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My journey to getting well

Have been tired today. Yesterdays wheat eating while it didn't upset the stomach did cause me ot be worn out. It isn't bad but did find myself passing on working on my high pressure washing project.

I can meniton this good now, I've been walking much better the last couple of days. I'm far from being a good communicator but I'm no longer embarrassing myself. Hope that continues and I'm thinking it will continue. I'll stick with the diet, avoidng chicken nuggets and anything used to make them.
The more I think about it, the more frightened I am about the idea of eating cheese or eating beef. I've had to many bad experiences eating those, from poor energy, loss of strength to stinking after I eat them.

While I'm mainly concentrating on chicken nuggets, it very well might be the corn chips that made me slightly weaker and less energetic. It could be like the wheat I ate last night that tired me out today. So keep avoiding dairy and beef, keep following the alpha gal diet.
so lets see, I'm on the avoid chicken nugget, alpha diet. Doing pretty well this morning so far. Enrgy levels feel good. I have good strength. I like it. Hoping the day continues to progress even better. Have an early appointment at my house to have the garage door repaired. There could be heavy traffic driving to my place, which I hate. With the stomach condition waiting in traffic always worries me. Imagine I'll be fine though. And traffic wil likely be ight due to it being the holidays.
Good and bad news. I'm tired out. I have been on my feet more than typical for me and it has me worn down pretty good. The positive is that I got a good amount done, figured things out. All to typical for me, being that I fatigue easily if I run into a problem with a project I just stop working on it. Trying to figure things out can zap my energy levels. Now, having a little bit more energy I figured out a number of projects today, getting them done. had one failure, couldn't get the high pressure washer to work but I'll rest up tonight and try working on it tomorrow.

So today I'm thinking something to do with chicken nuggets is what caused my problem. Tomorrow I might be leaning more toward the alpha diet. It always goes back and forth. The most important thing though I suspect is for me to just stick with the diet. It appears to be working and I just need some more time to heal up.
Today marks 3 weeks of avoiding chicken nuggest and everything associated with. I've also avoided beef for over 3 months. And I have to have avoided dairy/cheese for over a month, maybe more. So I like the direction I'm going. As always wish I was healthier, with the gut and with having more energy levels. I am stronger though. I might be working out to much, exercising each day but I enjoy the regularity of te small workouts I'm doing so don't plan on stopping that. I've gone from being able to stand on my feet for about an hour to being on my feet for 2 hours without all that much difficulty. I still tire out easily though. I'm talking better but remain a poor talker.
I was pleasantly surprised today. This afternoon I weighed myself for the first time in 3 months Since I'm not eating all that well my expectations were that i'd had gained a good amount of weight. I was wrong. I weighed then 170bs. I'm likely down another pound of two this evening. Still have a gut to get rid of and with the greater amounts of energy that I'm experience if I can continue that I'll likely be able to get rid of the belly fat.

Was on my feet much of the afternoon. Took lots of breaks. Didn't work to hard but for me did well. Also I'mtalking decently well. All point to that i'm on a good diet.
As suspected a bit tired this morning. I had been on my feet most of yesterday afternoon afterall. Used the bathroom more often too. I'm going to blame being on my feet for that. That always tires me out also. But with that said I'm doing well this morning. Feeling decently strong. Have decent energy levels. I'm talking well which is a wonderful improvement. Nothing great in that department but much better than before. I'll keep avoiding beef, pork, dairy, and chicken nuggets along with everything used to make chicken nuggets. Keep hoping that more signs appear soon so i can begin adding new foods to the diet for testing.
Doing well considering I woke up and was moving slowly in the morning. Doing ok this afternoon. It is nice. i like being able to recover relatively qucikly. Taking an easy today though I did do some mild exercises. Did figure out that I likely do have 7lbs to lose. Weighed myself on the other scale this afternoon and it has me at 179lbs. So I'll wake it around 177lbs, and probably the idea weight is 170lbs of lower. It makes sense as I have a bit of a gut. I'll have to work on that later one. Burning 1500 calories and eating one meal a day seems to work well for me to lose the weight. Lough stuff to do though and being my energetic will help me to lose the fat.
Today shoud be moving home day! After 3 months at my parents house my house looks tobe ready for me to move back in. Looking forward to it. Will be quite the workout moving everything bak home.

Was thinking that another good item for me to watch and measure is my ability to talk, to communicate. Typically I struggle to talk well. I believe it due to the fatigue that comes with the stomach condition. I'm simply to tired and worn out to talk well. It can be quite frustrating and embarassing for me. After of a week ago my ability to talk has improved nicely. I no longer find myself shying away from talking with others. It has me thinking that will be another good item for me to pay attention to in particular when I start adding new foods to the diet. So for now I have strength level, energy levels, and talking ability to use to help guide me on the diet.

Stomach ok. A bit gassy at times, but that's an all to common problem with the gut issue. Imagine that will improve as time goes on. Thankfully no major cramping being experienced with that gas.

I keep trying to think what it is that make me sick. Why am I improving on this diet? I think of ideas that might be right but can also think of why the idea could be wrong. No clear idea is coming to the forefront. I don't like that but once I start adding foods to the diet, I'll struggle trying to figure out if it is an allergy, if it is good, or is something else is causing me problems.
I have done really well moving back home today. I was on my feet most of the morning moving my stuff from the folks place to mine. I'd typically be about as worn out as can be. Right now though I'm doing just fine. I even did my typical daily workout. So I'm feeling upbeat with how things are going. I want more improvement of course. I have aways to go but this is nice. I remaining talking well today also. I can handle conversations much easier, even joking around, after such tough work. Amazing.
As I believed would happen I'm a little worn down from all the moving I did. I'm dong well though. My energy levels are acceptable. My strength is good. About the only negative I can think of is I hae a runny nose for some reason. Don't believe it a cold but instead some kind of allergy. I believe red tide is in the area and that will do it. Weight 176lbs. Would like to see that at least down to 170lbs. not sure when I should start experimenting with adding new foods to the diet. I'm far from recovered and well but I'm thinking I'm ready to begin testing. Maybe I'll wait a week, stick with the current diet to see if I become even stronger. I wouldn't hurt. After that I'll maybe add potatoes and red peppers to see how I do
This morning I started a new idea but didn't mention it. I'm gong to expand that idea for awhile and see what comes of it. This morning I started avoiding corn chips. Instead I was eating rice crackers. I decided though I should avoid all members of the grass famiy (wheat, corn, rice). I've done this diet for many years in the past and had some limited success with it. Never could get it to work. Maybe that was due to eating to much cheese. It could be that simple.
Im feeling weird this morning. I feeling happy about removing all grains from my diet. I'm typically upset when I remove foods out of my diet. This time though oddly I'm upbeat about the idea. I'd say this mroning I'm feeling slightly more energetic and strong. Hard to say since it isn't a big difference but do notice it to be a good morning. I never was able to replicate the energy and strength I had in Nov. Since it was that month toward the end of it that I added corn chips to the diet it is worth seeing if removing corn chips gets me back to how I felt in Nov.
Tired this afternoon, and I'm going to blame that on working out hard and being on my feet most of the morning. Good day over all. Still glad that I've gone back to eating competely grain free. About the only two items of change that I've noticed are my hair is darker in color, which is a good sign, and I'm much less gassy, which is always a good feeling. OUtside of that I plan to continue eating grain free, avoiding rice, corn, wheat, along with all the other stuff.

This morning went to the store and bought some foods I'll plan on testing in the future. I'm ready for some new additionally food into the diet.
I'm changing mydiet. I'm going to follow a gluten free, grain free diet. I'll also follow the alpha diet.

What is not allowed to be eaten are chicken, turkey, spices and the nightshade family.

I'll measure how it is working with the same measurements, strength and energy levels. I'll also be keeping attention to the health of my joints. I suspect in the past that turkey sausage gave me joint problems to the point that I would have difficulty walking. Will see if that happens again.

In the past I followed a gluten free, grain free diet for a long tiime. So if this is it, there is something I missed, something else causing me health issues. I know now for certain that pork is an allergy for me. No doubts about that. Maybe beef and dairy products are problems also. Will see.
Off to a poor start with the diet change. Had a slight upset stomach, I'm tired and fatigued ad I'm not talking well. I'm not blaming the diet for the negative day though. I doubt eating corn chips is the secrete to me feeling healthier. So I'll give the diet a week or two and see how I do. On the positive I don't feel any joint pains. I appear healthy also.
Hey good news. I'm feeling stronger this morning. Energy levels are up. I'm not at the same level experienced in Nov. but I'm not far away from that. One morning doesn't make a result but doing better this morning and fingers crossed I continue to improve. I'll keep avoid all grains, wheat, rice, corn, and follow the alpha diet, avoiding pork, beef, and dairy products.

Someting I've been monitoring is my left foot. At times it can experinece a painful electric shock feeling. I noticed in Nov. that this issue didn't show up. So maybe i'll get lucky with that also.

The left foot electric shock feeling began after I took up jogging. I've figured it to be some injury from jogging but that guess might turn out to be wrong.
The morning started out very well I had a great amount of energy in the morning. Then I got caught in two items unexpectedly, one to shampoo clean a few carpets and the other that my car had a flat that needed repairing. After that work I'm not nearly as energetic as before but overall I'm doing well. I'll off to a good start with the grain free and alpha diet.
The days activities have caught up to me and I'm pretty wiped out now.

Something i forgot to write down, since avoiding all grains I've developed a frog in my throat. I'm not talking all that was as a result. Hope it disappears soon.

I used my left foot a good deal more today than typical. No electrical shock pains have been felt. That is good. Those shocks really hurt.
Doing OK this morning. I'm not as strong or energetic this morning as I was yesterday but I'm doing well. Hair remains looking darker since I began avoiding all grains. Left foot still hasn't had the electrial pains, no arthritis like feeling since I've begun eating lots of nightshade and spices. I'm now thinking that the Chinese rice dish that made me dizzy that it was the rice that caused the dizziness. Weight was 170lbs on the favorite scale and this is after eating breakfast.
Energy levels are good. Strength remains higher than typical but can be better. It is chilly this morning but I'm handling the chill well. Gut is OK. Left foot did have some very slight electrical shock pains but nothing all that bad. Will continue to closel monitor that. I'm quite happy that there is a decent chance that avoiding all grains solved that problem. Last night the flog in the throat problem improved greatly. I was talking well. so at the moment I'm plaased with results seen by avoiding all grains, and following the alpha diet.
I'm pretty tired out this evening. I was on my feet a good deal of the day. The good thing is I feel pretty strong. I'm feeling more positive that I'm on the right diet to get me where I was at in Nov. So strength is good, but energy levels are running low.

Looks like I have a guest moving in wit me on Monday. They will staying for a month. It's Bob. Not the easiest guy to be around but I'll live, I think. Now that I've moved home after being gone for 3 months, I might be losing my home once again. It wouldn't come as a surprise if I move back in with the parents. I joke, somewhat. Just when I thought things were getting better. It'sa favor for my parents so I'll suck it up and do what has to be done.

Since avoiding all grains something I'll been keeping an eye on has been improving. I can have a flaky scalp at times. That has all but gone away since avoiding grains. The foot electric shocks are still there but not as bad. Hoping that continues to improve. Frog in the throat remains gone. I'll talking much better.
I am exahausted this morning. I'll have to do as the good lord says, rest and watch some football this Sunday. Nothing puts me to sleep better than turning on a football game. Think I just over did it with working out. Some time off from exercising should help some, so long as the weather remains warm. Cool weather will zap my energy too.

Not entirely sure if grains as a problem or not, well better said I am better avoiding grains but don't know if they are the cause of my stomach issues and fatigue. It is wonderful though that since I began eating spicy chicken and turkey foots I've not had any arthritis like symptoms. I'm quite pleased about that. It has me thinking that maybe my athrits was caused by rice. When eating chicken I find myself eating it with rice often times.

So for this morning energy levels are lousy. Strength is OK, nothing great there. I'll stick with avoidding all grains and also following the alpha gal diet.
Today isn't my best of days. The gut has been mildly upset and this morning energy levels were really poor. As the day has warmed up I'm feeling a little better. On the positive since avoiding all grains I'm talking quite well. I'm quite pleased about that. Tomorrow will likely be a better health day. Don't know if I have a serious problem with grains but I do appear to do better when avoiding them. I better keep avoiding grains, and I'll stay away from pork, beef, and dairy.
Doing better this morning. I have more energy. I'm not feeling as chilled. Upset stomachs will make me feel chilled. Feeling decently strong. Skin looks nice and healthy. Glad about that as I thought with me eating bird meat I'd likely see less healthy skin. I guess on the down side I still have that runny nose, which I'm guessing something is in the air causing that. Guest is supposed to come today to live in the house for about a month. I'm not giong to enjoy this but I'll survive. Will be a good test on my improved communication skills. Avoiding grains does seem to have helped with that. One of the down sides of aviding grains is the lack of snack foods. Having a stomach issue, I can feel hungry pretty easy.
yesterday I was on my feet doing work for about 5 hours. It is hard to believe I was strong enough to handle that. Very good sign. I was tired in the evening but nothing terrible. In some ways I had forgotten how difficult that kind of thing could be for me. Being on my feet for a longer period of time is becoming the new norm.

So lots i could talk about, but think i'll just say continue with the grain free, alpha diet. Many good positives appear to be coming from following the diet for me.
I'm exhausted this later afternoon. I've been on my feet a good amount today and it has me worn out. Glad that I'm able to now do this, but will be much nicer once i have greater energy levels, greater strength. I'm still thinking that it is the beef, dairy and pork avoiance that is giving me better energy levels. It is a slow process though to seeing higher energy levels. Still am happy about avoiding grains.

Tomorow will be a test. It is to be quite a bit cooler. I'll have to dress warm in hopes of not running even lower on power.
I've had better mornings but I'm not doing terrible. Energy levels are on the lower side of things. Strength doesn't feel all that high. Maybe as the day progresses I'll feel better. I was thinking of starting painting today. Maybe I better wait till tomorrow to start that. Gut doing well. It is chilly outside. That will hurt my energy levels and likely upset the gut. Cold weahter isn't good for my stomach for some reason.
I think I better go back to my previous diet. Every day on this diet where I'm eating chicken, spices and nightshade I've had poor energy and my energy levels seem to be getting worse. I also appearing less healthy. So I'll return to avoiding chicken/bird meats, spices and nightshade. I'll add back rice and corn chips to my diet. I'll see how things go.
I do feel that I'm feeling better this afternoon. This is after stopping eating chicken spices and nightshade. I was hoping with the previous diet that eventually I'd feel stronger along with other positives I felt were happening. It never occurred though. Instead if anything I was feeling more hungry and weaker as time went on.

I may end up wrong in the end, but I'm pleased to go back to the fish diet, eating rice, etc. I'll stay away from chicken, spices and nightshade. I'll also avoid the corn chips with sweat potatoes. Fingers crossed that I regain the very good energy I had in Nov. It isn't looking good though that I will be able to figure this one out but one can hope.
I forgot to add and it is important. I was losing my ability to exercise. I couldn't do push up. I couldn't lift light weights. Doing leg squats was getting hard. It was a gradual decline while on the previous diet.

This evening I'm feeling much better. It is nice. I can tell I have good strength.

Well, I'll go with the garlic/onion idea being the main avoidance. Nightshade being second and chicken meat third.
I'm doing well this morning. I've done my pushups I've done my leg squats. I was feeling strong. I wasn't Nov. strong but felt good overall. I'll keep with the new diet avoiding nightshade, spices and chicken. I'll also avoid sweet potato corn chips. Possibly sweet potatoes are a problem. I don't believe sweet potatoes are a member of the nightshade family and should be safe. But who knows, maybe there are different varieties of sweet potatoes with some being more potatoe than sweet.
I've been on my feet for a good portion of the day and I'm tired but not competely exhausted. It's nice. Wish of course that I had even greater energy levels but I'm doing well.

As usual I don't remember well how I felt for long when something goes wrong. With the eating of chicken, spices and nightshade I should be able to remember that slowly over time I was losing my ability to workout, do pushups, do leg squarts, lift some light weights. That will be something to remind me when I start to look around to add new foods to the diet.

With the corn chips I'm still thinking it is the high fiber that caused any mild issues. I can later eat just plain corn chips and avoid the sweet potatoes at a later time. Course there is always the posibility that my problem is caused by corn and also corn fed to live stock. Will of course be testing that idea in the future.

For now avoiding garlic/onions,nightshade family, pork, and sticking wth the fish diet.
THIS HAS been a good week or learning. The pervious diet of avoiding grains and other items didn't work but I learned a few newish things.

Eating chicken meals that didn't have grains in them gave a similar result as the breaded chicken nuggets. Both diets caused me to lose strength. It was a slow decline but the result was the same. So something in chicken spicy meals gives me problems, chicken, spices nightshade.

The other thng learned is that sweet potato corn chips causes me to look less healthy and that the corn chips also give me big flaky dandruff. Bit of a surprise with that one but the result appears to be clear, avoid the sweet potato corn chips and the dandruff has slowly gone away.

So this morning I'm thinking my path forward wil be to first recover some of my strength. That will take a few days. Once that happens I'll add french fries, potato chips and La Chow Sweet and Sour cause into my diet. La chow is free of garlic and onions in it. If I can retain my strength eating the nightshade family members I'm likely able to eat them without issue. I'll likely start the next diet trial on Monday.
Upset stomach today but energy levels remain good. Not terribly surprising as the chicken spicy meals was eating were causing me muscles issues eventually. Appearance is healthy other than I'm a bit chubby. Would like to drop 5 to 10lbs. Was 169lbs on my favorite scale. Dropping to one 160lbs will only realistically be possible if i have more energy. Glad I'm avoiding the corn chips as the do seem to dry out my skin some. Ate a sweet potato with lunch. Think I'll make it a point to eat lots of sweet potatoes and see how I react.
I'm feeling great this morning. My energy levels are high. My strength levels are high. So back into the good grove on this diet of avoiding bird meat, spices and nightshade. Looking forward, sort ot, to eating potato chips, and french fries starting on Monday. I'll give the nightshade family a good testing, see if my strength levels go down or not.
Lets, doubts alwasy creep in, and to a certain extent I have some doubts that spices and chicken are a problem afterall. there are so many things that can upset my damaged colon that trying to pin point something down isn't realisticially possible.

But regardless, there is one new underlining diet change that I find myself sticking with. I'm following the alpha gal diet, with me avoiding red meat and milk dairy products. My skin looks good and healthy do this. I'm at 177lbs on the broken scale. 169lbs on the favorite scale. And most importantly I'm finding that painful left foot twitch has lessened greatly since avoiding beef and dairy products. I've gone back to jogging in the morning and so far so good. No major foot pain. Hoping this continues.

Looking to drop my weight to at least 175lbs on the broken scale. I might fast today and see if I can make that happen. Will see. It is awfully cold today.
Ate potatoes today. I started a little earlier than expected with that as i feel my energy and strength are quite good. So far so good. I'm feeling well. Energy levels and strength are excellent. I've even doubled the amount of exercising done in a day that i typically do. I'll make it a point to eat lots of potatoes and la choy sweet and sour sauce to and monitor my strength and energy levels.

As mentioned eralier today I don't feel I'm quite over the idea of spicy chicken being a problem food. Then again I always side on the idea that chicken is ok to eat, and I've always lost that idea. So I'll try to stay away from that for some time. Maybe if the potato and sweet and sour sauce works out I'll add ketchup to the diet to see how I react. With all the spices in ketchup and should be a definative test.
I'm off to a very good start with testing the nightshade family. This morning I have good energy and good strength. I'll take it a point to eat a member of the nightshade family with each meal, whether potatoes, red peppers or tomatoes. I'll do that at least for a week and see what happens. Looking healthy also after eating potatoes.

That was one thing I remember when i ate turkey or chicken sausage, I'd appear less healthy. My skin would become dry and so would my hair.

Weight 177lbs. I'll likely end up holding off on fasting. Energy levels are an important test result for me right now, and fasting does hurt my energy levels. I'll look to make a major push to drop my weight to 170lbs and lower after this latest food testing stuff is worked out.

Nex up, instead of testing ketchup I'll instead test plain salted chicken and see what happens. Fingers crossed the nightshade testing goes well so i can move onto chicken.
Doing ok today. I've over exercised and that has me feeling sore and tried. it doesn't take much to wear me out and yesterday i doubled my exercise amount and today thought I'd try to do that same but that doesn't appear to be easily possible. I'll go back to normal exercising.

The very good is that nightshade foods are looking to be safe. I'm appearing healthy. My muscles feel good. I may not have good energy at the moment but I'm feeling strong. So I'll keep eating potatoes, and red peppers. I'll have to look into adding tomatoes into my diet somehow.

Keep wondering if corn is my problem food. probably not but those corn chips were somewhat a problem. And corn is best to live stock regularly.
Life would be so much easier if I had been born iwth an instruction manual.

Doing well this morning. Eating potatoes in particular is looking good. My energy levels are high. I hopped out of bed ate breakfast and then ran for 3 miles. Not typically like me. Even threw in 10 hard pushups for good measure. Appear quite healthy.

There is something that I hate to admit, or even consider though I should consider it. I know with little doubt that eating cheese, beef and pork will make me feel fatigued. I have excuses for why that happens and understandably so. But the bare fact is these red meats and dairyproducts make me tired.

What I don't wnat to admit and want to find ways around is chicken and turkey. All testing done has found that chicken and turkey will make me feel weaker, make me feel tired out. I have various theories on why that it. And maybe the theories can work out. The fact is though that chicken and turkey will make me feel fatigued and tired much like beef, dairy products and pork will do.

In planning a future of health, I want to be able to eat out easily. And being able to eat chicken has lots of appeal.

on the other hand though if I can eat potatoes, and other nightshade family members without much issue. If later on I learn I can eat garlic and ohter prices without a problem also that does leave open to me the option of eating vegetarian meals at restaurants. That has decent appeal. A vegetarian meal isn't as appealing as a chicken meal but it can do.

Thought to try a weight loss experiment. I shouldn't do this as it will hurt my energy levels, but I do want to drop the weight a little, 5 lbs or 7lbs. My idea is that I'm only been able to lose weight and keep the weight off when I'm following a strct fish diet. So for the test of the month of Jan, 2 weeks, I'll continue with the strict fish diet, I'll fast twice a week, and I'll avoid snacks. I'll see what happens. I start today.
I'm pretty tired and worn out but it is the type of worn out from chilly weather and working out to hard. It feels that way. I'm appearing healthy. I'm talking well. All points to a positive for eating nightshade family. I'll keep munching down on potatoes.

For grains I'm only eating rice. I stopped eating corn chips and wheat awhile back. My appearance is quite healthy outside of the being 5 to 10 lbs over weight.
doing ok this morning. Woke up extra early for some reason. i'll be taking a nap later on likely. Potatoes and nightshade continue to appera to be safe. Most testing is needed but for now I'd doing well, strength is good, energy levels are alright.

Course the big thing is chicken and spices safe to eat. I can go either way with that, though since yesterday I'm leaning against chicken being safe. I don't like saying that though and my bias ts to find reasons for why chicken should be safe for me to eat.

I might try to lose weight again today. Temps are tobe around 70 with sunny skies.
THIS IS good I'm talking very well today. Glad about that, and have noticed that area improving well the previous few days. Tiring day so far, but muscles feel good. I'm feeling strong. Nightshade family is looking good. Was thinking once I move on to testing spices such as garlic, onions, black pepper, that should tell me if chicken is a problem food or not. I'll likely still test chicken once again to measure my strength level though.
Doing well this morning. Fasted yesterday. Weight is 175lbs. Lost lots of water apparently. Still exercising lots and lots. Yesterday I was worn down from exercising to much to believe but this morning I feel decently recovered.

Nightshade family is looking good and safe. Will continue to test. Want to buy some tomato paste or something like that and mix it into my meals in the future as a good test.

Energy levels good, strength good this morning.
I bit tired this morningbut nothing out of the normal range. Muscles feel good. Energy levels livable. I think the upper body workout done yesterday has me feeling a bit worn down. Potatoes, and nightshade family continue to look safe to eat. Ate some red pepper yesterday and it was fine.
I was tired today and not looking as healthy. So naturally doubts about the diet creep into my mind. Maybe nightshade is an issue. I ate that la chow sweet and sour yesterday. It has red pepper in it.

But then again it could simply be that I over exercised and wore myself out.

Regardless, I'll stick with the diet and see what becomes of eating nightshade long term. I still think it is safe food to eat.

Fasted today. Only ate one meal. I wasn't really planning to do that, but it worked out that way, and for a fast day, I'm doing decently well.
Wow, I'm glad about how I've handled fasting. I've fasted2 out of the last 3 days, and I'm still feeling strong. That is incredible. It is often what I have said it would take for me to be able to lose weight. I need to be stronger. So quite glad about that and it has me thinking well of the diet I'm on. Weight this morning 175lbs. Feeling decently strong. Appearance OK, a little beat up but believe I'm healthy. Energy levels seem alright.

Icontinue to talk well. My voice has changed some also. It has become darker in tone. I'm to old to have a teenage voice change but am going from a higher pitch voice to a lower pitch. My hand writing has improved. from the two items I believe my muscles are more in control. that comes with being stronger.
I am quite happy about my left foot no longer hurting with those electrical shocks. At least it has been some time since that last happened. I assumed it was caused by over exercising. Now, since I took up jogging once again and walking 10 miles a day and seen no pains, I'm guessing it is diet related. It is likely I'm thinking healing related. When healthier I'm likely healing better. Wish I know which foods being avoided is the cause. I'm thinking it is dairy products and beef, but it might be spices such as garlic. Or maybe chicken. Imagine I'll find out eventually.

Since fasting and dieting I havn't lost weight it appears but I suspect i've shrink a little bit in size as some clothing fits better. That will be the main test, clothing fitting, though I'd like to get to 170lbs. Not eating as much is easier here of late.
I woke up feeling really well this morning. Love it. Strength is good. Energy levels are on the higher end. Last night I also had high energy. Weight was 176lbs this morning. Imagine more weight will be dropping off soon as I have been using the bathroom less and I believe that here in the beginning keeps my weight up for a few days at the start of a diet trial.

Quite remarkable. If I was eating chicken fasting has a laxative effect. I'd be having a lot of diarrhea is I was eating chicken and fast. Eating fish though is different. While eating fish I use the bathroom less. It likely explains why I have good energy levels.
3 days of fasting caught up with me this afternoon. I'm wornout. I'll probably get back to fasting less often, maybe twice a week instead of 3 times. I haven't lost weighton the scales but my cloths fit better, so I've drop some fat and water. Looking healthy. Muscles feel good. Considering the fasting I'm feeling strong also.
175lbs this morning. I was pretty worn out afteryesterdays fast. this morning after breakfast I'm doing better. My energy levels are just OK though. Strength feels ok. I'm wearing some jeans that were to tight to wear a week ago. they remain tight to wear but I can wear them. I'll continue fasting in the next week but I'll be less punishing with it.
I think I know why I saw such a dip in enegy levels yesterday afternoon and early this morning. Yesterday I stopped dressing in warm clothing. Yesterday was a warmer day so I thought I'd not wear as warm of clothing. I felt OK wearing less insulating wear but did feel a bit of a chill. today I'm dressed warmly once again and my energy levels are better. I might try an experiment tomorrow, fast once again, but be sure to wear warm clothing the whole day. Feeling cool, which is easy for me to feel, zaps my energy levels.
I kept myself warmer this afternoon and I'm still tired out. that theory doesn't work. So it is either the fasting and exercising that has worn me down or potatoes and nightshade are a problem afternoon. Since I'm appearing healthy, I'll go with the fasting and exercising wearing me out.
I'm tired this morning as expected. Muscles hurt. With all that said I'm feeling strong. Wasn't expecting that. today is day 6 of the weight loss diet and I'm not draggin. I said I would do this diet weight loss stuff till the end of the month so I'll continue for another week - if I can. I'm feeling better but don't know if I'll have the strength or not to do another week. I weighed 177lbs this morning. I'm not losing weight but appearance wise I've lost a good amount of something. the belly has shrunk. Around my face,I appear leaner. So I'm pleased.
It was a really good day today. It wasn't due to energy levels. Those were low all day. i'm feeling relatively strong, but not as strong as can be if eating my typical 2 meqls. What made the day special is that I had a difficult task to do and I had the energy to push through. All to often I'm to worn out to work long on a project. If something is difficult, takes 30 minutes or more I'll find myself sometimes spending days on it. This time i pushed through worked on it for hours, finally found an answer, and got the job done. It was a good feeling. Lost some weight from the work. I'm down to 178lbs in cloths this evening.
I'm feeling lousy this morning. Energy levels are OK. Strength is poor. Fasting does wear me down. I'm a bit out of it too. But I sspect today will be an allright day. After a big lunch I'll be doing better I suspect. Same story with weight, i haven't lost any. Yet I appear to have lost weight. Belly gut is largely gone. face appears thinner. I'm guessing the weight issue is simply me using the bathroom less often. It is a cool morning, temps in the 50s so I'm bundled up warmly.
Felt cold all day. It made it more difficult to do chores and work. I'm pretty sure the chill comes from fasting, eating only one meal yesterday. I might fast tomorrow but probably not. The fasting days are getting tougher and tougher.

Today marks the 4 months mark were I've been avoiding beef. 4 months has traditionally been the cut off mark for a long avoidance trail. With this trial I hope to go another 11 months at a minimum with avoiding beef, dairy products and pork. I've only been avoiding dairy products for a little less than 2 months. IfI get lucky all I'll need to do is avoid pork, beef, and dairy products. I suspect there to still be a chance that I can eat chicken, though I've had some negative experience with eating bird meat. I've also had positive experiences with eating bird meat.

Ate some tomato paste today. I'm still further testing the nightshade family. So far so good. I now have nightshade on my safe list. I guess some more testing will help though to settle the issue once and for all in my mind.
As to be expected I'm feeling tired this morning. I'm ready for a nap. Doing better than yesterday though. I'll probaby eat lunch today. Yesterday was tough. I was pretty chilled after avoiding lunch for a few days.

Eating tomato sauce yesterday has so far gone down well without issue as best as i can tell. Nightshade is looking safe to eat. I can remember in the past eating some tomato sauce, rice noodles and beef. AfterwardsI had muscle and joint problems. Never know what the problem food was, guessed it was likely the tomato sauce as there is a good amount of writings on tomatos causing muscles issues. Now I'm guessing it was the beef that came me issues.
I ate lunch and I was hoping I'd feel better. Instead I'm feeling run down and weak. I'll give this a few days of further trial but if this weakness keeps up I should reconsider the nightshade family. Maybe it is a problem food afterall. At the moment though I suspect I just exercised to hard and ate to little. I can remember in the past that it could take a few days for me to recover from 23 hour fasting days.
Something else too, the pains in my left foot returned today. It is the first time I've had those in some time now. Hope it isn't the nightshade family that I've been eating that caused that.
Woke up tonight feeling lousy. I'm feeling weak and nauseous. My muscles hurt. So maybe that homemade ketchup was a problem food after all.

I was going to take more of a slow approach with the nightshade testing. Instead with the way I'm feeling tonight, think I'll avoid the nightshade family, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and also GM soy beans. Once I regain my strength I'll look to fast once again. I'll see if fasting is easier when I avoid the nightshade family. Maybe the nightshade family eating explains why I didn't lose weight this past week while I fasted.
I had a food reaction yesterday. At least I'm guessing is what happened, with me feeling weak and worn out. this morning I remain feeling weak and nauseous thought I'm not as bad as i was yesterday. So good. It is not fun feeling terrible but I've been testing to get reactions and I suspect I had one yesterday. It took a bit to bring it out.

So going forward I'll avoid all nightshade family members plus soy since soy is genetically modified with a nightshade member.

Ididn't react strongly to potatoes. I'll of course avoid them going forward. I was thinking that the chilled feeling I was having could have come from eating potatoes. I thought it was due to not eating much food. That theory might have been wrong.

the plan is to regain my strength. Imagine that will take a few days to happen. Then once stronger I'll go back to fasting and see what happens.
I am feeling better this evening. My energy levels are up some. My muscles hurt less. I'm not all that strong though. That left foot electric pulse pain remains. It ihas hurt worse at times in the past but while not as intense today it gets my attention. Hope that goes away as I continue with the avoiding of nightshade foods. Ate 3 meals today. I'm feeling a bit bloated at the moment. It is to be cool tomorrow Will be a good test to see how I handle the chill. I suspect I'll be OK. .
I'm doing better this morning. I'm not uot of the woods yet. My muscles still hurt some. My left foot can have those painful electric zaps. Overall though the worst appears to be behind me. Maybe tomorrow I'll return to exercising. Weight was 178lbs this morning. Bit surprised at that considering I ate 3 big meals yesterday. I'll keep avoiding the nightshade family along with pork.
I am zonked out. Doing lots of work around my folks place today, and being lower in energy due to likely eating tomatoes the other day has me very low in energy levels. Hope I regain my energy levels with in a day or two. Today isn't much fun. Out side of that I'm glad my left foot isn't hurting so far.
Today has been a tiring day. I in some respects didn't help myself either by working hard much of the day and also I ate a bunch of wheat. Wheat will tire me out. That is one thing, when avoiding the nightshade family I can have trouble finding snacks to eat. Tomorrow I'll likely begin to eat healthier though.
At the moment I'm feeling really well. My energy levels are up. My strength is good. This is exciting. It is looking real good that nightshade family members are what make me overly sick, weak and tired. More avoidance is needed but looking good at the moment.

It is good to as I've been hired to clean my parents carpets. Yesterday it would have been real tough doin that work. I didn't have the energy. Now, I'll be tired but shouldn't have to much difficulty doing this.

Skin looks good and healthy this morning. So far my left foot hasn't hurt with those shocks.

Maybe finally I can go forward.
This is awesome. i did well with the work this morning. My energy levels were high enough that I didn't struggle with the carpet work.

Added a new food with lunch today. I had some carrots. So far they seem to have gone down well.

I keep staying away from tomoatores, peppers, potatoes, and tobacco along with soy since soy is genetically modified with a nightshade member. .
The morninig is beginning awesome. I have lots of energy, so far. That might change as the day goes along but for now I feeling great. Muscles don't ache. I'm walking well, feel steady. Avoiding the nightshade family is doing me good. Last night I went ahead and ordered some garlic as a supplement. I also bought at the store some garlic salt. Figure I'll test garlic out soon, see how my energy levels and strength go. So far my left food is not hurting. I thought I'd do that light jogging this morning but stopped thinking it might be to early for that. I might fast today since I'm feeling so well this morning. Weight this morning was 178lbs. I feel warm. it is chilly in the house at 74F but I feel warm. That is aways a good sign.
Quite good energy today. It has been wonderful. Didn't fast today. Instead I'll fast on Monday, Wednesday, and Friend of the coming week and see how I do. Carrots seem to be safe. I'm good and strong.
I'm a bit guarded this morning. Last nigth I had a mild upset stomach. Hardly anything to write about but I was using the bathroom more often than typical. It has me concerned as there is to be work on the roads here this week. Traffic is likely to be backed up. Hate sitting inn traffic when the stomach isn't doing 100%

Energy levels are so so. I over did it with working out yesterday. It was great to have the erngy and strength to get back to working out hard. This morning though I'm feeling. About the only good to write down is my strength. My strength is above average.

I'll keep staying away from soy, and the nightshade family.
That curious attention change started two days ago. As written before, when I begin to get healthier for what ever reason I begin to receive more attention, people wanting to say hi, wanting to talk with me. I'll make a note to write that down if it continues.

Doing OK today. A bit on the tired side due to exercising lots the day before, but I'm doing OK. Muscles are sore, but I'm feeling strong. I'm fasting today and so far feel fine. I'm not feeling cold.
As to be expected I'ma little bit tired this morning. I fasted yesterday, eating just one meal, and I'm moving slow this morning. But with my complaints, I'm doing well. energy levels are good. I'm feeling decently strong though not as strong as yesterday. Left foot hasn't hurt. I ended up jogging yesterday and this moring. It is looking like nightshade foods cause the foot issue. More time is needed to be certain of that though.
Exhausted today. Wasn't expecting that. I'm feeling strong but the tiredness is upsetting. I better lay off the fasting till this improves.
I think I know why I'm tired today. I've been eating a lot of fiber rich foods, more so than normal. i'm drinking a small amount of carrot juice which the ingredients list as being high fiber. And I've been eating two oranges with meals of late. No reason for that other than I'vedoubled up on orange eating. That will do it. To much fiber tires me out. I'm dong well outside of that. I'm strong. Appearance is decently healthy, though I need to work on the weight loss. I'll be happier when I get that accomplished. So I'll stick to my one orange typical eating. I'll still drink some carrot juice but maybe not everyday.
I'm feeling much better this morning. My strength is good. My energy levels are good. Today is a much better way to start the day compared to yesterday. Weight was 178lbs which was a surprise. I thought I'd be weighing around 180lbs since I had a big snack in the evening. I've gone back to jogging before eating breakfast. So far no issues with that left foot electrical shock pains. It would be great if that issue resolves with the avoidance of soy and the nightshade family.
Doing ok this morning. Hada good workout before breakfast. Weight 177lbs. Not bad considering I've been eating my normal 2 meals. I might fast today. If I do imagine I'll feel awful tomorrow but I'm still interested in fasting 3 times this week. I seem to have the strength to do that, though energy levels can sag at times. Gut ok. Appearance healthy enough. Left foot has not hurt since removing nightshade form the diet.
As expected I'm dragging. I'm fasting today. Glad so far with the results. I believe I'm 177lbs this mid afternoon. I should be down to 175lbs tomorrow morning. I'm feeling better than I expected that I would. I continue to feel strong. Energy levels are just OK. Appearance healthy. So I'll keep on avoiding the nightshade family and pork.
I'm doing well this morning. I'm doing better than exepected. Since I fasted yesterday my expectations were that I'd be whiped out this morning. I'm not wiped out but I am tired. So it is good. it is very good actually. I've been looking for the diet that will let me take a bit of a beating and feeling decent afterwards. But with this said I am a little tired this morning. I'll likely get my second wind by this afternoon. Weight 175lbs. I feel strong. Doing pushups this morning was easy. I'll likely cut back on writing notes down for a bit. I'll undoubtably note some, but the next big change will be when I add garlic and other items to the diet such as chicken and turkey. I'd like to get a little bit more energy before I do that.
I'm a bit spacey today as I'm fasting, and this being the second fasting day in the last 3 days. But I'm doing well considering. Energy levels are OK. Strength is there. I'm able to do lots of walking and did some pushups and leg exercises this morning without issue. Weight down to 179lbs this afternoon and that is with clothing. It is a cool day so I'm layered up so I'm likely at 175lbs. hard to say for certain but my theory that avoiding the food allergies int he diet will help with bringing about weigth loss seems to hold true. More testing is needed of course. I would not be surprised if I weighted 173lbs this morning. I'll just be 3 lbs from my goal. I've ordered some foods to test in the future. Looking forward to getting that going.

Oh forgot to mention that since moving back to sunny Florida my stomach condition has been better. I'm far from healthy, but I'm healthier than when I lived in cold often sunless Illlinois. It makes sense as many have written about an observational connection between my condition and hte sun. More sun less instances of this condition.
Something that I've noticed that is worth noting down, since avoiding the nightshade family I've stopped sneezing all the time. I've had a runny nose too. I've been blaming these on red tide being the area, but now I'm thinking it is due to the nightshade I was eating, potatoes in particular. more tine is needed.

Fasting can put me in a daze and I'm in a daze this later afternoon. Tomorrow morning will likely be awful for me. Which is not good as i have a worker scheduled to come in the morning to install the new garage door opener. I'll make it through but it will be a tough morning I'm guessing. Hope I'm wrong.
I'm feeling remarkably well this moring, considering how run down and spacy I was feeling yesterday evening. I think yesterday without eating I was feeling cold by later in the day and the cold can wear me down. This morning though I'm doing just fine. I hae lots I can complain about. I am a bit sore. i am a bit tired. But overall I'm going to make it.

Weight came in at 174lbs. I wasn't far form 173lbs but not close enough for me to round down. No left foot pains at all so far. That is so nice. Seems I have a poatoe, tomato, red pepper finder with my left foot.
I'm sort of worn out and in a daze today. Thiking I better eat two meals tomorrow instead of fasting and just having one. I'm exercising hard and that is wearing me out too. So I'd like to plow ahead, fast and quickly drop the weight but with the way I'm feeling that wouldn't be prudent. Overall though doing decently well. I'm still thiniking with high confidence that avoiding the nightshade family is what I need to do. The left foot feelings good. energy and strength levels are better, I appear healthier. course the big mental issue will be the gut. The gut takes a long time to heal and I'll have bad days ahead that will play on my mind. I'm good though with the diet. Added macadamia nuts to the diet today, without issue. Ordered some refired beans that only have onions in them. No red pepper listed on the ingredients. That will be a good test. For some reason i have a craving for refried beans. Rather odd.
I'm pretty tiredand worn out this morning. It is due to workout to hard to often and eating to little. There is a part of me that wants to keep pushing forward figuring the fatigue will eventually lift. I've made good progress with weight loss. the other part of me, the realistic part, reminds myself that taking that path hasn't ever worked out for me. So I need to stop working out so hard for a little bit, and I need to eat more often. I'm on a good diet and will eventually have better energy levels I figure.

Addedfish gelatin collagen to the diet this morning. Haven't noticed any issues with it.
I think I know why I'm feeling so run down. A week ago or so I doubled up on the beet supplement I've been taking. Recommended dose is 3 capsules a day. I've only been taking one capsule a day though. I did that as I do other activites that can raise NO levels. I'm guessing now that I've taken to much beet. I'll go back to taking one beet supplement a day and see what happens.
I thought of another good explanation for why I've been feeling run down. I also doubled up on te rice cakes I've been eating. i went from eating 1 to two rice cakes a day. The extra fiber will tire me out and feel cool. I thought I could handle the extra fiber but I'm thinking now I was wrong.

So i have some ideas to try, and work out the details. Doing better this later afternoon. I only ate one rice cake today so maybe that explains. It can be such a bore haven't to be so careful on how I eat. Will be nice once that goes away.
I'm doing better this morning I believe. I'm still not overly energetic nor all that strong but better than yesterday. I'm guessing my problem probably came from the rice cakes fiber. to much fiber on a damaged gut gave me problems. Will see. As written earlier other ideas might be the cause of my problem the last few days.

Exercised hard this morning.
I sitll remain a little bit out of it today but I'm doing better. I'm able to function. So believe I'm on the right track, just hopfully with time I'll be back to a better place with more energy, more strength, and better concentration. i'm still thinking the top theory is eating to much rice fiber. One rice cake is all i can handle.
The spacey feeling has lifted this evening. I'm back to my normal self. I went back to eating one rice cake a day, and one beet capsule a day. I'm guessing one of those two caused my problem. Don't think I'll test that out for awhile. Don't care all that much about either so I'll stick with the single dose. I've eaten a lot more food than typcail the last two days and as a result am feeling fat. Don't know if I'll fast tomorrow but will likely cut out fhe snacks. Hope I do well.
Mixed bag this morning. Good news, I don't feel out of it this morning. Bad news I'm feeling a little on the weak side. I'm going to blame that on eating wheat again. the wheat slightly upsets my stomach. I'm planning on avoiding wheat going forward. My energy levels feel better this morning so snacks will be lless wanted.

Appearance, healthy enough. Left foot feels good. I've long forgotten how eating tomato paste made me feel. I remember feeling nauseous and I know from experience that nauseous feeling can grow into a big painful stomach issue. The big thing though seems to be my left foot. I'm amazed that pain went away ever since avoiding the nightshade family. Even if that isn't related to the stomach problem, is worth solving.
Making a big dietary change today. Since I reacted badly to eating two rice cakes, probably, I'm going to avoid all grians once again. I'll see how I do. Maybe I can eat grain free for a few weeks. Shouldn' be that hard for me. I lots lots of past experience avoiding grains. Will also monitor to see if I lose weight. If I do well eating grain free, I'll look to add nightshade back into the diet and see how that goes. I might have been wrong.

Weight this morning was 179lbs.

I'm going to return to my typical exercise amounts. Uping my exercise amounts didn't result in weight loss for me. That kind of thing might work for some people but doesn't appear to work for me.

njured my back lightly yesterday. I'll take an easy today.

Doing OK this morning. Energy levels are good. I'm feeling decently strong.
Doing well today. I do tend to feel better when I avoid all grains. Energy levels are lagging though. I'll blame eating to much fiber on that. Appearance is good. I look healthy. Left foot is doing well. No pains there. I like that. I might fast tomorrow. WOuld like to get back to 175lbs or so and don't imagine it tking much for that to occur.
Doing ok this morning. Energy levels ok. Strength ok. Back doesn't hurt. Weight 178lbs. I'll likely fast today. the big thing with weight loss is consistency. It isn't always easy but I can lose the weight. The hard part is staying healthy as if I become sick I'll findmyself snacking. So if I can remain decently healthy, I'll not be snacking most likely. I'll keep avoiding grains and pork.
I didn't fast today. I was still a little run down though not bad. I also added chicken and spices to the diet. It's Friday and I tend to open the diet up on Fridays. So far so good. I'm feeling and looking good. Back hurts once again from straining myself lifting a bike into the car.
Feeling a bit beat up and worn down this morning. Feels like typical exercise fatigue, nothing all that bad. I did workout yesterday. Strength ok, nothing great but can be worse. Energy levels just OK.

Occurred to me last night that the diet I'm not following, grain free and red meat free, is the same diet a Canadian woman wrote about. She found her symptoms went away after avoiding all grains, wheat, rice, corn, and avoiding red meat, pork and beef. At least that is what I believe she wrote. It has been awhile since I read her book. She felt other members of her family had similar dietary needs. The book ~

Your Brain on Gluten (It’s Not Just Celiac Disease): Myths - Facts - Solutions

I;ve been pretty tired today. I'm not worried though as I'm looking quite healthier, healthier than typical. That's a good sign. The fatigue seems to be exercise fatigue. i've jus been working out to hard. Also I've been fasting today which will wera me out also. Weight last I checked was 178lbs. I wouldn't be surprised if I was 177lbs now. Good start for my latest weight loss atempt. Oh, I am not out of it. I may be tired but I'm with it, generally.
I'm doing pretty well this morning, all things considered. It is probably due to me not working out but who knows. Back still hurts some. i really did pull those muscles lifting the bike into the car. Fasted yesterday and in general did well not eating. Weight this morning is 176lbs, not all that far from 175lbs. No pain in the left foot. Appearance healthy. Stomach doing well.