetic. It wouldn't take much to tire me out, but overall a good way to wake up and I've been waking up this away more often of late. this is in contrast to the more normal of going to bed tired and taking up tired.

My thinking is that my problem foods are bird meats and eggs. A lot of clues point in the directiion but of course shouldn't bet all on that.
This week I did a major test of the nightshade family. I added potatoes to my diet. And the result seem clear to me. Potatoes make me feel weak, and poorer in the health. My muscles ached also. The day I stopped eating potatoes saw me with more energy and my gut feeling better. It looks like I have an answer. I need to avoid the nightshade family.
Little doubt, I am stronger when I avoid potatoes, and likely nightshade. Lots of aches and pain went away also after avoiding potatoes. I've been on my feet much on the day and while I'm tired and doing OK. So I guess in the future, nothing soon, I'll pick up some turkey in honey and see if I can eat that without issue. So long as there are no hidden ingredients, hopefully.
mild upset stomachs the last couple days but not all that surprising. The good is that I have good energy levels, and overall I'm feeling well. I'm feeling strong. It is to the point that I'm being asked to help lift items the last couple of days, which hasn't been the norm in the past.
this evening i gorged a bunch of cheese. Since I am feeling confident Ifinally have the answer with nightshade, I'll get back to eating a healthier diet, look to lose weight and have more energy. i'll stay away from the cheese, which zaps energy levels. my stomach seems to be settling some, at least i expect that.

Energy levels today were good. i'm feeling strong. after eating the cheese I'm feeling cold, which typically happens.
Off to a good start this morning. My energy levels are good. I'll be staying away from dairyproducts as they lessen my energy levels. And avoiding pork, tomatoes, soy, potatoes,, red and green peppers out of allergy concerns. Soy is on the avoid list since soy is GM with a member of the nightshade family.
Doing oktoday. Energy levels are decent. I'm not feeling as strong but strong enough. I'm blaming all the cheese eaten yesterday for that. Keep on avoiding the nightshade family,, soy and pork.